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Dino Tv
Dino Tv Pred 3 dnevi
Hax ok
Hax ok Pred 12 dnevi
Ether Steam
Ether Steam Pred 15 dnevi
Gragas is flexing like he looks like yasuo
Thomas Pelletier
Thomas Pelletier Pred 16 dnevi
The descriprion says that it is legend of kora
Mikelitoris PepeLaugh
Mikelitoris PepeLaugh Pred 16 dnevi
hi youtube. ok chill - xD
Kingzlayer CH
Kingzlayer CH Pred 21 dnevom
is this voyboy?
DigitalMemz Pred 25 dnevi
Yone "you might deserve death, but not by my hands" Yasuo: 0/12/0 Yone: 0/0/12
FoxSteve HotShot
FoxSteve HotShot Pred 25 dnevi
the only thing you were wrong about is Yasuo being the goat - riot is too afraid to create a lore video on Master Yi rn because they currently do not posses the imagination, creativity or technology to achieve even a microcosm of the justice that the character requires even the back story of training the legendary Monkey King and being surpassed was a façade Yi-shifu has no equal in Ionia or any other part of Runeterra but the double kihap when Yone drives the sword to purge was other worldly, think of Yone's infinite finesse in this moment and apply it in quantum to fathom why Yi is referred to as Master
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Pred 29 dnevi
yash gurango
yash gurango Pred mesecem
cancers being cancers lol
RIP NinjaLegendsJk
RIP NinjaLegendsJk Pred mesecem
Lol it was ahri all alongggggggg
긴청 Pred mesecem
Everlasting Pred mesecem
When yone says, "why you keep running" man that was so sad
Samael Fromstein
Samael Fromstein Pred mesecem
His name is y won
Daily Troll
Daily Troll Pred mesecem
change your fkin hairstlye u look like that homeless called voyboy
Rod Roy
Rod Roy Pred 2 meseci
Best fight scene? 100% BIG NO. Stars Guardians Light and Shadows was better.
Jacobba 자코바
Jacobba 자코바 Pred 2 meseci
So basically Hanzo and genji..
JayCee Turnquist
JayCee Turnquist Pred 2 meseci
disliked for saying Yoon in place of Yone
R Gaming
R Gaming Pred 2 meseci
Θύμιος Χριστόπουλος
Θύμιος Χριστόπουλος Pred 2 meseci
Yassuo banging Kai sa loool
ayman bennis
ayman bennis Pred 2 meseci
thumbs up if this reminded you of naruto vs sasuke athough its a mixture of itachi/ sasuke and naruto/sasuke
WolFlame _Gaming
WolFlame _Gaming Pred 2 meseci
I hope yasuo gets his inner demon
Shade Keigar Blacksky
Shade Keigar Blacksky Pred 2 meseci
I've successfully hunted Just some guy without a Mustache
Rasmus Andersen
Rasmus Andersen Pred 2 meseci
Yasuo honestly sounds like Gaara in the Naruto Dub
John Baldwin
John Baldwin Pred 2 meseci
Yone is like someone who has been watching Demon Slayer
Richer than Richie
Richer than Richie Pred 2 meseci
2:31 “Misunderstood”
Tvrdej Voříšek
Tvrdej Voříšek Pred 2 meseci
Me : No one champ can be more broken than yasuo RIOT : Hahahah yone go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Alco Haribo
Alco Haribo Pred 2 meseci
so... Yone mid, Yasuo adc ok ok
Blue Gamer GAMER
Blue Gamer GAMER Pred 2 meseci
Two brothera sick
Naori Uchiha
Naori Uchiha Pred 2 meseci
Is Pinoy a Filipino?
Rai Moon
Rai Moon Pred 2 meseci
Yone E same as hanzo ultimate at mobile legend
Atlas Pred 2 meseci
"See? Yasuo is a good guy!" **laughs**
Suru ocean
Suru ocean Pred 2 meseci
Yasso , turn back
memelie 13
memelie 13 Pred 2 meseci
haha lol
Gilbret Rosales
Gilbret Rosales Pred 2 meseci
Moe: Yasuo's jacked. He kinda looked like me tbh also moe looking like voyboy
Ronnie Jusan
Ronnie Jusan Pred 2 meseci
"Yasuo's jacked.. he kinda looks like me" lol not even close
KidFork2525 Pred 2 meseci
Meanwhile Master yii ?
Josue Emmanuel Vazquez Vazquez
Josue Emmanuel Vazquez Vazquez Pred 2 meseci
I love it
Ju Li
Ju Li Pred 2 meseci
the story is about facing and fighting your own demons
Steinveri Pred 2 meseci
Bruh reading it like Its Yon
Claudiu si Atat
Claudiu si Atat Pred 2 meseci
Moe let your hair grow long as yasuo and cosplay him that would be dope !!
Querencia.tv Pred 2 meseci
Incredible Work ✌️
Zente Pred 2 meseci
Cant wait to see pro teams duoing yone and yas on botlane
PethSi Pred 2 meseci
Did we all just ignored the facts that they all 3 STANDS AND WALK ON WATER LIKE NARUTO??
Hanzi Gaming
Hanzi Gaming Pred 2 meseci
Yone just master Oogwayed him KEKW
Mirchetto 33
Mirchetto 33 Pred 2 meseci
Honey Drop Subliminals
Honey Drop Subliminals Pred 2 meseci
Old man, new champ. Confirmed.
syedhades sol
syedhades sol Pred 2 meseci
"he kinda looks like me" alright voyboy.
Niccolo Jahns
Niccolo Jahns Pred 2 meseci
moe is just an arabian voyboy
Comet Gamer
Comet Gamer Pred 2 meseci
Bruh this is just like the genji and hanzo cinematic
Tristan Molina
Tristan Molina Pred 2 meseci
it actually is fancy Yasuo said Yone's name in the video pay attentionnnn
Kidall! Pred 2 meseci
"He kinda looks like me" (moe looking more like voyboy each month)
Benjamin Horváth
Benjamin Horváth Pred 2 meseci
Unbalance hmm
Ringwald Renovatio
Ringwald Renovatio Pred 2 meseci
Yassuo after watching a video where Yone's name was pronounced multiple times: it's Yone not Yonay Twitch Chat: *synchronized facepalm*
Lukas Milašius
Lukas Milašius Pred 2 meseci
Is it me or yassuo is turning into Voyboy?
A Mango Seed
A Mango Seed Pred 2 meseci
it felt like I just watched a naruto fight
Michael Christidis
Michael Christidis Pred 2 meseci
“He kinda looks like me” Yasuo: *Has six pack*
LOL LOL Pred 2 meseci
Yasuo really sounds like aang child
Janus Pred 2 meseci
*Yonne* edit: someone already commented this -_-
chetan vamsi
chetan vamsi Pred 2 meseci
*Reads Passive* I'm the best yone and yasuo NA
Finnicc Pred 2 meseci
Young Yone sounds like Zuko especially when he said "dishonor"
francis king
francis king Pred 2 meseci
Your not buffed.. u got nerfed no windwall..
hEiJin Pred 2 meseci
So will Yassup become Yonne now ? :D
Evan Huang
Evan Huang Pred 2 meseci
riot buff mo lol
Normie Pred 2 meseci
3:45 Skinny Night Blue said the same as monkey yassuo
Hover YT
Hover YT Pred 2 meseci
Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow
cj Pred 2 meseci
I've been wanting Yone as a champ for so long
Presian Yildirim
Presian Yildirim Pred 2 meseci
"He kinda looks like me." Moe be looking like a snacc
Grga 2
Grga 2 Pred 2 meseci
Yassuo More like Yonne
player game
player game Pred 2 meseci
안녕 야수오, 너는 요네를 플레이 할거니?
SaintTheRam Pred 2 meseci
Yone: *Ults* "*teleports behind you*"
George Magas
George Magas Pred 2 meseci
Mufasa Bani
Mufasa Bani Pred 2 meseci
Nice Video I start also with League of Legends content and today i upload my first Video.
El Zed
El Zed Pred 2 meseci
On the Seconds flashback I had an Sasuke Itachi Flashback
Whish I
Whish I Pred 2 meseci
That unifom so good for ys ..plea make neuw skin
Failed Jorrit
Failed Jorrit Pred 2 meseci
I really hope riot Will make an MMO someday. Probably not but i can hope
Zade Pred 2 meseci
From Yassuo To Yonne or Yonee
James Lim
James Lim Pred 2 meseci
seems like a really lazy champion
John Peter de Leon
John Peter de Leon Pred 2 meseci
Teen Yone sounds like Zuko
Quốc Ấn Lê
Quốc Ấn Lê Pred 2 meseci
Riot should making movie or MV instead of making game
Sergio Ursella
Sergio Ursella Pred 2 meseci
Yone is the new Gragas
Hydargos 06
Hydargos 06 Pred 2 meseci
He s like a child xD
PROfil Pred 2 meseci
Can't wait for a Mod Skin Kirito from SAO for Yone
Ayce .
Ayce . Pred 2 meseci
you look like iwd now lol
cybertrash Pred 2 meseci
What anime is this?
Linh Tiểu
Linh Tiểu Pred 2 meseci
Yasuooooo Yosuneeeee 🤣
Κοσμάς Τζιβράς
Κοσμάς Τζιβράς Pred 2 meseci
Moe after watching this he seriously thinks of changing his channel's name to Yonne...xd
James Kay
James Kay Pred 2 meseci
right when you quit mid
Denia Biñalon
Denia Biñalon Pred 2 meseci
My guy voli getting high ban rates as he should HAHAH Trick be flamin. So this a support ?? Yown vs Yo Ney
Tsukas Yaminato
Tsukas Yaminato Pred 2 meseci
New account Yonne?
B Marino, Andrian C.
B Marino, Andrian C. Pred 2 meseci
Damn who is this guy. He should main Yasuo. he hype af.
Farhan Faravi
Farhan Faravi Pred 2 meseci
Imagine he ults in spirit form and teleports back, knocking the enemy team towards the team.
Speakk Pred 2 meseci
tHe lEgend of kOrra
Robertenrique05 !
Robertenrique05 ! Pred 2 meseci
New channel: Yonne
Trixelz Pred 2 meseci
If there's Yassuo, then Ill probably see Yonne soon
Gabriel Pred 2 meseci
It's Genji and Hanzo all over again.
Filtz Pred 2 meseci
0:31 straight up like thought this was voyboy
Đaŕķ Přínçe
Đaŕķ Přínçe Pred 2 meseci
yasuo passive and q Camille w zed R on his E moe : " riot did work on this champion"
Aarion_ Pred 2 meseci
Waitbisnt kid yasuo ang from avatarvoice actor 😲
L0n3 T3mpesT
L0n3 T3mpesT Pred 2 meseci
Who was the girl in the end with yasou? she looks like ahri but i'm guessing she's not. pls reply
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