Yassuo | NIGHTBLUE3 IS FREELO!!! fT. IWillDominate

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Intro - Mor Ardain (Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST)
Time to Fight! [Bionis' Shoulder] (XC:DE OST)
Imprinting (TWEWY Final Mix OST)
Outro - Beautiful Ruin [Summer Salt] (Danganronpa 2 OST)
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Kittsunay Pred 3 meseci
I love when hard stuck silver players flame GM/challengers lmfao
RocketJungi Pred 3 meseci
Dom's voice cringes me every time.
Ian Jomary Berroya
Ian Jomary Berroya Pred 3 meseci
0:54 voice crack
xXForeverXx Pred 3 meseci
Is it really that bad to duo? I mean I’m only silver 2 and hardly ever play with friends and have never played rank with actual friends
xXForeverXx Pred 3 meseci
I mean I’ll duo to have a fun game, allot less random stuff happening as well when duo. And if you are the same rank than it should be fine to duo?
Candice bitch
Candice bitch Pred 4 meseci
Why is moe looking like a homeless dude did i miss something?
MrEveryday16 Pred 4 meseci
atleast moe make product placement in a cool way but ye still product placement
dominator of the universe
dominator of the universe Pred 4 meseci
Thinking face
Thinking face Pred 4 meseci
I swear to god it's 2020 and general sniper is still 13??
SlabSun Pred 4 meseci
Watching for Moe and people, but Pinoy's music choice is boppin. Hearing bangers from XC/Danganronpa is great.
osher br
osher br Pred 4 meseci
"people forget history" oh rly ? what about the 1 v 1 u had with nightblue? who won in your main for like 6 years? shut up dude shut up. sry love u
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan Pred 4 meseci
j w
j w Pred 4 meseci
Dont forget that this guy lost 1v1 against nb3 a jgl main with his 2 mains yasuo and irelia
YeetMeister 76
YeetMeister 76 Pred 4 meseci
this is Vince
this is Vince Pred 4 meseci
Who's the grill? 8:03
Toni Uchi
Toni Uchi Pred 3 meseci
there is no grill in that part of the video
Said Ergashev
Said Ergashev Pred 4 meseci
I feel like he should've saved the first ignite he used, he had already done so much dmg to syndra that he coildve ended her without ignite
jad labbb
jad labbb Pred 4 meseci
Why do they hide their minimap
احمد الشريف
احمد الشريف Pred 4 meseci
Best one in the world
stephen fedor
stephen fedor Pred 4 meseci
Is it bad that I miss the old yassuo
sowaKun Pred 4 meseci
My man needs to get a clean shave and a good haircut
Valio G.
Valio G. Pred 4 meseci
nightblue fans be like: *CLOWNS*
Kebab Remover
Kebab Remover Pred 4 meseci
Damn poor nb3
Nichlous Prasad
Nichlous Prasad Pred 4 meseci
I post league clips pls check them out!
DrizzyVapor Pred 4 meseci
I mean in retrospect, everyone calling NB3 trash is probably gold/plat. I still respect him, but he’s not a top tier player like he self proclaims to be.
アスナ Pred 4 meseci
dr disrespect with the clean yasuo gameplay
Gonzalo Paredes
Gonzalo Paredes Pred 4 meseci
Man, r u really a 20 years old boy? You look like 32 af
NME -ω-
NME -ω- Pred 4 meseci
Every Gamer knows that, im a pro FN Player, you can laugh at me, it's ok, im thinking "It's only a Game why you have to be mad?" I thought also several times to quit the game but after a couple hours im still playing, that's normal.
Kim Lester Marcos
Kim Lester Marcos Pred 4 meseci
you look like an actor for narcos
Osman Akash
Osman Akash Pred 4 meseci
wut a song yassuo!
FLaMe Kirito
FLaMe Kirito Pred 4 meseci
He is freelo under diamond.
markuss Pred 4 meseci
Dude shave your beard. I pay for it pls
Matties Roofthooft
Matties Roofthooft Pred 4 meseci
For the only youtube viewers: nb3 only played solo but moe frequently played duo q with the rank 1 riven/irelia NA (generalsniper)
Jim Delpiter
Jim Delpiter Pred 4 meseci
I don't get it why everyone bullies nightblue. what's wrong
kritikk 26
kritikk 26 Pred 4 meseci
9months ago yassuo lost to nb3 on yasuo, just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️
R.a .z.i.q
R.a .z.i.q Pred 4 meseci
Trick and moe or dom and moe is nice
Miguel Sebastian
Miguel Sebastian Pred 4 meseci
Sooo nightblue just need a duo partner?
snipejackz Pred 4 meseci
everyone seems to forgot that nb3 clapped moe on his 2 main champions?
Osama_Binladen 420
Osama_Binladen 420 Pred 4 meseci
Im a NightBlue3 fanboy.Bully me
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Pred 4 meseci
Loving that fridge
R1ven0ge Lol
R1ven0ge Lol Pred 4 meseci
NB3 is legit so bad!!!
Benjamin Curtis
Benjamin Curtis Pred 4 meseci
Man gamefuel treating their sponsees right.
Jonathan Balagot
Jonathan Balagot Pred 4 meseci
I havent seen his videos for a solid 5 months what happened to his face broo
Facundo Fantin
Facundo Fantin Pred 4 meseci
People tend to forget Dom was a professional player, dude literally made a living out of playing this game. I dont think he needs a boost to reach challenger
Kiwi. Pred 4 meseci
People prefer to say you are bad rather than accepting they are bad
TheFunkyDunks Pred 4 meseci
5:00 you have no real accomplishments in your life, lol.
TheFunkyDunks Pred 4 meseci
One day he will become a man.. When he stops playing LoL
Faithful _
Faithful _ Pred 4 meseci
that hairy thing on his face weird af
psycho sss
psycho sss Pred 4 meseci
"Yeah when i was 13, i was douchebag" Like that change
Gemil Soriano
Gemil Soriano Pred 4 meseci
That background music tho 9:05
Aaron- T
Aaron- T Pred 4 meseci
not gonna lie, Moe is really good🤔
Yiqi Hu
Yiqi Hu Pred 4 meseci
Free salt
Bozhidar Dimov
Bozhidar Dimov Pred 4 meseci
honestly IWD is so cringe xD
Sparta300 God
Sparta300 God Pred 4 meseci
when i watch you play yasuo, i also want to play him in ranked, but then i int
Tyler Mack
Tyler Mack Pred 4 meseci
After watching this, it seems like the more people harass moe, The better he plays. Feed off the hate young one!
God link
God link Pred 4 meseci
huno four
huno four Pred 4 meseci
be carefull yassou probably nightblue bans you wiht help of his riot friend :D
Barbiche Pred 4 meseci
Kudos for putting the TWEWY Final Remix OST in your montages
shrvan abosh
shrvan abosh Pred 4 meseci
You are looking like Arthur shelby with this moustache 😂😅
Luis Wolf
Luis Wolf Pred 4 meseci
nightblue is better than u, you only play with yas
Wayward M T
Wayward M T Pred 4 meseci
Be careful Moe! NB3 might copyright strike you for using his few seconds raw content.
Viggo Cassoni
Viggo Cassoni Pred 4 meseci
ur beard thing is fire hahahaha
Guilherme Lemos
Guilherme Lemos Pred 4 meseci
boy, u literally lost to nb3 on yasuo.... u lost 1000 dollars in subs to him and llost in your 2 mains... wtf why u talking???
Majd Alkhori
Majd Alkhori Pred 4 meseci
Moe is a hmar for saying that nightblue is salty, it's ok i guess since he's using his name for clickbait and his face for the nailthumb XD. Moe needs more clout LOL
Vayne Thoo
Vayne Thoo Pred 4 meseci
Meo. Don’t need to care about the wash up solo queue garbage that tell you are duo boosted. They are more toxic than an nuclear waste. I am ad carry main it’s so hard to carry the game at diamond Elo when you don’t have an good support that why in duo queue all the time this season
Aron Ekelow
Aron Ekelow Pred 4 meseci
Kinda feel sorry for Nightblue3 he rly fell off, he was like one of the greats a couple of years ago
Dr Hogback
Dr Hogback Pred 4 meseci
Dude just cut your mustache .. just the ends .. use scisors . Its so fking annoying
Kenneth Caveny
Kenneth Caveny Pred 4 meseci
Nightblue3 is just mad because no one likes him enough to duo abuse with him. Lul
Gilgamesh Pred 4 meseci
What is this trash talking video
rick sanchez
rick sanchez Pred 4 meseci
someone should do a literally and like counter
Navzy Pred 4 meseci
tbf i feel nightblue get more intentional throwers than moe, maybe just me
King Kha
King Kha Pred 4 meseci
maybe there is a reason for that he beefs with everyone and is just unlikable
PAllIN Pred 4 meseci
trashtalking to the guy who win 1v1 against you
Jʌvʌ Pred 4 meseci
There's just a bit too much circlejerking in the first game
Roshat Pred 4 meseci
I don't see your name nowhere, I only see Yassuo and thats not your name, its a League of Legends name. Your name is Moe.
verlene10 Pred 4 meseci
i havent watched him for a few months and WTF did he do to his moustache??
Αλέξανδρος Παπαδόπουλος
Αλέξανδρος Παπαδόπουλος Pred 4 meseci
What a nice video keep going like this pinoy and moe your the best
Olek Pred 4 meseci
Whats going on with audio in your videos?
Shadow Boss
Shadow Boss Pred 4 meseci
A duo abuser and a boosted account Vs d1 hard stuck. Who's better??
The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind Pred 4 meseci
Ngl, that jacket and fridge were pretty dope
Yoroichi19 Pred 4 meseci
pls stop muting the sound of the game when there is music
Uswerbt Pred 4 meseci
He has to, moe listens to copyrighted music that's why pinoy use these song/ost in the youtube videos
Hans Brix
Hans Brix Pred 4 meseci
was that TF BLADE in the background with a wig? he shaved his legs toO! listen buddy!'
PiratePandaAk47 Pred 4 meseci
make a yassuo and nightblue boxing match
FedelxX Pred 4 meseci
i’m starting to think i’m doing good for 13 then since i’m low plat for my third rank season
YasuoVayneMaine Pred 4 meseci
sometimes the music is just too distracting
Homebound Turnaround
Homebound Turnaround Pred 4 meseci
Sour patch kids could learn a thing or two about personalized gifts
GlobePitch Pred 4 meseci
9:00 that bongo solo actually went hard asf
Solo Top
Solo Top Pred 4 meseci
12:24 That's what she said
Takis Novas
Takis Novas Pred 4 meseci
This video was click bait. Night blue finished 1-1... You just killed him once. Syndra was trash
Reagan Tang Lei Gen
Reagan Tang Lei Gen Pred 4 meseci
NIGHTBLUE3 applies cold water to burnt area
Seren Dipity
Seren Dipity Pred 4 meseci
Im finding a tutorial to access google in Huawei 7i and i got this instead
broadway is a thing
broadway is a thing Pred 4 meseci
Tyler didn’t hit challenger as a jungler, he hit as a support kekw
Argel Asuncion
Argel Asuncion Pred 4 meseci
I am new to your channel and I am very curious for the meaning of pinoy in ur intro
Antonio Renzi
Antonio Renzi Pred 4 meseci
14:00 now say it with out crying kid
pink oni
pink oni Pred 4 meseci
and this man wanted to change his username
Kewie Pewie
Kewie Pewie Pred 4 meseci
Not higher wr on euw than rat tho :p 74% wr 1k lp :p
lukaz hansjons
lukaz hansjons Pred 4 meseci
why he look so old and disgusting?
Tomas Malloy
Tomas Malloy Pred 4 meseci
Just shave moe
Muhammad Elorra
Muhammad Elorra Pred 4 meseci
Bet he plugged it in before the freon rest
Zhumoto Pred 4 meseci
Haven’t watched him for a few months. Big up the Moestache
Rayan Pred 4 meseci
wassup with the massive hate on nb3? I know he talks a lot but cmon at least have some kind of respect. I honestly don't know if they are just saying things in the heat of the moment or actually hate the guy.
Crunch Beats
Crunch Beats Pred 4 meseci
freddie mercury be back
aamer feroz
aamer feroz Pred 4 meseci
2:32 and so have you most likely
Shadow Pred 4 meseci
Solo abuser!
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