Yassuo | THE ESCAPE FROM MOELOW Ft. SolarBacca & Masterfiend

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Music (in order of appearance) -
Intro - Tokyo Daylight [ATLUS Kozuka Remix] (Persona 5 Dancing OST)
vs Rotatron & Refreshinator (Sonic Colors OST)
Joy (Persona 3 OST)
Nyx (Persona 3 OST)
Mechanical Rhythm (Xenoblade Chronicles: DE OST)
Outro - Gaur Plains [Night] (Xenoblade Chronicles: DE OST)
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Jesús Prieto
Jesús Prieto Pred 3 meseci
Name of the ending song?
LittleCrust :D
LittleCrust :D Pred 3 meseci
how do you get elder buff and still lose LMAO
Flash Gaming
Flash Gaming Pred 3 meseci
Is this a s Squad flex?
Flash Gaming
Flash Gaming Pred 3 meseci
George Makris
George Makris Pred 3 meseci
Are they playing flex cause they are 3
VERGIL AMVs Pred 3 meseci
90s mustache
Prince Tamrac
Prince Tamrac Pred 4 meseci
11:04 was actually insane
starttakinnotez Pred 4 meseci
I guess you're inting your team for not taking smite. 😂
John Blue
John Blue Pred 4 meseci
12:40 - 12:45 Riot Games Inc.
THE RedDevil
THE RedDevil Pred 4 meseci
Is he playing flex, or did they snipped the game?
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas Pred 4 meseci
Moe really makes this champion look broken
Dawud Javed
Dawud Javed Pred 4 meseci
4:08 Double infernal image on both Baron and Dragon?
ItsMe AimG
ItsMe AimG Pred 4 meseci
chill thats all lol
lordzelos21 Pred 4 meseci
Bin je jvoudrais jouer avec mon ami en clash
Furkus Eser
Furkus Eser Pred 4 meseci
Heritage wtff ?? Hack ?
FHRITP Ψ Pred 4 meseci
yasuo noob
Nom Sauce
Nom Sauce Pred 4 meseci
1:02 this sarcasm fkn kills me LOOL
Ivan Mijatovi
Ivan Mijatovi Pred 4 meseci
His teammates do everything he just get kills
Fools Fury
Fools Fury Pred 4 meseci
12:54 Moe's Q when through teemo's blind, riot is.... something else
Lawrence Chris Medenilla
Lawrence Chris Medenilla Pred 4 meseci
i love how chill solarbacca talks. it's like he's always high. or maybe he is? hmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔
Glenn Ecoy
Glenn Ecoy Pred 4 meseci
Pablo Moescobar
j0zart Pred 4 meseci
the music in these videos are so loud and annoying
Sumo Nok
Sumo Nok Pred 4 meseci
I hope he and bacca duo more
Sumo Nok
Sumo Nok Pred 4 meseci
5:35 LMAO XD
Sumo Nok
Sumo Nok Pred 4 meseci
0:28 LOL
Sumo Nok
Sumo Nok Pred 4 meseci
Skeleton Bones Ghoulie
Skeleton Bones Ghoulie Pred 4 meseci
Ichael Pred 4 meseci
back to d1
sedike mohamed
sedike mohamed Pred 4 meseci
with you but in euw botlanes is realy meaning of how you lose i am a jungler i outjungle ekko with olaf i bully him can't even scale cuz i took all his farm and killled him in his jng i tilted him i am 4/0/2 or samthing like that and i click tab top feeding mid feeding but ryze bot 26 kills for the enmy adc and 16 for the sup and my sup is swain and adc is MF how they lose don't ask me i opend there lane with helard and lose also why your elise don't wanna bust nash also the elise befor your last one you played she didn't know if leblanc W or R is up so she was wanna play safe cuz the enmy jng and sup there cuz she can E enmy jng or sup for morg don't die or E leblanc you know unlucky
Vladimir The Main
Vladimir The Main Pred 4 meseci
"He's moening"
sergio Modrego
sergio Modrego Pred 4 meseci
Your are friend tyler1?
massimo chen
massimo chen Pred 4 meseci
6:55 bruh Elise was 2 lvls under bro chillout
rocket Pred 4 meseci
braindamage cuz of the fkn music 06:48 to 12:20 ,wtf man?!
Kin Pred 4 meseci
Ron Voy
RoBoBoY192 Pred 4 meseci
dude wtf is wrong with your sound lately?
Dovydas Špakauskas
Dovydas Špakauskas Pred 4 meseci
Honestly sollarbacca is a beast
Daniel Pred 4 meseci
I miss pinoy cutting moe off and roasting him :(
LuLoski Pred 4 meseci
Does anybody know the name of outro song?
Mozzarella Prepotente
Mozzarella Prepotente Pred 4 meseci
But it yas was broken and moe was stuck in master does it mean hes just washed up?
Theins.103pm Pred 4 meseci
When im watching Moe: Oh damn i cant hear him, lets volume up a bit...*after a while* 7:58
Joakim Johansen
Joakim Johansen Pred 4 meseci
*Me who have been playing assassins creed for the last 2 weeks*: maybe i'll take a league game *After watching this video and getting Vietnam flashbacks from solo queue*: nah, im good.
OoFireGuyoO Pred 4 meseci
Read my name Support your boy GOD BLESS ❣️🙏
Seebs Pred 4 meseci
5:55 you aint tyler bro
BootyPie ASMR
BootyPie ASMR Pred 4 meseci
He's just unlucky with those awful junglers
luckey Pred 4 meseci
How is he talking to 2 if its Solo/Duo?
DurikuEd Pred 4 meseci
15:20 start a series where you go from unranked to challenger playing jungle only
Omar Mallyani
Omar Mallyani Pred 4 meseci
isoDragon Pred 4 meseci
Moe give me a diamond account I’ll carry you as jungle
Sohaib Ahmad
Sohaib Ahmad Pred 4 meseci
I want to see challenger (completely sweat every game with Yasuo) Moe again!
Silas Gottwalt
Silas Gottwalt Pred 4 meseci
Change the title of this video to "Rakan carries multiple ex-challenger players on a voice call"
Yareche Pred 4 meseci
you look like my father 30 years ago
Manuel SenKodlalan
Manuel SenKodlalan Pred 4 meseci
*Sup, snowflake?*
DestinyChanger Pred 4 meseci
a wild pinoy found himself in Xenoblade Chronicles music i like it XD
Zaid678 Pred 4 meseci
someone is enjoying the new xenoblade chronicles DE
José Antônio
José Antônio Pred 4 meseci
hello yassuo i'm brazilian i'm writing this message all through google translator i'm your fan you're my inspiration thanks 
Xavier Bo
Xavier Bo Pred 4 meseci
Moe: "CAME" Nunu: 2:01
Wolfpact Pred 4 meseci
junglers are braindead i swear
Vaggelis papadopoulos
Vaggelis papadopoulos Pred 4 meseci
sad :d
Kingarris Pred 4 meseci
why is the sound awful in this video lol
Martynas Mordex
Martynas Mordex Pred 4 meseci
the way his headphones conencted LMAO
Jay Anne Avila
Jay Anne Avila Pred 4 meseci
I come here to see moe int
zyuan coleman
zyuan coleman Pred 4 meseci
Moe looks terrible right now with that beard cut man.
Mito Hazuki
Mito Hazuki Pred 4 meseci
Me: Watching Moe's plays thinking if i can improve my 0/13/7 yasuo*
Matthew !
Matthew ! Pred 4 meseci
Carried by challenger players
vvwast Pred 4 meseci
wtf is that music my ears are ringing...
The RuthlessPie
The RuthlessPie Pred 4 meseci
those staches tilts me
kraakelol Pred 4 meseci
I can really relate to this video! Only I am plat1 getting hardgriefed by d4 teams every time I'm close to or in promos:-D
RealPeteGamer Pred 4 meseci
That Trick2G shirt tho. Real homies out here.
lehte payumo12
lehte payumo12 Pred 4 meseci
moe looks like garfield with his beard
BryTranMan Pred 4 meseci
I swear Elise was trying to ddos monkaS
Ivo Sardzovski-Teovski
Ivo Sardzovski-Teovski Pred 4 meseci
dream team
Guillaume Dureau
Guillaume Dureau Pred 4 meseci
Ay yo pinoy good job on the music bro..felt like i was hyped up during the whole vid
florinel1995ful Pred 4 meseci
the strugle is real
Owen Kuo
Owen Kuo Pred 4 meseci
15:17 so true actually
Web Corsair
Web Corsair Pred 4 meseci
i don't understand, who is Pinoy ?
fire phoenix
fire phoenix Pred 4 meseci
wtf the map to infernals on in baron too
Rejus Jaroslavas
Rejus Jaroslavas Pred 4 meseci
Shave the mustache
Andre Dela Cena
Andre Dela Cena Pred 4 meseci
yeah let's say moe is toxic but man, He is so good af.
Josef Andrei Alpas
Josef Andrei Alpas Pred 4 meseci
Moe with that glasses. Damn hot
Emilio Santos
Emilio Santos Pred 4 meseci
Why can’t u see his jungle?
yuvraj bhasha
yuvraj bhasha Pred 4 meseci
7:07 what is he sayin what to lol (edit) nvm im just dumb, i thought the morg was on enemy team lul
joamftgamer Pred 4 meseci
5head comment
Josue Esparza
Josue Esparza Pred 4 meseci
That trick2g shirt actually hilarious
GhoulSpawner Pred 4 meseci
HEHE so nice
Sasha Shin
Sasha Shin Pred 4 meseci
8:54 his nado shot out from his ult. I had no idea that was possible
Mario Pred 4 meseci
His q takes a while to actually go off after he casts it, which is why airblade, keyblade, and q flash works, the same with his 3rd q. He casts it right before he ults so it goes off as he's ulting.
MaestrO Frags
MaestrO Frags Pred 4 meseci
Cringe intensifies
A O Pred 4 meseci
Bro pinoy the alarm music gets really annoying you can’t put it for half the vid It’s a clip long song or it just ruins the whole vid
skweeza Pred 4 meseci
lmao hes def losing it, take a rest dude
Noob? Action!
Noob? Action! Pred 4 meseci
Bruh Pinoy please upload a video called „The downfall of Yassuo“ and then show how he beats faker, goes challenger and after that show today how he climbs and demotes 10 times in 1 week
Eustathios Demetriou
Eustathios Demetriou Pred 4 meseci
Hi Pinoy
Egg Inator
Egg Inator Pred 4 meseci
2:32 wat???
Karl Nival
Karl Nival Pred 4 meseci
DrDisrespect's son playing league
Tsele Pred 4 meseci
Damn, does this guy main yasuo?
Justin Clark
Justin Clark Pred 4 meseci
would just like to say I called it lol back to diamond Lol
Darth Maul
Darth Maul Pred 4 meseci
Pinoy really trying his best to make moe look like hitler
Shadow Frost
Shadow Frost Pred 4 meseci
I've already seen half of these plays from other channel highlights, please put new content Pinoy.
Barry Allen Secret Service Agent
Barry Allen Secret Service Agent Pred 4 meseci
Feels like I’ve seen the first half of the video like 3 times already ooga woofa
Rem Pred 4 meseci
New nickname moegly?
Dakotah G
Dakotah G Pred 4 meseci
is it moelow or mellow
Jim Xiong
Jim Xiong Pred 4 meseci
10:42 this is why yasuo gets hated for being this guy who ults into no vision of the enemy side of the map
IAN Ne Pred 4 meseci
That rakan is amazing
Darwish Akmar
Darwish Akmar Pred 4 meseci
At 6:00 he looks the same as his shirt
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