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Music (in order of appearance) -
Intro - Bonetrousle (Undertale OST)
Royal Days (Persona 5 Royal OST)
The Valkyrie (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)
The Turks: Reno (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)
Respite and Sunlight (Fire Emblem Three Houses OST)
Let The Battles Begin! (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)
Rufus Shinra (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)
Outro - Hollow Skies (Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST)
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FotoDaGamer Pred 4 meseci
Hey dude I’m eating
Max Pred 4 meseci
Irvin Walas
Irvin Walas Pred 4 meseci
You look like Fredy, hot but really gay
Natural Apple
Natural Apple Pred 4 meseci
Who's that dog? The brown one?
Jimboone Hallo
Jimboone Hallo Pred 4 meseci
Great editig 👍🏼 gj pinoy
Rain Pred 4 meseci
Love the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack in this vid!! Nc work Pinoy!!
Jan Klůz
Jan Klůz Pred 4 meseci
any kind soul would tell me the intro song name please?
Grofen143 Pred 4 meseci
melo chimpy
Captaiη Pred 4 meseci
My therapist: Dr. disrespect's brother isn't real he can't hurt you. 09:18
Stranger Z
Stranger Z Pred 4 meseci
dude more of the arabic LoL pls
Yusuf Altunel
Yusuf Altunel Pred 4 meseci
1:25 measahllah chimpna bismillah bismillah
ArtiXx4You Pred 4 meseci
5:24 u r literally becoming nb3
jacky sun
jacky sun Pred 4 meseci
ahmed essam
ahmed essam Pred 4 meseci
He look like Pablo Escobar
GraysonPlays !
GraysonPlays ! Pred 4 meseci
Moe looking like a Mall Cop lol
YourLuckIsOver Pred 4 meseci
I , Gragas have a dream...
Boiii !!!
Boiii !!! Pred 4 meseci
Why you look like tyler1 draven cosplay
Riel Pred 4 meseci
Uncle MOE
bogii Pred 4 meseci
is this actually MOE i didn't wached him like 1 year hahaha
SirNicholas Pred 4 meseci
4:15 Guys how do you make this mastery emote smaller anyone knows??
9:13: paplo Escobar FTW
Corey King
Corey King Pred 4 meseci
To be fair, GP coulda just tilted and inted more playing that far behind. Instead he still kept a good attitude, and communicated what was going on.
Ghostx Pred 4 meseci
Moe out here lookin like Jim Hopper from stranger things
Goldace Pred 4 meseci
Dogs eat their own feces as instinct because in the wild they do it to cover up their tracks and scent so they think dont get hunted down
A Normal Platypus
A Normal Platypus Pred 4 meseci
9:19 I would hide my kid if I see that on the street XD
HolyRare Pred 4 meseci
polo g def top 5 rn whats that bum talkin about
Blasted™ Pred 4 meseci
u look like my habibi
a c
a c Pred 4 meseci
I see pinoy is also enjoying the ff7 remake ost
Youssef El Adawy
Youssef El Adawy Pred 4 meseci
Talon users any tips for talon ;-;
Youssef El Adawy
Youssef El Adawy Pred 4 meseci
Cuz u know i am using talon and i wanna master him btw for a beginner i think i am playing talon well
Nick Pred 4 meseci
If I saw him on the streets with those glasses I would think he is not allowed within 100 feet of an Elementary school
sanji vinsmoke
sanji vinsmoke Pred 4 meseci
Lmao bacca fixing his mic I love it
Tomaž Kurent
Tomaž Kurent Pred 4 meseci
if i would see him like this in public i d be scared for the kids
Joy Pred 4 meseci
dogs will eat their own poop when they don't have enough nutrients that they need - especially puppies. should maybe switch his food
Milan Snoek
Milan Snoek Pred 4 meseci
moe looks like dr disrespect now xD
Earl Joseph Lee
Earl Joseph Lee Pred 4 meseci
I am a Moelester (What yasuo calls his followers/subscribers) but dang Tyler is better than him
mouhaned daly
mouhaned daly Pred 4 meseci
7:20 moe chat WALLAHI iLove u man
ruben kristiansen
ruben kristiansen Pred 4 meseci
mellow dont like his food
Драгомил Койчев
Драгомил Койчев Pred 4 meseci
Yassuo d1 tyler chalanger as an jungler....
Iwwi of the mist First
Iwwi of the mist First Pred 4 meseci
Moe bro if ure gonna leave that mustasch please get some hair too under ure chin ;)
Bichr Salhi
Bichr Salhi Pred 4 meseci
Gianmarco Soriano
Gianmarco Soriano Pred 4 meseci
Did u like FF VII remake Pinoy?
Beniamin Stefan
Beniamin Stefan Pred 4 meseci
virgin mustache
Antony Chen
Antony Chen Pred 4 meseci
you look like some sort of drug dealer
Anonymous Pred 4 meseci
After all this time watching your vids, I realized I wasn't subscribed. Sorry man.
Stephen Shouppe
Stephen Shouppe Pred 4 meseci
I'm just here for the P5 background music lol
pooya arsalany
pooya arsalany Pred 4 meseci
i miss the inting music :(
5KURT _ Pred 4 meseci
The gragas had me deaaaad dead from 13:53 to 14:24 lmaooo what a inter
Xzqwerty2324zX Pred 4 meseci
Brni Stivenson
Brni Stivenson Pred 4 meseci
I like that Ron Jeremy style keep it up moe
Damen Hackman
Damen Hackman Pred 4 meseci
When do we getta seen Pinoy?
fkrj dkdir
fkrj dkdir Pred 4 meseci
Spanish Moe best Moe
Forcast Magic
Forcast Magic Pred 4 meseci
Just dropped a new video trying to copy fed
Forcast Magic
Forcast Magic Pred 4 meseci
lol i mean Pinoy :DD
Mustafa Karacay
Mustafa Karacay Pred 4 meseci
Dieaz Pred 4 meseci
Dogs sometimes eat their own poop when their bodys are not getting the right nutrient, if he keeps doing this you should try changing his food brand.
Twinkleshy Pred 4 meseci
Why Moe look like a broke Pablo Escobar
Lachica, Frenz Rolan S. STEM
Lachica, Frenz Rolan S. STEM Pred 4 meseci
9:22 I thought you were Dr DisRespect
joseph adrias
joseph adrias Pred 4 meseci
What Does “PINOY” means on Moe’s intro?
SaikoNoHero 1
SaikoNoHero 1 Pred 4 meseci
it's his editor's name, he's also got a youtube channel with the same name "pinoy"
The Big Challenges
The Big Challenges Pred 4 meseci
Yasuo arabic?
Faseegh Marcus
Faseegh Marcus Pred 4 meseci
Challenger, Former #1 Yasuo, does a road to masters?
loh kj
loh kj Pred 4 meseci
The reason u stay in d1 is bcuz u suck just like nightblue, or maybe even worse
Ezra Pred 4 meseci
Hey Yassuo (or Pinoy rather) at 5:00 in the video when moe is talking about Mellow eating his own faeces, that could be because Mellow thinks doing his business (maybe in the house or anywhere that he's not used to) will get him scolded. He thinks poo is bad, so he tries to clean it up by eating it. I'm not an expert but I've had dogs all my life and sometimes they eat their own vomit/feces/urine because they feel bad they made a mess. All you gotta do is give him a grit pad or just take him outside and praise him (by using treats) when he does it in a place you want him to. Let me know if you've told Yassuo my man I'd love to know to be helpful :D
SuperSaiyaman3 Pred 4 meseci
5:07 dogs do eat poo tho
Nick Caudill
Nick Caudill Pred 4 meseci
the cannon minion lmfaooooooo
ItsYaBoi397 Pred 4 meseci
You look like that gay fortnite streamer with the red vest and the sun glasses
Deo Univers
Deo Univers Pred 4 meseci
NB3 is there, because he has no firends
Sibila Geladze
Sibila Geladze Pred 4 meseci
i destrid my grendmas ipon im fack
ArctisSky Pred 4 meseci
Skirmisher's Sabre: Warrior
Skirmisher's Sabre: Warrior Pred 4 meseci
if i saw him in the streets ill ask for a kebab no ketchup and pickles
sniperdrag boss
sniperdrag boss Pred 4 meseci
Damn, my man playing with the mafia boss as jg
AVFlip Pred 4 meseci
Your dogs food is going threw him too fast and its not keeping everything it needs. So it's eating the poop because the rest of it is still there
Mikkel Mølgaard
Mikkel Mølgaard Pred 4 meseci
"Knocked up by Kayn", didn't know you were pregnant, Moe
Aggeloszaxa Pred 4 meseci
what mic is he using
Acroels Rhythm
Acroels Rhythm Pred 4 meseci
Yow legit Moe looking like drdisrespect to be honest, you feel me?
edward chelaru
edward chelaru Pred 4 meseci
4:54 wink wink
Mc Abhel Valerio
Mc Abhel Valerio Pred 4 meseci
You look like the killer off The Lovely Bones.. 😂 😂
Chris Chen
Chris Chen Pred 4 meseci
14:33 pretty sure that was your nado unless jannas crit for 236 physical damage
Dimitar Jakimovski
Dimitar Jakimovski Pred 4 meseci
Hey you lost to Nighblue in his stream playing Zoe, btw awful mustache grow the musty with the beard you look much more good with the beard
EvilCarlos Pred 4 meseci
I missed the days when his content was inting.
Thunder Gaming
Thunder Gaming Pred 4 meseci
Dog eat their poop cause they are curius ahhaha
Firas Djebbi
Firas Djebbi Pred 4 meseci
He ate his own poop because he was scared of you to notice it. You ve Probably hit him once for it
Trofim G.
Trofim G. Pred 4 meseci
El Moe Pablo mustachio xD
Steven Cheung
Steven Cheung Pred 4 meseci
I mean some dogs have their fetish?
AmericanVenom Pred 4 meseci
9:20 Dr disrespect is that you?
thanasis 123
thanasis 123 Pred 4 meseci
yoooo yasuooooo dogs eat their own sh**t so the keep their place clean dont blame him he is helping !!!
Kiel Clarke
Kiel Clarke Pred 4 meseci
They eat their own poop when their food isn't giving them enough nutrients. So the nutrients they should have gotten is in their poo. Maybe look at the type of food you're giving him and try not to give him any food with fake or bootleg meat.
J V Pred 4 meseci
Moescobar isn't real he can't hurt you
Uchiha Zed
Uchiha Zed Pred 4 meseci
Moe looking like DrDisrespect with those glasses on lmao
aziz yosri
aziz yosri Pred 4 meseci
nightblue is grandmaster now tho
Gute1408 Pred 4 meseci
9:20 my man u looks like Freddie Mercury
zBluee Pred 4 meseci
That hurts as a rakan main .
anti spedicey
anti spedicey Pred 4 meseci
No cure for fools such as yassuo who dont show mellow at the start of video D:
nemec1 Pred 4 meseci
If Moe actually thinks he is alpha he is delusional as hell xd Calling a girl something like slave would alpha man never do...
-ナScraff Pred 4 meseci
Can you say "Siema, JD" in your next video?
Ömer Dönmez
Ömer Dönmez Pred 4 meseci
Your room looks cleaned since u have a gf.
Puhcho e puhcav
Puhcho e puhcav Pred 4 meseci
9:48 Gragas name xD(only jojo fans will understand)
john Pred 4 meseci
So are yassuo and trick homies or no?
xFreaker Pred 4 meseci
Dont you guys see a patern? Everytime he wins his lane without any troubles is only when his jungler camps his lane whole day, then he snowballs and kills everyone, and when jungler dont, all of us have seen moe rage compilation 😁
xeno giannis
xeno giannis Pred 4 meseci
Lol he looks like Chick Hicks
ItzFlareBoy Pred 4 meseci
4:50 bro, i was eating ;'(
sebastian campos
sebastian campos Pred 4 meseci
Hahahahahahaha wtf is that moustach. I dont see his videos in a long time and now is a mariachi hahaha
Petar Grašo - Neće nas zauvik bit (Official Music Video)
Petar Grašo - Neće nas zauvik bit (Official Music Video)
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