Yassuo | DIAMOND 1 IN UNDER 200 GAMES! (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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Music (in order of appearance) -
Intro - Afternoon Break (Persona 3 OST)
Private Room [P3D Side 2] (Persona 3 Dancing OST)
Gourmet Race (Kirby Super Star OST)
Ignition Flame (FF7 Remake OST)
The Turks: Battle (FF7 Remake OST)
Outro - So Happy World (Persona 5 Royal OST)
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Dalton Snow
Dalton Snow Pred mesecem
i like how streamers can feed and be toxic in game and yet nothing happens to them
Big Bro
Big Bro Pred mesecem
Good edits pinoy😂 Keep it up 👍
Ares -
Ares - Pred 2 meseci
And then there is me: Iron IV with over 700 Games, I don't want to play support anymore TwT
Loro Pred 2 meseci
Editors been watching plenty of chilling smite I think.
Not Kroutsos1
Not Kroutsos1 Pred 2 meseci
pinoy flexing those edits
Marc Wilson
Marc Wilson Pred 2 meseci
Sound track choices are on point. How'd I get goose bumps watching a lol montage?
3van Pred 2 meseci
**gets 1 kill** JuNgLe DiFf
tobyq Pred 2 meseci
pinoy didn't edit this 100%, the content in these videos is moe, not the editing
Ian Pred 2 meseci
Bro, stop grinding same hero, you play better when your champ pool is higher
T1b1 Pred 2 meseci
Props to pinoy for the god tear editting skills
JosukeTv Pred 2 meseci
That ekko animation when he gets knocked up will always be funny
Blazt20 Pred 2 meseci
4:12 oh yes Yassuo is inting
Smelly cunt
Smelly cunt Pred 2 meseci
Tyler1 copycat
B14D3 Pred 2 meseci
he is d2 atm edit: with 200 games
Papa _
Papa _ Pred 2 meseci
i can't lie i'm glad, Moe picked this challenge up. he seems in such a better mood and pinoy seems to have more fun with his edits. feels alive again ya know? ggs both of yall for the content
Kadoeplays -gaming channel
Kadoeplays -gaming channel Pred 2 meseci
love the way pinoy has edited the vids lately with the txt
Lapsdy Fafa
Lapsdy Fafa Pred 2 meseci
More of This Sick edits plz Pinoy
Pofkee e
Pofkee e Pred 2 meseci
Music name 3:44 ???
დიოს შოუ
დიოს შოუ Pred 2 meseci
jeff jeff jeff kaplan :D
Asirelith Pred 2 meseci
Amazing edit Pinoy, keep it up bro.
Andi Spahiu
Andi Spahiu Pred 2 meseci
foxtrotmetal01 Pred 2 meseci
Jordan McGarty
Jordan McGarty Pred 2 meseci
bring back its the questions for the inting portion! (I appreciate the kirby music however)
Ghali G1
Ghali G1 Pred 2 meseci
guys pinky is just tooo great hahaha thumbs up to him btw :D
Nightcrafter 14
Nightcrafter 14 Pred 2 meseci
This is like a moe .exe vid with the editing I love it
CensoredMercy Pred 2 meseci
Who edited this vid
Josue Perdomo
Josue Perdomo Pred 2 meseci
Feeling fly like a butterfly
jay heart
jay heart Pred 2 meseci
yassuo you should play yone
jacky sun
jacky sun Pred 2 meseci
u should try dark harvest khazix, is op. Go Q R E evolve, rush warriors, then glaive to clear wards and give vision pressure then dusk blade, finish it off with black clever and death deance.
Shrekasourus Rex
Shrekasourus Rex Pred 2 meseci
This just appeared in my recommended and I have no clue what any of the things you say mean but pogchamp
braeden joshua
braeden joshua Pred 2 meseci
Pinoy really flexing the editing skills this vid
Zed Army
Zed Army Pred 2 meseci
2:22 bug herald
T T Pred 2 meseci
Moe:Playing so well in jungle,and reach diamond so quick Me:I played so long and didn't even reach bronze (wth)
Peaking Ente
Peaking Ente Pred 2 meseci
It´s still only NA kekw
dimitri kilibarda
dimitri kilibarda Pred 2 meseci
love the old Pinoy editing
genji bobwell
genji bobwell Pred 2 meseci
Moe is t1 wannabe. Lol jk. But t1 still better jg I think???
Justan Goliday
Justan Goliday Pred 2 meseci
Im missing the Moe Int Music can we have that next time please
Josh Harrison
Josh Harrison Pred 2 meseci
Tyler does jungle to challenger, plays new champs. Moe does it and plays mid lane champs 😂😂😂
ItsDaTao Pred 2 meseci
Please dont say "pinoy is insane" give credits to the others too "Edited by Pinoy, Richey and Hero -"
Sean Pred 2 meseci
WTF. He invaded at 4:10, dies, then says Yasuo is trolling because he couldn’t kill. WHAAAAA
EDGEKOST Pred 2 meseci
Yo Yassuo is awsome and all but PInoy my guy u are a legend with those editing skills
juan hurtado
juan hurtado Pred 2 meseci
Pinoy carries this channel so hard
Lourenço Pred 2 meseci
These videos are just boring I feel like im watching the same video over and over when it comes to unraked to challenger jungle
Ciro Cat
Ciro Cat Pred 2 meseci
5:01 had me dead
Jonathan Vu
Jonathan Vu Pred 2 meseci
11:48 wtf happen to zed did he just afk
Dextro Deus
Dextro Deus Pred 2 meseci
2:40 "thresh was kinda good"
Sam M
Sam M Pred 2 meseci
4:08 LUL
tiago rodriguez
tiago rodriguez Pred 2 meseci
Tf blade is better than you
Ryan Boyer
Ryan Boyer Pred 2 meseci
Moe is such a crybaby fr tho.
Ben Kaiser
Ben Kaiser Pred 2 meseci
Moe you is a beast bro congrats
Dark-i Pred 2 meseci
new editor?
bobbungo2 Pred 2 meseci
Honor that zed. He gave you two wins in that promo
Pucha Pred 2 meseci
Amazing edition today too keep it up Pinoy!
Angry Crimson
Angry Crimson Pred 2 meseci
pinoy should put one of moe yell when he ulting as fiddle sticks XD
musti326 Pred 2 meseci
So no one wanna talk about 3:46? U are the best Pinoy
FunnyUserName xd
FunnyUserName xd Pred 2 meseci
the audio sync at 8:25 and 8:31 .....
LoliiKun Pred 2 meseci
Bruh your editor was the best
IAMSAIYAN Pred 2 meseci
Adrian Valenzuela
Adrian Valenzuela Pred 2 meseci
Fîlîp .Damljanovic
Fîlîp .Damljanovic Pred 2 meseci
Hydrated Brownies
Hydrated Brownies Pred 2 meseci
What shirt was he wearing?
Marcus Trevor
Marcus Trevor Pred 2 meseci
1 minute in gg pinoy
Lucas Brito
Lucas Brito Pred 2 meseci
nice one tyler fanboy !!!
DeejayF Pred 2 meseci
Tyler: *doing a jungle unranked to challenger series* Yassuo: yes lemme take that
Jordi de Waard
Jordi de Waard Pred 2 meseci
ahh good job you hit EUW gold 1
zander møgelvang
zander møgelvang Pred 2 meseci
Is Moe and Bella still together?
Grenadeslash Pred 2 meseci
it is wednesday my dudes 5:14
StenX Pred 2 meseci
7:15 makokai xddd
Thanujan15 xD
Thanujan15 xD Pred 2 meseci
some good edits
Asse Down
Asse Down Pred 2 meseci
That editing during the inting is what makes this channel , love you pinoy bb
King Karti
King Karti Pred 2 meseci
ive never been so amused, pinoy really the greatest of all time
Andrew Trotter
Andrew Trotter Pred 2 meseci
Pinoy can edit however he wants and its still entertaining... a living legend
W40k Moschaboy
W40k Moschaboy Pred 2 meseci
Love the kof Soundtrack
Valorant Nexus
Valorant Nexus Pred 2 meseci
I don't like the new editing. Stop with the unnecessary memes
MBlue Sheep
MBlue Sheep Pred 2 meseci
Yassuo, washed up League player, completely relearning a new role (jungle): 200 games, D1. NB3, ex-challenger jungle main since the beginning of his career: 1915 games, 50% win rate, also D1. It's funny how he doubted T1, NB3 even tried to get challenger in one week, made it to GM, tweeted about getting rank 1 next. Talks about how unfair and unbalanced this season is. I guess he smurfed in silver for so long, he became one of them.
lorenzo vanzolini
lorenzo vanzolini Pred 2 meseci
Did Pinoy changed style or it's just another editor? What's up with the cringy 2014 sound effects?
Syahmi Asyraaf
Syahmi Asyraaf Pred 2 meseci
Congrats moe on reaching d1🥳 poggs to you 🤘🤘🤘watched you climbed all the way to where you are now tho
im Soke
im Soke Pred 2 meseci
I wanna see him play rengar
Blackout Pred 2 meseci
nice edit ngl
SargeantPotato Pred 2 meseci
You should make a video about coaching nightblu3 in the jg xD
Tom John Bernal
Tom John Bernal Pred 2 meseci
This became a Ekko.exe not a yassou video! Pinoy your a God!
Lil JUul
Lil JUul Pred 2 meseci
check out my newly invented yasuo move on my channel its the double beyblade
Vasco Gameiro
Vasco Gameiro Pred 2 meseci
Real title : MoeJglDiff.exe
Hoàng Tần Thuỷ
Hoàng Tần Thuỷ Pred 2 meseci
9:00 what stunned him
ياسر ياسر
ياسر ياسر Pred 2 meseci
Nice fiddlesticks play
Ramon Bautista
Ramon Bautista Pred 2 meseci
Showmaker made it to challenger playing only 99 games using 99 different champs
Dean Bauer
Dean Bauer Pred 2 meseci
Thanks for showing of my main and being better then me :(
The Epic Devil
The Epic Devil Pred 2 meseci
I feel another bet coming on for jgl with tyler
mjg Pred 2 meseci
this edit is kinda cringe
Ζησης Μπουρας
Ζησης Μπουρας Pred 2 meseci
He needs a haircut. +1
Joshua Ferraris
Joshua Ferraris Pred 2 meseci
Boo league of legends
Veskekaana Pred 2 meseci
Julio Cesar Valenzuela Tnori
Julio Cesar Valenzuela Tnori Pred 2 meseci
He kinda look like voyboy
uGotCAGED Pred 2 meseci
give pinoy a raise pls
John Andersson
John Andersson Pred 2 meseci
since when did he stop playing yassuo....haha
gijs klanker
gijs klanker Pred 2 meseci
Hey Moe, now stay there for 2000 games so T1 doesnt feel insecure about himself.
Robert Posarić
Robert Posarić Pred 2 meseci
After seeing that game at 5 min how can he still say that jungle is op?
juan vazquez
juan vazquez Pred 2 meseci
Give Pinoy a raise
Luwaki Ow
Luwaki Ow Pred 2 meseci
dude pinoy, those edits get better and better
Elias Cotte
Elias Cotte Pred 2 meseci
Litteraly the worst player in the world and you blame the others, discusting
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