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Bleh Train
Bleh Train Pred mesecem
6:50 Me thinking about my ex
Ian Skrivarnik
Ian Skrivarnik Pred mesecem
Shaclone kinda smurfed on you kappa
Joshua Brofford
Joshua Brofford Pred 2 meseci
Music too loud at 4:20
Andreas Tverderoy
Andreas Tverderoy Pred 2 meseci
1:10 your friends are dummies, season 4 is the best one for sure
Skakutavi Skocko
Skakutavi Skocko Pred 2 meseci
Now cuz of u everyone plays Yone jg and ends with 0/10, thanks Moe
MJ's Adventure
MJ's Adventure Pred 2 meseci
To uplift your spiritual life please check Digital Ministry Channel for more inspirational video. Thank you!
Lumimarc Pred 2 meseci
"Jugl main"
Server Yasuo
Server Yasuo Pred 2 meseci
7:08 thats what your first girlfriend ever said to you
Rıdvan Bilgiç
Rıdvan Bilgiç Pred 2 meseci
Yeah. It's never your fault. Ever.
Just JC Will Do
Just JC Will Do Pred 2 meseci
I miss the inting music
Jerone57 Pred 2 meseci
can someone tell me why that meta knight music isn't copyrighted on this video? Because it's from super smash bros brawl? EXPLAIN PLEASE
Marco Cardoso
Marco Cardoso Pred 2 meseci
music is 2 high on volume just sayinn
Roby Pred 2 meseci
Keanu Mananquil
Keanu Mananquil Pred 2 meseci
why does he have a pinoy word intro
Gallon of Blood
Gallon of Blood Pred 2 meseci
posting a youtube video of 2 back to back losses no redemption. Legend.
Moaz Mohamed
Moaz Mohamed Pred 2 meseci
Big boob yone
Fed7 Pred 2 meseci
jngle main yh right 🙃
Seba Crisol
Seba Crisol Pred 2 meseci
turn down the music a little bit please
Zylch Pred 2 meseci
PurpleBunny737 Pred 2 meseci
Homeless man trying to play yone
Marko Karaica
Marko Karaica Pred 2 meseci
Jungle main hahahaah
JustJ4n Pred 2 meseci
Song Name at min 4:00?
hey its me pengu
hey its me pengu Pred 2 meseci
Watching him play yone is cringe
Blood Pred 2 meseci
you talk about my man hero killer stain? bruv he is A KING!
Vinumzo Pred 2 meseci
“His neck doesn’t walk like it used to”
Alican Temel
Alican Temel Pred 2 meseci
UnstoppableCarry better than you
moms nuts
moms nuts Pred 2 meseci
lol mha s4 is nice
RoleyRxeh Pred 2 meseci
Your homie big capped about my hero.
Amr Ashraf
Amr Ashraf Pred 2 meseci
Did they change his walk animation?
_Srgg0s_ Pred 2 meseci
Luke Chu
Luke Chu Pred 2 meseci
Pinoy really love the legend of heroes series
hamilton moronta
hamilton moronta Pred 2 meseci
This is what to be famous looks like, he uploaded 2 loosing games and got 250k views already, try to do that yourself and let me know how it goes.
Slivko Station
Slivko Station Pred 2 meseci
Buce Jose Delmo Jr
Buce Jose Delmo Jr Pred 2 meseci
Are you pinoy?
Vakaris . . .
Vakaris . . . Pred 2 meseci
How do u make a favorite skin in league like the golden medal ik how to do it on champs but how do u make it on skins
Szymon Ś
Szymon Ś Pred 2 meseci
Why is the title jungle main? You are playing this for few months and call yourself a main smh these youtubers clickbaiting
Blaine Severson
Blaine Severson Pred 2 meseci
Now you can name change to Yonne
Rajiv Konsam
Rajiv Konsam Pred 2 meseci
*Int music starts* Me : Something's wrong, i can feel it
Pickle .L
Pickle .L Pred 2 meseci
Yassuo looks like the dude from wii boxing
Pørò Pòrø
Pørò Pòrø Pred 2 meseci
Jungle main or Jungle Living
Jon G
Jon G Pred 2 meseci
“Not that I won’t trust it.... I just won’t believe it...” yeah, those are different
StevieGee Pred 2 meseci
cheers pinoy for smt
gstee Pred 2 meseci
Ah yes another 10 death power spike champ
BJ Obera
BJ Obera Pred 2 meseci
where's bella?
Stepping On Legos
Stepping On Legos Pred 2 meseci
Hey moe I actually do have the ability to set you up with Faker if you ever come over to Korea; it sounds like a fun combo event; if you are interested HMU
yusof steady.01
yusof steady.01 Pred 2 meseci
You better get a shave moe you look like a stranger man hahah
Simone Hofmann
Simone Hofmann Pred 2 meseci
What happened to Bella? Are they still a thing?
Kostas Tsigris
Kostas Tsigris Pred 2 meseci
Jungle kekw main
TheBronzeCorner Pred 2 meseci
I don't know how that dog Mellow was so cute as a puppy and not is just ugly. Well, I guess what they say when dogs look like their owners are true.
XERZOK Pred 2 meseci
He already played yone before tho
Zeki Özdemir
Zeki Özdemir Pred 2 meseci
Who tf said they killed the anime. Hero ac. is going pretty good right now...
Fisos the legend
Fisos the legend Pred 2 meseci
Reminds me of trick2g tryhard
Đorđe Kovačević
Đorđe Kovačević Pred 2 meseci
"Jungle main abuses 8 minute mark"
Caleb Pred 2 meseci
Your senpai
Your senpai Pred 2 meseci
Best yone NA😝
Dylan Pred 2 meseci
There isn't enough dog content they're both so cute
pdsuperchico zlFAlz
pdsuperchico zlFAlz Pred 2 meseci
6:45 Q morgana bug?
Ugandan Jamal
Ugandan Jamal Pred 2 meseci
Jungle main.....? what
Jerzy Luciano
Jerzy Luciano Pred 2 meseci
Lethality yone much better
Flimsly Ape
Flimsly Ape Pred 2 meseci
Me: Yaw-Nay Boosted ape: Yawn~
Ammaar Murshid
Ammaar Murshid Pred 2 meseci
My hero season 4 is rly good but it starts off really slow also the new movie is soo good.
Himou Pred 2 meseci
jungle main btw
miodrag ljujic
miodrag ljujic Pred 2 meseci
Bro whats that hair u need haircut u look like homeless man
Brent Mirabel
Brent Mirabel Pred 2 meseci
Moe looks like a first class caveman
Jerrick de Jesus
Jerrick de Jesus Pred 2 meseci
Yes it was stain (hero killer)
Enigmafiresup Pred 2 meseci
Damn Yonne really is my favorite SLpostr
Keylem Pred 2 meseci
Nico Gamez
Nico Gamez Pred 2 meseci
Losing with Yone...jesus moe the champ is broken
Lotos90 Pred 2 meseci
Lotos90 Pred 2 meseci
Im só m5 hoje
ByKross8 Pred 2 meseci
Yone has a good kit for real
SiNiSTeR MiNDS Pred 2 meseci
They ruined my hero? Hell no your friends might be delusional season 4 was great
TudorGhitzaa Pred 2 meseci
Moe not jgl main academia
gro nk
gro nk Pred 2 meseci
Jaber Ahmad
Jaber Ahmad Pred 2 meseci
What happened to your hair ?
Hitoha Hongo
Hitoha Hongo Pred 2 meseci
4:32 jesus christ i thought it was my dad i almost died of a heart attack
Max Wolf
Max Wolf Pred 2 meseci
No yone looks like ichigo from bleach
Pyke Pred 2 meseci
Doing jungle challenge for month :jungle main try yone😲😲
lynk fruit
lynk fruit Pred 2 meseci
the recent season (s4) for mha is really good what are you even talking about, s3 was p bad on its second half
Nils Mayerhoff
Nils Mayerhoff Pred 2 meseci
Did he upload this video twice our do i have brain lags?
Lovro Kuhar
Lovro Kuhar Pred 2 meseci
I love it how the video is immediately only 8 minutes long instead of 10 because of the changes youtube made XD
manos sarris
manos sarris Pred 2 meseci
Coach noe made me play yasuo and yone
Redest Pred 2 meseci
Why fcking 8mins videos wtf????
Zarez Pred 2 meseci
I hate when he calls himself a jungle main when he is using jungle for a challenge and not even a full season
Xx DarknezZ xX
Xx DarknezZ xX Pred 2 meseci
he should change his name bcs he is no more playing yasuo
Dark Prince
Dark Prince Pred 2 meseci
one of the most fun champions in a while
Arness Pred 2 meseci
Wtf is this champion... Cancer X3 than Yasuo
Richard Warmington
Richard Warmington Pred 2 meseci
Does his E escape from cc?
Benjamin Lunden
Benjamin Lunden Pred 2 meseci
MHA is scailing
Masks Pred 2 meseci
Why don't u js go yone jg
GU4RDIANN Pred 2 meseci
This music is horrible
Berardo Sinani
Berardo Sinani Pred 2 meseci
Hero killer stain true
Severin Pred 2 meseci
"Jungle Main"?😂
zandrad Pred 2 meseci
Jungle main:i’ve been playing yasuo for 6 years thats why yone is easy for me
BloodHubter 01
BloodHubter 01 Pred 2 meseci
what breed of melon
Bromatick Pred 2 meseci
moe needs conqueror
G.A.C Pred 2 meseci
What's the bgm song
Anthony Minut
Anthony Minut Pred 2 meseci
His AA feels slow because of the animation. You can actually cancel the animation if you just click aside (Something like Rivens animation cancel when using Q).
David Brown
David Brown Pred 2 meseci
Yone is busted and easy
R G Pred 2 meseci
Moe’ s yone is balanced
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