Yassuo | THE NEXT PRODIGY Duo w/GeneralSniperr

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Jetro Playz
Jetro Playz Pred 19 dnevi
Moe I'm a fan of your thumbnail what font did you use?
LuperAMV Pred 28 dnevi
the ff osts
حسين الوصيبعي
حسين الوصيبعي Pred 28 dnevi
Jana von Oehsen
Jana von Oehsen Pred 28 dnevi
Diego Pred 29 dnevi
where would be yassuo without duos man, fake GM, still no challenger and doesnt finish challenges
TheBest1101 Gaming
TheBest1101 Gaming Pred 29 dnevi
Great Video. Id Really appreciate if you guys checked out my channel. I post a variety of content that mainly centers around Apex but also other FPS.
Russell Payne
Russell Payne Pred 29 dnevi
Omg erick Dota
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Pred 29 dnevi
this guy sounds like if trick2g was nice
Jack Lee
Jack Lee Pred 29 dnevi
If you can't win them, you join them
ScarleTT Pred 29 dnevi
Moe should pay General for boosting..
Gormezzz Pred 29 dnevi
James Cavanero
James Cavanero Pred 29 dnevi
You look like jamal murray.
CosmicRayman GT
CosmicRayman GT Pred 29 dnevi
Umm sir moe go back yo yasuo your main and claim back your title
Life On High
Life On High Pred 29 dnevi
stop stealing my mans clout
Paul.hu18 Pred 29 dnevi
Yo I didn't watch you for like a year and now I'm back but what happened dude. You look mad scuffed like the hair and you look like you stopped going to the gym. The quality got mad scuffed too, so sad to see you fall
William Mironov
William Mironov Pred mesecem
The guy who beated him in twitch rivals....
Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran Pred mesecem
What happened to solo queue to jg challenger
J L Pred mesecem
Snake rat moe
Rick S
Rick S Pred mesecem
What kinda douche makes fun of his viewers and fans
Mitzy Martinez
Mitzy Martinez Pred mesecem
Clicked so fast I love gen sniper
Spider Melon
Spider Melon Pred mesecem
Remember when he lost to NB3 on Irelia 💀
Rėjus Pred mesecem
Ng Ramson
Ng Ramson Pred mesecem
13 year old challenger player helps homeless man to gain watch time by letting him clickbait with his name
Juke NC
Juke NC Pred mesecem
Smokez The kid
Smokez The kid Pred mesecem
Eraser Pred mesecem
I binge watched NewYork moe yesterday.... and this is just pain when are you coming back pepehands
POOPIE HEAD Pred mesecem
I am 15 and 6 foot 1
OpsKing Pred mesecem
You became the very thing you swore to destroy
Challenging Smite
Challenging Smite Pred mesecem
Duo with Gen Sniper?? You mean boosted by 13 yrs old?. We can be friends moe im just joking.
Gustavo Ricou
Gustavo Ricou Pred mesecem
Bard carried the 1st game. Moe is always getting carried by these awesome bards. Second game no bard, what can Moe do?
klyde watt
klyde watt Pred mesecem
Ahmm can you help me with my yasou...
Iqrus Pred mesecem
Did bella steal Moe's dogs?
Augustas S
Augustas S Pred mesecem
Where is his dogs?
Abu Pred mesecem
He needs to duo wit him bruh 😂😂😂 after straight banning all his champs
Alecss Pred mesecem
YOO WTF MOE IS 5.6 HAHAHAHAH i am 5.8 and i am 15 lol
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Pred mesecem
MOE HOW IS UR 7 IQ?!!!????
GRANGER MAIN YT Pred mesecem
I was 1.45m in the start of 7th grade and 1.73 in the end of ninth
xNahteS Pred mesecem
The FF15 music throughout the video made me very happy :)
Tudor Balanescu
Tudor Balanescu Pred mesecem
That final fantasy backround music❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kade Doud
Kade Doud Pred mesecem
Duos with 13 year old.. *before* I’m actively sweating this time yeah no way I’m losing *after* if were were gonna ban so and so and do so and so.. cringed to me. Why t1 could draft sniper t1 knows his place and wouldn’t let him out reach is ego where as Moe praises him. Crazy if you don’t see it
hey alright
hey alright Pred mesecem
why are people calling moe homeless? last time homeless was a meme, imaqtpie was still relevant.
Seth Martin
Seth Martin Pred mesecem
LA Moe WeirdChamp
Trevor Helgesen
Trevor Helgesen Pred mesecem
Yo honestly. I dont understand how a man in his 20s can play with a 13 year old. Like general sniper chill af. But like they in whole different walks of life
Trevor Helgesen
Trevor Helgesen Pred 25 dnevi
@large posterior nope in my early 20s. But they are in 2 different walks of life. The best way to explain is like comparing it to a Highschooler hanging out with an elementary school kid
large posterior
large posterior Pred 25 dnevi
like what is so incredible or unbelievable about making small talk with a teenager lol are you lowkey a 60 year old boomer or something
Trevor Helgesen
Trevor Helgesen Pred 26 dnevi
@large posterior I dont think you understand what I meant. Playing games will always have young people. But why que up with them? You gonna talk about life with them? You planning on going out on the town with them? Idk man it just doesn't make sense to me.
large posterior
large posterior Pred 26 dnevi
For real if you wanna play any online game with matchaking without 13 year olds you're gonna have to go ahead and just not play lol if you play online you play with kids no matter what
37Trash Panda
37Trash Panda Pred mesecem
Wtf are you voyboy what's with the tittle
Javier Perez
Javier Perez Pred mesecem
Siento que me parezco ligeramente a ti...
sav 999
sav 999 Pred mesecem
aww gs and crimson are so chill
leche milktea
leche milktea Pred mesecem
If you can’t beat em. 😂😂😂
Ollis Letellier
Ollis Letellier Pred mesecem
Nice clout chase
Mostafa38 Pred mesecem
let's hope GeneralSniper will help moe get reformed !
Tej Pred mesecem
I like how this whole group of league streamers are just helping general sniper pop off in terms of popularity
Genji Pred 26 dnevi
@MB Gaming V1per, best riven main
MB Gaming
MB Gaming Pred 26 dnevi
@Genji who's his brother?
Genji Pred 28 dnevi
His brother is pro
Dingas Pred 28 dnevi
Being the brother of a pro player really pays off
AnubiSFx Pred mesecem
Watching Gragas requires intense music not that chill ones lmao
Hi Im Redrum
Hi Im Redrum Pred mesecem
Love your vids (pinoy for the best) but for kha you need to aa bfr q its way better specially after u r you get prock + slow
Schwifity Pred mesecem
getting carried by child 😂
Julius Caesar Ramiro
Julius Caesar Ramiro Pred mesecem
So sweet of Sniper to help a Homeless Man rank up.
Anas Doro
Anas Doro Pred mesecem
damn moe had General and Erick on his team no chance for the other team all challenger players lol
Kaclo Arod
Kaclo Arod Pred mesecem
Moe bitching about twitch rivals really puts a stain on his character
Pavia Pred mesecem
He literally said he played bad in twitch rivals did you even watch the video
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Pred mesecem
Christian An
Christian An Pred mesecem
hes 13 guys, hes too young to be used as content oh the horror
Mr. Burch
Mr. Burch Pred mesecem
Abusing a 13 y/o for content and lp whats next???
TabyCat Pred mesecem
Was ErickDota in their game?! Beast team
Joshua Park
Joshua Park Pred mesecem
I was the 69,669th viewer
Amgad Magdy
Amgad Magdy Pred mesecem
Stop playing jng plsss i rly miss yasuo
NovaGN Pred mesecem
AH Crystalline Chill. Now were talking
WarmMafura Pred mesecem
2:00 did he just call Moe Gragas LMAO
Daniel Pred mesecem
Pinoy with the gen 5 intros
steven desalvo
steven desalvo Pred mesecem
so nobody gon comment about the pokémon music at the beginning of the video such a vibe
Francis Dy
Francis Dy Pred mesecem
Well if you can't win, steal your rival's teammate, right?
Jack Seerman
Jack Seerman Pred mesecem
Bruu I can hear snipers braces through the mic
Enzo Gomes
Enzo Gomes Pred mesecem
Final fantasy 0:10 ^^
Nick Cabrera
Nick Cabrera Pred mesecem
Riven clickbait and no riven in the video 😭😭
Dtboss Rocks
Dtboss Rocks Pred mesecem
Your looking at yassuo the next prodigy
ShitBirdGaming Pred mesecem
Yassuo so happy today to get boosted
Anghelo Baliwas
Anghelo Baliwas Pred mesecem
Support me as your Content Creator League of Legends Of Wild Rift.
Glide Pred mesecem
General Sniper has been 13 for like 3 years
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel Pred mesecem
Moe is trynna get sniper more recognition respect
In ZANE Pred mesecem
Yooo i see Erick Dota in the game let's gooo
Gabriel Barreto
Gabriel Barreto Pred mesecem
homeless man who made fun of 13 year old’s jungler in twitch rivals gets carried by the 13 year old
Smokharn Pred mesecem
Last time I was this early moe broke the Korean consent law
Andrew Knowlton
Andrew Knowlton Pred mesecem
That's crazy I started 8th grade 5'6" ended 5'11"now I'm 6'7"
Ed Pred mesecem
Pinoy pulling through with the ffxv themes. Let's goo
Erdling Pred mesecem
Is he still with Bella?
Erdling Pred mesecem
@Darth Revan Okay ty
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Pred mesecem
He said he was in that stream.
iRick 7
iRick 7 Pred mesecem
Why yassuo stopped playing yasuo?
Boaz Selinger
Boaz Selinger Pred mesecem
Imagine having 3 kids and all of them be prodigy’s at league of legends
Yellow Ranger
Yellow Ranger Pred mesecem
@Boaz Selinger Never said that, but your statement made it sound like it was once in a blue moon, but it isn't. Thats why families have multiple kids who make it big in sports. It is how they were raised, and they had amazing players to help them.
Boaz Selinger
Boaz Selinger Pred mesecem
@Yellow Ranger I mean not every pros brothers are pros
Yellow Ranger
Yellow Ranger Pred mesecem
Only needed the oldest to be, then they just teach the younger ones.
Reformed Viking
Reformed Viking Pred mesecem
We miss NY Moe.
SgtYTube Pred mesecem
Someone should buy this man a house so he isn't homeles anymore.
SHA AK47 Pred mesecem
everyone looking a general sniper: "look at that potential"
Kekoa Hobdy
Kekoa Hobdy Pred mesecem
Man now I want to play final fantasy again
William Heng
William Heng Pred mesecem
that karthus is so fkn annoying man
Anas Gr
Anas Gr Pred mesecem
Where s bella
5ECOND Pred mesecem
anyone remembers the days when these vids were 20 min long and with funny content? not just kinda good plays
WAKANDAKS Pred mesecem
@Noob? Action! ?
Noob? Action!
Noob? Action! Pred mesecem
facts. But nothing will change since he curses at his SLpost Subs
WAKANDAKS Pred mesecem
Go watch ll stylish my man
SoulOfMe Pred mesecem
u guys everyday come her to tell some one he is homeless its so cringe
Erick Dota
Erick Dota Pred mesecem
Hey that's me on Qiyana!!!
Notorious Pred 27 dnevi
Didn’t ask
In ZANE Pred mesecem
@Syngos Not funny lol
Syngos Pred mesecem
No that's me wth dude
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Pred mesecem
Oooooh shiieet
Adrian liu
Adrian liu Pred mesecem
I thought this game looked familiar haha
William Ziwoko
William Ziwoko Pred mesecem
Its funny that they’re talking about height and im sitting here a Norwegian 15 year old boy and is 6’4 (197cm)
William Ziwoko
William Ziwoko Pred mesecem
Im almost 2 metres and im in class with someone that is 150cm lmao
Venedetta Pred mesecem
sad to be asian here I am 22 just 169cm nice
Djordje Djeric
Djordje Djeric Pred mesecem
I just turned 14 and im 185cm
Huy Le
Huy Le Pred mesecem
lol it’s Fragas vs Gragas in the jungle
Meap1234 MR
Meap1234 MR Pred mesecem
Eyosahdude Pred mesecem
FrenchGundam Pred mesecem
Theses music make me want to sub to FF14 again
Kolten Spencer
Kolten Spencer Pred mesecem
What headset is he using?
Paul S.
Paul S. Pred mesecem
Did Bella Leave moe?
alynxss Pred mesecem
7:54 eyes alert
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