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Snoop Pred mesecem
Didn’t nightblue enter losers bracket fast💀
Errol Providencia
Errol Providencia Pred mesecem
When your too heavy you need 4 challenger to win
Conspiracy [X]
Conspiracy [X] Pred mesecem
Are those steelseries headphones orr?
Grand Priest
Grand Priest Pred mesecem
Ur team is so nice and yall play with eachother super well, u gon win this for sure
Henry Shi
Henry Shi Pred mesecem
This is so much better then Tyler's rivals games
Alex Ash
Alex Ash Pred mesecem
"chat I don't know how I got so low" maybe you got stunned in the middle of 4 enemy champions
Gid Michigan
Gid Michigan Pred mesecem
Moe: I had a dream that I ran it down on Yone, so I never want to play him The prophecy has to be fulfilled Moe, you cannot avoid your destiny.
the brodyz
the brodyz Pred mesecem
why doesnt general sniper talk
Nate Jones
Nate Jones Pred mesecem
Bruh yone has a third q an e and an ult and he flashes
Chode Pred mesecem
adc will carry u so hard
ex0tic Pred mesecem
Mephistopheles Pred mesecem
moe's leb 😂
Slivko Station
Slivko Station Pred mesecem
Guys quick question, Is scrimming the actual matches or are they just practice?
Caimon Soares
Caimon Soares Pred mesecem
Just practice
Wije Pred mesecem
How do you play league for a living and still pronounce certain champion names wrong, i just don't get it
Ghost Afridi
Ghost Afridi Pred mesecem
I thought youtube recommended me an year old video... But its new poggs
GuyVaiman Pred mesecem
no offense but learn to play akali
Fatir Ahmed
Fatir Ahmed Pred mesecem
9:44 fat
Hi ive
Hi ive Pred mesecem
Man nightblue is so frikkin ugly holy
Daniel Rizal
Daniel Rizal Pred mesecem
Dude u r so bad at this game. Ur team is too good 🙂
Wong ZiMing
Wong ZiMing Pred mesecem
Macro mid is good for this team
Braumstar - Wild Rift
Braumstar - Wild Rift Pred mesecem
carried xd
Ricardo Boykin
Ricardo Boykin Pred mesecem
Mike Yung was the instant championship pick.
SØRØCk Dante
SØRØCk Dante Pred mesecem
8:10 how did leona died? wtf?
othmane zadni
othmane zadni Pred mesecem
The GLP, she was under turret behind the wall
undefined 324
undefined 324 Pred mesecem
GG as in good grief late!
Ray Ree
Ray Ree Pred mesecem
your team just way too good moe 🤣
Domain Pred mesecem
Moe's team is really good!
keaannn Pred mesecem
Daniel Augusto
Daniel Augusto Pred mesecem
Wish pants was in this team
XD5dodXD Pred mesecem
Lets face it guys moe is good nd all but he cant be a pro player.... Like he did multiple throws in leb games but u like how his team mates didn't flame thats was so pro from them gl anyway in ur way to pro lvl bro hope u the best
Sin Hing Chiu
Sin Hing Chiu Pred mesecem
best play of moe: select teammate worst plat of moe: select moe in the team
H.T. Foster Chen
H.T. Foster Chen Pred mesecem
If you watch bobqin do not watch this video. Hurts your soul.
Trí Lê
Trí Lê Pred mesecem
imagine not picking trick and said he will focus on the game then get carried by teamate lol fat L
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali Pred mesecem
why ur didnt playing the habiid
SilentStorm Pred mesecem
gonna go crazy in this tourney fr
mexicansuperman Pred mesecem
imn1ppystr Pred mesecem
atleast you're smart and can draft a good team XD
Carlo Maramag
Carlo Maramag Pred mesecem
nb3 on redemptive bracket
Kevin Heyer
Kevin Heyer Pred mesecem
this channel low key dead not poppin like it used to in 2017
OurLast Hope
OurLast Hope Pred mesecem
Moe lost to metaphor LUL
marten traifalgar
marten traifalgar Pred mesecem
i really hate akali...
King Karti
King Karti Pred mesecem
wtf did leona die to @8:05
xaNe Pred mesecem
he edited out the part when he auto attacked Leona if you look closely and he died to the Red Buff and u can hear Value saying he's "1 hp" slowly burning from red buff
Battossaii Pred mesecem
What is the name of his headset ?
William Hobbs
William Hobbs Pred mesecem
Wait whose on his team, I only recognise MikeYeungs voice
Shashank Nerurkar
Shashank Nerurkar Pred mesecem
@Mystery Loves Company Julian
Mystery Loves Company
Mystery Loves Company Pred mesecem
Value, mikeyeung, mistystumpy. Forgot the support. 😂
ok ok
ok ok Pred mesecem
i miss pinoy
ManHo Choi
ManHo Choi Pred mesecem
Last time I was this early, Moe is still a snake
HeeRhim Han
HeeRhim Han Pred mesecem
soy de corea juegon do sth right
HeeRhim Han
HeeRhim Han Pred mesecem
안넝하세요 저는 한국에서 왔고 요 야스오 유저임
Alex Pred mesecem
just escaped from ezreal and leona while being low hp normal person: recall mo: Try and 1v2 them and die
Trixter Pred mesecem
He's been watching too much bobqin
Lyhr Arts TM
Lyhr Arts TM Pred mesecem
@Nicholas Clawson nah bro, i was nod
dale Cruz
dale Cruz Pred mesecem
@Nicholas Clawson can i have your autograph?
Nicholas Clawson
Nicholas Clawson Pred mesecem
I got inted by everyone that game man. I was nid btw
Crimson Pred mesecem
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Pred mesecem
DOU DOU Pred mesecem
so washed up i cant even watch
Nicolas Daoust
Nicolas Daoust Pred mesecem
you cantf play any better stfu
spicychickenboi Pred mesecem
Moe squeezing them juicy milkers for us at the end 😍
Sahil Salvi
Sahil Salvi Pred mesecem
Stephen Baggan
Stephen Baggan Pred mesecem
this comment needs to be more popular
Hristiyan Karakolev Proto
Hristiyan Karakolev Proto Pred mesecem
Moe actually went insane game one
Ramses Miranda
Ramses Miranda Pred mesecem
This team is good but boring af
XxWallzxX Pred mesecem
Well, I have it in facebook. RNM in title of it saying that it tortures. Try almost 8 years of it. 👍 But it is not just me either. Family too. If they make excuses for me. There is none for family. So there you have it. It is in the title of Ban petition for RNM.
Pieyerown Pred mesecem
XxWallzxX ???? Are you sure you’re on the right video
Dragonrider4000 Pred mesecem
Hi pinoy
Jin Sook Kim
Jin Sook Kim Pred mesecem
Bruh nightblue hella washed
Kevin Bolgarani
Kevin Bolgarani Pred mesecem
8:14 full combo no look
damienh_010 Pred mesecem
Cauliflow Pred mesecem
Love your vids Moe, Pinoy is easily the best editor, inspired me to get into making my own league content
Mark Fumar
Mark Fumar Pred mesecem
@Curtis Reeves what does wack mean
Curtis Reeves
Curtis Reeves Pred mesecem
Pinoy is wack tho
Quest Tzecai
Quest Tzecai Pred mesecem
Just another dunkey clone smh
Cauliflow Pred mesecem
@Redemptìon just saying he inspired me, thanks though
Redemptìon Pred mesecem
Lmao self plug, good vids tho
godslayer3241 Pred mesecem
Nighblues face in the thumbnail tho lol
Abomination Pred mesecem
You got so low bcs u dont eait out their ulties
AstroCatWizard Pred mesecem
what rank are you
Abomination Pred mesecem
He wed in to all their skillshots
wai tsang
wai tsang Pred mesecem
NB3 is seething outta his mind
بإختصار-Briefly Pred mesecem
yasuo please man . Like .
Mohammad Din
Mohammad Din Pred mesecem
your entire team sounds exactly the same
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia Pred mesecem
Need to see an Audiologist
Aaron Pred mesecem
Mohammad Din roll back to kitchen diabito
Matthew Rocks
Matthew Rocks Pred mesecem
@xyu An otolaryngologist is often called an ear, nose, and throat doctor, or an ENT for short.
xyu Pred mesecem
@Matthew Rocks isn't it optometrist
Matthew Rocks
Matthew Rocks Pred mesecem
@Chris Charles Otolaryngologist* is an ear doctor; Just like how an eye doctor is called an ophthalmologist.
Woah is me Me
Woah is me Me Pred mesecem
guys this is literally me when the
JC Denton
JC Denton Pred mesecem
I agree
Fura FN
Fura FN Pred mesecem
bro fr its legit me when the
Alaa Nan
Alaa Nan Pred mesecem
Zoro_Sama Pred mesecem
when the when
Peter Picasso
Peter Picasso Pred mesecem
Actually me when
3nveh Pred mesecem
If you don’t win twitch rivals I’m shaving my head
Sơn Hà Đào
Sơn Hà Đào Pred mesecem
Bye bye hair bye bye
DeanoWeb Pred mesecem
The random flexninja96 goat omen player sub at the start of the leblanc game
Mental Moose Gaming
Mental Moose Gaming Pred mesecem
Jakob Matt
Jakob Matt Pred mesecem
Thebausffs should be a member in twitch rivals
Vuch Pred mesecem
i think he plays in the EU server
TheSaku Pred mesecem
I think this tournament is NA only (cause of ping)
Confluxi Pred mesecem
3:40 the disrespect on nightblue
ex0tic Pred mesecem
@nbng7 well looks like nightblue should be practicing rather than having fun
nbng7 Pred mesecem
@ex0tic It's scrims... Moe and Tyler1s team did the same thing.
Mifzal Hussain
Mifzal Hussain Pred mesecem
@ex0tic umm.. Because its content Also the same reason people play like jgl to challenger, adc to chall, to learn the champs on stream and get some content from it as well
ex0tic Pred mesecem
@Mifzal Hussain why learn eve in twitch rivals, he literally plays pbe and farms click bait there. Why not "learn" eve there.
Mifzal Hussain
Mifzal Hussain Pred mesecem
To be honest, he is learning evelynn, he said that in his videos before choosing him in his first scrim against T1 ( yes i do watch his videos, i hunger for lol content, feed me it, anything )
James Sanchez
James Sanchez Pred mesecem
Im second
Arjun Venat
Arjun Venat Pred mesecem
But how early am I?
Joseph Ruiz123
Joseph Ruiz123 Pred mesecem
wow in so early
Turbo Swordsman
Turbo Swordsman Pred mesecem
DIDNT THIS STRAM JUST END?!!! Gosh darn pinoy is fast wtf
Francisco Capristo
Francisco Capristo Pred mesecem
Stream was yesterday
Johnny Flores
Johnny Flores Pred mesecem
568 th
Naoufal Boukili
Naoufal Boukili Pred mesecem
Nb3 is the best
rodrigo corrales chaupi
rodrigo corrales chaupi Pred mesecem
David Z
David Z Pred mesecem
BTW, its yonE. Gotta emphasize that EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
Jace Elliott
Jace Elliott Pred mesecem
Karl Biñalon
Karl Biñalon Pred mesecem
One dislike? Lets make it 2
talabi ilyasss
talabi ilyasss Pred mesecem
DAMN i thought my comment will be the first one ..... sad
Jesus Pred mesecem
BryonWithaY Pred mesecem
Guapo Pred mesecem
yassuo is the best mid na
Titty McSwagger
Titty McSwagger Pred mesecem
What are these twitch rivals, only known ppl are the captains :D
Mandy Many
Mandy Many Pred mesecem
that's business buddy
Feathers Pred mesecem
i mean moe picked to tryhard so he picked better players than streamers
Netto Sebastian
Netto Sebastian Pred mesecem
Hi moe :3
J. Shoe
J. Shoe Pred mesecem
Earlyyy damn
Spanko Pred mesecem
ethannn Pred mesecem
you played good moe
Glenn Venice Aboy
Glenn Venice Aboy Pred mesecem
tbh tho, he did good but he also had so many misplays
Harmster Pred mesecem
_Yasuo_ Pred mesecem
Sahil Salvi
Sahil Salvi Pred mesecem
CH4ML1 Pred mesecem
MrBeast just commented on my recent video!
MrBeast just commented on my recent video! Pred mesecem
To the person who is reading this: Your amazing stay blesses stay safe and have an wonderful rest of your day! 🌸 (OMG MrBeast just commented on my recent video I’m literally crying and shaking)
Denis Pred mesecem
@Wither you trash talk him correcting others... Who here has nothing to do with their life lol
Wither Pred mesecem
@Nic Oh c'mon, are you one of those normies who have nothing to do with their lives? Get a life before correcting someone jeez.
Nic Pred mesecem
You're* :^)
MrBeast just commented on my recent video!
MrBeast just commented on my recent video! Pred mesecem
To the person who is reading this: Your amazing stay blesses stay safe and have an wonderful rest of your day! 🌸 (OMG MrBeast just commented on my recent video I’m literally crying and shaking)
Nut Pred mesecem
ILikeBoats :D
ILikeBoats :D Pred mesecem
Hey daddy
ziad hight elo
ziad hight elo Pred mesecem
Who watched the stream?
prod. vito
prod. vito Pred mesecem
Sean_Kim 20254052
Sean_Kim 20254052 Pred mesecem
Shuen Wu
Shuen Wu Pred mesecem
Mathew Hamilton
Mathew Hamilton Pred mesecem
25 seconds ago btw
Lyrikk _
Lyrikk _ Pred mesecem
Logan Wilson
Logan Wilson Pred mesecem
NA fat region
Rizky Yuliansah
Rizky Yuliansah Pred mesecem
Second !
Andrei BiggBooa
Andrei BiggBooa Pred mesecem
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