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Koro Sensei
Koro Sensei Pred mesecem
Seths name is godly
teemo main
teemo main Pred mesecem
Intro is sick!!!
LGM02 Dark Quasar - 02
LGM02 Dark Quasar - 02 Pred mesecem
2:22 first if he wasn't fat then why would he care if other people think he is fat. Second if he really isn't then why wont he lift that shirt it, probably cause he is skinny fat.
Robin Woodley
Robin Woodley Pred mesecem
Moe's head is small compared to his body
Βαγγέλης Καλ.
Βαγγέλης Καλ. Pred mesecem
Othello Ousay
Othello Ousay Pred mesecem
There's a SLpost personality that's so much more built than you and his name is KingcobraJFS. He'd have you running for the hills.
Anbu Pred mesecem
That freestyle was lit 🔥
Jacob Gilbert
Jacob Gilbert Pred mesecem
5''9''1/2 and i weight 180. But i mean, im in shape almost no fat, so weight is not a reference
Jacob Gilbert
Jacob Gilbert Pred mesecem
Akatsuya Tobichi
Akatsuya Tobichi Pred mesecem
More like "Got dissed by his own girlfriend" xD
Andito Bg Gaming
Andito Bg Gaming Pred mesecem
IDK about you but i am 1.87 and i am 100 kg you dont have to worry yourself(i am 16)
Bandkid ignxred
Bandkid ignxred Pred mesecem
2:40 i feel bad here u go take these 10$ and go buy u some more drugs
LovesBoost Pred mesecem
yo is bella english?
TheDrMilkman Pred mesecem
3:57 When you and Xerath turned around in sync
TheEinsteinV Pred mesecem
Does anybody know the music starting from 6:22? Pinoy, pretty please? :)
Hero Of Justice
Hero Of Justice Pred mesecem
honestly i dont know what it is, if its the smooth animation the "ITS SHOW TIME" but i fuckin love this intro
Giovanny Lezama
Giovanny Lezama Pred mesecem
cut ur hair
Sku11_Duggery Pred mesecem
Mom: Here comes the airplaneee Me: 1:45
Billy Staro
Billy Staro Pred mesecem
"You're built ... Built different!" 😂😂😂😂
elevro Pred mesecem
i almost liked yassuo for one second of my life for how well he took that great diss but then low and behold....
Denia Biñalon
Denia Biñalon Pred mesecem
Bella flamin but at the same time she also do be thirsty at that haram. Getchu a girl that laughs at your whining and jokes Lmao the way he pronounced NOOOO
Cosmin Lupu
Cosmin Lupu Pred mesecem
U wear L size so u can look skinny
Beng Beng
Beng Beng Pred mesecem
Look at this dude talking about confidence, u lookin like melted ice-cream with hair everywhere.
Alejandro Quispe
Alejandro Quispe Pred mesecem
2:36 I’d give you $100 and get you an interview at a local McDonald’s
Dr. ADVICE Pred mesecem
Awww he’s wearing Trick2G shirt
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor Pred mesecem
The absolute best outro music😂
OneTrickRiven Pred mesecem
Moe you should go on a vaca so ur brain can take a rest you play league like your life depends on it and overthink like ur about to open up a portal to the future just a suggestion btw
Iago Pred mesecem
He wearing a Trick 2G shirt? lol
4.9M views Pred mesecem
Rat earl in NA diamond lmao
Foaad Mohamed Fathy Ghaly
Foaad Mohamed Fathy Ghaly Pred mesecem
5'11 btw = 180cm not 178 u 5'8 that mean u average hight but u actually gragas
4.9M views Pred mesecem
Is Bella Australian or something?
Draw 42
Draw 42 Pred mesecem
I was taller than this man in 8th grade smh
sara mpiska
sara mpiska Pred mesecem
Did Moe turned into a homeless?
Leland wang
Leland wang Pred mesecem
moe is 5'7 lol
DrDog Pred mesecem
Damn that diss was better than lil pumps whole career
Wyzer Concepcion
Wyzer Concepcion Pred mesecem
Ayzhan Towz
Ayzhan Towz Pred mesecem
I'm the best yasuo. In Nigeria
Eyosahdude Pred mesecem
1:47 she was so wise
Jacob Rowledge
Jacob Rowledge Pred mesecem
Can u even play yasuo like ur trash u where 7/0 and ended up 8/6 like OMG
XxWallzxX Pred mesecem
I had a rough life and a rough past. Not perfect and still a virgin. But was a bad kid and rebellious too. Got expelled from school. Just nonsense drama. So I grew into an adult. Didn't really do much of anything at all. Pretty much everything was when I was a kid too. That is pretty much it. Bad childhood. But now am 34 years of age and not doing anything eally.. The only thing that was while I was an adult was my sister. In which we didn't do anything. Everything was literally 19 and down. That was when stuff actually did happen. So now you know. Even if this comment gets rotated or laughed at. There you go. Years 14 to 19 was pretty much it. 👍 Also while we were a kid. They came to me too. But there is still some pervert stuff though. Even if it came from both sides. That is mainly everyone. Edit: I am a good boy now. Whether people want to believe it or not. Am still a virgin too. Did bad and wasn't good choices. But am doing good right now and not the same person. I was actually wanting to find a girl to eventually get married one day. But things are different. If you wanted to know about Hororo Chan. That was pressured with a bit of control. I apologized and asked for forgiveness. I never gotten with anyone or tried to. Was really nice about it too while they all were playing with me. I just wanted to help family. That was the focus. Also body is trash. So that is a thing too. Done.
TheWeegan Pred mesecem
I love Moes "what" beat XD
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Pred mesecem
2:35 yeh scared of the body slam 👀
aziz kh
aziz kh Pred mesecem
178 cm is 5'10 in feet not 5'11
Alisha Greer
Alisha Greer Pred mesecem
moe u look like a homeless person take a bath shave your face and body and clean up ugh
ThatNobleNerd Pred mesecem
So insecure he had to go and prove hes normal lmao
Jack R
Jack R Pred mesecem
moe: you see me walking down the street you already scared with that hair, yeah i'd be scared
jordan Pred mesecem
Moe: "You see me on the street and you're already scared" Me thinking: I hope this homeless man doesn't ask me for money than try and bite me
abdullah Tarboush
abdullah Tarboush Pred mesecem
Like if agree to keep that outro always LMAO
Kaneki Pred mesecem
Get a frocking haircut
Armandas Januleviciu
Armandas Januleviciu Pred mesecem
Where is the song at 6:08 from? Reminds me of xenoblade.
Parker Pierce
Parker Pierce Pred 14 dnevi
@armandas januleviciu did you ever find out
Senpai MEO
Senpai MEO Pred mesecem
Bella: You're built Built different 😂😂
Zie Zie
Zie Zie Pred mesecem
Radostin Angelov
Radostin Angelov Pred mesecem
No one noticed his trick2g shirt LMAO (2:37)
Mathias Pred mesecem
Best Udyr cosplay I've seen, 10/10.
CJ Torres
CJ Torres Pred mesecem
Once you're 2 million sub, bella face reveal!
Mephistopheles Pred mesecem
2:40 me when i talk to children about how my childhood was
Tristy Pred mesecem
1:45 inner tfblade came out
ViiralDzn Pred mesecem
built different lmaoo
jesu lin
jesu lin Pred mesecem
moe pls get a fresh cut
The RAM Pred mesecem
Dam, he's not Gragas, he's twice as big as Gragas.
Nicklas Larsen
Nicklas Larsen Pred mesecem
Dude you look homesless no cap
Freeeza Ohohoho
Freeeza Ohohoho Pred mesecem
We are scared because you Talk arabic
King Siona
King Siona Pred mesecem
Moe is just like mybolder brother lol
AiVaRRas Pred mesecem
Is that ratirls veigar?
Engjell S
Engjell S Pred mesecem
Why only 8 Minutes?
Morten Myrgren
Morten Myrgren Pred mesecem
I'd probably start laughing if I walked past you. Cause I'm cool.
haroon iqbal
haroon iqbal Pred mesecem
Gaur Plains always be hiting hard.
Xalem99 Pred mesecem
wait I think the veigar is rat lmao
Jai Sway
Jai Sway Pred mesecem
Bro, I know you like the homeless look but can you please ... can you please .. can you please just cut the neck hair
Harry Crab
Harry Crab Pred mesecem
If you see someone has hairy as Moe walking down the street in a Trick2g shirt you gotta yell, "THATS THE DYR!!".
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Pred mesecem
Moe if I see you walking down the street I’m telling you to shave your god awful beard.
Trevor Davidson
Trevor Davidson Pred mesecem
"How broken is veigar" -Cringelord 2020
SkiilFulPoop _
SkiilFulPoop _ Pred mesecem
Wow, moe really looks homeless
ZoPlays TV
ZoPlays TV Pred mesecem
That laugh is so THICCC!!!
Y0inks Pred mesecem
remaXamer Pred mesecem
Actually quality content
jstn. Pred mesecem
Why no one is commenting how fire the diss was
TURAN Pred mesecem
Did your Barber died
Sowry_ Pred mesecem
Sett's name is epic, all my hxh homies will get it ;)
Chaztin Medroso
Chaztin Medroso Pred mesecem
Ohwww Bella rusting moe big time=-O 😂
Raj Vitela
Raj Vitela Pred mesecem
bro moe is a hairy troll now. break from league and haircut ASAP.
Aldrin Medina
Aldrin Medina Pred mesecem
Well, if i see you down the street, I'll straight up think that you're a homeless bum HAHAHAHHA
Alan Perez
Alan Perez Pred mesecem
You wear a tank because it's hot af. The dude could be wearing a stringer.
ong weijie
ong weijie Pred mesecem
Whats the beat on the diss ?
Luke Higgins
Luke Higgins Pred mesecem
What's the song when he starts playing?
SuchAntony Pred mesecem
The diss kinda fire tho
M.L. Nijhuis
M.L. Nijhuis Pred mesecem
i mean ur early game is rock fire with kha then u always fk up your kda mid- late game Stop that it hurts to see the throw u cant help by dying just go ham
M.L. Nijhuis
M.L. Nijhuis Pred mesecem
moe stop die for helping team ur kda can be so much better u always go ham with kha the nu inting cause of team ... xD
Unknown Username
Unknown Username Pred mesecem
Anyone post the lyrics of the diss for free likes
Aniruddha K.S
Aniruddha K.S Pred mesecem
Moe is soo Insecure that he has to prove he is taller than the average height.
M.L. Nijhuis
M.L. Nijhuis Pred mesecem
epic rapp game tho that viewer xD Moe got Dissed in every inch of the room
yuval Pred mesecem
Moe could easily counter all those roasts by just one word that happens to be starting with N
Everlasting Pred mesecem
Rafael Umeda
Rafael Umeda Pred mesecem
Pinoy just got some great music for moe's ints.
kevin方格承三 Pred mesecem
momo omar
momo omar Pred mesecem
can you shower?
AxtAnime Pred mesecem
I gotta say he was spitting bars
Federico Zen
Federico Zen Pred mesecem
This guy Is a Legend
Dark Olaf
Dark Olaf Pred mesecem
6:38 isle of eth, only rogue lineage players know....
MudLee Pred mesecem
aaabbb ccc
aaabbb ccc Pred mesecem
Tommy soccer returns
Mazshu Pred mesecem
Pinoy carrying the fcking channel again
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