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Florencia Rojas
Florencia Rojas Pred 19 urami
PawN S
PawN S Pred 11 dnevi
Is there a way to mute Pants Are Dragon from the video?
Alexej Djatschkow
Alexej Djatschkow Pred 11 dnevi
Komplett unsympathisch
d7ombino /\ دحومبينو
d7ombino /\ دحومبينو Pred 23 dnevi
For real moe just ignored 99% of what pants said😂
Dishonored Pred 29 dnevi
This was hard to watch. Moe is too delusional in this video. He's literally ignoring everything and blaming his mid.
TheRMJQandA Pred mesecem
When you gotta get coached to try not to lose to t1s team
Gre3dtumen **
Gre3dtumen ** Pred mesecem
moe listen moe listen to pants
Adrian Bautista
Adrian Bautista Pred mesecem
Best of TikTok
Best of TikTok Pred mesecem
dont know why i have almost zero viewersoneverymyvedio on my channelmy channel is lost in in the ocean☹️
PSYONIX Pred mesecem
I’m new and i just wan’t to know why yassuo has Pinoy intro?
Shingeki no KFC
Shingeki no KFC Pred mesecem
Sad that people are taking this seriously. Moe just didn't care about the game and Pants was annoying... Mad?
Myst1c Pred mesecem
lol oikawa toru from haikyuu!!
Shingeki no KFC
Shingeki no KFC Pred mesecem
In my opinion Moe got annoyed at Pants are Dragon for telling obvious stuff to Moe, which he was already going to do and acting like Moe didn't know and talking like he is a trash player IN THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME. So Moe didn't care for rest of the game, because Pants would not stop talking, and Moe didn't want to be rude because he could not tell if Pants was nervous or not. Pants should know Moe's level if he is going to be a coach. Call me a delusional cringe Moe fan or whatever but Pants was so annoying, no wander he is not as big as Moe even if he is rank#1 NA.
Jason Pred mesecem
good mental
The Brilliantz
The Brilliantz Pred mesecem
Rank 1 they said
Sadab Kamal
Sadab Kamal Pred mesecem
People like Moe are why NA players are deemed uncoachable.
Joshua Hilsenbeck
Joshua Hilsenbeck Pred mesecem
this isnt coaching this is backseat gaming
idiot potato
idiot potato Pred mesecem
sadly pants isnt the rank 1 rn he is 2nd now palafox i think is rankone
joaquim victor enriquez
joaquim victor enriquez Pred mesecem
Pants reminds me of a driving instructor telling moe to not go left on a no left turn, and not u-turn on a no u-turn slot, but still did it anyway. And he just goes, okay whatever, don’t wanna use signal lights? Whatever, you’re winning this. Wanna die? Go ahead.
Mephistopheles Pred mesecem
wtf hahahhhhhahah
Griffin A
Griffin A Pred mesecem
wow moe is trash
maxistraifms Pred mesecem
first minute he said "like" like 50 times, like seriously
Morellonomicon Pred mesecem
Pants definitely seems like a knowledgable teacher, but his instructions are unhelpful at times. The way he tells Moe, "now find an escape route" kind of tells you that he thinks a lot when playing and has many ideas of how to possibly outplay the opponent, but can't vocalize all of his thoughts in concise manner when explaining. Anyway, that's how I read into it.
Yusi -kun
Yusi -kun Pred mesecem
Biggest Ego
Spacicle Pred mesecem
na is doomed if pants hit rank 1
asdf Pred mesecem
pants carrying moe. also moe, only helped me mentaly xd
3:48 no difference between a gold jungler after failed a gank lol, and flames mid lane.
A Toxic Rat
A Toxic Rat Pred mesecem
Got coached on how to ghost 😭
Kab Loom
Kab Loom Pred mesecem
Wait, are we going to ignore that Pants made it to rank #1? I remember he always said it’s his goal in intros lol.
luis cham
luis cham Pred mesecem
Does anyone else thinks Pinoy should put the music sauces or it is just me?
0REOvenger Music
0REOvenger Music Pred mesecem
So R1 Na jg helps YASUO to prove that JG is Ez , interesting
Michael Bell
Michael Bell Pred mesecem
Could anyone tell me what headset Yassuo uses?
P. O .P
P. O .P Pred mesecem
That's rank 1 player in NA? wow no wonder LCS is that bad
colt harrmon
colt harrmon Pred mesecem
That nunu game was so hard to watch
Honor Among
Honor Among Pred mesecem
This is kinda like one of those fiver coach videos where they pretend to be bad to troll the coach but the difference is your actually bad
Qurt Eh
Qurt Eh Pred mesecem
大人 Pred mesecem
pants are being sarcastic while moe genuinely feels like it is jg diff
大人 Pred mesecem
u know pants gave up when he say "good job moe!"
lolxd 2002
lolxd 2002 Pred mesecem
moe : inting also moe : jng diff
ShutUpBryson Pred mesecem
stop scamming me and upload a video already you degenerate
Yeldana Armiya
Yeldana Armiya Pred mesecem
jg diff??
Yunus Akdoğan
Yunus Akdoğan Pred mesecem
Lars sa
Kubik Konik
Kubik Konik Pred mesecem
I dont hear anything elese than word “like like like like like like” wtf is going on
Skyhoshr Pred mesecem
Tarzaned is crying
G4L4N0TH Pred mesecem
The way pants is coaching moe is like moe coaching trick
sedike mohamed
sedike mohamed Pred mesecem
hey did you realy quit moe ?
Genji Pred mesecem
Entertaining game
Sr Koch
Sr Koch Pred mesecem
Video summary : Pants: literally tells him exactly what to do and how to do it Moe: *does something different and dies* Pants: it's okay, you're doing fine just go do . . . Moe: *continues to do something else and int* Pants: omg okay idk how you're gonna win this, don't take the kill here, Moe: *takes the kill* *writes mid gap* 10 times in chat Pants: oh God okay, I guess you're the carry, you're gonna win this Moe: *gets carried by jhin* then says *I carried that game on my back, huge jg diff didn't need coaching didn't even help me* Pants: . . .
Kanekri Pred mesecem
why not tarzaned, he's way better than pants omegalul
HOLY YOU CAN REALLY SEE GREAT AND LEAPS OF IMPROVEMENT THROUGH THE COACHING.... A sound from the coach that you can visualize on many situations.
Bao Phan
Bao Phan Pred mesecem
The title should be “Ignoring coaching from Rank 1 player.” So annoying to watch man wtf
isaak ring
isaak ring Pred mesecem
Pants: NONOnonono Do not that way, go red, no dont Moe: Yes but actually no
Tamal Chakraborty
Tamal Chakraborty Pred mesecem
what happened to pants btw?
Irad Nazmi
Irad Nazmi Pred mesecem
Title should be fatman can't follow directions
Night Weaver
Night Weaver Pred mesecem
moe i think you need to learn to use your ears more then your mouth
jonathan devilleres
jonathan devilleres Pred mesecem
Moe fat and homeless tru
Nil s
Nil s Pred mesecem
You could ne coached by the rank 1 eu west, the psycho Stephane aka Manaty
Jonfettsack Pred mesecem
moe: ok also moe: does the exact opposite
WenTao Lew
WenTao Lew Pred mesecem
Mid gap I guess
Young Goehte
Young Goehte Pred mesecem
pls rename the video to: COACHED BY THE DIAMOND PLAYER IN EU
Otto Vrencean
Otto Vrencean Pred mesecem
mid gap 24/7
R1l3t_22 -
R1l3t_22 - Pred mesecem
Guys he gave up on the jg challenge he twitted it
Umair Siddiqui
Umair Siddiqui Pred mesecem
Every godamn time i watch one of his videos and then im like im gonna play jungle and i just end up inting and getting the "better jg wins" xDD
Nasus One Trick
Nasus One Trick Pred mesecem
Homeless man is the new thing i guess xd
Starlene Rose Halago
Starlene Rose Halago Pred mesecem
are you filipino yassou?
ISAK.M Pred mesecem
"Eey do w.e"
MP Rabie
MP Rabie Pred mesecem
Basically this video Pants: "Leave" Moe: *Goes in*
José Ignacio Pacheco
José Ignacio Pacheco Pred mesecem
pants is bad at coaching though, he cant call everything he has to do in the moment
Joseller Encarnacion
Joseller Encarnacion Pred mesecem
so bad
Zophyr Pred mesecem
goes in 1v2 misses w gets stunned under turret and dies "mid gap"
Aaron Tamkin
Aaron Tamkin Pred mesecem
pants is not a good coach tbh...
saddesteboy Pred mesecem
bro i catfished pants easy lpp account
James G
James G Pred mesecem
He's the 89th player in NA lol. That is nowhere NEAR number 1.
Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes Pred mesecem
gotta love pants. also, why didn't moe admit he was in the wrong
Adrianama Pred mesecem
Imagine trying to tower dive an anivia with egg, missing, and promptly dying then typing mid diff 🤭
Jamal Ikaam
Jamal Ikaam Pred mesecem
ungrateful homeless man I have ever seen
Zach McClure
Zach McClure Pred mesecem
feel like moe would be hard to coach lmao... i would just use him for the clout and leave. he thinks to highly of himself to listen to anything you have to say
RNGSUS Pred mesecem
BIGGEST LIE OF 2020: "You're actually listening and reacting really well" - PANTS ARE DRAGON
Qubec Pred mesecem
He did this with LS too lol
Harmany Pred mesecem
Guys "SB" is what?
Barnaby Dixon
Barnaby Dixon Pred mesecem
Wasn't moe inside of zookdook
Rikhil D
Rikhil D Pred mesecem
pants terrible coach lol
J C Rasmusen
J C Rasmusen Pred mesecem
Moe, i dont think the coaching works this way, you play worse when someone else controls your head, you need to play a game and review it with a better player. That the best why i improved atleast, keep it up man!
Lamo Lamo
Lamo Lamo Pred mesecem
never thought id dislike one of moe's vids lol
Lamo Lamo
Lamo Lamo Pred mesecem
yeah this was hard to watch
Mohamed Nassif
Mohamed Nassif Pred mesecem
You're not actually doing what he is saying
Horst M.
Horst M. Pred mesecem
I love pants. Such a lovely dude :)
Drakorax Pred mesecem
Pants is finally rank 1 LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO
derMann901 Pred mesecem
the balls on that jhin...
Nick Pred mesecem
Gratz not quitting keep up the grind, oh
Sesugawa Aruno
Sesugawa Aruno Pred mesecem
ngl. that Anivia Wall is really well placed every time.
TrojanTM Pred mesecem
Homeless man coaches pants are dragon
Arias Pred mesecem
Im literally rofling here while reading those comments 🤣🤣
The Reaper
The Reaper Pred mesecem
And moe gave up on the kg challenger after that game bruh
Andrew Duan
Andrew Duan Pred mesecem
rip jg challange ;(
gum drop
gum drop Pred mesecem
Bro pants is too nice he complemented moe on listening to him when he never did.
Bell Huels
Bell Huels Pred mesecem
I do not owe anybody anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Deny S
Deny S Pred mesecem
that was soooo painfull to watch.... like if moe was silver
Kyle Reese
Kyle Reese Pred mesecem
I do not owe anyone anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
what is hooman doing??
what is hooman doing?? Pred mesecem
pants being a good person for 14 min and moe ignoring him
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