Yassuo | I CAN'T SEE!!! WHAT IS THIS LAG?!? (Viewer 1v1s)

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Elias Wu Feng
Elias Wu Feng Pred 3 meseci
Is no one gonna talk about the yasuo that was named red velvet wendy
Mantas L
Mantas L Pred 4 meseci
I hate yasuo 1v1s the whole 1v1 is huh huh hah huh hasaky huh huh hah
BamBamBoo Yaaj
BamBamBoo Yaaj Pred 4 meseci
Did Moe just imitate Sirchez? He's a chill streamer.
Aphelios Shady
Aphelios Shady Pred 4 meseci
Why are your viewers so cringe? I would smack tf outta you boi
phensu xiong
phensu xiong Pred 4 meseci
he's finally nice to his viewers
grape thief 37
grape thief 37 Pred 4 meseci
why do all these yasuo play so passive
Ilija Mladenovic
Ilija Mladenovic Pred 4 meseci
Moe:200 ping and more Me:20467845 ping
Quarantine Sux
Quarantine Sux Pred 4 meseci
Lag is usual for me not you? Haha cool spending a lot of money on your set up? I play on laptop lmao 😂 this is unfair
Lustrals Pred 4 meseci
3:43 Funniest death in league of legends. and Moe's laugh after that. LMAO. The dude literally just flashed into his death and ulted but moe ulted first lmao
Rice is nice
Rice is nice Pred 4 meseci
2:36 you can hear him being nervous jeeez
Pride 誇り
Pride 誇り Pred 4 meseci
All 1v1 whit Yasuo they be super passive and Moe goes Agressive that is the reason why he wins
Cielo Pred 4 meseci
Stop this bs 1v1s it's not even funny anymore
LeBraum James
LeBraum James Pred 4 meseci
"Nightblue beat you HAHAHA" Seems like he forgot he lost to nb3 himself
Hanyu Cui
Hanyu Cui Pred 4 meseci
Hater alert bro
hossam kamal
hossam kamal Pred 4 meseci
The funny part is you lost 1v1 against nightblue 😂
Luka Sekulic
Luka Sekulic Pred 4 meseci
We miss chimp
BacdefManu Pred 4 meseci
literally no one: high elo players when they hit 20ms instead of their usual 14ms :
Lior Layla
Lior Layla Pred 4 meseci
Nicklas Larsen
Nicklas Larsen Pred 4 meseci
This video made me fall asleep
pink oni
pink oni Pred 4 meseci
that man actually screamed na kekw on fiora....
midi 25
midi 25 Pred 4 meseci
shkurte fejza LMAO
Creator Pred 4 meseci
Moe experienced the reason i'm stuck at Silver: 300 ping. The difference is i have it all days, all matches.
Blank Pred 4 meseci
Pinoy please stop with the 1v1. I understand it's one of the things that made this channel successful but it is getting tiring. It would be much better with full games or something.
rahim lotfi
rahim lotfi Pred 4 meseci
MrWonderkid17 Pred 4 meseci
scam video, get my 10 min back
Faker Montages
Faker Montages Pred 4 meseci
Ku jan Shqipet?
DyeInzie Pred 4 meseci
This is literally a reupload
progiagia Pred 4 meseci
best runes for yas 1v1?
progiagia Pred 4 meseci
why do you take magic resist runes on 1v1 yasuo
fatih ermis
fatih ermis Pred 4 meseci
u say let me do it like other streamers and mimic them but do you realise you make the fakest laugh every 30 seconds?
Exxel Pred 4 meseci
8:49 look at the trinket like wat
Grand Kingdom
Grand Kingdom Pred 4 meseci
When Moe starts talk about NB3 make me so laugh 3:04
Mohtasham Darabi
Mohtasham Darabi Pred 4 meseci
3:42 omae wa mo...SHINDEIRU NANI?!
The Twicycle
The Twicycle Pred 4 meseci
The simultaneous Darius ults and his just by one frame goes off 🤣 too good
The Twicycle
The Twicycle Pred 4 meseci
Edit: Someone tell my man's that the word is pronounced imm-pecka-bull cause it's hurting me inside 🤣🤣🤣
Stulke KID
Stulke KID Pred 4 meseci
Moe what is better skin blood moon yasuo or project
AW W Pred 4 meseci
Last guy was lit
Mohamad Rahma
Mohamad Rahma Pred 4 meseci
man EUW werver is trash now im lagging all the time
Ramon Hefti
Ramon Hefti Pred 4 meseci
2:57 why do you laugh like that he Beat you too😂😂
Slopplop Gaming
Slopplop Gaming Pred 4 meseci
yeaaaaaaaaa boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Julio Bagu
Julio Bagu Pred 4 meseci
I've been wondering this for a while, but do you guys know how to level up your skills without necessary clicking over it. Is it a combo of one key with the skill key?
sisk senpai
sisk senpai Pred 4 meseci
Ctrl+ the skill you want to lvlup. For example ctrl+Q
TsaR Pred 4 meseci
this man is the embodyment of yasuo, and only $113 on na ping. bruh, it should be $300
TOP [DREAM] Pred 4 meseci
f y n comment -_-
Jonathan Maldonado
Jonathan Maldonado Pred 4 meseci
I deal with that on a consistant basis D:
hyunjin xc
hyunjin xc Pred 4 meseci
7:29 did anyone else noticed "Red Velvet Wendy" 😆
Kaloyan Kitanov
Kaloyan Kitanov Pred 4 meseci
I was searching for that type of comment 😂😂
York Barnes
York Barnes Pred 4 meseci
Hey moe u dont have 15k ping so be happy
Kim R.
Kim R. Pred 4 meseci
lmao that dude that was legit called "Red Velvet Wendy" but why u gotta name urself after K-Pop idols?
Dominik Pred 4 meseci
How do they get points?
Ognjen Cicvaric
Ognjen Cicvaric Pred 4 meseci
Moe making fun of the dude who lost to nightblue but forgot he got clapped too hahahaha
kostas791 Pred 4 meseci
2:35 this guys family is gonna die if he loses wtf
Mohamed Aissa
Mohamed Aissa Pred 4 meseci
last one with yas wasn't bad at all, respect
Ayaan Khan
Ayaan Khan Pred 4 meseci
Notice how theres only guys ;c No girls watch him and he be finee
Acetune 00
Acetune 00 Pred 4 meseci
didnt moe actually lose a 1v1 on yas against nb3? lmao why he still talking big
SamanFeral Pred 4 meseci
Riot gave me new voli skin but it was disable and now the skin is gone its not in my callection..it this a bug or smth? Pls help i have voli mastery 7
Chris Christensen
Chris Christensen Pred 4 meseci
Yassuo t1 is better than you
Omar Alrass
Omar Alrass Pred 4 meseci
Guys if I told him I wanna play on Korean servers he would play right?😂
Pradeep22 Pred 4 meseci
8:20 At last. I've been wanting to see the Fiora 1 v 1 with Moe for so long.
Masoud Shairzadeh
Masoud Shairzadeh Pred 4 meseci
Moe I know u won’t heart this u never heart fan’s comments but PLS HEART MY COMMENT BRO🥺🥺🥺
MXSHIROTA Pred 4 meseci
oh bro i always play with 300ms 😢 is that your highest ping or not?
jhinmin Pred 4 meseci
haha funny
HusstavoTota Pred 4 meseci
i have the best joke ever!! it's " moe " u liked it ? :D
Mrakoslav Pred 4 meseci
YOOOOOOO thats how every game of mine looks, fine atimes but if I'm fighting its just a slide show of me dying
kemle Pred 4 meseci
y no 1v1 against yo boy noypi
Emilian Goranov
Emilian Goranov Pred 4 meseci
6:15 moonwalk xD
ruben kristiansen
ruben kristiansen Pred 4 meseci
welcome to my world
Thanujan15 xD
Thanujan15 xD Pred 4 meseci
3:42 that was actully hella sick
Isaiah Francis
Isaiah Francis Pred 4 meseci
Moe out here acting like he beat nb3 in that 1v1... just sayin
Special Treats
Special Treats Pred 4 meseci
Pinoy's Jet Set Radio Future intro 💖
Dr.Friendly Pred 4 meseci
Moe out here mocking people about losing to Nightblue when he lost to him on yasuo and irelia
Sudashen Pillay
Sudashen Pillay Pred 4 meseci
3 am videos
3 am videos Pred 4 meseci
pointer 2014
pointer 2014 Pred 4 meseci
I love how the other yasuos dont Auto attack and just e and q haha
Rıdvan Bilgiç
Rıdvan Bilgiç Pred 4 meseci
7:28 *Red Velvet Wendy* POG
Rıdvan Bilgiç
Rıdvan Bilgiç Pred 4 meseci
He said "Do the roleplay of cringiest streamer in NA" which you did, correctly.
Daniel xSwATx
Daniel xSwATx Pred 4 meseci
Why does this guy laughs at nightblue after nightblue beated him twice in 1v1s
Marcel Staszak
Marcel Staszak Pred 4 meseci
Djordje Djeric
Djordje Djeric Pred 4 meseci
Woke up and found a new vid with the fruits i love the most. The day cannot be better
Mil Pred 4 meseci
When do you reckon moe is unbanning the guy for losing to Nightblue3?
LAYMON Pred 4 meseci
What is the song in intro???? 0:13
Olle Spengler
Olle Spengler Pred 4 meseci
if you are gonna go yassuo you gotta do like moe get tornado as fast an many times as possible
SPCTR Pred 4 meseci
i just started yt watch a vid of me and if you like it subscribe
Igorot Ak
Igorot Ak Pred 4 meseci
Best player for me😀
Krou Zrou
Krou Zrou Pred 4 meseci
Moe should 1st then 2nd in darius so he won't auto to pop the 2nd
Yams Sandwich
Yams Sandwich Pred 4 meseci
Lag is a different level dude. it makes people change
shrishak shrestha
shrishak shrestha Pred 4 meseci
me relating to that 301 ping.
Fourzero7 Pred 4 meseci
yes... more 1v1 videos is exactly what we wanted...
Gecko190 Smit
Gecko190 Smit Pred 4 meseci
The lowest ping ive ever gotten is 195 on lol
Joonas Sippola
Joonas Sippola Pred 4 meseci
@Darwin Silvow sure
Darwin Silvow
Darwin Silvow Pred 4 meseci
I just live how he says 300 ping is a proplem... And here i am played a gamw with 1200 ping constant XD
Simpsuo & Simpnoy Best SLpost team
Yellowyoshispeed Pred 4 meseci
“I can’t play” I have to deal with this every day :D
Federico M
Federico M Pred 4 meseci
Let us not forget yassuo lost a 1v1 to nightblue on yasuo and i think wukong too
ExiledToBronze Pred 4 meseci
Every yas i seen died the same way yassuo used his E onto the wave to get onto them then they dashed into his wave to get away he E's through them to get back onto them and they have no out and die (hopefully this makes sense to read XD)
ReshaKazuo Pred 4 meseci
why is he complaining about the ping? That's better than 800 :D
Andrew Young
Andrew Young Pred 4 meseci
why cant he say impossible right?
ChainaDissa YOUTUBE
ChainaDissa YOUTUBE Pred 4 meseci
But he still lost to iron player lmaoo
AZero chan
AZero chan Pred 4 meseci
"NA KEKW!" -EU Guy
Nediphile Pred 4 meseci
Trick: i can’t move ruff ruff Moe: I can’t see hiss hiss
『ネロアスタリア』Nero Ashtalia
『ネロアスタリア』Nero Ashtalia Pred 4 meseci
>expects Ranked game highlights >Yassuo uploaded a new video >1v1s >rewatches old videos
Tupaw TV
Tupaw TV Pred 4 meseci
7:28 his name is Red Velvet Wendy
Angry Strawberry
Angry Strawberry Pred 4 meseci
Why do people keep trying to 1v1 him on his main champ it makes no sense
Jherdam Rhoi Magallanes
Jherdam Rhoi Magallanes Pred 4 meseci
That lag... just like Philippines
Mattias Bunn
Mattias Bunn Pred 4 meseci
Why you gotta go for pewds throat like that
Tetonoko Mizukeshiru
Tetonoko Mizukeshiru Pred 4 meseci
Hard stuck so he has to do 1v1s.
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