Yassuo | I DIDN'T MEAN TO SCAM HIM!!! (Viewer 1v1s)

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Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken Pred 2 meseci
Was that his little sister? You know the one who did all the things for him like make him bald and crack eggs in his head was this sister? Or he has another one?
TheCrazyDanielsSHOW! Pred 3 meseci
poor dog hahahaha 12:37
Andrés Toro
Andrés Toro Pred 4 meseci
¿Alguno más pensó que era una miniatura de Auronplay pero en inglés? jajajaaj watafac!
PoTrO21 Pred 4 meseci
Moe just got destroyed by a Romanian )))
dominator of the universe
dominator of the universe Pred 4 meseci
I miss the old chimp, when he actually got picked
Layton Lynch
Layton Lynch Pred 4 meseci
Wait in the zed 1v1 moe was not allowed to use flash but he did
Kleddomat Pred 4 meseci
On which server is that? euw?
théo ledain
théo ledain Pred 4 meseci
0:34 i cant unsee what i have seen in the chat
PLXS Pred 4 meseci
11:30: he has a god in his donation and doesnt even notice it lmao
Pog Champion
Pog Champion Pred 4 meseci
10:21 Mellows reaction is adorable
BoneFreeze Pred 4 meseci
0:30 cant stop laughing
Kristof Korpai
Kristof Korpai Pred 4 meseci
Mehdi Mirahmadi
Mehdi Mirahmadi Pred 4 meseci
14:40 that fizz didnt use any pots was so annoying that was free
Lustrals Pred 4 meseci
U guys notice ever since moe start having a gf his room is clean. LOL
Savage Shadow
Savage Shadow Pred 4 meseci
idk why i hate that freddy he thinks that he's good or something but he's just toxic af
Mike E
Mike E Pred 4 meseci
i like your chest neck sweater! does that come in a V neck?
Mike E
Mike E Pred 4 meseci
your laugh makes me want to punch babys
Legacy Pred 4 meseci
9:10 *Nah, bro, you're dead* Sounds like *FINISH HIM* from Mortal Kombat when Darius just autos right on point.
Trickster Highlights
Trickster Highlights Pred 5 meseci
Ok respect for that moe
darkking 19845
darkking 19845 Pred 5 meseci
Dude Moe's sister is super hot damnn
Qasim Bashir
Qasim Bashir Pred 5 meseci
so is soo poki
Chodes Out For Harambe
Chodes Out For Harambe Pred 5 meseci
10:21 mellow is flipping out wondering what is happening LMAO
SQUAD Pred 5 meseci
name: la bestiaa euw skin : nightbringer yasuo
Nico Gamez
Nico Gamez Pred 5 meseci
Bro you need to raise the amount of points for 1v1 cuz u suck at them n pretty mch get beat 100 times a day 😂
Mr Mezdekeci
Mr Mezdekeci Pred 5 meseci
he is a really nice guy i appreciate the thing that he does every week for nothing but enjoying and winning money to his viewers nice
Zvorișteanu SRLindustries
Zvorișteanu SRLindustries Pred 5 meseci
11:11 romania is better bro best country
Gabriel deHoyos
Gabriel deHoyos Pred 5 meseci
bronze players are trash
Gabriel deHoyos
Gabriel deHoyos Pred 5 meseci
shes pretty
Shizuroki Tadashi
Shizuroki Tadashi Pred 5 meseci
I love how mellow was worried when yassuo was saying omg omg omg after the zed fight
M'lady You're A Peasant
M'lady You're A Peasant Pred 5 meseci
What's the difference between mod and VIP?
TiTaB-eATeR Pred 5 meseci
hi man are you from middle east like saudi arabia or ... ?
Pedro Vilar
Pedro Vilar Pred 5 meseci
0:35 "THE NOSE RUNS IN THE FAMILLY I SEE" - someone in chat
Roberto Malaele
Roberto Malaele Pred 5 meseci
Ce l a batut Vladut😱
mermer Pred 5 meseci
16:31 bella feth :3
Kammu Pred 5 meseci
YtZ IoNuT Pred 5 meseci
12:00 Forta romania :))
Dimiturs Gremory
Dimiturs Gremory Pred 5 meseci
You could have just asked him for 1 more 1v1 to give him a chance so the other fans don't do the same thing to fake it or something like that
SFRAME Pred 5 meseci
My boy from romania won this
nejo andro
nejo andro Pred 5 meseci
why do you even play with EU
Thomas L
Thomas L Pred 5 meseci
Moe sounds like the joker fr
Isac eriksson
Isac eriksson Pred 5 meseci
Did you know that lol is on ps4, it is called genesis
Pistol Pred 5 meseci
Loner Wolf
Loner Wolf Pred 5 meseci
Bro Moe's laugh and his gf's are made for each other
random username
random username Pred 5 meseci
Imagine being so good at mundo 1v1s that you make Moe speak arabic
꧁༺BestBoi.༻꧂ Pred 5 meseci
Bine Vlad Leț gău
I Zpademilio I
I Zpademilio I Pred 5 meseci
Wait wtf is that his sister? I thought his sister was like 12
QUICKSCOPE Pred 5 meseci
Be supportive to your sister, its much harder for women to make it, specially in the gaming community. (Im sure you already are, just a comment from a big fan)
valentiNNN Pred 5 meseci
first time i see he 1v1 a romanian
CrazyFox5 Pred 5 meseci
guys lets giv moe some likes and views so he can at least get those money he lost back or sth :/
roacer infect
roacer infect Pred 5 meseci
High Elo Gaming
High Elo Gaming Pred 5 meseci
Moe i will give you the greatest tip of all "do 1v1's only in NA" HAHAHAHAHAHA
Ray D
Ray D Pred 5 meseci
Why does moe's sister so much hotter than him.
Dryedeer Original
Dryedeer Original Pred 5 meseci
Mishael Trinidad
Mishael Trinidad Pred 5 meseci
Puberty really hits moe's sister omg she kinda hot lolll
Castle Clash
Castle Clash Pred 5 meseci
That Freddie guy calculation is soo good . Luv him
swisk Pred 5 meseci
whole NA < Romania
Beng Beng
Beng Beng Pred 5 meseci
Moe kind hearted guy who actually cares about other despite of his dirty mouth and ape-like thinking. He fat too.
Baha Th
Baha Th Pred 5 meseci
Moe losing every game vs EUW gold players PEPEGA
Ian Skrivarnik
Ian Skrivarnik Pred 5 meseci
is it just me or does Moe's sis look like Poki ?
oii you there
oii you there Pred 5 meseci
14:14 Dat laugh my boi moe gives out is worth way more than league and valorant put together
fr33nky Pred 5 meseci
*Moe loses 9/10 1v1's and blames his team for demoting*
Jorge Duarte
Jorge Duarte Pred 5 meseci
Pedro Fava
Pedro Fava Pred 5 meseci
your sister is pretty hot ngl
AbatosTV Pred 5 meseci
wait that was his sister
Patrick Thomsen
Patrick Thomsen Pred 5 meseci
haha u flashed 16:00
Bru Lom
Bru Lom Pred 5 meseci
Moe actually got scamed🤣
yuval Pred 5 meseci
his gf has the same cringe laugh poki has
Mario FanStresu
Mario FanStresu Pred 5 meseci
In sf un roman. Si s a si pisat pe yasuo
ActivátoR Pred 5 meseci
What is name of yass gf ?
Michal Skala
Michal Skala Pred 5 meseci
No chimp NA oof
Jaden Brent
Jaden Brent Pred 5 meseci
why are we being fed old content
Tricky Ghost
Tricky Ghost Pred 5 meseci
Damn moe is washed
Shootin Pred 5 meseci
12:26 that guy from Romania and he speak Hunagary just like me RESPECT!!!
Bence Fazekas
Bence Fazekas Pred 5 meseci
The way moe laughs at his sister is how we laugh at him when he plays valorant
kushurox TW
kushurox TW Pred 5 meseci
ur scaring mello !
Christian Powell
Christian Powell Pred 5 meseci
12 year olds at 16:29 in top right corner
Chode Pred 5 meseci
his sister actually aight, but she calls everyone love on comments
cosmincg Pred 5 meseci
Dude I'm from Romania 2 and I watch u since the nightbringer yasuo came out. Congrats to this guy from Romania, gg ba :)
David Iacob
David Iacob Pred mesecem
Zoomi Pred 5 meseci
Am i Brain Dead? why is it a scam if he wasted his flash at the beginning?
Alu Card
Alu Card Pred 5 meseci
Yes. You are brain dead
Mihai Voievod
Mihai Voievod Pred 5 meseci
Respect pentru ROMANUL nostru ❤️❤️❤️🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴
Mardale Cristian
Mardale Cristian Pred 5 meseci
12:17 ✨🇷🇴✨
Dante Hellsing
Dante Hellsing Pred 5 meseci
9:35 to 10:50 Sweet Touching Scene Part I Love that Part, were that Guy say Sorry for Moe
#Veryuwu Pred 5 meseci
7:57 that laugh.. shes like AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAH
S K Pred 5 meseci
Tilting me that you lose that much..
i do not know
i do not know Pred 5 meseci
Bine ba Vlad daca vezi asta =))) 🔥🔥🔥
Omn impotent
Omn impotent Pred 5 meseci
Why does moe actually feel bad losing 100 its like me crying after losing 0,10 euro bet
sz cs
sz cs Pred 5 meseci
11:30 my man just unlocked the universe and Moe didnt pay attention
TEPODR _ Pred 5 meseci
12:18 al dracu roman.
Bruno Buccellati
Bruno Buccellati Pred 5 meseci
Noone: Joseph Joestar: 10:22
Yao Ming
Yao Ming Pred 5 meseci
Moe looking more and more like an Indian Scanmer by day
Mine life
Mine life Pred 5 meseci
Damn moe that my be good for a month but if you do that everyday you may go broke
Lucy Pred 5 meseci
16:30 bella's leg
Haoran Wu
Haoran Wu Pred 5 meseci
16:31 bella feet welcome
Magic Viper
Magic Viper Pred 5 meseci
I swear to God, i didn't expected from u to give him the 100$ to the scammed one. Respect🔥
RenThe Epic
RenThe Epic Pred 5 meseci
micky micky12
micky micky12 Pred 5 meseci
Show bella your interview with bjergsen
Sherwin Dai
Sherwin Dai Pred 5 meseci
That kaisa gives me Tyler 1 vibes
danish Reborn
danish Reborn Pred 5 meseci
love your stream
Gabriel Angelo Barallas
Gabriel Angelo Barallas Pred 5 meseci
He really gives money on purpose I can tell that
Denzl _
Denzl _ Pred 5 meseci
But your Flash just got off of CD so was it actually a scam, was the rule not to have sums?? I always skip their dialogues
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