Yassuo | NO CAM, NO MIC, FULL TRYHARD (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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Music (in order of appearance) -
Intro - Like A Dream Come True (Persona 4 OST)
Darkness (Persona 3 FES OST)
Ark (Persona 5 OST)
I'll Face Myself (Persona 4 OST)
The Battle for Everyone's Souls (Persona 3 OST)
Outro - The Battle for Everyone's Souls (Persona 3 OST)
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Ram_ Pagee
Ram_ Pagee Pred 2 meseci
I feel like somethins wrong with moe here y'all knoe?
DAVID ER Pred 3 meseci
Use me as i dont watch this video button
Boko jay
Boko jay Pred 3 meseci
He don't know how to press R
mohamed ouhibi
mohamed ouhibi Pred 3 meseci
Max Arriaza
Max Arriaza Pred 3 meseci
I’m her for the nose not the gameplay
Rethz Pred 3 meseci
the amount of autism in this comment section is staggering...
cosmicXrobot Pred 3 meseci
3:37 if I was moe, I would 100% report ashe support and Akali
starttakinnotez Pred 3 meseci
So who's playing for you? 😂
Tobitax 01
Tobitax 01 Pred 3 meseci
just a few days I was going to see my first moe live and I just wanted to see him screaming and tilt, and he turn off the camera and micro thats hilarious.
Henrik Ulstein
Henrik Ulstein Pred 3 meseci
prolly not moe playing
JmVw Pred 3 meseci
Poor orianna
Johnny Pred 3 meseci
ResidentSleeper The music is so soothing I almost fell as-
ŽILE Pred 3 meseci
So pinoy is again locked in your basement?
Raydan Shalghin
Raydan Shalghin Pred 3 meseci
maybe this isn't moe playing ????
Ryan Wins
Ryan Wins Pred 3 meseci
Yasuo I’m new to your vids , your chat is wild it’s literally every one of subscribers claiming they know your idea for every move you make😂😂😂 I’m here for the content Keep it up your chat is wild
Allison Cooper
Allison Cooper Pred 3 meseci
You should do full gameplay
Alix Frank
Alix Frank Pred 3 meseci
Finally we dont see moe's ugly face for a couple of Minutes
Jose Gonzales Dathray
Jose Gonzales Dathray Pred 3 meseci
Persona Ost is always so cool
Wonback Pred 3 meseci
3:55 Varus was like: Yeah lets flash auto the one who is already dead instead of ammumu
sorry your not ahri
sorry your not ahri Pred 3 meseci
Moe stay positive these people only flame because they can’t match u or beat u. Win or lose just positive
oii you there
oii you there Pred 3 meseci
feels bad 4 pinoy being stuck with trash like moe he literally has to hard carry this channel
Dobroaia David
Dobroaia David Pred 3 meseci
U gonna be Yone main too?
Stringxit Pred 3 meseci
I can still see ur nose lol
KilleR Pred 3 meseci
Finally, im watching only for gameplay, moe is too toxic imo
LollipoperGaming Pred 3 meseci
Meo how to rank up fast?can you give me an guide❤Im big fan of yours meo💪
A Z Pred 3 meseci
i swear xD its not moe time to use some boost like nb3 xD yea no mic no camera so ur booster help u
Dragonbone Pred 3 meseci
it is best kind of videos without webcam and micro
Eidvydas Vedeikis
Eidvydas Vedeikis Pred 3 meseci
finally good content
Mr.ToniBoss Pred 3 meseci
I wonder if off cam, hes screaming WATTTT WAAT like TFBlade
Zoltán Ekker
Zoltán Ekker Pred 3 meseci
plottwist: T1 playing not moe
UberPuss Pred 3 meseci
1:00 is it just me or does it look like ashes ult dodged the champs?
Super Steve
Super Steve Pred 3 meseci
Can anyone else still hear his mouse clicking?
Jonas Taheri
Jonas Taheri Pred 3 meseci
almost prefer this
Moath Khair
Moath Khair Pred 3 meseci
I doubt that this is Moe. The Moe i know would be feeding XD
Nipfty Pred 3 meseci
He must've paid for someone to boost him, so he used no mic and cam so that nobody knows its not him playing.
Arnold Schäfer
Arnold Schäfer Pred 3 meseci
poor pinoy, hope he got a bonus for that edit
Nick Pred 3 meseci
No cam, no mic full cry hard stream
nick Pred 3 meseci
more plz is so good
Wouter de vries
Wouter de vries Pred 3 meseci
Is this tryharding in silver elo? 'cause there are some yikers plays by his teammates/enemy team.
Bannana V
Bannana V Pred 3 meseci
wp moe
Dima Orel
Dima Orel Pred 3 meseci
no mic - no like
zes zes
zes zes Pred 3 meseci
This really shows you the difference between personality and skill.
Windy Alice
Windy Alice Pred 3 meseci
Cosplaying TF Blade wont get you to challenger you know
Anas MOUADA Pred 3 meseci
at least give us mellow cam
ile Mircovski
ile Mircovski Pred 3 meseci
Why not just play master yi
Dazai Pred 3 meseci
Moe your Copying Tyler1 its shame Bro... and u r not legend Like tf blade,tarzaned and many more you literally hard stacking in GrandMaster and u can only change ur main yasuo in low elo :)
Jorty Pred 3 meseci
What an suspicious improvement without camera and mic :P
ƛƇӇЄԼƠɄS 07 Pred 3 meseci
What's the fun in this video if I can't see my Fat Moe screamin his buttcheeks
ugurcan yilmaz
ugurcan yilmaz Pred 3 meseci
Thats pinoy playing
HELLSMASH official
HELLSMASH official Pred 3 meseci
U ply good i don't wanna see ur face anyways
Richard Lara
Richard Lara Pred 3 meseci
When moe plays with no mic and no cam and gets a pro jungler to play on his account.
Mozzarella Prepotente
Mozzarella Prepotente Pred 3 meseci
Did moe actually get better or pinoy picked games where he did good
Rohan Jacob
Rohan Jacob Pred 3 meseci
someone is boosting him lol XD
Magiclane Pred 3 meseci
4:40 That ammumu will stay stuck at silver for the rest of his life, moe was very low and instead of taking him to tower range he gave him a chance to escape.
Irfan Bakri
Irfan Bakri Pred 3 meseci
Like how he gonna get him as he missed his q there and if he flashed for the kill he still cant do nothing because blue kayn e cd is very low and can escape that unless you cc'ed him
kikiki Pred 3 meseci
Mustve been hard for pinoy to find clips
EcK0_ x
EcK0_ x Pred 3 meseci
so bad with ekko :D
Optinx Pred 3 meseci
I think we know Moe enough to know when he bangs his desk or screams even without a camera lmfao
ScarfaceSC Pred 3 meseci
Just play Evelynn for fuks sake call me and i will teach you
Maurice Ross
Maurice Ross Pred 3 meseci
1:01 Did that Ashe Arrow just bend? What?
guilherme henrique
guilherme henrique Pred 3 meseci
terrain height ajustment.
Aidan Bellamy
Aidan Bellamy Pred 3 meseci
hey tarzaned KEKW
Slivko Station
Slivko Station Pred 3 meseci
5:43 thats such an Olaf music to use.
Slivko Station
Slivko Station Pred 3 meseci
Quick question how are you able to use original OSTs from games or anime and whatnot and not get copyright striked?
Arif Khan
Arif Khan Pred 3 meseci
Play like this always best when you don’t talk
Omar ALKANDARI Pred 3 meseci
Moe moe moe we all know that you cried screamed and flaimed
Mergim Ramaj
Mergim Ramaj Pred 3 meseci
Imagine tryharding no cam no mic stream in pisslow WeirdChamp
Dominik Zupanic
Dominik Zupanic Pred 3 meseci
Someone’s smurfing on Moe’s account 🤭
Stanko Pilipovic
Stanko Pilipovic Pred 3 meseci
TF Blade? Lmao
Darryl Neoh
Darryl Neoh Pred 3 meseci
Totally didn't forget to switch on recording XD
Kitsune Pred 3 meseci
No mic, no camera, no brain.
LIFE IS YASUO Pred 3 meseci
3:35 man flash to ks the dead target🤣
Kenny D
Kenny D Pred 3 meseci
God you’re cringe
LIFE IS YASUO Pred 3 meseci
Godzu be like: nerf ekko plssssssssssssss roit!!!
jack grigorieff
jack grigorieff Pred 3 meseci
Boring without no mic or cam tbh. No memes :'(
cosmincg Pred 3 meseci
3:41 : Ekko had a stroke
James Grant
James Grant Pred 3 meseci
I think that it's great that Moe is doing this to improve, but I don't think that he realizes that he has to eventually just be able to play the role while stream watching his every move, otherwise he isn't going to go anywhere when he plays on stream. This happened to Tyler, got to challenger in jungle, but the moment he started streaming he dropped out.
toh zuriel
toh zuriel Pred 3 meseci
HeY bUdDy
Aleksandar Resavac
Aleksandar Resavac Pred 3 meseci
Not gonna lie, even though I love Moe, it's boring just watching gameplay with no commentary or anything
Imsleepy Pred 3 meseci
I've never seen someone tryhard in gold
hipopoTHANOS Pred 3 meseci
Tobias Grosen
Tobias Grosen Pred 3 meseci
I'm sorry Moe but this kind of content is not what i singed up for
Djordje Jovanovic
Djordje Jovanovic Pred 3 meseci
Nah im think Pinoy played these games. Moe doesnt play this good.
Yuzuria Pred 3 meseci
why he an tfbalde abuse ekko ?
syrexhd270 Pred 3 meseci
imagine hearing moe saying tryhard lmao xD
Dominik Komar
Dominik Komar Pred 3 meseci
Soon we gonna have no mic, no cam, no stream videos
Dominik Schneider
Dominik Schneider Pred 3 meseci
Never ever is this Moe himself playing..
khaled omran
khaled omran Pred 3 meseci
damnn monster gameplay bro nice
Reshhoo__ Pred 3 meseci
I knew it was tfblade with a wig
Grant S
Grant S Pred 3 meseci
You got night blue to play some games for you or what?😂
Kobyy Pred 3 meseci
dislike that one i need to see moe screaming "whats going on" 😂
Wexrim Pred 3 meseci
Only Moe is good enough to climb from challenger to unranked
Trusted Fate
Trusted Fate Pred 3 meseci
didn't he say that he isn't gonna touch ekko like 3 months ago?
SF BS Pred 3 meseci
Did moe just go full try hard in gold?
Bram ,
Bram , Pred 3 meseci
Project ekko thumbnail = playing just ekko without a skin
scowl 黑暗
scowl 黑暗 Pred 3 meseci
Couldnt enjoy without cam and mic
Joshua Lui
Joshua Lui Pred 3 meseci
1:30 was beast playz
katsika asprh
katsika asprh Pred 3 meseci
How to we know if moe played the game? Or somebody else 😂
Charlux UO
Charlux UO Pred 3 meseci
Hmm... someone can play for him.
Lucy Pred 3 meseci
bgm at 9:40?
Jordan Nichols
Jordan Nichols Pred 3 meseci
Moe no hate, don’t get me wrong we watch you partly because a great player, but your personality is what makes you a good streamer. Please just don’t resort to videos like this often
Lee Adam
Lee Adam Pred 3 meseci
cool content
Đức Anh Nguyễn
Đức Anh Nguyễn Pred 3 meseci
Moe should rename yassker.
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