Yassuo | IS YONE JUNGLE VIABLE?!? (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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evil sandwich john
evil sandwich john Pred 2 meseci
he is sucking up to them so hard LMAO
Ron West
Ron West Pred 2 meseci
That start made Moe sound like trump in a homeless gamer body
Listen Pred 2 meseci
You could say you got a cup full of cups
Listen Pred 2 meseci
FRAME THE SHIRT, unless youre going to wear it
Listen Pred 2 meseci
shirt doesnt look bad eithier
Kenneth Caveny
Kenneth Caveny Pred 2 meseci
Dr_Yolo_777 Pred 2 meseci
6:26 lol
Fikri v79
Fikri v79 Pred 2 meseci
Anyone know the name backsound music 05:46 until 08:11? Pls help me
Dragonovax Pred 2 meseci
okay but is no one going to talk about that sick taliyah w at 8:35
Ruip Pred 2 meseci
I'm not trying to flame or anything, but moe with kha zix really isn't good, I mean is plays aren't the worst , but in some cases he thinks he can 1 vs 9 and ends dying and blaming his team, like mb but that's just how I feel, I think if he wants to play that type of champs he should try maybe kayn , cause kayn can carry pretty hard, kha zix needs a way better start to carry while kayn after form is super good, at least that's what I think
Relentless Donut
Relentless Donut Pred 2 meseci
x d
x d Pred 2 meseci
Nathaniel Liao
Nathaniel Liao Pred 2 meseci
Hell yeah, team peanut butter all the way!
Occidatis Pred 2 meseci
Hey pinoy.
Gallon of Blood
Gallon of Blood Pred 2 meseci
my boy only uploads L's these days. I actually like it though 😆
CoolCatLynx Pred 2 meseci
You look homeless
Tanque Soviético
Tanque Soviético Pred 2 meseci
Dios está aquí Tan cierto como el aire que respiro tan cierto como la mañana se levanta el sol tan cierto porque yo le canto y me puede oir Dios está aquí Tan cierto como el aire que respiro tan cierto como la mañana se levanta el sol tan cierto porque yo le canto y me puede oir Lo puedes sentir a tu lado en este mismo instante lo puedes llevar muy dentro de tu corazon lo puedes sentir en ese problema que tienes dios esta aqui si tu quieres le puedes seguir Dios está aquí Tan cierto como el aire que respiro tan cierto como la mañana se levanta el sol tan cierto porque yo le canto y me puede oir Lo puedes sentir a tu lado en este mismo instante lo puedes llevar muy dentro de tu corazon lo puedes sentir en ese problema que tienes Jesús esta aquí si tu quieres le puedes seguir Lo puedes sentir a tu lado en este mismo instante lo puedes llevar muy dentro de tu corazon lo puedes tener en ese problema que llevas Jesús esta aquí si tu quieres le puedes seguir
jimboslice Pred 2 meseci
Reese’s are amazing.
Spooky Dimos
Spooky Dimos Pred 2 meseci
4:15 when your step mother enaks into your bathroom
Shiraori Pred 2 meseci
*"Yasuo Syndrome" is spreading* A pandemic to say the least, Yasuo syndome is taking over the rift. Protect your children now or else they may because Yasuo main and ruin the gaming experience for dozens of other people every day. Someone needs to do something about this. RIOT, the President, God? Someone please help!
nicokaine Pred 2 meseci
00:12 when you have 1 sponsor
Joseph Baker
Joseph Baker Pred 2 meseci
Moe with the hop to blue smite for health then somehow the first blood over lee was disgustinggggg
Artyom Silaev
Artyom Silaev Pred 2 meseci
I like to see streamers get sponsored.
Blawcky Pred 2 meseci
who left the music volume high lmao
Dtboss Rocks
Dtboss Rocks Pred 2 meseci
Alternate title: Homeless man found Reese’s jersey on ground
hey Pred 2 meseci
BIG TRUE moe lost because he's on the spectrum. :)
Haste Pred 2 meseci
I bet in the future we'll see a twitch streamer/youtuber named Yonne
Osskar -_-
Osskar -_- Pred 2 meseci
Gragas cosplay kekw
ZedWhat SheZed
ZedWhat SheZed Pred 2 meseci
Looks like he is gonna have a hard time lifting the cup filled
Alex Drk
Alex Drk Pred 2 meseci
Pinoy can you please lower the music in the video next time it's annoying sometimes
Rron Sefaja
Rron Sefaja Pred 2 meseci
2:23 moe fat
razielapocalypse Pred 2 meseci
Conqueror no longer serves with Yasuo, because he can't complete charges before he's killed
Masterreiven1 Pablo
Masterreiven1 Pablo Pred 2 meseci
Moe why your nose is big XD
Robert Villar
Robert Villar Pred 2 meseci
moe can you try playing on ph server
Teodor Micic
Teodor Micic Pred 2 meseci
not just gonna look homeless after this partnership ur gonna be fat aswell
Armando Aguirre
Armando Aguirre Pred 2 meseci
Neck looking scuffed my guy
Jaw Pred 2 meseci
walla it's crazy
Sepp Weijgers
Sepp Weijgers Pred 2 meseci
Gragas cosplay 😂😂😂
brokeN Pred 2 meseci
mfw Vanoss also uses Spectrum internet and same thing happened to him
MonsterLoren Pred 2 meseci
Congrats on the Verify!
Anes Murić
Anes Murić Pred 2 meseci
Wallahi Moe you need that haircut asap. Wth is that on your head..? Not hate just sayin'
Jin Arguelles
Jin Arguelles Pred 2 meseci
I've actually tried Yone jg and its hard early but ez at late
AdverTyy Pred 2 meseci
My homeboy getting that bread RESPECT
Peaky Pred 2 meseci
He actually handled that end very calmly. I would have been much more mad for losing free lp from a dc and teammates who throw won games like these lol
Sebastián Cartes
Sebastián Cartes Pred 2 meseci
they don't sell reese's in my city no more, I miss them :(
Gitto Pred 2 meseci
it happened to me too yestarday the internet just went off
ツDocEcksDee Pred 2 meseci
The bonetrousle intro tho 😳
Nicolai Nilo
Nicolai Nilo Pred 2 meseci
Why use blue smite in a phase rush khazix tahts dumb
Kintaro Pred 2 meseci
I'm that 1% who doesn't eat peanutbutter.
Cruzer Pred 2 meseci
New Gragas REESE’S skin
deathstarcake Pred 2 meseci
Jonathan Tattaranno
Jonathan Tattaranno Pred 2 meseci
My man is going too get diabetes
Ericcuss Pred 2 meseci
Whats the outro song name?
Ανδρεας Χριστοφιλοπουλος
Ανδρεας Χριστοφιλοπουλος Pred 2 meseci
"Lost to a DC" man i would be titled for the rest of the week for that
Dragos Voinea
Dragos Voinea Pred 2 meseci
4:15 when she sees the d
Joseph Denbo
Joseph Denbo Pred 2 meseci
Moe: puts on shirt Chat: GRAGAS
okemeko Pred 2 meseci
02:42 you're welcome
Rsps Whatup
Rsps Whatup Pred 2 meseci
I love how resses is sponsoring gtarp and lol players
god_doesn't _listen
god_doesn't _listen Pred 2 meseci
Almost half of this video was useless
Oshane Grindley
Oshane Grindley Pred 2 meseci
ChamP 1
ChamP 1 Pred 2 meseci
8:04 why Wasting flash like that
LoLTube Pred 2 meseci
videolarına türkçe altyazı koyar mısın
Jacky Vang
Jacky Vang Pred 2 meseci
It's Reesuo. Those dogs didn't deserve that win anyways. Usually if I played well or the team, I'd be pretty down after a loss. But if my team is just salty bad and flaming, I just tell them they threw and didn't deserve the win. Helps my mentality ;D
Kytle Tábornok
Kytle Tábornok Pred 2 meseci
Yone is a bit weak in the jg i mean he have so much dmg shield etc but he cant use his e on the monsters and he doesnt have so much sustain
Iskren Stoqnov
Iskren Stoqnov Pred 2 meseci
Nehe Sen
Nehe Sen Pred 2 meseci
Gragas hungy
BrightShadow Pred 2 meseci
Sometime in the chat rlly said diabeetus
Roman Mihalić
Roman Mihalić Pred 2 meseci
Did anyone else see at the end when Lee sin took that inhibitor that inhibitor Tower wasnt destroyed?
Christian Brewerton
Christian Brewerton Pred 2 meseci
Played some Yone jungle on release. Didn’t feel terrible if you just don’t complete JG item and go straight for PD, IE
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder Pred 2 meseci
8:34 That taliyah definitely carried the game, and still lose.
xBYRNEZx Pred 2 meseci
one of the only sponsored type vids ive seen that isn't cringe.. and you actually enjoy + are enthused about the product. nice moe
Corben Celliers
Corben Celliers Pred 2 meseci
Moe: oh a note! We gotta read. Chat: ohh this is gonna be interesting.....
Owo Owo
Owo Owo Pred 2 meseci
soon he will change his name to yonne
José Manuel Aranalde sb
José Manuel Aranalde sb Pred 2 meseci
I think you need a haircut
zebis Pred 2 meseci
Oh no.. he’s getting closer to realising you can Yasuo jungle... god help his enemies LP
Mohamad Sibai
Mohamad Sibai Pred 2 meseci
I'm a big fan of Moe. I was hoping he would do a charity stream for the 6000 injured or 300000 left homeless from the Beirut explosion.
Shadow Frost
Shadow Frost Pred 2 meseci
BennyGG Pred 2 meseci
“One” of my favorite candy!! And I love anything that is sweet, like any candy!
Insaaf Rahman
Insaaf Rahman Pred 2 meseci
Ventner Pred 2 meseci
Machete is best because your q is treated like a basic attack. Usually I sit on Machete only until I have a bad back where the only thing I can buy is skirmisher sabre. I never finish the jungle item
Ventner Pred 2 meseci
Maybe you can use talisman if you start blue? Talisman with red start makes you really unhealthy when you reach blue side
Ekkobro Pred 2 meseci
and we thought moe was fat know, IIMMAAAGGGINE his size now
Algeriennn Xx
Algeriennn Xx Pred 2 meseci
atleast ur losing to a dc not ur top or ur botlane goining 1/9 lmao
Zafos Pred 2 meseci
Why blue smite on Kha you have so much move speed from phase rush and ulti anyway, just buy red smite for better pvp.
Roilty Pred 2 meseci
Sun's Beauty
Sun's Beauty Pred 2 meseci
I live in Latin America so I know how it feels XD
Desperate4 Views
Desperate4 Views Pred 2 meseci
Yone jig is honestly really good.first thing I did when I got him and man he has such an insane healthy clear without fleet if you know how to kite and start talisman
Charles 00
Charles 00 Pred 2 meseci
Ngl the shirt looks dope tho but the logo keeps bugging me
kulang sa kain
kulang sa kain Pred 2 meseci
The music tho pretty good
Windy Alice
Windy Alice Pred 2 meseci
Plot twist the jungler RIOT is gonna release this year is Yone and Lillia is actually a laner
The cubing lord
The cubing lord Pred 2 meseci
It feels so good when you start piss smurfing. No better feeling.
Pakkun Pred 2 meseci
Hi Mustapha
een 1
een 1 Pred 2 meseci
Good viedo but you look alpha hairy why you dont shave your hair ? Chest , armpits and your neck
omer mziri
omer mziri Pred 2 meseci
"gragas cosplay" 😂😂😂
Adrian Hernandez Saldaña
Adrian Hernandez Saldaña Pred 2 meseci
Only viable for A REAL JG MAIN
Gljesa Pred 2 meseci
Brave Victory
Brave Victory Pred 2 meseci
Chocolate and Peanut Butter is as classic as Pinoy and Moe.
ali nobnaga
ali nobnaga Pred 2 meseci
Ohhh,those SMT IV A OSTs 🔥🔥😩 Thx pinoy 🥰🥰
DemKi Pred 2 meseci
"Lost to a DC" lol first time? *cries in PLDT*
texdroid Pred 2 meseci
*Cries in Cantv*
af morales
af morales Pred 2 meseci
BaKo RaMeN
BaKo RaMeN Pred 2 meseci
What happened to team doritos?
Dylan Oviedo
Dylan Oviedo Pred 2 meseci
Lookin like a snicke... Oh wait i mean LOOKING LIKE A REESES BAR BB BOO
Owen Krumpe
Owen Krumpe Pred 2 meseci
cut your hair
Mr Noodles
Mr Noodles Pred 2 meseci
lol gay
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