Yassuo | PLAYING JUNGLE HAS MADE ME A BETTER PLAYER! (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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Tokyo World Map [Arranged] (SMT IV OST)
Tokyo World Map (SMT IV OST)
Outro - Backside of the TV (Persona 4 OST)
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바람에 나라 목검
바람에 나라 목검 Pred 2 meseci
안녕하세요 한국사람입니다 게임을 정말 잘하시군 변역기가 없어서,.. 아쉽습니다.., 나중에 기회가 된다면 한국어 변역기좀 해주세요
yvsdaddy Pred 2 meseci
Plss why does he look like a homeless udyr 😭😭
Simon bastin
Simon bastin Pred 2 meseci
Moe to Rakan: HER
Manju Pred 2 meseci
I would love to see after he saying something about rengar the editor flashes back to when he rages on how unbalanced rengar is xDD
Smoshby Pred 2 meseci
the laugh at the end
tarek medfai
tarek medfai Pred 2 meseci
wtf this montage we need look game not ur bd face
Sofican George
Sofican George Pred 2 meseci
Metin 2 ro
Hoi Pred 3 meseci
nah jungle is definitely the hardest role to perfect on but has the most impact so that's fair
Cube family
Cube family Pred 3 meseci
damn thats a good song
Kevin E.
Kevin E. Pred 3 meseci
I felt the music at 4:55 pls use it more often 😍
ImBryanSad Pred 3 meseci
Main jg -> main mid = Toxic player. Main mid -> Main jg = toxic player in his head.
AlphaZero Pred 3 meseci
9:31 Moe dodging irl
Asassady! Pred 3 meseci
Persona 4 outro nice
Slayer Fusion
Slayer Fusion Pred 3 meseci
Please stop the ads, it's like an ad per 5minute I don't want Chortle.
Badr Grr
Badr Grr Pred 3 meseci
Deltarune ost in the intro
Stella Idänpään-Heikkilä
Stella Idänpään-Heikkilä Pred 3 meseci
What's the pinoy intros song name?
Daniel Josh Zamora
Daniel Josh Zamora Pred 3 meseci
Yo Yone's abilities Just came out you gotta check this out
Khaled Mohamed
Khaled Mohamed Pred 3 meseci
Yone is here boyzzzz
RaNdY Pred 3 meseci
I swear to god these matchups? look at the Blitz from the first game and Senna, they play like idiots and they are in 'high elo', some games are rigged 100% edit: also the part there Kha Zix reuses R just to run away and Viktor dies, dude how dumb can y be?
Harley Farley ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
Harley Farley ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Pred 3 meseci
FrackleBerry Pred 3 meseci
jure jelnikar
jure jelnikar Pred 3 meseci
give pinoy 5 cents for every like
Ludovicô II
Ludovicô II Pred 3 meseci
Alpha Chock
Alpha Chock Pred 3 meseci
That Elise reminds me of El muer
Tenko Dog
Tenko Dog Pred 3 meseci
playing league made me better breaking monitors
Bick Dig Boi
Bick Dig Boi Pred 3 meseci
moe lookin cool out there no homo.
Sinjakin Pred 3 meseci
get c 4 n c 3 r its ok to say it no?
Sopagna Kun
Sopagna Kun Pred 3 meseci
Is it just me or do you think that rengar and khazix is the same fking champion
Jacob Wember
Jacob Wember Pred 3 meseci
just watching this man play helps me understand how deep league can really get love this mans streams and pinoys editing
Dvasia Pred 3 meseci
wtf with the music
E. 45
E. 45 Pred 3 meseci
Music sounds like Tiny Wings
Oliwer Fridolf
Oliwer Fridolf Pred 3 meseci
I have not been here for a while. What happened to Bella and Moe?
Perz Jhoni
Perz Jhoni Pred 3 meseci
No hablo ingles, xd no entiendo nada de lo que dice y ya hace un año que sigo viendo sus videos jajajaj
Bass Dough
Bass Dough Pred 3 meseci
Dude if you dont stop with these double political ads I'm done with this channel until this election is over.
wide peepo
wide peepo Pred 3 meseci
jg made you fat
Essam Pred 3 meseci
Kayn/Yasuo matches deserve more appreciation.
Six Paths
Six Paths Pred 3 meseci
You should probably shave my man 😂
MagZ Pred 3 meseci
Moe's nose is as long as it will take him to get to challenger
鑫坧 Pred 3 meseci
After jg play support to challanger
5K subs without any videos
5K subs without any videos Pred 3 meseci
8:13 use your ult man...
Karolientje Pred 3 meseci
Honestly give Pinoy some respect. Edits looking dope.
Pavle Petrović
Pavle Petrović Pred 3 meseci
Isthat old room xd
michael Pred 3 meseci
i just got the chipotle ad with nadeshot in it
Jean Salcedo
Jean Salcedo Pred 3 meseci
Jungle made me better ... At flaming
katie king
katie king Pred 3 meseci
I like how Yas and me starting doing jg videos at the same time xD
Şakir Bayrakçı
Şakir Bayrakçı Pred 3 meseci
good game you well played
Tetrapolis Pred 3 meseci
Aww moe didnt do a vid on spirit blossom yasuo
Nguyen_er N
Nguyen_er N Pred 3 meseci
Wait was karthus E tick always that fast? Did they lower the numbers but increased the tick speed? That's so good now
Zehiradam 42
Zehiradam 42 Pred 3 meseci
Larstan saaa
Pandele Luca
Pandele Luca Pred 3 meseci
7:00 why is this music like “the end of yassuo”
doggy dog Dog
doggy dog Dog Pred 3 meseci
League of legends ad.....hilarious lol
Rafaah Cardoso
Rafaah Cardoso Pred 3 meseci
🇧🇷Courtesy is better than Yassuo 😁🇧🇷
ItsQpwer Pred 3 meseci
The enemy top was dekar?
Vladimir Jovanovic
Vladimir Jovanovic Pred 3 meseci
moe is that you?
JoelOSTION Pred 3 meseci
I mean eveyone can become better out of other peoples challenges, jk luv u moe :3
CHRICHRIDAS Pred 3 meseci
Memes aside, moe became a legitimate good jg
Linas Šamanskis
Linas Šamanskis Pred 3 meseci
damn i wish i would get junglers like moe
NerroEX TV
NerroEX TV Pred 3 meseci
AYYY Shin Megami IV ost And Nocturne ost in last video I LOVE THE SMT LOVE
Endory Pred 3 meseci
If you didn't play Persona 5 Royal I really recommend it.
Mohamed Saleh
Mohamed Saleh Pred 3 meseci
play rengar 😅
Dumptrick Assey
Dumptrick Assey Pred 3 meseci
2:40 What elo is this? Players aren’t even as braindead as that Viktor in Gold... I don’t get how in the higher elo games there are players just as bad. How does that logically make sense.
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee Pred 3 meseci
Moe looks like he took Crystal meth and cocaine in one sitting
Megamen Pred 3 meseci
09:07 Qiyana Brain.exe Stopped functioning...
Cs Owiec
Cs Owiec Pred 3 meseci
Did you get that music from the sims menu?
Gold3n Fight3r
Gold3n Fight3r Pred 3 meseci
Complete jungle role with a yasuo jungle gameplay
DavidXD XD
DavidXD XD Pred 3 meseci
today is my sisters birthday :))))
Jeździec Gier
Jeździec Gier Pred 3 meseci
This Khartus game was crazy XD
Bitter Kiwi
Bitter Kiwi Pred 3 meseci
I miss the good old days where the only thing moe said was TRUEEEE
ako si spongebob
ako si spongebob Pred 3 meseci
I havent watched some of his streams and vids but may i ask 1 thing? Where is mellow?
Chase Wofford
Chase Wofford Pred 3 meseci
God damn pinoy and these edits....
ourOWN Pred 3 meseci
React new skin yasuoo
ourOWN Pred 3 meseci
@Tenenx ???
Tenenx Pred 3 meseci
He did
Simon Pred 3 meseci
T1 reformed Moe deformed
ParadoX kingdom
ParadoX kingdom Pred 3 meseci
How are you doing pinoy?
Azzam Stark
Azzam Stark Pred 3 meseci
Why is he sooo mean at the karthus game??? Mokai was apologizing and yet he flamed him
Jack Pred 3 meseci
Are Moe and Bella not together? She said he’s like her little bro
DeadMonsterHR Pred 3 meseci
It really shows the skill difference it takes to play khartus vs graves by just watching yass webcam
Trikchkaf Wadir
Trikchkaf Wadir Pred 3 meseci
Moe going to become chalenger jungler nb3 : intense sweating
Marko Misic
Marko Misic Pred 3 meseci
Moe do you think is easier to play jungle or adc? Bcs am looking to climb.
1SHOT 1KILLs Pred 3 meseci
Vgj Vgh
Vgj Vgh Pred 3 meseci
This is better content than putting good clips all over the video and some weird music
antonis rousettos
antonis rousettos Pred 3 meseci
What happened to moes hair
Mpilisxaloumi 7
Mpilisxaloumi 7 Pred 3 meseci
Just karthus isn’t a fun champion stop playing him
Crusher23 Pred 3 meseci
Yassuo stealing content from tyler1 ? Kappa
Ayoub Majhol
Ayoub Majhol Pred 3 meseci
Damn he hates rengar players
Raris Pred 3 meseci
yo, you should try playing mid heard its a fun role
Wild Seal
Wild Seal Pred 3 meseci
I am officially a rengar one trick and this video instantly triggered me >:( Not very nice mr moelester
L3Ke7oBeaTz Pred 3 meseci
Men i was watching u yesterday they beat u azz with yasuo haha is fucked up to se mentor lose
Blackout Pred 3 meseci
u look bored ngl
Nick Pred 3 meseci
It’s not hard to do this challenge when you have played the game for years and got challenger multiple seasons.
Vancsa Dominik
Vancsa Dominik Pred 3 meseci
so what nick
Bogdan Rotaru
Bogdan Rotaru Pred 3 meseci
k and?
Hakan Pred 3 meseci
Moe should experiment with some new editors. Every new video seems to be extremely lazy and boring to watch. Wouldn't hurt to have some videos with different styles
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim Ahmed Pred 3 meseci
The way he ended the video the video was sick though...
Sebastian Jørgensen
Sebastian Jørgensen Pred 3 meseci
Legends say he is still typing...
Catalin 636
Catalin 636 Pred 3 meseci
When jungleing makes people better 🥳
paypa dog
paypa dog Pred 3 meseci
Pnoy delay kasi yung server ng lol dito sa pinas, pwedi ba na mag join ako sa 1v1 tournament ni moe kahit delay ang server dito?
Andrei Bunea
Andrei Bunea Pred 3 meseci
Kahfi XD Seal Online
Kahfi XD Seal Online Pred 3 meseci
Spica's smite? lmao
Andrei Bunea
Andrei Bunea Pred 3 meseci
did anyone see kha zix?
Ardie Putra
Ardie Putra Pred 3 meseci
calm moe is refreshing 😊
Rasmus Pred 3 meseci
I miss old Moe
Zeta0013 Pred 3 meseci
1 trick i learnd was rift harald does 2 plattings so its very important to time it beacus if tower has 3 platings and rift breakes 2 the last platting will gain 125 mr and amor so it will take years to break it so try time it put it out when its 2,5
Guanabana2244 Pred 3 meseci
Zeta0013 he explained why he was doing it early
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