Yassuo | MINI FAKER?! YEAH RIGHT Duo w/GeneralSniperr

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Pred 24 dnevi

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P0TRAS Go Pred 18 dnevi
why such extreme music when he went lilia
Stereo Pred 18 dnevi
why did this show up again in my notifications lol? youtube on crack
milk Pred 19 dnevi
okay but can we agree that yassuo ult into ekko w is disgusting
Lilhinesy Pred 20 dnevi
Too much music
Teno Pred 20 dnevi
Pinoy where can i find the music you are using in your videos
Squirles G
Squirles G Pred 21 dnevom
I forgot how good he is at this champ I haven’t seen him play him for a while but he’s actually clean keyblades bayblades everything 😂 he was making it look easy this time
Benjosaur Pred 21 dnevom
Ff15 music :o keep it up pinoy
visar tahiri
visar tahiri Pred 21 dnevom
I am so in love with those ff15 soundtracks
Raymond Kim
Raymond Kim Pred 21 dnevom
man this homeless man really be disrespecting faker for camping his lane 24/7 and getting one solo kill XD
The Invoker
The Invoker Pred 21 dnevom
Thats the last straw, "yOu DoNt NeEd FaKeR, ThAt GuY iS wAsHeD" okai sure thing buddy I lowkey had some resepect for general sniper but when he agreed with that...
Tobito Pred 21 dnevom
Rasmus Dreier
Rasmus Dreier Pred 21 dnevom
u still look like a homeless :/
notoKEI Pred 22 dnevi
lmao moe looks like mutahar
KAIDO BAUTISTA Pred 22 dnevi
Did moe got carried by a kid?
MDO Payback
MDO Payback Pred 22 dnevi
I love and appreciate the effort put into these videos, but 8-9 min videos is just to short i my opinion, keep up The good work tho!
Esteven Said
Esteven Said Pred 22 dnevi
2:43 ughh
yeetl0rd Pred 22 dnevi
2:43 13 year old voice craq kek
。クリス Pred 22 dnevi
We miss the Newyork moe.... "FAKER IS WASHED" But yet he could still 1 v 5 your entire "Pro" 100 thieves team...... Cringe and fat walla you've changed.
MAZEVLAD Pred 22 dnevi
I mean congrats to the kid , but othee than being good at the game i don't feel any personality
Snow Flaker
Snow Flaker Pred 22 dnevi
You remind me of a legend! It says that soon a new Rank 1 NA will come....
Mauriciin16 Pred 22 dnevi
Nobody talks about the god taco :v
Sadek Al-helli
Sadek Al-helli Pred 22 dnevi
Why are u still watching this trash as player???
Elliot Hagald
Elliot Hagald Pred 22 dnevi
What happend to the audio quality?
Mr. Burch
Mr. Burch Pred 22 dnevi
Still abusing 14 year old as content
Doua Thao
Doua Thao Pred 22 dnevi
Calling yourself a mini faker says alot about you as an individual with no originality...
Aoi Espino
Aoi Espino Pred 22 dnevi
I did'nt know that gragas streams
AspectJH Pred 22 dnevi
please make a video on new items, idk what to build lmao
Sedrick Pasion
Sedrick Pasion Pred 22 dnevi
what is up with these FFXV music? I like it
Thd 47 nerft Lol
Thd 47 nerft Lol Pred 22 dnevi
Get Carried dog
3XOTIK 3XTC Pred 22 dnevi
Yasuo got buff!!
Timothy Park
Timothy Park Pred 22 dnevi
Whyd u remove the vid that got uploaded 40 mind ago
cathat Pred 22 dnevi
next vid got deleted!?!
Nico Gamez
Nico Gamez Pred 22 dnevi
Why does general sniper sound like T2G??
feel the hasagi
feel the hasagi Pred 22 dnevi
ngl I thought general sniper was nightblue they sound the same LMFAOO
theboss monkas
theboss monkas Pred 22 dnevi
I loved moe so much but now he is just... i have no words for him
Yams Sandwich
Yams Sandwich Pred 23 dnevi
league of legends is alot like the school toilets. We always complain about how dirty they are but in reality we are the ones making them dirty in the first place. Now that, ladies and gentemen, you can put on a poster and put that poster over your bed so that every night you can look up and think: "damn, that post i saw on a loltyler1 video, he was in fact, a true genius. And now simpers and girlfriendhavers, you may think that i would have stopped typing 40 words ago. but i shall not. Because i, the sexy motherdestroyer, am bored out of my mind. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, you can put on a poster and put that poster over your bed so that every ni- oh... i already said that huh? well. to late now.
Secret Secret
Secret Secret Pred 23 dnevi
Secret Secret
Secret Secret Pred 23 dnevi
pinoy pride
Secret Secret
Secret Secret Pred 23 dnevi
philippines numbah 1
Secret Secret
Secret Secret Pred 23 dnevi
pinoy yassuo da best
Secret Secret
Secret Secret Pred 23 dnevi
pinoy yassuo
Secret Secret
Secret Secret Pred 23 dnevi
Tr3X_Default Pred 23 dnevi
gez moe looks fat
Bc Pred 23 dnevi
Muo back at it , abusing duo boosting lmao
BlueSlime X
BlueSlime X Pred 23 dnevi
Moe when Lillia first came out: Yeah this champ is really bad, bad clear as well. Moe now: I didn't even do anything, this champ is just broken.
yassin riahi
yassin riahi Pred 23 dnevi
finally moe playing yasuo
Roman Michelberger
Roman Michelberger Pred 23 dnevi
I would love to see some Yas again. Great vid anyway
Redgie Balan
Redgie Balan Pred 23 dnevi
What’s the peaceful music in the background called
Pepeasant Pred 19 dnevi
All were ffxv soundtrack
Fady Basha
Fady Basha Pred 23 dnevi
Laramy Pred 23 dnevi
"You know where the vibes are."..
WarmMafura Pred 23 dnevi
I'm so early that yassuo wasn't called gragas
Lawrenz Adagio
Lawrenz Adagio Pred 23 dnevi
Facts 😭🤣
Asante Carter
Asante Carter Pred 23 dnevi
Pinoy some of those FF tracks triggered my fight or flight response not gonna lie lmao
SoLo Jskiste
SoLo Jskiste Pred 23 dnevi
2:02 that looked like old duskblade
Wizard King Yami
Wizard King Yami Pred 23 dnevi
Only do i feel like this moe is so different in therms of how he is and how he speaks in general,like look at the moe in stylish’s video with pants and moe ,the one with moe playing irelia
Star bucks
Star bucks Pred 23 dnevi
Pinoy plays FF14?!
Kael Sung
Kael Sung Pred 23 dnevi
This is content I look forward too, but the sad thing is videos are progressively getting shorter... give the people what they want.
うりあんさあいれえじゃ Pred 23 dnevi
I can't believe this guy is the reason why i became good at yas what a god
Ευθυμης Μαυριδις
Ευθυμης Μαυριδις Pred 23 dnevi
Who like pinoy more than moe?
Pardeep Dhaliwal
Pardeep Dhaliwal Pred 23 dnevi
Shoutout to the Final Fantasy 15 music. Best rpg I've ever played makes Witcher 3 look like amateur hour
No Honor
No Honor Pred 22 dnevi
Pardeep Dhaliwal cant wait for ff16!!
truman2cool Pred 23 dnevi
What's with the final boss battling music?
No Limit
No Limit Pred 23 dnevi
The Kingdom Hearts music😍😍😍
Eric Cao
Eric Cao Pred 23 dnevi
yassuo still calling enemy junglers “poopy pants?” XDXD
Giulky Pred 23 dnevi
Pinoy have you been playing ffxv lately? Enjoyed it?
yapkang toh
yapkang toh Pred 23 dnevi
0:59 how can he ewq? He windwall while he is dashing When i ewq, i can only windwall out after my q is used.
yapkang toh
yapkang toh Pred 22 dnevi
@Abgar Youssif wdym??
Abgar Youssif
Abgar Youssif Pred 23 dnevi
Get gut
sykes Pred 23 dnevi
Someone just don’t bullshit me. Did him and Bella split.
Valhalla's Rágnarök
Valhalla's Rágnarök Pred 23 dnevi
Pinoy with some good FFXV OST's right there, i love it
Daniel Rizal
Daniel Rizal Pred 23 dnevi
Using 13years old boi to create content. What a shame
Paul Iliescu
Paul Iliescu Pred 23 dnevi
the music in these videos is soo bad :( otherwise 10/10 tho
Jimmy Viitala
Jimmy Viitala Pred 23 dnevi
what happen with 15 min video :(
furo Pred 23 dnevi
trick playing riven
Verw q
Verw q Pred 23 dnevi
the sound of the video is it weird ?
vibin ,
vibin , Pred 23 dnevi
Milking a kid OMEGALUL
Rubi Joselink Ramirez Rodriguez 2 G
Rubi Joselink Ramirez Rodriguez 2 G Pred 23 dnevi
LeCroquembouche Pred 23 dnevi
It must be hard carrying 600 pounds like that...
Ahmad Mayo
Ahmad Mayo Pred 23 dnevi
Damn! Feels good to see best yasuo back.
mumuste Mend
mumuste Mend Pred 23 dnevi
mini faker ? more like FAT FAKER
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter Pred 23 dnevi
moe is looking fat
Bobi Pred 23 dnevi
3:31 imagine maxing Charm second jeez
Albero Bello
Albero Bello Pred 23 dnevi
no duo q next season whos gonna carry u moe
gum drop
gum drop Pred 23 dnevi
Printer or fax?
JHIN CH Pred 23 dnevi
U look like voyboy moe
Ultrul Pred 23 dnevi
whats up with the sound
miguel testor
miguel testor Pred 23 dnevi
if u can beat em join em
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Pred 23 dnevi
not human
not human Pred 23 dnevi
why is his league sounds sounding really bad?
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee Pred 23 dnevi
Idk if people notice how clean moe played not losing his flow shield at 0:27
v ca
v ca Pred 23 dnevi
nah too busy to make repetitive jokes about him sad
Islam Pill
Islam Pill Pred 23 dnevi
moe abusing duo as hard as he can is before it gets removed
Todor Todorov
Todor Todorov Pred 23 dnevi
Ffxv ost 🥰
Just some dog With internet access
Just some dog With internet access Pred 23 dnevi
Moe looking kinda fat ngl
Skye Dopa
Skye Dopa Pred 23 dnevi
Views dropping man
RoD Pred 23 dnevi
new players getting all the attention Yassuo: new leach victim............
G G Pred 23 dnevi
mad respect for the ffxv ost... pinoy ur the goat!
Karrosh Pred 23 dnevi
Wow that first kill on ori was so clean wtf
Igor Freitas
Igor Freitas Pred 23 dnevi
Did he break up with his girl?
Pavia Pred 23 dnevi
he didnt
ManOfPotato Pred 23 dnevi
B. left. Dude, you changed. Not in the good way.
Maximus VXII
Maximus VXII Pred 23 dnevi
Idk why everybody is comparing themselves to faker, i'm sure there are many player stronger than faker we don't know about
Pavia Pred 22 dnevi
@YazZuo well if they do win the world championship 3 times in a row by all means
YazZuo Pred 22 dnevi
So next time instead of saying faker they should say I am the best unknown player of the world?
Pavia Pred 23 dnevi
because faker is a 3 time World champion
Binladen Charizard
Binladen Charizard Pred 23 dnevi
Still the best NA Yasou 😤
Alboy 101
Alboy 101 Pred 23 dnevi
I Need You
I Need You Pred 23 dnevi
...everyone talks about how GeneralSniper is like 5 years old and already in Challenger, but I'm more concerned that this kid legit has a deeper voice than half the ppl I knew in college...myself included. That hurts man...
Camoox Pred 21 dnevom
So? Does that make you a less of a person?
Hungry Angry
Hungry Angry Pred 21 dnevom
Clxud Pred 23 dnevi
we need fat moe back
Damon B
Damon B Pred 23 dnevi
cant even make a video 10 mins + any more... what happened to you buddy?
darkforest2 darkforest2
darkforest2 darkforest2 Pred 23 dnevi
sin = anything that breaks God's law. You can’t enter heaven with a criminal record. Telling one lie = a crime against God. Everybody is a sinner according to the bible and is destined to Hell, but here are the good news: Jesus Christ, God in human form, came to the earth around 2020 years ago, he lived a sinless life and died on the cross for your sins, he was buried for 3 days and on the third day he rose from the grave (resurrected). The instant you believe this with your heart, having trust in his shed blood on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins, you are saved. We cant go to HEAVEN based on what we do, but based on what HE has already done for us. However, if you reject Jesus Christ he will reject you and you will end up in Hell because your soul remains accountable for your sins.
YoruHa Pred 23 dnevi
that's a nice perspective but why is this in a league video
Big mouth
Big mouth Pred 23 dnevi
That’s cool and all but I didn’t ask
aneesh kaul
aneesh kaul Pred 23 dnevi
Moe boosted to challenger by 13 year old , cringe champ
Ayman J97
Ayman J97 Pred 23 dnevi
yo pinoy why the fk all of moe videos are less than 10 mins - let your boy earn more money
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