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Vanja Krcmar
Vanja Krcmar Pred 19 urami
iM sOuNdInG Go0D 0:20
soniX Gamez
soniX Gamez Pred 3 dnevi
What does 6 months supply of doritoes even mean? You can keep ordering doritoes for free for 6 months?
notSkrub Pred 3 dnevi
Damn that trick2g vs tyler1 third game was WEAK af, trick actually just CSed his way to the win what a disgraceful victory. T1 the real winner of that, he didn't sacrifice his dignity for a win
Noah Sibulo
Noah Sibulo Pred 6 dnevi
I can see Moe is trying his best commentating but he's akward AF
J BF Pred 8 dnevi
No one: Moe: Sustain
Issac Oh
Issac Oh Pred 11 dnevi
tyler not being toxic with trick??? what is happening
Shaheer Ahmad
Shaheer Ahmad Pred 14 dnevi
mine was stylish, i wanted stylish
aleks cristi
aleks cristi Pred 14 dnevi
Respect chimp, I feel bad for my boy stylish tho...
Tyler Tate
Tyler Tate Pred 19 dnevi
The more hair moe grows. The more he looks like he owns a 7/11.
Alex Grotte
Alex Grotte Pred 21 dnevom
The defending champion takes it once more
Basile Drouet
Basile Drouet Pred 21 dnevom
where is the solo bolo master???????
ItsFakingReal Pred 22 dnevi
this is like watching a movie that you already know the end of
Han Park
Han Park Pred 23 dnevi
Damn it really do be like that
Iva Pred 23 dnevi
Dude really called udyr BROKEN lmao, wyd buddy
Aztecian Drumset
Aztecian Drumset Pred 24 dnevi
Trying too hard with the commentary but then again if he wants to git gud it's the way I suppose.
Caleb Wright
Caleb Wright Pred 24 dnevi
Can we please send a petition to riot to put loser brackets in clash? Like bro
Trigger Random
Trigger Random Pred 24 dnevi
Chase Bowden
Chase Bowden Pred 24 dnevi
addys a hellavu drug
Apacolypso Pred 24 dnevi
who invite tyler1. what a douche. Guy is horrible at league.
Dillan Edwards
Dillan Edwards Pred 24 dnevi
My boy trick pulls up on baldy again
Darko Pred 25 dnevi
When moe says prr my brain cells die
Tagger Pred 25 dnevi
This just shows that these youtubers are as good as diamonds 😂
Its TikTik
Its TikTik Pred 25 dnevi
Lets go team Canada
jc opsar
jc opsar Pred 26 dnevi
I was hoping they will pick Azir Hahaha
thewtwo Pred 26 dnevi
I feel the entire tournament is moe screaming how bad tyler1 is XD
Kishar Pred 27 dnevi
1:03:40 Moe: "Hey Boxbox, how are you doing?" Boxbox: "Hey. Good. Yes."
Julc Pred 27 dnevi
Tfblade got all the doritos he could dream of so now he can dip them in his broccoli guacamole
Normi Pred 27 dnevi
next tournament inv pants, see NA rank1 mechanics
FoxSteve HotShot
FoxSteve HotShot Pred 27 dnevi
the True Rank1 wins again
Ducky SuperMan
Ducky SuperMan Pred 27 dnevi
Play Valorant
Heizman PH
Heizman PH Pred 27 dnevi
Moee was too fat lolss Hahahahahahaha
FoxSteve HotShot
FoxSteve HotShot Pred 27 dnevi
omfg just saw Trick's 100 CS - I'm like omfg and the bozu is just like, I been doing this for years
FoxSteve HotShot
FoxSteve HotShot Pred 27 dnevi
here for my bozu, T 2 G
iCombatzz Pred 27 dnevi
i stop watching this kid for 2 months and he grows a neckbeard he lookin like a homeless person
The Viewer
The Viewer Pred 27 dnevi
0:18 yeh, now clean up your room.
Pedro Cardoso
Pedro Cardoso Pred 27 dnevi
Plz invite SoloRenektonOnly on the next Invitational ! PLZ!
Nightcore Gamer
Nightcore Gamer Pred 28 dnevi
The no.of errors in the commentary😂😂😂😂I luv it
Igneel's Son
Igneel's Son Pred 28 dnevi
wow LL stylish played so much worse compares to the other 1v1 invitational
fernando benavides
fernando benavides Pred 28 dnevi
nightblue watching this knowing he dont get in lmao
Trey Komene
Trey Komene Pred 28 dnevi
Tyler1 just gets roasted all day every day haha
Frenchie Pred 28 dnevi
After all these years you still can’t pronounce Leblanc properly.
Levin Wirth
Levin Wirth Pred 28 dnevi
Nobody Moe: 'Sustain'
Paul Cordova
Paul Cordova Pred 29 dnevi
Jonas Caburnay
Jonas Caburnay Pred 29 dnevi
R.a .z.i.q
R.a .z.i.q Pred 29 dnevi
i would probably Ban champs that start with M-O-E
Ternedo Pred 29 dnevi
Bald tf blade tho
Kevin Johansson
Kevin Johansson Pred 29 dnevi
Chimp deserved that win, bs system
Blasted™ Pred 29 dnevi
TheLuxenber Pred 29 dnevi
yas looking like a hobo dressed like a businessmann xD
isaac López
isaac López Pred 29 dnevi
Dude Moe is a better caster than all of the riot casters
Pancho Hidalgo
Pancho Hidalgo Pred 29 dnevi
I've followed you for a long time when you were just starting almost with mein yasuo in the montages and all that I'm from Latin America and I can't know much about you like mein if I don't understand everything xD I wanted to tell you that if you can put subtitles on your videos may be straw but many people see you from Latin America I think
Mason Rock
Mason Rock Pred 29 dnevi
TF blade is so excited about 12 months of doritos when he's only getting 6
SodaIsBad2 Pred mesecem
-respect on trick2g. u let me down.
Arathön Pred mesecem
is quit funny how he comment the games :D.....
xhinzu Pred mesecem
Bro i want to see yami do talon xd
Forlorn Pred mesecem
"Youre too nice to say it,Imma say it for you" lmao
bobby luke
bobby luke Pred mesecem
Still hype though
bobby luke
bobby luke Pred mesecem
"trick2g victory" halfway into the fight. Jesus.
bobby luke
bobby luke Pred mesecem
I really hate that we dont get to see the majority of matches
Harlem Nanua
Harlem Nanua Pred mesecem
Do some more Moe you the man hahah
Colton Chehowy
Colton Chehowy Pred mesecem
Bro yassuo has such a good casting voice haha he's so energetic I love it
Larisa Oprea
Larisa Oprea Pred mesecem
Im sad they didnt show the 1v1 between yamikaze and shiptur
Azur Pred mesecem
Moe starting to look like tech support guy
just some holy mantis
just some holy mantis Pred mesecem
ya_boi 21
ya_boi 21 Pred mesecem
Honestly the LeBlanc pick was pretty boring
Αχμετ Ελζογαπι
Αχμετ Ελζογαπι Pred mesecem
why moe is not compiting?
Professor Kled
Professor Kled Pred mesecem
"Both series begin with 1-0."
Ephraim Monaghan
Ephraim Monaghan Pred mesecem
Yassuo looks like he is trying to sell me a fake gold chain for $800
Isaí Moreno
Isaí Moreno Pred mesecem
Jeptha M. Osorio
Jeptha M. Osorio Pred mesecem
How about next time the players have x number of chances to play their main champ, it's kinda annoying if you lose without playing you're loved champ. Also yes some viewers like me likes seeing them in full potential
Savolos Pred mesecem
just remove 100 cs thing , it is so bs to watch ....
Kakaki 2004
Kakaki 2004 Pred mesecem
tf blade has good mechanics and limit knowledge thats why he won
KDYYY Pred mesecem
Holy shiet you got fat
Patrick Begg
Patrick Begg Pred mesecem
When are we gonna get a viewer competition?
Qurt Eh
Qurt Eh Pred mesecem
zuti 64
zuti 64 Pred mesecem
I wanted Chimp to win so he could say his patentet :"OOHOOHOHOHOHOOOHHOHHO!"
Keiji Pred mesecem
29:10 Foreshadowing in a nutshell
Jenna Darling - View my profile daddy
Jenna Darling - View my profile daddy Pred mesecem
Omg you're so good at league
Josh Andreacchio
Josh Andreacchio Pred mesecem
A ranked 1v1 playlist would be sick.
Volunteer14 Pred mesecem
Tf blade is so cringe
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee Pred mesecem
moe reacting to boxbox doing a flash insec: 44:33 moe reacting to chimp doing a flash insec: 45:27
Zin tingz
Zin tingz Pred mesecem
Now join this
Elijah Pred mesecem
Trick and Tyler was respecting each other and Tyler chill af? Man i missed alot when i stopped watching these League streamers
yourdavid Pred mesecem
box box broke tf’s ankles 😳😳
Rowan Evans-lampa
Rowan Evans-lampa Pred mesecem
All I can say is... POGCHIMP!!
Ober Jarl
Ober Jarl Pred mesecem
Moe's laugh is the best
Khaled El Dani
Khaled El Dani Pred mesecem
Wasn’t even a surprise lmao
Diego Giovanni Oyarzun Obando
Diego Giovanni Oyarzun Obando Pred mesecem
Yo sería feliz con los doritos :(
XxILikePie03 Pred mesecem
Pop off
John Pred mesecem
Are we gonna ignore the fact that Yami got dunked on without Akali
whistle Pred mesecem
Ban leblanc from these tournaments so brainless and not fun to watch what so ever.
Tâm Sinh Tính
Tâm Sinh Tính Pred mesecem
Good video
Polybius11 Pred mesecem
Why not open a slot or 2 to someone who wins a randos bracket? We already saw these 8 people fight.
Taif Al-cookie
Taif Al-cookie Pred mesecem
This is so fun to watch, gj man.
Ichael Pred mesecem
Okay but how insane is chimp
Adrian Zanfir
Adrian Zanfir Pred mesecem
Wtf! Why are you screaming so much bro?
OneForbain Pred mesecem
I came here for tyler, but surprisingly stayed for the whole thing
Joey Turkey
Joey Turkey Pred mesecem
That boxbox interview lmao
Something New
Something New Pred mesecem
sure tfblade has some skills but meh he just plays broken champions with above average mechanics
Swaggy Bagy
Swaggy Bagy Pred mesecem
13:00 wtf is that sound lmao
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