Yassuo | HE SOUNDS JUST LIKE TFBLADE!!! (Viewer 1v1s)

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Stealth_Lucifer Pred 2 meseci
jg diff
Alexis Pi
Alexis Pi Pred 4 meseci
This guy had coached by WayOfTempest on 2:25
Lucas Caldas
Lucas Caldas Pred 4 meseci
3:25 wtf this guy
NyaKageニャー影 Pred 4 meseci
Ramblin Ares
Ramblin Ares Pred 4 meseci
How tf is that when you have 300 ping its still smooth the combo shet bro
I'am Dobaless
I'am Dobaless Pred 4 meseci
Fat That's all i want to say
Billy Staro
Billy Staro Pred 4 meseci
"My head game crazy" 😂😂😂😂
Kevon Burke
Kevon Burke Pred 4 meseci
Moe can we 1 v 1 yasuo if u want to
Angelo Doctolero
Angelo Doctolero Pred 4 meseci
I hope Moe or Pinoy notice this have you heard from Stylish these past months?
Anwoy Kumar Paul
Anwoy Kumar Paul Pred 4 meseci
I'm from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 too.
Francis Comar
Francis Comar Pred 4 meseci
mans got his sauske shirt on
Dylan Cagalj
Dylan Cagalj Pred 4 meseci
GamingWarlord Pred 4 meseci
Trash game
Quaseem misbah
Quaseem misbah Pred 4 meseci
@yassuo : I have a picture where we look almost identical. How do I share it with you?
Nombre No Ofensivo
Nombre No Ofensivo Pred 4 meseci
poki dont love u
Emi Pred 4 meseci
What about nerfed yasuo ☹️☹️
NJBeast 3
NJBeast 3 Pred 4 meseci
Lol the second does sound like TF blade at first I thought it was TF blade
Mosaed Pred 4 meseci
Thank you for the great video, if anyone is intrested in ADC clips check my channle I hope I be like Gosu one day :).
Tender and Moist
Tender and Moist Pred 4 meseci
Things i learn from this video: - Moe's head game is crazy no homo - - - -
Kim R.
Kim R. Pred 4 meseci
that dude does indeed sound like a slightly deeper voice version of TFBlade with a more defined accent.
Enha Akonjee
Enha Akonjee Pred 4 meseci
Ok the guy from Bangladesh that was in 9th grade just disrespected his country lol so bad
JCBR600RR Pred 4 meseci
1:06 how did he E that minion with out clicking it?
Gg Wp
Gg Wp Pred 4 meseci
He alrdy press it before he move his mouse
Random Stranger
Random Stranger Pred 4 meseci
1:28 (spam this)I heard a baby/cat
MrAsoom Pred 4 meseci
2:20 he really fking sound like tf blade hjahaahhaahhahaa
lionheart Pred 4 meseci
pinoy pls make a yassuo remix with his weird noices and hitting himself xD
GTV 1 Pred 4 meseci
N12 Lunatic
N12 Lunatic Pred 4 meseci
Everyone chose yas lol
Nom Sauce
Nom Sauce Pred 4 meseci
5:41 is that not the biggest fkn thumbs up I've ever seen like wtf, it's massive
dillon chen
dillon chen Pred 4 meseci
imagine getting a shot at a free 100 bucks and u just keep shouting "YOURE TRASH" at the guy BEFORE the 1v1 even starts
100k Subs Please!
100k Subs Please! Pred 4 meseci
Didn't know that grown up harry potter could be this great at league
Dizzy Spell
Dizzy Spell Pred 4 meseci
this man just bragged about his HEAD GAME bruh
sweet darkness
sweet darkness Pred 4 meseci
my ping in main server is way higher than yassuo in away server
Infilexiable Pred 4 meseci
The last guy just pourd his heart out to moe while got rekt harder than ever before
Jason Santhiapillai
Jason Santhiapillai Pred 4 meseci
Your t shirt in this video ia dope
Twice WarriorsTR
Twice WarriorsTR Pred 4 meseci
2:01 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Alan Demarest
Alan Demarest Pred 4 meseci
Why do so many league players have high pitched voices?
Professor Goku
Professor Goku Pred 4 meseci
yo moe how do you feel about the crisis that happened in usa
League of Me
League of Me Pred 4 meseci
How Can i 1 vs 1 Him ?
ABU QAISAR Pred 4 meseci
يا غالي كيفك
Tech Gaming Crack
Tech Gaming Crack Pred 4 meseci
Imagine that puppy doll turns his head
Slopplop Gaming
Slopplop Gaming Pred 4 meseci
how do i play with u 1v1 moe
AxtAnime Pred 4 meseci
Is tfblade going to watch this vid?
Mario R.
Mario R. Pred 4 meseci
1:38 Tyler and me*
nikhil barha
nikhil barha Pred 4 meseci
How much i gotta pay to face u 1v1? Cash bet
nikhil barha
nikhil barha Pred 4 meseci
These guys all trash. Who else got time to get points to face u
nikhil barha
nikhil barha Pred 4 meseci
I would beat u in a 1v1
Raisul Islam Tanna
Raisul Islam Tanna Pred 4 meseci
10:10 LOts of love from Bangladesh Moe
Sumedh Shrinath
Sumedh Shrinath Pred 4 meseci
i love how the people moe 1v1's have better mic quality than he does lmfao
globalHell Pred 4 meseci
that second guy actually does sound like tfblade lmfao
Denial S
Denial S Pred 4 meseci
Those three exclamation points in the title are totally necessary
Kazou Pred 4 meseci
Play with bad Fps and if u win 1000 $ from me
Striker Ezreal
Striker Ezreal Pred 4 meseci
Ahmed Kitovaheer
Ahmed Kitovaheer Pred 4 meseci
Wait how are they actually losing to moe on 300 ping
SuperSaiyaman3 Pred 4 meseci
5:05 q sound plays 3 times when he dips in and out of bush lmao
Efekan Gök
Efekan Gök Pred 4 meseci
Donation ?
Abdallah Nofal
Abdallah Nofal Pred 4 meseci
hes literally tf blade holy he’s even using his words
JustAFox Pred 4 meseci
*PLOT TWIST* That was actually TF Blade
Sela Oshi
Sela Oshi Pred 4 meseci
Thats TF Blade 😂
Jonathan Vu
Jonathan Vu Pred 4 meseci
Sounds like TFBlade finally hit puberty
Faiyaz Malik
Faiyaz Malik Pred 4 meseci
I really want to meet that Bangladeshi dude
AL Kappacinno
AL Kappacinno Pred 4 meseci
cant hear moe
Sad Pikachu
Sad Pikachu Pred 4 meseci
wait he is tf blade
Bobi Pred 4 meseci
Actually ur supposed to Q before flashing on the Brand Hocus Pocus🤓🤓🤓
Βασιλης Οικονομιδης
Βασιλης Οικονομιδης Pred 4 meseci
that's what he did
Chef Scargo
Chef Scargo Pred 4 meseci
Why do you do so many viewer 1v1s now?
WholeLottaPoop Pred 4 meseci
Harry EFC
Harry EFC Pred 4 meseci
Moe are u going to play more valorant?
Bandith Pred 4 meseci
This might be the weakest title I’ve ever seen on a moe vid.
Luckygirl3435 Pred 4 meseci
That brand guy was a cute noob
Beyond Transcendence
Beyond Transcendence Pred 4 meseci
Plot Twist: That was actually TF Blade
Omid Saianjali
Omid Saianjali Pred 4 meseci
Was he? 😐
Beeye Pred 4 meseci
9:32 ,,you there you six WHAAAAATT!!!!"
Robert Wright
Robert Wright Pred 4 meseci
revive Life of moe or riot
mohamed benattallah
mohamed benattallah Pred 4 meseci
He sounds like tf blade more than tfblade himself lmao
David 4253
David 4253 Pred 4 meseci
We need tf blade's twin again
Tristan Pred 4 meseci
Australia be like 0:22
Bob Yu
Bob Yu Pred 4 meseci
10:00 l0000000000l man really just said pollnivneach HABIBI l00000l
Mystery Loves Company
Mystery Loves Company Pred 4 meseci
TFblade's twin. Hahaha
MrfasXD Itz
MrfasXD Itz Pred 4 meseci
OML the back to back to back voice crack😂😂 3:08
Brandon Marin
Brandon Marin Pred 4 meseci
If y’all read this where’d u get that sasuke shirt
Mateo Aguirre
Mateo Aguirre Pred 4 meseci
Mans sounds like Bwipo
Clemintine Pred 4 meseci
6:43 ayyy the 06 AND 7:23
colt harrmon
colt harrmon Pred 4 meseci
anyone else tired of 1v1 videos?
Hiếu Vũ Minh
Hiếu Vũ Minh Pred 4 meseci
Tfblade one champ yasuo 😃
Enric perich
Enric perich Pred 4 meseci
What t-shirt is he wearing
Justin Siu
Justin Siu Pred 4 meseci
Moe : 300 PING IM LAGGING Me : Ah 300ping, just like always
Holyloo Presents
Holyloo Presents Pred 4 meseci
Is it just me or can you not hear Moe that well in the video?
Wyldder Pred 4 meseci
and u dont have an idea how arabian and im a marrocan player and i have 1000 Ms and u just have 300 ms xDDD
toufik titou
toufik titou Pred 4 meseci
Why you dont play chess anymore?
The New Neighbor
The New Neighbor Pred 4 meseci
Yasuo: Me and tyler1 could probably kill anyone Yasuo and Tyler1 in the same team they get rekt by G2
The New Neighbor
The New Neighbor Pred 4 meseci
juba birds I don’t remember the year but G2 came to NA to play against Na teams and play 1v1 so they just stepped on Moe and Tyler1 without knowing was too easy
juba birds
juba birds Pred 4 meseci
bruh Pred 4 meseci
bdr sahoo
bdr sahoo Pred 4 meseci
I’m pretty sure that I have seen this clip before in another of your videos 4:00
Katerinaa Pred 4 meseci
Yesss I think it is
Ognjen Jokovic
Ognjen Jokovic Pred 4 meseci
How do i play this 1v1
KingZZie Pred 4 meseci
10:02 Pollnivneach KEKW
TheToughPony Pred 4 meseci
1rd comment
JigglyPoof Pred 4 meseci
More 1v1s ResidentSleeper
DANG LONG Pred 4 meseci
These 1v1s are getting boring
Underrated Gamer
Underrated Gamer Pred 4 meseci
8:15 Moe what are you saying? You lost multiple times with Kled
Kaan Ulusoy
Kaan Ulusoy Pred 4 meseci
XxWallzxX Pred 4 meseci
All you SLpostrs are good. The radio in Z88.3 said it too. They are forced into not saying what they have to say. They can't say anything. Mainly because they are behind them in that. The fight is still with the criminal empires. Also that I already know that Covid19 is rnm. I have seen enough and it should be known as fake by now. They are doing something and it MAY (might be the reason) be the chip and forced. But who knows with what future as they are expanding the date of lockdown. So controlled future? Who knows. But that is rnm.
zer0edgy Pred 4 meseci
Moe: Shits on litteral kid Also Moe: SHEEEESH im clean!!!!
MrHaise 01
MrHaise 01 Pred 4 meseci
Can we get another content diiferent then 1v1 ? I was happy and hyped when I see moe uploads a new video now when I read the title I got bored.
David Armanious
David Armanious Pred 4 meseci
MrHaise 01 when?
Oğuz Reyiz
Oğuz Reyiz Pred 4 meseci
Anaa Türk görünce bi sevindim ama kısa sürdü shshs
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