Yassuo | THE BIGGEST JUNGLE GAP?!? Jungle Unranked to Challenger

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Kyle Lang
Kyle Lang Pred mesecem
TWT Pred mesecem
Music sucks
Soar 02
Soar 02 Pred mesecem
There’s indeed a gap... in the platforms in from the first clip that lead to your elimination LOL
Kejosruler Pred mesecem
I literally JUST realised that his name is "easy role XD" and not "easy rolex D". I haven't felt so dumb in a long time XD
Mirai Pred mesecem
Perfect Pinoy 7:00
Tiziano Abbadati
Tiziano Abbadati Pred mesecem
u trash
DEEDSHOT R Pred mesecem
just conveniently don't mention him dying off-screen so many times
David 44
David 44 Pred mesecem
Great Music to this video. Good Job Pinoy. and also good music on other videos too but this one was 10/10
Titus Kan
Titus Kan Pred mesecem
what's the song in 6:59?
jannuary Pred mesecem
When moe walks over a control ward 0:40
Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas Pred mesecem
What's poppin'? Mo! Moe poppin' off!
Joseph Orendo
Joseph Orendo Pred mesecem
Not as bad... 0/16 Olaf
Nuh Ggg
Nuh Ggg Pred mesecem
moe wins 20 games in a row everyone: moe loses 1 game haHA he is so baD nA ChallaNgEr
Niels Nielsen
Niels Nielsen Pred mesecem
Is this Voyboy playing?
Ray Richard Sulit
Ray Richard Sulit Pred mesecem
Yo moe where is mellow ???
yeetl0rd Pred mesecem
Moe changed :/
Mudkip z
Mudkip z Pred mesecem
I like how in Nidalee game he'll be 5/1 one clip then 6/5 in the next lol
Felix Heinrich
Felix Heinrich Pred mesecem
What is the game in the beginning
Skodomo Pred mesecem
why is the quality so bad?
Aek Original
Aek Original Pred mesecem
Yooo what happend with bunnyfufu
Aek Original
Aek Original Pred mesecem
But yone is broken
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez Pred mesecem
Anyone else limited to 480p?
Sadboiplayer Pred mesecem
moe the type of guy to wake his mother up to tell her she forgot the sleeping pills
Offender Pred mesecem
480p after 1 day? wtf
Jack Johns
Jack Johns Pred mesecem
I only leave like and comment for pinoy and his content, he is so funny, moe is just 💩💩
Lefteris Pap
Lefteris Pap Pred mesecem
Tell your gf to cut your hair on stream that would be fun
a a
a a Pred mesecem
The more moe climbs the more he is starting to resemble ethan from h3h3
ExFibo Pred mesecem
damn pinoy is fire on these edits, new songs new editing angles, i like the changes, keep it up man!
NVY gaming
NVY gaming Pred mesecem
Video qu sucks
Project Yasuo
Project Yasuo Pred mesecem
can someone tell me the name of the backround music starting at 1:03
في وضعية إعاقة وأفتخر
في وضعية إعاقة وأفتخر Pred mesecem
Plz plz abonné plz tout
Devadaas5551 Pred mesecem
Moe you should really trademark some of your stuff that u got created. You deserve your success, I believe leeching off u is unacceptable. Reply to me if you would like to know specific examples. Take care Moe love your content.
Sup xD
Sup xD Pred mesecem
ur trash jg quit
Zasin Pred mesecem
Great choice of music in this video Pinoy :)
JAE2K Pred mesecem
gg man
void adapts
void adapts Pred mesecem
yassuo giving tips on kha zix is the cringest thing ive ever witness
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache Pred mesecem
when the thumbnail is an evidence that the S in YasSou stands for Sychopath, it ends up really good.
MarcoEscobar Pred mesecem
That music was so good pinoy,keep it up,play maybe some Hotline Miami soundtracks
DJNesado Pred mesecem
Pinoy with the BANGER Katana Zero music
Jokwaxfriend Pred mesecem
Was this before or after he intentionally fed?
David Trinh
David Trinh Pred mesecem
me in silver wondering why he didn't evolve q or e and evolved r and w instead
A Marston
A Marston Pred mesecem
Can only watch this video in 480???
MordecaiTR Pred mesecem
isnt third district copyrighted tho
TheUnP0ssible Pred mesecem
pretty dope song
עידו זאבי
עידו זאבי Pred mesecem
U got so good on jungle. Amazing.
Frederik Diekmann
Frederik Diekmann Pred mesecem
Kha zix so broken he broke 1080p and 780p lmao
dani belghiru
dani belghiru Pred mesecem
Havent watched this moron a week and he still think hes a good jungler
Zack DV
Zack DV Pred mesecem
is it me or has the quality of Moe's video going downhill? it seems so plain... going on autopilot on music too... just smashing it together in a blender...
AmCande Pred mesecem
still no hd
Peter Michal
Peter Michal Pred mesecem
480p only?
riley lyne
riley lyne Pred mesecem
whats the name of song that was playing during the karthus game?
Kevin Strauss
Kevin Strauss Pred mesecem
Anyone else think he laughs like a dense Witch?
Baty Pred mesecem
Why is it only 480p??
Silent Crew
Silent Crew Pred mesecem
Poor Yassuo🤣🤣
Dizzy Spell
Dizzy Spell Pred mesecem
Does anyone know when you go Electrocute on Kha vs Dark Harvest?
Usman Wahab
Usman Wahab Pred mesecem
yooo ... im really likin the new musics .....
Josh Allan
Josh Allan Pred mesecem
Why is this video only available in 480p? Wtf?
Rodrigo Vega Covelo
Rodrigo Vega Covelo Pred mesecem
Why is the video only 480p?
Δημητρης Κουμουνδουρος
Δημητρης Κουμουνδουρος Pred mesecem
480 quality wtf
Gamers Craft
Gamers Craft Pred mesecem
Bro wtf is this thumbnail
Zakaria Pred mesecem
j t
j t Pred mesecem
The jg gap was definitely bigger than your thigh gap at least
Anselm Lauritsen
Anselm Lauritsen Pred mesecem
nice music
Frédéric Camus
Frédéric Camus Pred mesecem
Right eye brow reveal at 2m
Airidas Alionis
Airidas Alionis Pred mesecem
Why only 480p?
on en a gros
on en a gros Pred mesecem
Stop playing a different champ every game man, you're delaying your challenger by a lot. At this point, I think you can hit masters, but definitely not challenger and I'm not being hateful. If you focused on 1-2 champions depending on situation (your kha/karthus/ekko prob best bet) you would be able to get it within 2 months. I think you and Tyler are pretty comparable since both are new to the role and were challengers prior, Tyler had to take a month off AND one tricked to get it. Even if you think you're better, there's no reason to delay it since there's only 3 months left of the season, so you might as well start one tricking now even if you consider Diamond "not worth it" or something.
Raiven Pred mesecem
Devil Sram
Devil Sram Pred mesecem
did bella stays all day long in that shair ?
Luis Silva
Luis Silva Pred mesecem
i don't really think that evolving kha's R is worth, Q is a lot better, it gives you more isolated damage, and when he's isolated the cooldown is reduced soo, i tihnk is more worth evolving Q than R
Daniel Fowler
Daniel Fowler Pred mesecem
Pinoy: *plays Katana Zero OST* Me: Yes, that should work
SaleGepa Pred mesecem
What is this game in intro?
Spriter, the Sentinel
Spriter, the Sentinel Pred mesecem
You gonna talk about how you inted a game after a bad play?
Raul Moldovan
Raul Moldovan Pred mesecem
480p, really moe?
Adicio Pred mesecem
Only 480 p wtf
Franryuken Pred mesecem
Katana zero music pinoy I love u dude
Musawer554 Pred mesecem
These videos aren’t hard to make. Smh no effort. Just puts in every kill or death into little clips
Z_E_U_S CZ Pred mesecem
Top unranked to chall Harder then mid
Aly Naddari
Aly Naddari Pred mesecem
Lmao the combo r’s is insane
Brandon Gillispie
Brandon Gillispie Pred mesecem
From 8/5 to 8/9: Yep, that’s Nidalee haha
zeign Pred mesecem
480p worth🤙
Anony mous
Anony mous Pred mesecem
Does he have all chat off i never see the enemy team complaining 🤣
Luka Tsuladze
Luka Tsuladze Pred mesecem
Why is it 480p?
Inslander W
Inslander W Pred mesecem
I understand Kha is broken so its like his yasuo to me . But watching Nidalee is awesome cause its so much fun to watch spears land which is one of the hardest skills to land .
Tom Stoffels
Tom Stoffels Pred mesecem
Quality 480?
Manuelovic97 Pred mesecem
that irelia was an awesome teammate
You Fun
You Fun Pred mesecem
480 p ?
Alex Horn
Alex Horn Pred mesecem
Why is this in 480p only?
Lang Cashman
Lang Cashman Pred mesecem
Is it just me or is 480p highest quality for this video?
TurboUnge(ADHD version)
TurboUnge(ADHD version) Pred mesecem
sukhraj Kaur Sandhu
sukhraj Kaur Sandhu Pred mesecem
🛑 ✋🏽
Jan Galaba
Jan Galaba Pred mesecem
Y is the video 480p?
Roland Bourne
Roland Bourne Pred mesecem
“Make sure to fight so that I don’t get an assist” proceeds to solo kill the jungler
BIYN Production
BIYN Production Pred mesecem
480 quality? Wtf happening to your PC mate?
Enzo Claudio
Enzo Claudio Pred mesecem
Could you show your lp at the end of the videos? Cause I don’t really follow with streams
Felix Pred mesecem
MeNeLaOs LaJo_LeO
MeNeLaOs LaJo_LeO Pred mesecem
Why is this video only on 480p tf
carlo castro
carlo castro Pred mesecem
That nidalee is clean moe let's gooo
Adder Pred mesecem
7:52 Psychopathic Face hahahahaha
Ayaan Khan
Ayaan Khan Pred mesecem
Quality so bad
thelma navarro
thelma navarro Pred mesecem
Why is the quality only 480
Bosden Pred mesecem
Is everyone going to ignore how tank that sion was?
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