Yassuo | I HAVE A BARD TOP?!? (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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jasr swis
jasr swis Pred 25 dnevi
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Pred 26 dnevi
Barry B Dexter
Barry B Dexter Pred mesecem
"We're the most honorable" Idk man I remember what you did to trick...
MonkeyDJ Pred mesecem
This sounds tracks are from Breath of fire 3?
hao wen yang
hao wen yang Pred mesecem
that nunu name wtf
Aratros 27
Aratros 27 Pred mesecem
Doğaç Deniz
Doğaç Deniz Pred mesecem
I was watching in bad and my gf thinks im watching porn because of the music
Alejandro Loor
Alejandro Loor Pred mesecem
This guy is a noob
Vinicius Chiazza
Vinicius Chiazza Pred mesecem
I just love Pinoy, he always chooses the best OST from my fav games! Metal Gear, Breath of Fire, Kingdom Hearts... and so many others Pinoy, u rock!
Dany Pjukeny
Dany Pjukeny Pred mesecem
you are greedy for kills...
Adrian Stefan
Adrian Stefan Pred mesecem
Damn dat roast at 1:15 got me burning instead of moe
~IrvingEGB~ Pred mesecem
Keep it up with the Persona music, Pinoy, love it
Denia Biñalon
Denia Biñalon Pred mesecem
Everyone complaining that Bard didn't carry or didn't do sht Biggest KP, didn't feed and holding his own lane to the best that he can even when their enemy kept pathing top... Stop arguing man. And he kept setting good plays for the team.
OneTrickH Pred mesecem
Born Legacy
Born Legacy Pred mesecem
When did moe get a girlfriend
ArmanDelux Pred mesecem
1/2/24 bard make sense
Claro Solis
Claro Solis Pred mesecem
Dark harvest khazix is really good tho
Lawichy Pred mesecem
what is the intro song??? i cant even shazam it
Red Haiko
Red Haiko Pred mesecem
"you'r not challenger since we'we been dating" guess what's the problem girl :3
John DeLeon
John DeLeon Pred mesecem
Go to 7:09 to see mow go from happy to sad real quick😂
Jikito Pred mesecem
Homeless guy playing league. hmmm my daily pleasure
Shadowrider 10
Shadowrider 10 Pred mesecem
bard hardcarry monster lol
Fabian Leonardo Gonzalez Cordoba
Fabian Leonardo Gonzalez Cordoba Pred mesecem
that nunu carrying, like how bad are u to be 5 lvls behind with a free farming jg as nunu.
WaRxHaM 1st
WaRxHaM 1st Pred mesecem
whats the name of the game that they are playing at the start of the video
Stalker Ombre
Stalker Ombre Pred mesecem
Not many people playing yasuo now
o fortuna
o fortuna Pred mesecem
Ty pinoy insane music choices
Srkian khan
Srkian khan Pred mesecem
Bruh that bard was the best one
David Perju
David Perju Pred mesecem
The music tho
Spectacular FF
Spectacular FF Pred mesecem
imagine moe changing his ign to Khazzix or ekkko
idiot potato
idiot potato Pred mesecem
Hard stuck d2 looks like u need some tips from nb3
Emirhan Olgun
Emirhan Olgun Pred mesecem
song at 7:57
Az • 6 years ago
Az • 6 years ago Pred mesecem
Moe literally looks homeless, his girlfriend has got to be a clout digger or something
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Pred mesecem
1:13 is probably the saddest moment in moe's life ngl
yarin crz
yarin crz Pred mesecem
yassuo looking like justin bieber back in the day
7Underwood7 Pred mesecem
His computer just caught covid
duy nguyen
duy nguyen Pred mesecem
You should get tyler to play fall guys
TomerA Pred mesecem
Only i read I have a bad top?
JAE2K Pred mesecem
nah you should upgrade R and then E
Nick Langley
Nick Langley Pred mesecem
i wish moe would spit on me like he does his keyboard mm
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Pred mesecem
where’s the yt vid on your 0/13 olaf game??
Zack DV
Zack DV Pred mesecem
Would anyone be so kind to tell me what kind of game that 0:05 Moe play with his friends? Some kind of racing game, but i can't find it...
The kenanski
The kenanski Pred mesecem
r/bardmains makes its first appearance :)
23javisant23 Pred mesecem
that bard was actually nasty
sacc lach
sacc lach Pred mesecem
4:07 i swear this question gets asked EVERY kha game you play LOL
Stavros Stamelos
Stavros Stamelos Pred mesecem
Harry Crab from what ive understood fights 1v1 and skirmishes don’t last long enough for q evolve but i don’t play kha so idk
Harry Crab
Harry Crab Pred mesecem
And he doesn't actually explain it too lol. He just says its the best.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Pred mesecem
been a few months since i watched Moe then i come back Moe alrdy got a gf? ( o.o )
VyTaLC Pred mesecem
we want more Pinoy in the videos
Carso Pred mesecem
pinoy is merciful to moe just this once
uros samardzic
uros samardzic Pred mesecem
Dude that spit xd
Quang Vu
Quang Vu Pred mesecem
Why does moe still put his vlog channel at the ending when he doesn’t post anything
akilmilo Pred mesecem
What is that game in the beggining?
CF Brend
CF Brend Pred mesecem
Editors nail it with music, do they have a playlist of the amazing OST's?
moaz wagdy
moaz wagdy Pred mesecem
I love how bellah is right next to him all the time encouraging him, that's so cutr
Michael Moseley
Michael Moseley Pred mesecem
anyone wanna explain the -253 gold at 7:40?
juan diego cantoral solis
juan diego cantoral solis Pred mesecem
its a rune
Trường Nguyễn
Trường Nguyễn Pred mesecem
Hello he Moe
Trường Nguyễn
Trường Nguyễn Pred mesecem
Chắc không có ai người Việt rồi
Trường Nguyễn
Trường Nguyễn Pred mesecem
Anh em việt nam đâu
Juice Pouch
Juice Pouch Pred mesecem
when you gank with kha zix you wanna hold onto that E until they flash or dash away
Arsenije veljovic
Arsenije veljovic Pred mesecem
3:28 Thank you for showing us your runes
Fluffy Torpedo
Fluffy Torpedo Pred mesecem
Khazix sucks against tanks lmao what is moe on
GameApfel Pred mesecem
the bof3 musik gives me a great time waching
Amir Asyraf
Amir Asyraf Pred mesecem
Persona 3 music!!!
Sinerate Owo
Sinerate Owo Pred mesecem
i like that his gf sits besides him while he's streaming
Giorgos Dermitzakis
Giorgos Dermitzakis Pred mesecem
0:24 tectical nuke INCOMING
Matias Pred mesecem
How does he sometimes show the range of abilities when casted and sometimes he quick casts
Giorgos Nikolaidis
Giorgos Nikolaidis Pred mesecem
Quick cast with indicator in settings or he simply has normal cast on ctrl+spell.
Tristan Paguio
Tristan Paguio Pred mesecem
Patrick M
Patrick M Pred mesecem
bella with the annoying fangirl noises in the background lol
Nicolas277 Pred mesecem
Are we gonna pretend that Bard didn't carry?
Jesus Tirado
Jesus Tirado Pred mesecem
What’s a bella?
Martin Pred mesecem
Did Yassuo just have a stroke in the intro?
Bloomii Pred mesecem
that bard is better than u moe
Sus Pred mesecem
Bella actually watched him play that whole game respect
桐崎アカリ Pred mesecem
nunu name KEKW
ridwan rahman
ridwan rahman Pred mesecem
Love how bella is watching and cheering him on
Maquindoza Pred mesecem
Bard was actually insane tho ngl
Grosu Artur
Grosu Artur Pred mesecem
1:09 *metal gear V flashbacks*
EhmforMori Pred mesecem
R evolve first is gross
Kendrick Kuo
Kendrick Kuo Pred mesecem
i love how the bgm is always persona and its persona 3 hell yea
GALAXY GAMING866 Pred mesecem
HOLD UP Moe has a GF that's news to me😂😂😂
MAFIA A03 Pred mesecem
If moe leaves his gf we may get the old more active moe again
smoke Pred mesecem
loving the breath of fire music
Samurai Rex
Samurai Rex Pred mesecem
7:10 god dame vlad chill
Terence Pred mesecem
U haven’t been challenger since we were dating 😂
poopta Pred mesecem
Last time I was this early moe had normal eyebrows
Cody Le
Cody Le Pred mesecem
How you going to act like you didnt spit rice at the camera, habibi? 😭😭
Humdinger Pred mesecem
surprised pinoy didnt show up at 0:25 to talk about him spitting for 2 minutes of the video
turtle life
turtle life Pred mesecem
Nb3 is still Challenger lmao n u still y’all shii buddy
James Pred mesecem
Pinoy best editor :D
Mit Pred mesecem
They doubted the bard, little did Moe know Bard was smurfing in piss lo.
Lord Vapersmith Dracomar
Lord Vapersmith Dracomar Pred mesecem
If I get Bard top in Iron, Bronze or even Silver trust me that sucker is gonna FEED this Bard top is actually really good makes it look better than I imagined. Because if someone picks Bard (especially in top lane) in my games its usually an 0 kill 16 death or worse Bard with like 5 or less assists spam pinging me and flaming me even though I'm trying my best to help them and am at least usually 2 kills 1 death or better.
Marvin Gueret
Marvin Gueret Pred mesecem
0:24 That spit was so fast that he drops right on my keyboard...
XxihewixX Pred mesecem
Diamond dog carried by team
Minh Phạm
Minh Phạm Pred mesecem
pinoy ruled this video's comment section lol
Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez Pred mesecem
Anyone knows the name game that him plays in beggining?
Richard Guo
Richard Guo Pred mesecem
what is the game's name ? that he playing at beginning of the video
AxtAnime Pred mesecem
Bella: I sure that u havent been a challenger since we been dating OOF
JHLYT Pred mesecem
I know that bard top :O hes rly good at minecraft too LOL
thuy tran
thuy tran Pred mesecem
ngl I had an ad for another lol channel showing a bard highlight and I thought that was the video
Silly Me
Silly Me Pred mesecem
man i wish my girl could hype me when I play
Khalid Jalil
Khalid Jalil Pred mesecem
hey moe, you look like jamal murray of denver nuggets ✌️
Harris Britton
Harris Britton Pred mesecem
5:09 biofrost is that you?
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