TWITCH RIVALS PLAY OFFS! Semis+Finals VS TFBlade and Tyler1

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yGriZ Pred 15 dnevi
16:20 WTF
Nico Rojas
Nico Rojas Pred 21 dnevom
Poop? Really child and then u go and put sub mode only so u dont get what u deserve in the chat
Son Saiyan
Son Saiyan Pred 24 dnevi
Jacob Avraham
Jacob Avraham Pred 24 dnevi
LOL Winning against my boi? This Moe is fkn desmain
László Huber
László Huber Pred 24 dnevi
5:13 ???
Christopher Saenz
Christopher Saenz Pred 26 dnevi
I watched this whole video to see you lose at the end -.- ight
Sleer Pred 26 dnevi
OMG Moe what are you doing
qlatypus Pred 27 dnevi
I feel as if moe has always been a hypocrite. Its just always been hidden somehow... hes pretty manipulative
JUMMY Pred 28 dnevi
“ I don’t have time like you do “ they both play this game for a living wtf
Mar Bles
Mar Bles Pred 28 dnevi
Get carried mo
Joeri Spek
Joeri Spek Pred 28 dnevi
Anbu Hyuga
Anbu Hyuga Pred 29 dnevi
19:32 This man is not well, jesus.
Testo Manu
Testo Manu Pred 29 dnevi
T1 is just a god you were outclassed from the beginning so no shame to lose against this 6'9 monster
V G Pred 29 dnevi
36:15, nice bug
reepee Pred mesecem
such fans of t1
reepee Pred mesecem
LMAO so toxic when you win 1 game against t1 with a filled mid lane hahaahhahah
Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2
Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2 Pred mesecem
the second ASol was picked I wanted them to win
Pete Smith
Pete Smith Pred mesecem
19:00 - 20:00
MarkoftheWraith Pred mesecem
Lmfao the fact they flamed they teammates at the same time 💀
MarkoftheWraith Pred mesecem
Lmfaoooo Moe went super saiyan “WAAAAAAAA” “no”
Shinobu Oshino
Shinobu Oshino Pred mesecem
Jesus christ, imagine people getting triggered over a guy calling someone "poop pants", stating it as "blackmailing" and "personal attacks". It's just beyond comprehension.
sloth 7
sloth 7 Pred mesecem
What happened to voyboy?
oii you there
oii you there Pred mesecem
37:16 , 37:31 , 37:53 , 38:38 LET'S GOOOOO ......WE WIN THEEEESSSEEE. Sometimes i literally feel that Moe is dragging pinoy to the dirt with him.
Richard Dudlets
Richard Dudlets Pred mesecem
Lol the beehive mind is strong in the comments
Ismael Rea
Ismael Rea Pred mesecem
Cry, just cry
Ohh Emm Alsultan
Ohh Emm Alsultan Pred mesecem
can anyone explain what happened to VoyBoy?
Animesh Singh
Animesh Singh Pred mesecem
That was very disappointing i went back to watch the stream after reading the comments not gonna lie didn't think it was this bad what happened there moe
EsC Reli
EsC Reli Pred mesecem
All of moe’s games are he ints and his team wins 🤣
XxILikePie03 Pred mesecem
36:12 wtf was that glitchy teleport, blast cone into dragon/camille knockback over the wall but then teleports into pit again
XxILikePie03 Pred mesecem
33:37 Moe had the bring the big guns and get into their pants
Justin Vom
Justin Vom Pred mesecem
This aged well
Tevita Teulilo
Tevita Teulilo Pred mesecem
Moe all chatting “just ff” after game 2 was so cringe. They never played with the sub midlaner and APAs champ pool is so nische so I’m surprised the game was even close. To top it all they ended up losing game 3, it took t1s team one game to warm up to Dunn as their new mid...
Connor Martineau
Connor Martineau Pred mesecem
Moe needs to stop using better looking OLD pictures of himself on all the important vids
Danilo Cardoso
Danilo Cardoso Pred mesecem
this is way more entertaining than worlds
Realrec GT
Realrec GT Pred mesecem
I had to get in their pants wearing their heads - moe 2020
hfhfhhfd U
hfhfhhfd U Pred mesecem
AZZA CSB Pred mesecem
This comment section is cancer
Last Squall
Last Squall Pred mesecem
19:30 was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed
justin saliba
justin saliba Pred mesecem
Hahaha no one likes you bro
MudLee Pred mesecem
I hope people realised yassuo was yelling and going red at t1 not because he was mad at him but because he was hype from last game.
Nafea Amri
Nafea Amri Pred mesecem
moe listen seek help , you need a pro help
Genji Pred mesecem
Bro this entire chat is just a bunch of T1/Tarzanned fanboys. Tarzanned is a literal child and moe is just fighting back. Stop forcing drama for no reason
specktrumm Pred mesecem
OneTrickH Pred mesecem
Moe you are pathetic for saying FF in all chat while APO had tehnical difficulties.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel Pred mesecem
Man y’all are really toxic to Moe lmaoo poor guy
XxWallzxX Pred mesecem
I can literally say that they literally have social media on platforms and also a lot of celebs doing it too. But I also know that they have to regardless. The pro stuff.. So for those watching that are regulars. Just don't be gullible towards politics plans. Even though they force crap anyways. Once Z88.3 said it. That was the eye opener to what to come. Also that you see it everywhere too. THE LIFE OF A LIE. To live a lie that politics wants you to live. While they work on their United Nations and the tattoo marking that is supposed to be an invisible dot or something called Luciferase. Unless they decide to change the name. It comes with the vaccination from what I heard and saw. THE LIFE OF A LIE.
Hixon Pred mesecem
Wtf are you on about
Crowd Killwe
Crowd Killwe Pred mesecem
Moe....what happened bro....
ItsScrandy Pred mesecem
Rip moes career
TudorGhitzaa Pred mesecem
We do miss mew york moe...
Jhabby Official
Jhabby Official Pred mesecem
21:35 loll haha
Severe Pred mesecem
People don’t realize that trash talk can make numbers...
Severe Pred mesecem
So many ❄️ in the comments
Swag Massa
Swag Massa Pred mesecem
Joe Pred mesecem
Yo moe do yourself a favor and relax. Still not a fan though your too cringe.
Rudy Distrito
Rudy Distrito Pred mesecem
Bro everyone in the league community is a snowflake. It’s never that serious
Chris Pred mesecem
LA Moe Sadge
Fat Monke
Fat Monke Pred mesecem
Dude who whouldve thought you were different from tarzan and tyler1 youre just the same but worse and it was shown, damn I was gullible, you legit acted like a child that day A MAN CHILD to be exact, I'm glad you lost
Life On High
Life On High Pred mesecem
Lmaoo T1 dropped the MOAB on Moe I hope he can recover cuz I’d be in a shelter for months after that blast
Camryne Hunter
Camryne Hunter Pred mesecem
after that first akali game, not sure why u picked her again lol...
Caner Yildirim
Caner Yildirim Pred mesecem
Who misses NY Moe?
Gabriel Barreto
Gabriel Barreto Pred mesecem
damn LA really changed Moe...
Hakdie Lux
Hakdie Lux Pred mesecem
Kurogi Pred mesecem
Moe is playing so bad tho.
JustMayonnaise Gaming
JustMayonnaise Gaming Pred mesecem
NGL I watch Moe when I'm pooping
Mythical Might
Mythical Might Pred mesecem
Just here to watch him lose to T1 again
crimpthe3rd Pred mesecem
moe tries so hard to match t1's energy that it just comes off as cringe lol
2 quick 4 you
2 quick 4 you Pred mesecem
Shouldn’t have he gone conq akali with obliv orb into lissandri’s or void staff?
2 quick 4 you
2 quick 4 you Pred mesecem
And for the other akali game the default elect build?
yasuo Pred mesecem
what happened to voyboy?
Hleroklite Pred mesecem
Yasuo: "I just need to get into their pants... I mean their heads." Me: wait...
Mina Engel
Mina Engel Pred mesecem
Can u try Valorant? Who agrees this come just give it like to let it up 😉❤️
paintrends Pred mesecem
An actual piece of 💩
TheJoJoBro Pred mesecem
i cringed watching moe talk after game 2...
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Pred mesecem
Unsubbed, you became a little b, i feel bad for your editor
Dickie Gaming
Dickie Gaming Pred mesecem
Moe: "You have no life!" Also Moe: " Dude, why you getting so serious I was talking about jungle"
Damix Pred mesecem
you do know that they are just joking right?
mangustination Pred mesecem
pandering to chat and pretending he cares about voy boy lmao
KeroroGuns0 Pred mesecem
I think it’s exactly like T1 said, tarzaned and duo are not socially aware and flame everyone in sight. Tarzaned didn’t flame nearly as hard but still, they need to think a little bit more before they talk.
KeroroGuns0 Pred mesecem
I don’t think anyone should get banned or anything for this, but there should just be apologies and then we move on. Flaming someone’s in game skill is fine (unless ur toxic like kys and stuff because that’s not that good to say even if you’re not serious/malding). But, that’s not what happened here. He started bringing up their real life, which doesn’t have a place in competition/trash talk, so just apologize and move on.
Seth Chong
Seth Chong Pred mesecem
Moe is pretty weird for bringing up the poop stuff about tarzn
ImTaipan Pred mesecem
Team T1 Baby lets go knew it tyler would win after seeing his karthus in earlier game. Used to underrate tyler but he has his ways of winning forget the mechanics he got everything else.
Hisham Tiamwatt
Hisham Tiamwatt Pred mesecem
LA Moe.
Kerr Yen Yoo
Kerr Yen Yoo Pred mesecem
you're an angry little man
Ys Mr
Ys Mr Pred mesecem
I cant continue watching ur vids anymore man...
Simpson Gracie
Simpson Gracie Pred mesecem
Dis Boy Doe
Dis Boy Doe Pred mesecem
Honestly I don't like tyler or moe, the whole alpha thing is just so annoying sometimes but it's part of his brand. Alpha, draven, 6'5, reformed, bald, real or fake that's tyler. There are some moments when he can be wholesome and mature so he's entertaining overall but moe doesn't have that. After the tarzaned drama, snake thing and new face of lol toxicity he needs to be more likeable, his brand so far is just yassuo and his forced laughs. :/ Give me something more man
Mark Esteven Federis
Mark Esteven Federis Pred mesecem
unless viewership dives, moe's regression will only get worse
H H Pred mesecem
Lol moe the snake getting shitted on is fun to watch
Joseph Denbo
Joseph Denbo Pred mesecem
Its kinda sad seeing how Moe is washed up, not just gamewise but also personality wise. Used to be one of my favorite streamers, kinda losing faith in him though.
Angusburgerman Pred mesecem
yassuo bawling his eyes out lmao
Василий Бархатов
Василий Бархатов Pred mesecem
Gonzalo Cornejo
Gonzalo Cornejo Pred mesecem
omg, is it just me or Yassuo is trying to be like T1 ?? at this point is starting to be cringy :c
FLamiingo Pred mesecem
im unsubbing cause u lost u failed us
Гаврило Глушац
Гаврило Глушац Pred mesecem
just ff your career
Edgar Retana
Edgar Retana Pred mesecem
19:32 yikes my dude. Get some help. He then tells Tyler” Calm down man why do you have to get into my personal life.” Ah the hypocrisy
augustas Pred mesecem
So many idiots in the comment section, was Moe acting kind of cringe during the T1 interview? Yeah. But they’re both trying to play it up for the stream. If you’re sitting here psycho analyzing these people, you need help.
Genji Pred mesecem
Cmon mooooe when are you gonna win a twitch rivals!! CMON BRUH IM ROOTIN FOR U
Yayas Toures
Yayas Toures Pred mesecem
What happened to voyboy??
Zaonne Pred mesecem
That nidda is fk bad pick there...
Thijs Besteman
Thijs Besteman Pred mesecem
You're straight up the worst league streamer rn, act like a grown up when you play with a 13 year old child SMH
Mixioniukas Pred mesecem
15:58 pro player btw (going on jax 1v1 and not knowing where is there jung jax can ez dive akali 1v1 at that point)
__ Pred mesecem
Imagine getting styled on by a sub midlaner and acting less mature than the 13 year old.
Itwas Calzar
Itwas Calzar Pred mesecem
22:40 lmao
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