Yassuo | WE'RE FINALLY PLAT! (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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Despair Searching (Danganronpa V3 OST)
Hope Searching (Danganronpa V3 OST)
Outro - Blues in the Velvet Room (Persona 3 OST)
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MacZinor Pred mesecem
Why he keep insecing Elise?
Emil Hansen
Emil Hansen Pred 2 meseci
10:10 Puppy 🥺😍
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee Pred 2 meseci
THis music
Mon King
Mon King Pred 3 meseci
He kinda look like Jimmy Kimmel lol
Metalshoe Gaming
Metalshoe Gaming Pred 3 meseci
I love how everyone copied tyler
Mikescrafts YT
Mikescrafts YT Pred 3 meseci
Play Master yi
Scooba Pred 3 meseci
the fact that he’s trying this is so cringe
Μ Φ Η Pred 3 meseci
Logan Pred 3 meseci
ive been stuck in gold for like 5 years lol
Amir Auger
Amir Auger Pred 2 meseci
@Vhjvb Hjb 😂😂😂😂
Suga ARMY Pred 2 meseci
Vhjvb Hjb yes
Vhjvb Hjb
Vhjvb Hjb Pred 2 meseci
Suga ARMY bronze and iron were so hard to get out of, it gets a bit easier in silver i think. Dodging is your best friend too, when one of your teammates locks in jhin mid or when your zed decides to take heal instead of flash, or when there comp is 10000 better.
Suga ARMY Pred 2 meseci
Amir Auger yes
Amir Auger
Amir Auger Pred 2 meseci
@Suga ARMY gj
shayed Pred 3 meseci
What means cc
Tiger Boom
Tiger Boom Pred 3 meseci
Moe u should watch LeBron-he is rank 1 in EUNE and he plays every jungle. Even he one shoot you with xin zhao
The Cleansing
The Cleansing Pred 3 meseci
Copying tyler 1
Marvelous Jester
Marvelous Jester Pred 3 meseci
How this guy is challenger lmao
JPdestruidor Pred 3 meseci
Is you in the professor akali videos?
Dany Pred 3 meseci
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Moe: 12:34
Sclabutzu Pred 3 meseci
play an master yi game
Shouya V2
Shouya V2 Pred 3 meseci
Going q>e>w on Ekko jgl should be reportable
Mihai Chiriac
Mihai Chiriac Pred 3 meseci
Dude why did you remove the last video, are u dumb lol
Victorien Baudoin
Victorien Baudoin Pred 3 meseci
Wtf guys I was watching his last vod but he has removed the video so I couldn’t finish it like wtf this never happened to me before so you guys know why ?
Abdi Pred 3 meseci
It was because it was only 360p
Victorien Baudoin
Victorien Baudoin Pred 3 meseci
Yeah, I don’t know where to ask lmao, dude that trigger me so much it was my daily dose of internet and it just disappeared like that for no reasons and without explications lmao smh my head
LinkaPult Pred 3 meseci
yeah feels bad
xxMcHatinxx Pred 3 meseci
same thing here XD
Milo Pred 3 meseci
Literally came to the comment section to ask the same thing
Aaron T
Aaron T Pred 3 meseci
bro pinoy reuses footage so much lmao
Cliven Muscat
Cliven Muscat Pred 3 meseci
Joy Pred 3 meseci
the danganronpa ost is traumatic
Ibrahim Khalaf
Ibrahim Khalaf Pred 3 meseci
Play yas jung
Kevin Wong
Kevin Wong Pred 3 meseci
when are you climbing Taiwan server
jasper loo
jasper loo Pred 3 meseci
yo moe did u open a new account on garena ??
alek ahmeti
alek ahmeti Pred 3 meseci
Moe : Gets platinium within 1 week Bronze Players: Omg how did u do that!?
Sarah Kjellberg
Sarah Kjellberg Pred 3 meseci
So how does it feel to try copying Tyler?
MappyHan Pred 3 meseci
Moe's screams are what I live for.
macide Çakır
macide Çakır Pred 3 meseci
Lardan sa
KagZ Gaming
KagZ Gaming Pred 3 meseci
So they basically copied from Dota 2 - Enchantress
Xarnic Pred 3 meseci
Whenever Moe hears an accent: "Is she Irish?"
KingKillGod Pred 3 meseci
Did anyone else notice that Dave DDE was in his game?
Harman Singh
Harman Singh Pred 3 meseci
Bruh NA gold looks like OCE bronze ngl
Budi Setiawan
Budi Setiawan Pred 3 meseci
Neeko + hecarim = lillia
T 3UN4
T 3UN4 Pred 3 meseci
It's getting easier and easier the more he climb
Jimmy Steve Jack
Jimmy Steve Jack Pred 3 meseci
Bruh don’t play ekko again, that first out was terrible
Sam Fennell
Sam Fennell Pred 3 meseci
Keep er goin moe happy 4 u
Xue Pred 3 meseci
The slow jazz music make me wanner go to sleep... *Yawn*
Justan Goliday
Justan Goliday Pred 3 meseci
what is that ENDING song. I've been looking 4 that song!!!!
jp teodoro
jp teodoro Pred 3 meseci
Im a silver 2 add me IGN:Jaypee2323
Lique Twitch
Lique Twitch Pred 3 meseci
Isn’t her q the closest to Darius q with the outer circle
skinnymon123 Pred 3 meseci
Didnt t1 get plat jg in a week
XxWallzxX Pred 3 meseci
Cuomo just made a law strictly for Florida to visit N.Y. Because the cops know that I will visit N.Y after this and I already said it too. So the new law is that it has to be signed by going to cops or you will get a 2k fine by cops. So is this a slick way to have cops approach me in person? Because of little ole me? 🤔 So now, I am unable to see my family and politics and cops will prevent it?
Kenny Insouvanh
Kenny Insouvanh Pred 3 meseci
Moe: Spirit Bloom Yasuo
Sercan Tahtalı
Sercan Tahtalı Pred 3 meseci
cringe background music...
obzghost Pred 3 meseci
Lillia sounds like grisha xDDD "hOw DaRe yOu"
Ryad Leghrib
Ryad Leghrib Pred 3 meseci
wtf is up with the music
Caleb Lux
Caleb Lux Pred 3 meseci
Skip to 2:18 for champion select + gameplay
Fire Fist
Fire Fist Pred 3 meseci
5:47 typical pisslo players, they’re winning but they’re not fed so they just wanna ff cuz they’re useless
Philip Penkov
Philip Penkov Pred 3 meseci
4:37 that was a really good predict
Adam zed
Adam zed Pred 3 meseci
Bad bad bad bad bad baaaaaad
Dani Mirko
Dani Mirko Pred 3 meseci
the black chin
the black chin Pred 3 meseci
You said lilia wasn't sexy at all cuz you aren't a horse
JamesVids Pred 3 meseci
5:22 Ziggs flashed to save pyke
eli bringas
eli bringas Pred 3 meseci
The thing with lee sin is, you dont have to insec every single time your ult is up. There are only about 1 in 50 teamfights where its better to insec. Most of the time just use ult to execute and delete enemies.
Dream Maker
Dream Maker Pred 3 meseci
moa struggle on bronze elo and he want to reach challenger so cringe to think bout that
Arman Pred 3 meseci
Wtf he has a fridge in his room
Filip Kamcev
Filip Kamcev Pred 3 meseci
Trick's barber 8:03
Andreas Bjørnbak
Andreas Bjørnbak Pred 3 meseci
Lilla is a trash and weak champ. Too little dmg in earlygame and too squisy
Jakub Hloušek
Jakub Hloušek Pred 3 meseci
imagine struggling to win a game in gold elo as a challenger :DDD lel
Fried Potato
Fried Potato Pred 3 meseci
talk arabic
A Wild Rengar Appeared
A Wild Rengar Appeared Pred 3 meseci
You always say how broken Rengar is, and how easy he is to play. Please show us!
Dr_ reAPer289
Dr_ reAPer289 Pred 3 meseci
Omg wow the lee wards r unbelievable
Phaize Pred 3 meseci
can't wait for moe to see tyler soon in the jungle.
Gordana Ljubisavljevic
Gordana Ljubisavljevic Pred 3 meseci
In Yasuos splash art u can see in the reflection of his brother Yone who will come in the same event as that new champ.
Master Hero
Master Hero Pred 3 meseci
I wish u to try Wukong jungle !😕
Dakkan Pred 3 meseci
I bet Xayoo could do this in 3 days haha Joking Moe love you really
EvSar Pred 3 meseci
200 years
Vault Boy
Vault Boy Pred 3 meseci
Moe acting like he is T1 is just hilarious sksjssksjs
ibrahim yaldartan
ibrahim yaldartan Pred 3 meseci
4:40 was a sick prediction bro
kakashi02 said
kakashi02 said Pred 3 meseci
what is this dumb loud music ???
Samuel Kelly
Samuel Kelly Pred 3 meseci
watching yas saying shes irish, made my soul crumble a bit
Evan Natteford
Evan Natteford Pred 3 meseci
challenger player thinks bough is pronounced bow ROFL
Lj Torres
Lj Torres Pred 3 meseci
do you finally see how unbalanced ekko is in jungle
Teodor Roinita
Teodor Roinita Pred 3 meseci
You know its going down when the title isnt about the new champ
Masked 000fps
Masked 000fps Pred 3 meseci
How about PTA Yasuo? What can u tell me about it? Help..?
Teb11 Pred 3 meseci
Its just a dark willow from dota
FunkL0chx3 Pred 3 meseci
So basically a rioter went on a lolhentai site and stumbled across Zoe x Heca.
Levi Pred 3 meseci
EasyRolex did it!
Default Avo
Default Avo Pred 3 meseci
and I thought Moe can only be good as yasuo + lb + zoe mb well Jg diff GG well played
omer catan
omer catan Pred 3 meseci
wait jg is better then mid
omer catan
omer catan Pred 3 meseci
but im bronze 2 and u...
omer catan
omer catan Pred 3 meseci
bro lool i play lol ok abd im 11 years old and im yasuo main and someone said is this yassuo? and i was like wtf hahahahahahahaha
Yuhao Wang
Yuhao Wang Pred 3 meseci
Spirit BLoOm
Atilla Cam
Atilla Cam Pred 3 meseci
Pinoy while warching an anime yo lets use the onpening/ending
mp Pred 3 meseci
This music jesus
Rishi Talla
Rishi Talla Pred 3 meseci
Edo Pred 3 meseci
I legit thought it was a neeko skin for days lol
J Mika
J Mika Pred 3 meseci
My man asked if he had a 100% win rate on Lee...
IkImAwesome Pred 3 meseci
Irish pepega
14 Questions
14 Questions Pred 3 meseci
I started LOL this year and i thought i could get to gold in a year now i know how much of a retard i was
ICE_Kubson Pred 3 meseci
Are you above gold or not
Mr Khirola
Mr Khirola Pred 3 meseci
ur lee is actually clean af
Lance Laurel
Lance Laurel Pred 3 meseci
Lol the coolest thing I’ve noticed is how dope moes room looks now, I mean it’s not like special but it has that real room feel now ya know
Petr Chodil
Petr Chodil Pred 3 meseci
She already has over 30 r34s
Asger Nyeng
Asger Nyeng Pred 3 meseci
Moe: Is she irish? Scottisch accent: Am i a joke to you?
ThieVuz Pred 3 meseci
Make it look so easy man I wish I was as good at jgl
Nat Voss
Nat Voss Pred 3 meseci
music too loud
David Erickson
David Erickson Pred 3 meseci
dude got 46 wins p4 i have 120 wins stuck in g4 😂 hahhhah
Xanxus Varia
Xanxus Varia Pred 3 meseci
Why i see Teemo There HYPEF :O
hamza homss
hamza homss Pred 3 meseci
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