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Music (in order of appearance) -
Intro - Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2 OST)
Beautiful Dead (Danganronpa UDG OST)
Despair Searching (Danganronpa V3 OST)
Monomono Slots (Danganronpa V3 OST)
BRAIN DRIVER (Danganronpa V3 OST)
Outro - BRAIN DRIVER (Danganronpa V3 OST)
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Golden Gun
Golden Gun Pred dnevom
This didn’t age well
Giselle Amparna
Giselle Amparna Pred 25 dnevi
Remember the time when moe keeps giving people dating advices
SHINOBI Pred 29 dnevi
Same when i play mid vs enemy kata i kill her before she came mid and his jungler just stay in bush at mid all day what a trash be man fight 1v1 puss y
Geffo Pred mesecem
8:15 what did she say?
Ren Ashbell
Ren Ashbell Pred mesecem
This is the reason why moe is getting bigger. He is inlove
-NH2 Pred mesecem
moe is balding
Spooky Dimos
Spooky Dimos Pred 2 meseci
That thumbnail was cringe
Angelos 912
Angelos 912 Pred 2 meseci
youre making her look bad
LongSchlongRami Pred 2 meseci
Duoing in league is the least romantic thing in existence
senamon nonya business
senamon nonya business Pred 2 meseci
He has a dog named Louis that's too horny lol well named sir well named
Samun Storay
Samun Storay Pred 2 meseci
I thought he was duoing with his dog for a second...
Gold3n Fight3r
Gold3n Fight3r Pred 2 meseci
Bella carries him xd
SvenPai Pred 2 meseci
6:20 Baldspot? KEK
Nikola Obradovic
Nikola Obradovic Pred 2 meseci
Breakfast Boy
Breakfast Boy Pred 2 meseci
NTR in game
Edward Ortega
Edward Ortega Pred 2 meseci
After watching this video I wouldn’t be surprised if mor becomes single 😂
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee Pred 2 meseci
Im not a fan of the music.
Zac Dillon
Zac Dillon Pred 3 meseci
Kindred: play safe bot Moe&Bella: mock her for saying that 10 seconds later... Moe & Bella: dies fighting bot when they could have just farmed the wave under tower....
Zac Dillon
Zac Dillon Pred 3 meseci
48 seconds in he dies duo not with the jgler not doing anything and then he blames the jgler for dying and camping bot.....typical Yasuo main logic 🙄 balanced champ yeah? Lmao..
Henry Dinh
Henry Dinh Pred 3 meseci
How to ruin a relationship 101
Ahri Pred 3 meseci
Damn moe letting bella flame him like that? SIMP SIMP SIMP SIMP SIMP SIMP
RJ Pred 3 meseci
Damn Pinoy with those danganronpa osts
Fırat C. Karakuş
Fırat C. Karakuş Pred 4 meseci
She actually has low self esteem.
Lonnie Pred 4 meseci
Imagine putting off a carry for Poki but, when it comes to Bella. He failed horribly, Feels bad.
Don’t give A fuck
Don’t give A fuck Pred 4 meseci
All she is is a cheating psycho gold digger lmaoooo have fun doe 🧚🏻💞🧚🏻💞🧚🏻💞🧚🏻💞🧚🏻💞
juan sebastian cubillos rueda
juan sebastian cubillos rueda Pred 4 meseci
what elo is bella?
Koro sensei moon
Koro sensei moon Pred 4 meseci
Ayiiie, hahaha
ProGaming Pred 4 meseci
Dan Pred 5 meseci
*Enemy Jungler:* Comes to gank me before I hit level 3 burns my flash, gets scuttle crab then comes back to my lane for the regank. They slow push the wave and then tower dive me burning their Summs on me and getting the first blood. *My jungler doing a full clear:* “dude you gotta play safe we outscale” *Me losing out on half the cs while having 0 lane priority or jungle pressure:* ..mmhm 😑
Thunder Gaming
Thunder Gaming Pred 5 meseci
What happend to your beard why its there
Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben Pred 5 meseci
yall toxic to each other damn
carlosreynoso73 Pred 5 meseci
Bella is as toxic if not more toxic than moe is XD wild
meeran haq
meeran haq Pred 5 meseci
what's bella's accent...sometimes she sounds american, other time it sounds like it's her second language
Adam Pred 5 meseci
I don't like bella
Sawyer fan
Sawyer fan Pred 5 meseci
2:46 noone gonna talk about the Unstoppable olaf still r-able?
Khoa Nguyen
Khoa Nguyen Pred 5 meseci
I thought Bella was your dog?
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards Pred 5 meseci
You get used to dying as a Yasuo main.
morgan azzopardi
morgan azzopardi Pred 5 meseci
U could see yassuo wanted to smash his screen LMAOOOO
Jon Galdames
Jon Galdames Pred 5 meseci
Played really poorly that game lmao
A dog with a wig
A dog with a wig Pred 5 meseci
Is Bella British?
Cyber Instinct Memes
Cyber Instinct Memes Pred 5 meseci
The intro is pinoy I am from Philippines
Roaming Shadows
Roaming Shadows Pred 5 meseci
Kassadin be stealin' Moe's girlfriend anytime now. What a man Moe, flaming his girlfriend live and making her fume. Anytime now Kassa, she'll be yours.
Chase Tran
Chase Tran Pred 5 meseci
Wtf 😱like i was only gone for a couple months and Moe has a girlfriend? Since when?? Huhu 😭 this lucky dog lmao he all set for quarantine....Ok i'll be accepting girlfriend applications form lol just DM....jks
Zex Pred 5 meseci
Funny thing about other Yasuo mains is that if they actually play safe and didn't dive 24/7, their champion would be the sole carry every game they play
Paweł Nev
Paweł Nev Pred 5 meseci
What is Bella instagram?
Fizz Khalifa
Fizz Khalifa Pred 5 meseci
i really think bella is british
Keyorempi Pred 5 meseci
When you watch too many montage vids 9:03
Georgios Kotidis
Georgios Kotidis Pred 5 meseci
Get fcked on bot m8. let me know how u much u enjoyed it. The life on adc main :)
shadowflash40 Pred 5 meseci
Hashinshin be crying rn
Juan ortiz de zuñiga
Juan ortiz de zuñiga Pred 5 meseci
I feel weird cause i am the only one who recognized danganronpa's music
JulzzyBoy Pred 5 meseci
Golden Rule for a streamer/gamer who has a girlfriend playing with him: NEVER BLAME HER be a man.
ZED DEATH MARK Pred 5 meseci
chungus sensei
chungus sensei Pred 5 meseci
6:44 every bronze yas player stats be like XD
AW W Pred 5 meseci
Ngl you two are actually so cute together
Xeltrik Pred 5 meseci
This confirms it; Mellow's floor gang
Saif LoL
Saif LoL Pred 5 meseci
06:20 moe molding XD
Jarrad Thomas
Jarrad Thomas Pred 5 meseci
@6:20 - Joker Laff
Sir Vere
Sir Vere Pred 5 meseci
i laughed so hard when you flamed bella, poor bella
Calcelmo Pred 5 meseci
The Exile
The Exile Pred 5 meseci
So weirdo yassuo gf calls him bro and dude that is so cringe
Jim Drinks Bleach
Jim Drinks Bleach Pred 5 meseci
Bella’s accent is kinda weird, like for sum reason it has touches of an Irish accent
Ignacio Pred 5 meseci
Martinst Timanis
Martinst Timanis Pred 5 meseci
can you give me the souce for janna, i would like to have someone who allmost can carry that trash
Andrew Kua
Andrew Kua Pred 5 meseci
Lmao moes laugh
lightfinger123 Pred 5 meseci
I'm just happy that this wasn't as cringe as the Hyoon duo
丹次郎 Pred 5 meseci
Maybe the Coronavirus isn't that bad after all
Chris Meij
Chris Meij Pred 5 meseci
Bella's reaction to the trash talking kindred at the start was gold. She's the one Moe
Sam G
Sam G Pred 5 meseci
HonestlyWilliam Pred 5 meseci
Remember when yasuo wanted to go pro lol
Nimano Pred 5 meseci
Bella seems humorous while Moe is always hilarious, hence why they click so well together. Though her accent is less attractive (watch me get low-key flamed for expressing this simple yet non-positive comment by diehard keyboard Shoguns).
zhan danning
zhan danning Pred 5 meseci
its not inting, its the yasuo specialty. unique passive 0/9 power spike, he was nearly there lmao
Az Pred 5 meseci
Pinoy with the quality OST's again 🙏
Heroitic Pred 5 meseci
6:05 being a gentleman bf here.
Victor Orellana
Victor Orellana Pred 5 meseci
she is telling the truth moe is mad, like everygame
ramenoddles 2
ramenoddles 2 Pred 5 meseci
I doubt this relationship gonna last a month
Chilz03 Pred 5 meseci
Moe looks like a budget Voyboy
Djemiat Ala
Djemiat Ala Pred 5 meseci
duo queue is the best way to be taken xD
Pro Robert
Pro Robert Pred 5 meseci
She has a strong jersey accent
Huner Hopper
Huner Hopper Pred 5 meseci
Moe so mad
His Majesty
His Majesty Pred 5 meseci
who is dis girl ?
Azue Chan
Azue Chan Pred 5 meseci
Ghosthookcc Pred 5 meseci
Bella is clearly alpha in this relationship...
astro Pred 5 meseci
i dont know why but for some reason youtube decided to unsub my acc from urs
ANASstuff Pred 5 meseci
full arbaic vid we want
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Pred 5 meseci
Does Bella have an accent ?
Bichr Salhi
Bichr Salhi Pred 5 meseci
Someone tell her that Janna has a shield
Lazy Doodle
Lazy Doodle Pred 5 meseci
I thought moe just shaved his beard?
Ivan Retamar
Ivan Retamar Pred 5 meseci
4:31 imaqtmoe?
JustOneHookAway Pred 5 meseci
bella is a dog name
Guilherme Luiz Oliveira Silva
Guilherme Luiz Oliveira Silva Pred 5 meseci
Hey ladies, I guess Yassuo is back in the game now, who wants to try? LMAO
GG Bro Fire
GG Bro Fire Pred 5 meseci
Why does she switch from a British accent to a amercain ?
Irljarv BLANK
Irljarv BLANK Pred 5 meseci
Bro I don't want u guys to break up so please stop duo queuing please PLEASEE PLEASEEEEEEE
Andrei Lazar
Andrei Lazar Pred 5 meseci
"We can fight this" - Moe on a 1 v 4
Nicolas Bornel
Nicolas Bornel Pred 5 meseci
bella alpha...damn
michale enwo
michale enwo Pred 5 meseci
Who is Bella his sister or girlfriend?
John Clarkson
John Clarkson Pred 5 meseci
Isn't Bella his sister? Edit: ok so according to the comments no, but I feel like moe referred to her as his sister at a time.
Bolbaba Selmi
Bolbaba Selmi Pred 5 meseci
go back to pokiman plz XD
Ifunzio Channel
Ifunzio Channel Pred 5 meseci
my dog name is bellaa
VoideG Pred 5 meseci
NoWayIce Pred 5 meseci
When he thought about people who are in d4, I really hoped he would say Nightblue ;P
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