Yassuo | I'M NOT DUOING I SWEAR!!! (Jungle Unranked to Challenger) Ft. ChimpNA

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Mathias Pred 24 dnevi
Moe clean yourself up, my man. Your beard is growing together with your chesthair come on - Are you preparing a Wukong cosplay? xD
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Pred 26 dnevi
sirskorge Pred mesecem
Just learned WALLA means swear on allah. Brb, gotta feed my neighbours w pig
Aggelos Papanagiotou
Aggelos Papanagiotou Pred mesecem
Someone tell him to shave his neck
HAXKSA14 Pred mesecem
3:34 Wait...he ignored the knock back?
PvPGappleG R
PvPGappleG R Pred mesecem
I watch your videos just so i can fall asleep faster and the bad thing is that i am not joking man we need old moe back
Wouter S
Wouter S Pred mesecem
Imagine being diamond but still isolating yourself for khazix omg..
NS Extinct
NS Extinct Pred mesecem
2:42 - 2:55 - 2:58 I'm dying from laughter HAHAHA 😂
NussStrike HD
NussStrike HD Pred mesecem
F A S T Pred mesecem
Huy Le
Huy Le Pred mesecem
bring back life of moe
Edward Ortega
Edward Ortega Pred mesecem
Pinoy is hilarious 😭 “no more of that baby box bullshit”😭
roi gerson
roi gerson Pred mesecem
Did Pinoy lose weight or it’s just me?
Major xHax
Major xHax Pred mesecem
Pinoy a legend for that
Nexo God12
Nexo God12 Pred mesecem
Not gonna lie, I like pinoy over Yassuo lmao
Unknow Mess
Unknow Mess Pred mesecem
What’s the music at 3:00 pls
Widgets249 Pred mesecem
That ableton guitar rift sample tho lol
848545f Pred mesecem
Clean ur beard habibi
Luis Molina
Luis Molina Pred mesecem
Damn my man Moe copying Oda.
Albert Hofman
Albert Hofman Pred mesecem
It's okay Pinoy, please upload some 10 Mins Video. Take your Hak sir!
Heroitic Pred mesecem
Its duo with legal luck
XATZ Pred mesecem
Get chimp into the among us
Y C B Production LOL
Y C B Production LOL Pred mesecem
Ladies and Gentleman ! Subscribe for plays and montages ! And I need your comments !
Hacob Pred mesecem
bro I stopped watching moe for months and now, this is what he looks like. So this is what it looks like being carried by Pinoy damn
zeptionn hcking
zeptionn hcking Pred mesecem
ey bro change your t shirt
Kinetic Pred mesecem
The trail music 😭
Arshumness Pred mesecem
Search “Rushing the Rushers Runescape.” Xomoor AKA Chimp used to make RuneScape videos back in the day
Žiga Terzič
Žiga Terzič Pred mesecem
Why do you keep putting Life of Moe into the endcard if its dead and you have a nother channel to put there?????
M e
M e Pred mesecem
2:44 beatifull moment
Brenndan george
Brenndan george Pred mesecem
Pinoy always add such flavor
europelover Pred mesecem
7:21 that should be jumpscare in next fnaf game ngl
yvsdaddy Pred mesecem
Big thighs big coc-
Octavion C
Octavion C Pred mesecem
Im not seeing enough comments congratulating Pinoy on the new crib. Well done! Moving up in the world!
Eyosahdude Pred mesecem
Thanks for living pinoy
Pick Box
Pick Box Pred mesecem
walla habyby you was so greedy
rivenblades Pred mesecem
Voyboy and his new jungle role!
micropulsar Pred mesecem
yo give pinoy more money, legit best editor on the site.
John Nicolas Chico
John Nicolas Chico Pred mesecem
am I the only one who thinks he looks like wukong
Andrei Mina
Andrei Mina Pred mesecem
dude ur so hairy :))
Kipras Girnys
Kipras Girnys Pred mesecem
Jesus christ, clean your beard atleast dude, around neck needs the most shaving 😄😄
Thresh Bot
Thresh Bot Pred mesecem
pinoy on fire xD
ŠAMARU Pred mesecem
Can we get THE OG “make it quick” intro sometime in the future?
vic Pred mesecem
These short videos
Kristóf Bojtos
Kristóf Bojtos Pred mesecem
Can we have longer videos pls? these are my favorite times of the day, and it being only 8 minutes, is kinda sad:(
خالد باصالح
خالد باصالح Pred mesecem
والله ههههههههه 😂
Lucas Laraqui
Lucas Laraqui Pred mesecem
Name me a better dj than pinoy
trevchanz mum
trevchanz mum Pred mesecem
Does it trigger anyone else when pinoy cuts away like a second before moe is about to die? It could just be me but it annoys me a bit.
Mr Shadow
Mr Shadow Pred mesecem
In gold elo (EUW) no one plays kha zix. It's usually always AP jgl or someone with a lot of CC
OneTrickRiven Pred mesecem
Adi P
Adi P Pred mesecem
Outro song plsss
Mlyods Pred mesecem
pinoy: is this what you wanted? comments: what more could i ask.
T.G P.S Pred mesecem
This is exactly what we wanted Pinoy
RoNoichi Pred mesecem
yl3n abok abnl 4armot XDDDD
SlowReaction Pred mesecem
Can Yassuo please gets hair cut 😂
DakaiWolf Pred mesecem
Lowkey chimp gotta cute voice ngl
Jose Santana
Jose Santana Pred mesecem
I love you Pinoy
Johary Daragangan
Johary Daragangan Pred mesecem
The best streamer ever!!!!!!!
Toast Malone
Toast Malone Pred mesecem
This dude evolved everything but q on kha wtf
Gage Acosta
Gage Acosta Pred mesecem
Has, uh, Moe let himself go? I mean, he's way more daddy material now. Im just shocked lol.
Dibire 97
Dibire 97 Pred mesecem
Nice games
Alek Zazueta
Alek Zazueta Pred mesecem
When are we going to get another life of moe video?
Nyx Pred mesecem
What headphones does moe use?
M.L. Nijhuis
M.L. Nijhuis Pred mesecem
correction here - Spandau ballet - ''gold''
M.L. Nijhuis
M.L. Nijhuis Pred mesecem
and editors maybe some good old - Spandeau ballet - Gold. Goood Music for the Change... Cause Change is Good - Kha.
Alexandr Schitco
Alexandr Schitco Pred mesecem
Everyone gangsta until Moe goes kha'zix
M.L. Nijhuis
M.L. Nijhuis Pred mesecem
moe u have so much money. its hard to imagine u live in such a small looking place, or is it just ur room? or u comfterable with a smaller (cheaper place) its just wat pops out when i see ur enviorenment. gg Streamer keep it up! luv ur vids
OtakuMaina Pred mesecem
moe's he best shitters
Pranav Walia
Pranav Walia Pred mesecem
Why is his video quality so fkn trash!
Ed Pred mesecem
Whats the outro song?
Vip 1
Vip 1 Pred mesecem
Here is a dislike .. 4:01 you just trash talk in English not in Arabic while i don't have my headphones on me 😂
FinnDuhHuman Pred mesecem
Pinoy lost some weight poggers
BennyGG Pred mesecem
3:16 all the way to Ashe auto is on the beat! Craziii!
Oscar B
Oscar B Pred mesecem
We need life of moe back vote for it
Daulet Supanov
Daulet Supanov Pred mesecem
We know he died at 6:47 Pinoy
Wyatt Goodwin
Wyatt Goodwin Pred mesecem
Is Moe actually mentally ok? I stopped watching him a couple months ago. But these 2 two videos are actually... wow
Narokath Romero
Narokath Romero Pred mesecem
Alguien de venezuela? xd
Ramon Lima dos Santos
Ramon Lima dos Santos Pred mesecem
ticc legs
WarmMafura Pred mesecem
Honestly Bella is the voice of YT+twitch WHERE'S LIFE WITH MOE
WarmMafura Pred mesecem
3:36 wait you can cancel hecarim e with khazhix ult? Thats nasty
asiandude918 Pred mesecem
Pls I wan see u eat chick nuggies again
Swag Massa
Swag Massa Pred mesecem
Haha chimp geting FREE ADVERTISEMENT
G_Stimmung Pred mesecem
I really liked the video Especially where Moe played well! Whoops wrong video
Nexer Pred mesecem
Pinoy really be one of the funniest video editors GIVE HIM A RAISE MOE
Joshua Chong
Joshua Chong Pred mesecem
Bro u want Pinoy to have yt revenue and twitch subs?
Gideon Baranda
Gideon Baranda Pred mesecem
Pinoy, pls post full orange justice
Aaron Zepp
Aaron Zepp Pred mesecem
Yes Pinoy, I wanted, ney, needed that.
Alejo Rossi
Alejo Rossi Pred mesecem
plz duo with stylish!
I am a potato
I am a potato Pred mesecem
This is indeed what we have been waiting for my boi Pinoy.
TmG_ JonFrédo
TmG_ JonFrédo Pred mesecem
bro i almost died from laughter on 3:59 LMFFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Chris This
Chris This Pred mesecem
2:45 legend
Grant from Wendy's
Grant from Wendy's Pred mesecem
I want something more durable 🤣
Amr Mahmoud
Amr Mahmoud Pred mesecem
What's the name of the tracks playing?
Marco Frigeri
Marco Frigeri Pred mesecem
Pinoy thanks to you i remembered i Need to play the last danganroonpa
DTL_ Elite
DTL_ Elite Pred mesecem
Anyone know what the beat at the end is?
Marian Dumitru
Marian Dumitru Pred mesecem
Whats with the random fake laughs man wtf happened to moe after this jg challenge?😂😂
Teru Mikami
Teru Mikami Pred mesecem
Shoutout to pinoy love ur editing plus watching u play danganronpa and putting the ost here is amazing ty
Legion Gaming
Legion Gaming Pred mesecem
I swear this man has been wearing the same shirt for the past week
Kinji Pred mesecem
Pinoy gets better and better as time goes on lmaoo
Pwrmass 360
Pwrmass 360 Pred mesecem
Pinoys music taste is crisp
Chimp, the leyend
My mom calls Me handsome
My mom calls Me handsome Pred mesecem
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