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Tyler Sljukic
Tyler Sljukic Pred 8 dnevi
“Best Jungler”
Andrew Li
Andrew Li Pred 10 dnevi
master yi and jax d bruh
RynoPlastyLOL Pred 16 dnevi
Remember when Moe flamed riot for making positional ranks? Yeah now he does jungle to challenger just like T1. Idk if it's 5 head or hypocrite.
MaRuKu Pred 20 dnevi
Moe: I think Yi is only good with funnel... Cowsep: are you sure about that?
Hazem Muhammed
Hazem Muhammed Pred 23 dnevi
6:35 cassiopeia is that you
xdragon 01
xdragon 01 Pred 23 dnevi
3:23 Okay here we go again
No one
No one Pred 24 dnevi
ekko is a b i think
Veigar Pred 26 dnevi
Ngl Rammus is insanely good right now im Diamond 2 and if I get 2 early kills im unkillable. Underrated pick
Pejtu Joker
Pejtu Joker Pred 26 dnevi
You insane Moe Jax Vi and Yi on rank D are u insane ??? You can 1v9 with those champions easily ( from my Grandmaster experience im talking ) 15 games win streak with Jax my personal best 74 % winrate in 205 games Ekko is good but not S tier A tier Yes Kha zix is good untill like 15,18 20 minutes later he cannot do much because any CC and armor will kill him , i played Vi vs Kha zix and his mental was broken at the end of the game he afked in fountain after he was 1/11/2 after 27 minutes of the game he had Warrior and boots completed while i had almost full build with my Vi With Fiddlesticks almost every champion with 2 items will kill you ( 2 items except boots ) Eve sucks a massive D because she cannot do anything without charming the dude and u can see her when she is close which is basically game over You can 1v9 with those champions easily ( from my Grandmaster experience im talking ) My personal tier list S tier - Jax Yi Warwick Hecarim Vi Graves Nidalee Shyvana Volibear and Zac ( Zac has sooo much CC its ridiculous 3 abilities are CC and i love it ) A tier - Camille Sylas , Rammus Tryndamere Gragas Lee sin Kayn Olaf Rengar( rengar only if there is only 1 tanky champion on enemy team or 0 tanks u will oneshot everyone ) Karthus Nocturne ( nocturne damage is fkn stupid btw ) B tier and below all the other jungle champions But definetly i can say that - worst jungler u can possibly play is Neeko or Shaco( i love Shaco but this champ needs a complete rework to be able to jungle on a competative level )
Sorena Esmaeelzadeh
Sorena Esmaeelzadeh Pred 26 dnevi
lee sin A ????? wtf ? how can eve be S and lee A? that's confusing.
patrick popp
patrick popp Pred 28 dnevi
Anyone getting throwbacks to their childhood from the wii sports music at 5 minutes
Jacob Wilske
Jacob Wilske Pred 28 dnevi
Honestly move hecarim to S and I think the list might be perfect ngl
Draganica Cristian
Draganica Cristian Pred 28 dnevi
2:32 moe is so feeeed right now
Doubledipin Pred 28 dnevi
I agree on most of that, only thing I think is that trundle should be A or S, just due to his sustain, good jungle clearing, amazing ganks, guaranteed 1v1 win with great 1v2 potential, not to mention he can go ADC, bruiser, or tank if needed
RS4COOL Pred 28 dnevi
Yassuo Rank Trash With a Trash Tier List.
Martin Hirsch
Martin Hirsch Pred 29 dnevi
He has no idea what is good or not
Robert Loktongbam
Robert Loktongbam Pred 29 dnevi
la cucuracha??
ScruzzBro ツ
ScruzzBro ツ Pred 29 dnevi
What about lillia?
Confident 0dude
Confident 0dude Pred 29 dnevi
Moe is the type of guy that plays Nasus jungle
li weikang
li weikang Pred 29 dnevi
Aly Naddari
Aly Naddari Pred 29 dnevi
and hecarim op tier now
Aly Naddari
Aly Naddari Pred 29 dnevi
bro kayn s tier now r u insane but i respect u opinion
st pierre john
st pierre john Pred 29 dnevi
Now its says the name of the song god bless pinoy
xKUSA Pred 29 dnevi
who are u to make tierlist of jg champions u stupid NA player
isley ndj25
isley ndj25 Pred 29 dnevi
Who is the girl lives with moe? Or what xD
Kyruzen Pred 29 dnevi
you kidding me right? Vi who has one of the biggest winrates as a jng in high elo is in D tier? What about zac? he just jumps over walls and you cant do something about him, you you must be kidding...
Sir Punchnut
Sir Punchnut Pred 29 dnevi
Moe didn't have to tell us, we been knew he likes nuts.
Omar ALKANDARI Pred 29 dnevi
Allah is watching you moe
skiyu Pred 29 dnevi
This is some weird music pinoy
Diablo785 Pred 29 dnevi
why tf is wukong d tier jungle champ in ur mind hes like a S+ for me mate
merdad berouzi
merdad berouzi Pred 29 dnevi
man calls himself washed up, still made me NUT. 6:25
NeverLand Pred 29 dnevi
I forgot for a sec i was watching moe since i went alt tab and heard great music for 2minutes.
Jamie Jackson
Jamie Jackson Pred 29 dnevi
Vi's actually pretty decent if shes played right
Gustavo Watari
Gustavo Watari Pred 29 dnevi
Moe: puts Vi below Neeko Me: cries in Vi main
Andrei Pred 29 dnevi
Fiddlesticks S LUL
Svetoslav Stoilov
Svetoslav Stoilov Pred 29 dnevi
how isnt hecarim S tier, he's the most broken jungler atm
Kyllua Pred 28 dnevi
@Svetoslav Stoilov scaling probs
Svetoslav Stoilov
Svetoslav Stoilov Pred 28 dnevi
@xTagin xD? exactly, why isnt he S tier?
xTagin Pred 28 dnevi
Specially because there is no counter to a horse running you over
HaRtWy Pred 29 dnevi
2:33 Yassuo Fed
IAMtheKing Pred 29 dnevi
heca has to be S
Qurt Eh
Qurt Eh Pred 29 dnevi
MrBad Production
MrBad Production Pred 29 dnevi
Wait wasnt that last play on a montage video like 3 weeks ago?
Wet Socks
Wet Socks Pred 29 dnevi
worst streamer to jungle making ranking is pretty hilarious ... literally boosted by pants and he denies it haha ...
KING EGGROLLS Pred 29 dnevi
Why is vi low .. vi is strong asf
Zane121 Pred mesecem
What's music at 4 40 I remember it from sonic but never knew what it was called
Mr Momo
Mr Momo Pred mesecem
wukong on D????
Anthony Evelynn
Anthony Evelynn Pred mesecem
nidalee S tier, evelynn A tier
HEX Pred mesecem
U still best yasuo in the world
Sandra Pred mesecem
Ye Ye
Ye Ye Pred mesecem
Cowsep Yi would disagree with moe 😂
perish 1886
perish 1886 Pred mesecem
do this to midlane as well pls
Michael Joyce
Michael Joyce Pred mesecem
Why is yone one of the tags lol
Joshua Batista
Joshua Batista Pred mesecem
Yeah but where's Riven JG
Flaminskull Pred mesecem
Rek'sai not S+ tier btw
Jared Pred mesecem
In your opinions, is Sej only D? I feel she might be a C, possibly a B depending
Combattant S
Combattant S Pred mesecem
Yasuo is Arabic?
Winson yu
Winson yu Pred mesecem
Kha is A.
Lil Nooby
Lil Nooby Pred mesecem
yassuo making money but somehow still sleeping on frameless mattress smh
Oceankills1 Pred mesecem
Skarner should be way higher
sebzeus Pred mesecem
rammus has got to be higher than C... no way.
Efe Can
Efe Can Pred mesecem
Reksai is c ? :D
Darling Pred mesecem
As an evelynn main i agree
Tenshi Pred mesecem
You are good
Ahmad Mayo
Ahmad Mayo Pred mesecem
Best Yasuo world is back.
Dip Pred mesecem
where is shen? bro wtf u not even real lol player
Lijpe Gamers
Lijpe Gamers Pred mesecem
yi deserves b or a
Ignacio Méndez
Ignacio Méndez Pred mesecem
The birthday present is probably a chair xD
jack Pred mesecem
pls man this music is dobe
Lukas Dopart
Lukas Dopart Pred mesecem
what is the Outro song? I cant find it anywhere
Ingrimmsch Boindil
Ingrimmsch Boindil Pred mesecem
1/4 on a Xerath.....ok ff 1/4 on Yasou..... ok lets get serious now 🤣
Amir Alić
Amir Alić Pred mesecem
You put khazix over rengar Im very dissapointed rn
Ates Veren
Ates Veren Pred mesecem
At least say that yi is hard in highelo and not that he is good in low elo for, all the kids typing yi is a easy champ. Also a good Yi plays 100x better than the funnel Yis that you've faced.
Twardowsky Pred mesecem
XD Jankos would cry
joshua hong
joshua hong Pred mesecem
Ah. The wii fitness music. Good choice pinoy
Nicolas Pred mesecem
shiat list eve can get so hard fcked in early that she is for ever useless and Vi has safe jungel u can t invade her early and she can invade very fast clear ganks are op so much points u ignored on Vi sad pls don t call u a jungler
Ovi Pnz
Ovi Pnz Pred 28 dnevi
bro he s master tier jungler while you are hardstuck somewhere diamond, not even maybe gold
Arturo Pred mesecem
Creo que eres hispanohablante por tu mal inglés. De todos modo, todos los junglas high elo creen que Evelyn es un campeón super opresivo en soloQ y otra cosa, Vi es super countereable, su mayor fuente de daño que es la Q es facil no solo de esquivar sino también de cancelar y su limpieza de jungla no está ni de cerca mejor que cualquier campeón tier S.
jerson luceno
jerson luceno Pred mesecem
2:31 Moe's girlfriend feeding the dog
Autreo Pred mesecem
Ryze is SS tear xD
SHINIGXMI Pred mesecem
who in their right mind is playing neeko jungle
leaf ultra
leaf ultra Pred mesecem
Heca and rammus should be S+ tier.
Tiago Prods
Tiago Prods Pred mesecem
The eve buffs are disgusting lol
BR Lotus LOL
BR Lotus LOL Pred mesecem
Who needs the instructions, just go for it
SAM GRG Pred mesecem
its moe about how good u are at that champ
Christian Brewerton
Christian Brewerton Pred mesecem
I’d argue Kha is A tier and Ekko is S. Maybe that’s because I play in low gold and feel like Ekko brings more to the low gold solo queue environment than Kha does.
Zorree Pred mesecem
Can Litteraly she it in the thumbnail
Timeban Pred mesecem
Still waiting for the best jungler
BroLoCo Pred mesecem
Lilliya D😂😂😂😂 Just cause Moe can't play or carry with a champion doesn't mean that champ sucks
NI5ER RABIS Pred mesecem
PLZ play udyr PLZ
Niels Le
Niels Le Pred mesecem
Moe: best jngler Pantsonfacebook: am i a joke to you?
Team Splash
Team Splash Pred mesecem
Yi is A OR low S
Mike van Schaijk
Mike van Schaijk Pred mesecem
He put jax in D? hes delusional
wolf van odijk
wolf van odijk Pred mesecem
'I'll put Kayn here, Kayn is fking broken' doesn't even put him S tier
Voltex Pred mesecem
Kinda unjustified when Kayn is at A when Rhaast is S and Shadow Assassin D
Power Play
Power Play Pred mesecem
rammus c?
ByDragon Y
ByDragon Y Pred mesecem
what about midlane??
richard thetruth
richard thetruth Pred mesecem
Go watch MeLebron jungler list tier
Gamemixer_21 Pred mesecem
will u do a v2 arabic game ???? i enjoyed it a lot
yahya Pred mesecem
normal yassuo players need the 10 deaths power spike but moe needs 7 deaths to get his power spike
Venner Xds
Venner Xds Pred mesecem
Where is sett
65555fdv Pred mesecem
im pretty sure your not the rank 1 jungle? the currrent rank 1 is litterally a jungle main
NoVoid Pred mesecem
Whats the song at 4:39? I swear i heard that from wii or somethin
Rodrigo Azevedo
Rodrigo Azevedo Pred mesecem
Hecarim is legit the most broken jungler not even lying.
オクタビアンOCT Pred 23 dnevi
where did he put fiddle
ShadowEdge Pred mesecem
i mean he says he values "how good they clear, potential of invading and getting invaded, scaling, gank power, gank routes.." and then puts camille in d tier idk how can anybody think camille is as effective as twitch, *twitch* , i dont know if anybody with half a brain would play twitch jg this season with hope of getting a w
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