Yassuo | JUNGLE IS SO EASY! (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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Music (in order of appearance) -
Intro - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Persona 5 OST)
Reckless Ro (Chrono Trigger OST)
Ghoul (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)
The Turks: Battle (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)
Barret's Theme (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)
Those Who Fight Quiet (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)
Those Who Fight Further (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)
Outro - Guitar Ending by Richey
Check out the song here! soundcloud.com/richeyju9/guitar-ending
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Stefanie Klötzl
Stefanie Klötzl Pred 2 meseci
Tiamat on Kayn Uff
Đinh Kết
Đinh Kết Pred 2 meseci
Ire game 2 múa ghê vl
Michael Loewen
Michael Loewen Pred 2 meseci
I'm surprised that most of the videos in this series don't show hos rank at all. I thought that was the whole point of him starting a jungle account in bronze and climbing to Challenger. Good editing, but for goodness sake show his rank sometimes.
Martin Ljavo
Martin Ljavo Pred 2 meseci
That Galio was so cringe
Tanner B
Tanner B Pred 2 meseci
Theofilos Mouratidis
Theofilos Mouratidis Pred 3 meseci
he has mah-ladies
da whistle
da whistle Pred 3 meseci
7:29 if that warwick had any clue he wouldve taken control over the game at this point. enjoy farming your jungle while warwick is on you with no prio in top nor in mid
Novus Lp
Novus Lp Pred 3 meseci
Wow agaib destroy low elo games with smurfing
Aissou Amine
Aissou Amine Pred 3 meseci
Kayn main passed from here ✌️
Find out I’m NOT human
Find out I’m NOT human Pred 3 meseci
Me: “plays one for all and picks blue Kayn” Dumb teammates be like: wHy YoU pIcK bLuE!?!?!.,..,.,??!”? tHaT sO bAd. Me: it’s the better choice...
dimanite Pred 3 meseci
when you want to communicate to ur japanese friend 13:35
Hifumi san
Hifumi san Pred 3 meseci
Tiamat with kayn? Someone explain
Hevan Pred 3 meseci
Top 10 rappers that eminem is scared of 0:30:
Sokushi Pred 3 meseci
Copy t1 for content rip
ToS 2020 lul
ToS 2020 lul Pred 3 meseci
Why tiamat on kayn
Mirai Pred 3 meseci
2:25 kayn main´s felt that.
Shiro Pred 3 meseci
No one: Literally no one: 6:57 *Twitch chat: he's so big now*
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Pred 3 meseci
10/10 editing on this one
Elias Reddemann
Elias Reddemann Pred 3 meseci
go train bro
Deikki Pred 3 meseci
Is Moe dead
Dominik Bauer
Dominik Bauer Pred 3 meseci
Pinoy’s edit, tips down fedora
Abdulqader.A Pred 3 meseci
Hey moe i may sound weird But i actually think you have an over 120 IQ..don't ask me why i say that but i really do
felix irgendwas
felix irgendwas Pred 3 meseci
why dont they make it so you can just choose which form you get on kayn
BotDamian Pred 3 meseci
From this whole list just Alinity needs to be banned.
Bilal Abbas
Bilal Abbas Pred 3 meseci
Anyone seen moe? Hasn’t posted in a week
Hit Man
Hit Man Pred 3 meseci
Check out my montage❤
Mazdabater07 Pred 3 meseci
Didnt this guy lose 6 silver games in a row and end stream?
Banana Muncher
Banana Muncher Pred 3 meseci
Lorenzo Alfeo
Lorenzo Alfeo Pred 3 meseci
Firefox Soft
Firefox Soft Pred 3 meseci
Why u smurfing? Jst because u beated so hard in ur own rank ? LMAO 😂😂
Azuras Hell
Azuras Hell Pred 3 meseci
Someone know where moe is, he didnt posted anything since 6 days..
Azuras Hell
Azuras Hell Pred 3 meseci
Ye the brother is back xD
C95GE6W7 Nope
C95GE6W7 Nope Pred 3 meseci
Hes back;)
KrastavicaPlays Pred 3 meseci
Its like stylish he is gone forrever
Shameer Malik
Shameer Malik Pred 3 meseci
this mans reads faster than the person after a medicine ad talks.
Edwin Perinpanayagam
Edwin Perinpanayagam Pred 3 meseci
is that Mundo on drugs oh and moe whenever they have a mundo THATS GOOD take Rhaast
Lingo Alfa
Lingo Alfa Pred 3 meseci
Pinoy playing for G2 now? Is that why that’s no new videos?
Ziphy Pred 3 meseci
Yah I saw that too
ORAN GameRR* Pred 3 meseci
U should play rengar free lp
Drami Pred 3 meseci
Same picture
Naschuan Rajab
Naschuan Rajab Pred 3 meseci
His stream today was so weird. No cam, no mic??
Wilson Guo
Wilson Guo Pred 3 meseci
u good bro wya
bzah Pred 3 meseci
@hiccupeater LoL I have a feeling its about fed or bella. Haven't seen him stream without cam and mic. Most of the time he would just grind off stream.
hiccupeater LoL
hiccupeater LoL Pred 3 meseci
or the past 2 days he has had no mic or face cam on, we don’t know why but I assume everything is ok. Should be some new contingent tmr if he puts cam and mic on.
the unstoppable
the unstoppable Pred 3 meseci
moe are you okay man i dont like to watch lives in twitch and i dont know if youre streaming or not and im used to watch your videos but youre a bit late is he good???
the unstoppable
the unstoppable Pred 3 meseci
G not h XD
the unstoppable
the unstoppable Pred 3 meseci
@hiccupeater LoL thanks my h
hiccupeater LoL
hiccupeater LoL Pred 3 meseci
the unstoppable he streams, but for the past 2 days he has had no mic or face cam on, we don’t know why but I assume everything is ok. Should be some new contingent tmr if he puts cam and mic on.
Fenoxz Pred 3 meseci
Where are the vids man?
John Ric Rebadulla
John Ric Rebadulla Pred 3 meseci
Aight guys im new here why does he have "pinoy" in his intro
hiccupeater LoL
hiccupeater LoL Pred 3 meseci
Mr. Nobody pinoy is editor
ILOVEMELONS Pred 3 meseci
What rank is this. Players are so bad
Yasuke ϟ
Yasuke ϟ Pred 3 meseci
silver XD
R0gerThat Pred 3 meseci
copying t1 LULW
Koen Kraak
Koen Kraak Pred 3 meseci
3:02 ofcourse he feeds. That is the black swordsman.
Snibble Pred 3 meseci
so whose worse? vlad - ungankable lane bully sonic speed hyperscaling unkillable drain tank mage assassin teamfighting splitpusher expert diver ornn - unkillable support assassin tank bruiser mage juggernaut cc heavy teamfighting splitpusher team scaling 14 passive wielding hyper carry
Johan Borja
Johan Borja Pred 3 meseci
The $25mil Lawsuit involved Mr. Estavillo destroying his computer because he came on it causing it to short circuit. I think he's just trolling
Alan Walkman
Alan Walkman Pred 3 meseci
"Yeah. I'll just farm." - 300 IQ Fiora
Bogs Zadronski
Bogs Zadronski Pred 3 meseci
I wanna feel like a butterfly again PepeHands
imMonY Pred 3 meseci
so no one is gonna talk about that wholesome background music pinoy added
hassa hassan
hassa hassan Pred 3 meseci
You dead bro??
Lefteris Pap
Lefteris Pap Pred 3 meseci
Red kayn you have nO HEALING REDACTION YOU FUF after 500 hours you ended death dance
Mister L
Mister L Pred 3 meseci
that dog has so many hair or you dont get him out? poor
Noxian Dream
Noxian Dream Pred 3 meseci
Pinoy is god and should step into the video more often
The kingdom
The kingdom Pred 3 meseci
Irelia actually tried to play good. Huge potential.
BROWNIEFIER Pred 3 meseci
Pinoy felt bad for the questionable musis the other day so he overcompensated with Pinoy-tier editing
SP33DYAPPL3S Pred 3 meseci
pinoy been playing some persona 4 i see
John L.
John L. Pred 3 meseci
Why delay your powerspikes on Kayn with tiamat? His clear is allready nasty.
Jonathan Eli Marlenee
Jonathan Eli Marlenee Pred 3 meseci
Ugh all the ff7 music. I legit cant go back and play. Will take over my life lol
Fabio García
Fabio García Pred 3 meseci
Damn moe, i cant laugh for a recent operation and you start like that.. 🤣🤣🤣
Hamster2000 Pred 3 meseci
mellow s getting bigger day by day *_*
Clever Anonym
Clever Anonym Pred 3 meseci
Once (as a low elo plat player) I played against silver players and I annihilates them... Still didn't make a video of it.
Naor Ovadia
Naor Ovadia Pred 3 meseci
Its not the same dude
Andres Boscan
Andres Boscan Pred 3 meseci
We have quality music right here, great job Pinoy. Im really happy that you don't feel like a butterfly anymore
Shadow Sphinx
Shadow Sphinx Pred 3 meseci
how can someone be addicted to something they never had
Paul Pred 3 meseci
Moe about the lawsuit = my exact thoughts about it.
achacha7894 Pred 3 meseci
do most people not know that the last thing you hit in terms of orbs is what you get for kayn? like everything before is obsolete
The Skittles
The Skittles Pred 3 meseci
I agree with the case bruh perma ban those twitch thots
vicente flores lopez
vicente flores lopez Pred 3 meseci
Kayn is so easy...
Crusher 497
Crusher 497 Pred 3 meseci
Hes playing with silvers and thinks jg is easy
Yaka Pred 3 meseci
He's stuck in silver right now
Vip 1
Vip 1 Pred 3 meseci
I'm deleting this game ... Just 10 minutes of the game and you already know the winner but you can't surrend yet ... Wait a minute even if 4 of us agreed to surrender there is a player who is gonna say NO .. DONT SURREND WE CAN DO IT .. THE SAME PLAYER WHO SAID NO ... HE IS THE FEEDER .. THEN HE GOES AFK .. GOODBYE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS
Macka Pred 3 meseci
TIAMAT ON KAYN-challenger player
FloatGames Pred 3 meseci
Why does he have Tiamat jungling with Kayn looool? 😂😂
Lance Gaerlan
Lance Gaerlan Pred 3 meseci
my eyes hurt. youre so bad in playing kayn. youre also bad in playing jungle like even a gold elo jungle main is better than you in jungling. you. you cant dodge a simple malphite/warwick R wtf.
I AM BOOP! Pred 3 meseci
Calling it now FED commits suicide and then we get a bunch of videos from these chumps acting all sad and broken when in reality it will have been a direct result of their actions in attempting to publicly hang him.
Name Pred 3 meseci
I don't even know
Ahri Pred 3 meseci
Hunter Pred 3 meseci
God that galio is hella cringe
リカルド Pred 3 meseci
It feels like someone has been watching some Karasmai videos lol
Isa k
Isa k Pred 3 meseci
bruh moe how do you have a 61% winrate in silver and claim jgl is easy lul
Cameron Smalley
Cameron Smalley Pred 3 meseci
Does elo hell really exist?
Boris Mitic
Boris Mitic Pred 3 meseci
It was good but i just think tiamat is so unnecessary on kayn he already has such good clear.
Kimo Music
Kimo Music Pred 3 meseci
Song 15:07 ?
saku Pred 3 meseci
FF7R soundtrack HYPEEE
Berat Üzülmez
Berat Üzülmez Pred 3 meseci
Lars dan S. A🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
xhard stuck
xhard stuck Pred 3 meseci
nasus was afk
Zakkeus Trepanier
Zakkeus Trepanier Pred 3 meseci
Why does Yassuo cackle like a witch? Lol
Z RapidFire
Z RapidFire Pred 3 meseci
Do not build tiamat on rhaast.. only on shadow.. could’ve gotten a qss.. would’ve made a big difference
Long Dao
Long Dao Pred 3 meseci
pinoy killed it on this one
Insta4gay Pred 3 meseci
pinoy's editing ON POINT
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Pred 3 meseci
Dude never gets the form right. 😂
37Trash Panda
37Trash Panda Pred 3 meseci
when you go across river you gotta q cause your e barely isn't enough
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Pred 3 meseci
Remember guys, Pinoy isn't the only editor. We got to give credit to the other editors as well; it might have been them who did the editing... great video tho!
SUPSNIPE Pred 3 meseci
Since im m7 kayn main u kinda make me disappointed
Reconn Pred 3 meseci
Don't listen to the haters pinoy, this video's editing was 🔥
KL sh
KL sh Pred 3 meseci
jungle diff
WorgenatorWoW Pred 3 meseci
I'm convinced this man does not have his mic positioned correctly. The sound is way too bad considering how close he is
Dan-I-El Mc
Dan-I-El Mc Pred 3 meseci
you are awesome! my name is daniel from argentina!
Mimayaneh Pred 3 meseci
Dat laugh tho...
Ballis 1401
Ballis 1401 Pred 3 meseci
I swear if it wasn't for pinoy's beautifully editted music to go along with the gameplay i would've fell asleep or clicked off, good stuff pinoy
Christian Lu
Christian Lu Pred 3 meseci
hi Pinoy hope you have a good day while carrying yassuo's channel.
JUST_GTX yt Pred 3 meseci
Do not use my kayn as your jungle is so easy thumbnail
Gimbrus Pred 3 meseci
13:41 is my fauvorite moment
Pjerog Pred 3 meseci
Cringeblue3 style edits
Tenmo Playa
Tenmo Playa Pred 3 meseci
You can use q during kayns e to "extend" the range of e to reach walls that u usually cannot
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