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Music (in order of appearance) -
Intro - Let The Battles Begin! (Final Fantasy 7 OST)
It's the Questions (ChiefTaza)
This Mysterious Feeling (Persona 3 OST)
Task Force Computer (Astral Chain OST)
Tartarus_0d06 (Persona 3 OST)
Fog Beast Battle (Xenoblade Chronicles: FC OST)
Time to Fight! (Xenoblade Chronicles: DE OST)
Overworld [Combat] (Cadence of Hyrule OST)
Outro - Pasta (FATAL FURY 2 OST)
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UnknownAccount Pred 3 meseci
Why is B.O.R.K and Death's Dance good on Yasuo?
Pierce Rose
Pierce Rose Pred 3 meseci
I appreciate so much that you put the music in the description I legit recognized the persona 3 and I was like let me double check and it made me so happy I haven’t played it in years
MeduZa Pred 3 meseci
My man legitimately cannot read
mEGUMONOGATARI562 Pred 3 meseci
the most annyoing thing about yasuo is his shield
Harker83 Pred 4 meseci
remove windwall
Christian Coates
Christian Coates Pred 4 meseci
Corben Celliers
Corben Celliers Pred 4 meseci
yas saying" I HAD 75 PING" me who plays 200-300 ms every game: .....
Corben Celliers
Corben Celliers Pred 4 meseci
cant read xD
BELIEVE VEVO Pred 4 meseci
guys plz save my life what is the name of the songs at 9:30 and 12:08
Col. Hans Landa
Col. Hans Landa Pred 4 meseci
Feels like it should be a champ where it falls off hard mid game scales way too good
Rosal Pred 4 meseci
Is Yassuo ans Bella A Thing?
Karol Kulczyński
Karol Kulczyński Pred 4 meseci
yo i watch ur videos and streams for like a year and a half but i never played yasuo so i tried and got lvl 7 on 29k mastery
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz Pred 4 meseci
why is he yelling
Master Frax
Master Frax Pred 4 meseci
Best Nerf for yasuo? Give him Mana
Vincent Gunawan
Vincent Gunawan Pred 4 meseci
Cant read LULW
Cameron Manery
Cameron Manery Pred 4 meseci
I feel like nb3 used to be so much better as a person and player a few years ago
Jooosh Eruve
Jooosh Eruve Pred 4 meseci
Mans was having a stroke
Xerodight Pred 4 meseci
Riot nerfs: slaps extra CD Riot Buff: Rounding numbers
Schmidty Pred 4 meseci
You already did, you didn't spell your name right.
UnlivedDisc03 Pred 4 meseci
cant read and started saying dud really fast... Slowly but surely you are becoming xqc, the god of pepegas
xThybris Pred 4 meseci
you read like a 4 year old xD
Zan Pred 4 meseci
HAHAH platnum adc nice pinoy
ViiralDzn Pred 4 meseci
cant read LOL
DaSilva Morata
DaSilva Morata Pred 4 meseci
”Ill give you thousands of dollars” - oh thank you, have this hoodie and water bottle 😂 Jk i know it’s a charity but i found it funny
Codeattack Pred 4 meseci
Moe looks like that third grader that the teacher asked to read outloud
Olick Pred 4 meseci
Ik nobody peep the summoner name inv for URF at 13:11 😂😂😂 moe delete that jawn rq
Mauve Pred 4 meseci
go to school man...
Mauve Pred 4 meseci
go to school man...
IYosefxhero Pred 4 meseci
you arent getting challenger on adc trust me.. even adc mains cant that this season
Parth Gadhavi
Parth Gadhavi Pred 4 meseci
poor guy getting trolled by us and Pinoy every time
Eruption Lp
Eruption Lp Pred 4 meseci
I think a rework on his passiv would be good, because he is reducing so much dmg in total. Yasuos passiv would be his tornado, that will be increased with range and dmg over time or by kills
RandomYTComments Pred 4 meseci
How did this lil thing with yas and nb3 start?
D̷I̷V̷I̷N̷E̷ S̷W̷O̷R̷D̷
D̷I̷V̷I̷N̷E̷ S̷W̷O̷R̷D̷ Pred 4 meseci
Roses are red Violets are blue Moe says How would I nerf yasuo?
xAndrei26 Pred 4 meseci
johnny elkins
johnny elkins Pred 4 meseci
I was kinda hoping the whole video would be him explaining what he would do for nerfs to Yasuo and why also why he disagreed with the nerfs Riot wanted to do
rentor11 Pred 4 meseci
Anyone else saw how Yassuo removed the video that he just posted about NightBlue?
AlpineM3 Pred 4 meseci
Moe looks like Zayn Malik LOOOL
Cloud Ie
Cloud Ie Pred 4 meseci
Is it me or did his new video get deleted?
Reaper S
Reaper S Pred 4 meseci
DId he delete the video with nightblue and him smacking him?
Mahmoud Said
Mahmoud Said Pred 4 meseci
Lol nightblue3 copyright you he is so mad
tset Pred 4 meseci
Loool new video deleted because of edit fail
Jasper Österlund
Jasper Österlund Pred 4 meseci
Yo pinoy why did you take down todays nb3 video?
Karam Mustafa
Karam Mustafa Pred 4 meseci
I have the exact same question
Halotic Pred 4 meseci
Not gonna lie i used to really like NB3 eventhough he was annoyin and i didnt know what he looked like. Honestly now that i know he is super short, annoyin, bad at the game, and hated on that one guy for no reason....was he a shaco or teemo player? Either way after all that i stopped watching/supporting him all together. Oh and bro!! HAHAHA i have never laughed soo much from an unboxing b4!!! I know you can read and make sick plays how you did at the end of the vid, but when are you gonna make me your student so i can be #2 Yas NA?
OP Ubiec
OP Ubiec Pred 4 meseci
shave please you are so ugly
Raid Pred 4 meseci
*finishes kissing* Bella: can i sit on ur lap? Moe: no Bella: why? Moe: 5:49
márkathabest Pred 4 meseci
What build you playing with yasuo yassuo?
BOTIT GAMING Pred 4 meseci
Men I just want to be like mo men . I want to be a famous streamer men but I don't have subscriber men
BOTIT GAMING Pred 4 meseci
MEN , this is my idol man I'm from Philippines man YASOU men love you I dil
Βαγγελης Μπατζιομητρος
Βαγγελης Μπατζιομητρος Pred 4 meseci
If i had to nerf yas i think the best think that you have to nerf is the armor pen from ult to go to 40 % or 35% the other things i think that are balanced
Bluey GB gamer
Bluey GB gamer Pred 4 meseci
As a adc main that positioning though ahh make my brain split
RHAAST Pred 4 meseci
Ben türküm Lars izlerim
Joszef Ramos
Joszef Ramos Pred 4 meseci
With every day that passes by, he is slowly becoming more and more like Tyler.
Dương Nguyễn
Dương Nguyễn Pred 4 meseci
i think the reason riot nerf yasuo that is the player vietnam
Miguel Ackerman
Miguel Ackerman Pred 4 meseci
The old moe inting music is back again GJ Pinoy
CoolSlayerMasterLegend Pred 4 meseci
Riot nerfed Yasuo so hard that M0e Can't Read anymore Pepelaugh 5:22
kiik rosperk
kiik rosperk Pred 4 meseci
Emil Ivanov
Emil Ivanov Pred 4 meseci
Yo @Pinoy please switch up the music i am dying.
Itz Shecho
Itz Shecho Pred 4 meseci
Look at his eye at 4:44 bruhhh
badr abdo
badr abdo Pred 4 meseci
For some reason moe's stupid mods banned me from his twitch chat which i never typed anything in it! KekW
Themis Demertzioglou
Themis Demertzioglou Pred 4 meseci
11:40-Naruto Yasuo mode: ON
Radiant Blue
Radiant Blue Pred 4 meseci
Are we gonna talk about that urf inv at the end 🧐
Pablo Jeria
Pablo Jeria Pred 4 meseci
3:00 free flame pass lmao
fakeangel Pred 4 meseci
They should do a thing where the crit part of his passive only activates when he has no shield passive
saud b
saud b Pred 4 meseci
dont nerf yasuo , just delete him from the game
Nathaniel Barnum
Nathaniel Barnum Pred 4 meseci
He sounds like my little cousin reading a picture book
Melbourne Pred 4 meseci
Love the p3 music. :]
Jorrell Coleman
Jorrell Coleman Pred 4 meseci
You would double your stream viewership by just reading all stream 😂😂😂
Yoroichi19 Pred 4 meseci
Ηate the edit without game sounds,haaaapfthoo
Lazlar Pred 4 meseci
I just got flashbacks of waiting for the one kid in class to finish his paragraph of shared out loud reading but he's such an underdeveloped reader that he stutters and has to go back on sentences and you can feel everyone's anticipation in the air just waiting for the next reader. Much love Moe ur still the goat
Meta Breaker
Meta Breaker Pred 4 meseci
remove the crit passive and we all good
Buster988 Pred 4 meseci
I think a good nerf would be making it so when the windwall isnt visable it cant block stuff. Like it disapears and its completely gone but it can still be blocking stuff
SuperSaiyaman3 Pred 4 meseci
the moe x tyler1 comic had me in tears XD
Kosakowski_TV Pred 4 meseci
Nice video im new in your Chanel im too main yasuo main but im not Good yasuo. I have A question can you give me A heart ? Ps.sry for my English xd
Robert H
Robert H Pred 4 meseci
I play Yas and I've always been kinda partial to the idea of a W rework instead of number changes. Give it 2 charges that last 1(or less? .5? .75?) second each on a 15 - 10 ish second cooldown, and make the wall not increase in size. Adds more skill/outplay while getting less Windwall time and area. Would require more split second decision making while not feeling oppressive to adcs/ranged mages. JS.
Unforgiven Asian Kid
Unforgiven Asian Kid Pred 4 meseci
ello how to make good quality yasuo videos?
Daniel Shih
Daniel Shih Pred 4 meseci
ok the music is usually fire but this video it was absolutely poppin thank you pinoy
Unforgiven Asian Kid
Unforgiven Asian Kid Pred 4 meseci
yasuo should never be reworked my personal opinion as 3 mil yasuo mp
Random Person
Random Person Pred 4 meseci
In my opinion they should make wind wall disappear faster
Jakub Gurgul
Jakub Gurgul Pred 4 meseci
Alicopter carried so hard lol
Christopher Khan
Christopher Khan Pred 4 meseci
Moe look like he wanted to cry when Bella said "You deserve it" when Moe said he gets alot of hate
fallen_2120 Pred 4 meseci
This man cant read lmao
jojo fit
jojo fit Pred 4 meseci
Denis Birsasteanu
Denis Birsasteanu Pred 4 meseci
oh no my toes... i cant read
monki d. flip
monki d. flip Pred 4 meseci
Pinoy's Editing: 99% Moe's content: 1%
Sparky52 Pred 4 meseci
4:07 Yassuo listening to some maroon 5?!
MiRaXLe -
MiRaXLe - Pred 4 meseci
Samwel Tan
Samwel Tan Pred 4 meseci
Pinoy, did you see the comic? 😂😂😂😂
Ènvious Grèèd
Ènvious Grèèd Pred 4 meseci
Moe gay??!!!
fuko Pred 4 meseci
2:44 now you're just talking about yourself bro.
Omar Nabulsi
Omar Nabulsi Pred 4 meseci
did u just complain about 75 ping ?? 8:33 really ? my lowest ping possible is 89, average is 98 - 120 like really ???!!
spare mobius
spare mobius Pred 4 meseci
Okay, unpopular opinion here, and first off no, I do not play yasuo and yes I hate to fight him. I don't think he is that op with the exception of 1 thing, but his skills are fine, if you have skill you are good, if you suck with his mechanics, well lets just say it shows pretty easily. The one thing I feel would balance him is if they nerf his passive, I get it the crit is his thing, but the ability to get 100% crit in 2 items is insane and leads to too much snowball if you do even slightly well early. I think instead of 2X crit his passive should be based on game time, I think a straight 5% crit starting out and going up to 15% at 10 mins 25% at 25 mins would be fine. It still means you can skip out on 1 item and have 100% crit but it isn't going to be so overwhelming early game. I get this would be a bit of a nerf, so perhaps remove the -crit damage downside or just lessen the penalty. I dont want the guy to be completely neutered, even though I hate his very being and perma ban him every single game, I just want to see him banned less and not feel like I have to ban him every time or face the wrath of a category 5 hurricane coming out of mid lane if we are unlucky enough to find even a slightly skilled yasuo against us. He is still going to be a monster if played well, but you have a bit longer of a chance to turn the tide from early mistakes before that slight breeze turns into a deadly storm.
Young Huynh
Young Huynh Pred 4 meseci
Fear Pred 4 meseci
"I can read"
H ĀMDĪ Pred 4 meseci
blames dying on ping 8:32 i play with 250 ping
iBadAtNames Pred 4 meseci
anyone know what editing software pinoy uses?
Ke Liang
Ke Liang Pred 4 meseci
M0E: +22 huuuuuuge Me: *Winning is better than losing LP*
Usman Wahab
Usman Wahab Pred 4 meseci
3:04 that's just straight up disrespectful dude..... Idc what u say in her defense but she's always just straight up disrespectful towards him always in his streams.... I actually think she's one of them diggers man.... And u can see in Moe's expressions aswell, he doesn't appreciate those remarks one bit, it's not even banter just disrespectful....
Usman Wahab
Usman Wahab Pred 4 meseci
@Felix Palmberg yes, cuz sanch's a homie and they do keep bantering and even moe enjoys it ... In this case he CLEARLY doesnt enjoy that.. and in his previous vid too where she called him a dog. Boy clearly was not amused by the disrespect ....
Felix Palmberg
Felix Palmberg Pred 4 meseci
Are you actually serious right now... If sanchovies would’ve said that everyone would’ve just laughed. You are taking it way to seriously
Santi Pred 4 meseci
That Yasuo nerf is so stupid honestly, mid Yasuo is fine, adc Yasuo is the problem, so nerf his W duration to like 1s lvl 1 and make it scale its duration with lvls so it's 1s lvl 1, 2s lvl 2 and so on till 5s lvl 5.
johxny Pred 4 meseci
nerf yasuo without playing him
Kanzaki AKA さく
Kanzaki AKA さく Pred 4 meseci
Insane Intro
TiimTerminator Pred 4 meseci
why does his camera look so scuffed now
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