Yassuo | NOTHING CAN STOP ME FROM CLIMBING!!! (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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Music (in order of appearance) -
Intro - What's Going On? (Persona 5 OST)
Invitation to Freedom (Persona Q2 OST)
Beneath the Mask (Smash Ultimate Remix)
Simian Segue (Donkey Kong Country OST)
Tokyo World Map [Arranged] (SMT IV OST)
Outro - Tokyo World Map [Arranged] (SMT IV OST)
#Yassuo #LeagueofLegends #Yasuo

Xeneroth Pred 2 meseci
music at 2:40?
alexandre veloso
alexandre veloso Pred 3 meseci
Beneath the mask slaps
Maybenexttime Pred 3 meseci
Pinoy stop recycling that garbage beneath the mask music, for the love of God
Deivid ll
Deivid ll Pred 3 meseci
I came here to hear Moe's voice wtf I think I am in spotify or something wtf is this dislike later kid
Relampago Co.
Relampago Co. Pred 3 meseci
Bro this is just music over a bunch of clips wtf
Пис Кос
Пис Кос Pred 3 meseci
THANK YOU PINOY for giving the songs names love u
Stampeed Pred 3 meseci
Wtf is this song
C 2 O DELIRIOUS Pred 3 meseci
the first is invitation to freedom from persona q2
deice Pred 3 meseci
moe with kayn : im a shapeshifter moe with nidalee : im a butterfly
CarrKiller 33
CarrKiller 33 Pred 3 meseci
As a m7 gragas hurts to watch that gragas gameplay yikes
Red Dynamite
Red Dynamite Pred 3 meseci
Pinoy is the goat
Hutsh Pred 3 meseci
Being hardstuck dia on mid so change role and peak chall These are some 200 IQ plays
Ty Pred 3 meseci
These songs are so bad
Otako Pred 3 meseci
We all know if Moe was a league character, it would be gragus
VqwHD Pred 3 meseci
Old DonkeyKong intro at 06:50
Jordan Mcfarlain
Jordan Mcfarlain Pred 3 meseci
Okay now I believe you’re a good nidalee my bad for doubting
かわいいreo Pred 4 meseci
persona 5 cat in intro?
C 2 O DELIRIOUS Pred 3 meseci
Yes its morgana from persona 5
Trofim G.
Trofim G. Pred 4 meseci
that song x,D
Over Seer
Over Seer Pred 4 meseci
Lol abusing olaf like tyler xddd
BrallBob Pred 4 meseci
One thing i actually wanna know is why he have the 100 thieves logo there
Pootleris Pred 4 meseci
Hells Maw
Hells Maw Pred 4 meseci
Instrumental persona 5 music is nice but that singer is SO cringe
C 2 O DELIRIOUS Pred 3 meseci
your father is also cringe.
Darkd3rp2005 Pred 4 meseci
I want a new kayn skin so badly.
Ben Pham
Ben Pham Pred 4 meseci
Does anybody hate it when moe goes try hard? It is just not fun anymore when he is raging :(
PoL4cY123 Pred 4 meseci
Moe why even your music is cringe :D
Seebs Pred 4 meseci
pinoy confirmed weeb
Aggelos Malaxianakis
Aggelos Malaxianakis Pred 4 meseci
What a garbage song
Neil John Carlos
Neil John Carlos Pred 4 meseci
stop bullying low elo
Ayman Abdelhadi
Ayman Abdelhadi Pred 4 meseci
lol love Pinoys music choice
vSOLOv Pred 4 meseci
this editing is trash wtf is this music
SVPNeverMiss TTV
SVPNeverMiss TTV Pred 4 meseci
Music in 2020 be like: Im a shapeshifter.
JaKiT0 Pred 4 meseci
Does this guy ever even talk? He is just silent 90% of the time lol
Damon B
Damon B Pred 4 meseci
ok but like... if kayne was banned? what now
whodis_dn Pred 4 meseci
everyone: the music last video sucked Pinoy! Pinoy: aight bet, let me put the same music that every video in this channel has instead of trying new stuff
firemortal Pred 4 meseci
bro pls shave but its up to you
DkAtroce Pred 4 meseci
Good music bro
ChibbyChan Pred 4 meseci
nice im waiting for the song masquerade!
Dead Block
Dead Block Pred 4 meseci
You are not Tyler 1.. be original
IownYi is here
IownYi is here Pred 4 meseci
play support better for you :-)
Dane Fernandes
Dane Fernandes Pred 4 meseci
Imma see repobah 😂
John Loza
John Loza Pred 4 meseci
Beating karasmai on jungle? 😁
mehdi mousavi
mehdi mousavi Pred 4 meseci
i dont like the music👎
broadway is a thing
broadway is a thing Pred 4 meseci
imagine not going tiamat on kayn
Oskar Pred 4 meseci
i cant watch with this trash music
S.S Harry
S.S Harry Pred 4 meseci
music is way too loud
kaugamee Pred 4 meseci
Garfield VEVO
Garfield VEVO Pred 4 meseci
God the persona music is so fkin good
Pluto Pred 4 meseci
Thank God the music is normal this time
Trae’von Niggatron
Trae’von Niggatron Pred 4 meseci
Nothing can stop you except your chat putting you in your feelings KEKW
Rayan DZ16
Rayan DZ16 Pred 4 meseci
Blessings with thos persona soundtrack
diar shabani
diar shabani Pred 4 meseci
what happened to valorant?
Nana Sbba
Nana Sbba Pred 4 meseci
Idk what happend to moe but 60 wr in silver now that’s tragic.I understand he’s not jg main but i feel like moe gets worse at league with every season
Utsuro Pred 4 meseci
persona OST kinda cringe ngl
Roz Crunch
Roz Crunch Pred 4 meseci
"Nothing can stop him" next clip int music starts playing
DarkLink Forever
DarkLink Forever Pred 4 meseci
65%wr silver yikes
Best Of Twich
Best Of Twich Pred 4 meseci
do the challenge with whatever champion you want whatever lane you want even yasuo min on eune servers if you climb out of there youre a god
Justas As
Justas As Pred 4 meseci
Loved the music, but moe is boring af
Simon Champagne
Simon Champagne Pred 4 meseci
Pls moe tell that editor that these last musique in your video suck hard
SinfulSaint Pred 4 meseci
Am I the only who's bothered that Gragas' E hitbox beats out Rammus' Q hitbox at 6:53? I feel like they should cancel out. Does that mean Gragas E has a longer hitbox even though he himself is the hitbox?
sedike mohamed
sedike mohamed Pred 4 meseci
moe don't use your W with olaf befor using E or you are close to the target you want to kill cuz if you was have low health with olaf this power spike is advantige cuz you have W and made you unkillable cuz you have legend alecrety not legend tanacity even btw i saw your runes in your acc so plz you have inspiration as 2 tree bro and you have ton of ms when you hit your Q and Q slow them to much and cuz the runes you have also ms so you will kill them and use your W only after you hit the enmy or after a while when you be low health for AS and wlcm
sedike mohamed
sedike mohamed Pred 4 meseci
use E before W for healing also when you farm your camp use always the places of auto grap the axe for don't waste time for take it and also E befor W for healing
sedike mohamed
sedike mohamed Pred 4 meseci
moe wtf are you building on elise she is bruser ap not a fukking ekko for build death cap elise with death cap will get you to no where morelo second iteam after boots and liandry 3 iteam stop watch as 3 or 2 iteam if you was must take it if you was vs lee or rek or any high cc or excution champ like pyke your build is mega inte and troll bro you are challenger player you must have a good iteamazation not as an player who play only normale games WTF you made me tilted cuz you was saying is jg is op role and you are not even know what doing with your iteam omLORD ya rabi inchalahe taj3alhe yakra el coment 7aki kaye ya3fe ano el iteam 7ako bad super bad btw i am algerian and play in euw server and main jg btw i see you didn't even know to jg when you was otp with nidalee i think your mechanic improved but your iteamzation must be better
WarmMafura Pred 4 meseci
Ghosting in gold/plat elo 😂😂😂
Moses Pred 4 meseci
Very nice choice of music.
OAM99 Pred 4 meseci
Now we realize that you were wasting all this years in midlane spamming yasuo instead of jngling is better for you
Ibrahim Hassoneh
Ibrahim Hassoneh Pred 4 meseci
Can u ask Pinoy to stop putting cringe 9 year old music in the background? And something with a better beat in it? Like last time he literally but Super Mario Galaxy intro, sound so dumb in the background -.-
David Sean Matthew A. Reyes
David Sean Matthew A. Reyes Pred 4 meseci
remember when brian lost to a yummi
Adamboulahia17 Adam2015
Adamboulahia17 Adam2015 Pred 4 meseci
Moe : gets positive kda in first third of the game Me : WAIT THATS ILLEGAL !
Ethan Hurlbut
Ethan Hurlbut Pred 4 meseci
More doesn't realize but gold elo is a bunch of psychos
Boop Pred 4 meseci
Nice music Pinoy
Raphael Adrian Recondo
Raphael Adrian Recondo Pred 4 meseci
Moe: I don't know why Yassuo didn't do anything there 😂😂
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever Pred 4 meseci
lol this acc is silver 1 at the time of this comment
Nicholas Byrnes
Nicholas Byrnes Pred 4 meseci
pinoys music is always terrible last video it was really awful tho
Ashuri Sato
Ashuri Sato Pred 4 meseci
Pinoy try putting Wii's theme song, it would be much better
Schwifty Pred 4 meseci
pinoy falling off
무의미 Pred 4 meseci
can yassuo jug?? hahaha
Zen Hagen
Zen Hagen Pred 4 meseci
2:10 in what world does a silver or bronze have Pax Sivir
baldgum Pred 4 meseci
aaaaaah yes music and showing kills thats what i call content
Taxtibe S
Taxtibe S Pred 4 meseci
Nothing can stop a challenge from climbing auch didnt know that
kekw xD
kekw xD Pred 4 meseci
Wtf is this gameplay its so disturbing while im listening to the music.
Les Tentacion
Les Tentacion Pred 4 meseci
WTF is this background music
Limland 22
Limland 22 Pred 4 meseci
Only the inning music can stop moe which plays every episode hmmm?
adrian Pred 4 meseci
*Morgana blindly walks into a bush* Moe: literally ghosting!
Drywinner Pred 4 meseci
For once he's not inting
Nikos Spanos
Nikos Spanos Pred 4 meseci
Character: Pinoy Special Ability: Supa Hot Music Taste Like , god damn man.
Rai -
Rai - Pred 4 meseci
i had this question that always keeps on my brain. is pinoy really a pinoy?
Luís Sa
Luís Sa Pred 4 meseci
Pinoy stop putting gay songs on the video. xD
liam Pred 4 meseci
Pinoy we dont want your trash music over some lame silver game, we want moe talking stop cutting that out
Nicce _
Nicce _ Pred 4 meseci
Piniy wtf is this music
Flo Lwaq
Flo Lwaq Pred 4 meseci
If Yassuo was Yami the title would be something like this: *NOT EVEN BRONZES CAN STOP MY CHALLENGER CLIMB*
Yl o s lY
Yl o s lY Pred 4 meseci
How is he getting better teammates than me in Silver?
Dan iel
Dan iel Pred 4 meseci
You are looking like Mario on your title screen
Abdellah Alliti
Abdellah Alliti Pred 4 meseci
we want old videos back we don't want moe stomping at silvers with music
Soumya Subhra Bhowmik
Soumya Subhra Bhowmik Pred 4 meseci
Man I gotta say I dig Pinoy's taste in City Pop. Each and every song ever inserted was ♥️♥️♥️
devada chakradhar
devada chakradhar Pred 4 meseci
Yassuo will u also try wild rift
Chill Pred 4 meseci
this is just becoming a music channel with clips of moe in the background
Salty Storm ツ
Salty Storm ツ Pred 4 meseci
6:14 that was smooth Pinoy
qmar Pred 4 meseci
Abomination Pred 4 meseci
U still lost 2 matches in a row in bronze placements
Logee Pred 4 meseci
What happened to the funniest stream highlights on youtube? Like i feel it's just decaying over time.
Guy Yakobovich
Guy Yakobovich Pred 4 meseci
I truly hate the music in this last few videos
iBrowny 1
iBrowny 1 Pred 4 meseci
music kinda weak
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