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Ahri Pred 3 meseci
I feel like bella is trying way too hard to fit in with the twitch chat it's kinda cringe and not that entertaining tbh
ebisu rin
ebisu rin Pred 3 meseci
we aren't in a position to judge your rs. I'm very happy for you yassuo and i hope her comments don't hurt. Calling him a dog in front of his friends/chat was uncalled for, whether its cuz u wanna fit in or be funny. But id understand if its okay w him. gg moe hf
Tomas Unanue
Tomas Unanue Pred 4 meseci
abdelsalam essam
abdelsalam essam Pred 4 meseci
Just flaming everyday stream lol
Soul Striker
Soul Striker Pred 4 meseci
Who's bella?
0SuperNightMare0 Pred 4 meseci
she's trying so hard to fit in the toxic society ,, cringe for real
Fenser Ramos
Fenser Ramos Pred 4 meseci
what song is that when he's popping off in the first hallf of the video?
Afonso Almeida
Afonso Almeida Pred 4 meseci
Mmmm tryharding in urf so fun
Sathvik Gurupalli
Sathvik Gurupalli Pred 4 meseci
bella seems to make fun of Moe in not a cute or playful "couple" way but in a way that makes her look cool so she fits in. She seems hella toxic and I guarantee she's using Moe to some extent to gain clout for herself. YOU DESERVE BETTER YASSUO
John Villa
John Villa Pred 4 meseci
Man Moe you deserve a better gf. Fr
YNGNE Swerves
YNGNE Swerves Pred 4 meseci
4:30 gottem!
Caquiux Pred 5 meseci
Does anyone else think maybe bella is a bit too rude to moe? Cuz damn i feel bad for him
Leart Jahiu
Leart Jahiu Pred 5 meseci
its his cyber girlfriend on god smh
CrazyAveGaming Pred 5 meseci
Lol Bella is taking care of 3 dogs
TheFrost DemonX
TheFrost DemonX Pred 5 meseci
Bet he is not a yasuo main
Canb Lol
Canb Lol Pred 5 meseci
When Moe gets angry OPEN YOUR MOUTH aaaa Piht
pixel junky
pixel junky Pred 5 meseci
I dont get the Intro...
Akisa Pred 5 meseci
He finnaly got a girlfriend and he miked the shitout of her
Taylormade 5125
Taylormade 5125 Pred 5 meseci
Next we’re gonna find out t1 is getting boosted by Tarzan
MiningCobble Pred 5 meseci
moe became such a chad I'm so proud of how far he's come
Nico Gamez
Nico Gamez Pred 5 meseci
Jeez twitch chat immediately flips on moe for bella 😂 i feel like twitch has a whole lotta simps
Mark Alimon
Mark Alimon Pred 5 meseci
Fck this virus if you are a noypi you know what I mean why you can't play lol in pH hahaha
SoraAlter Pred 5 meseci
Simpsuo is forever
Noneed Toknow
Noneed Toknow Pred 5 meseci
Happy ied mubarak my bro FROM INDONESIA 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Justin Lau
Justin Lau Pred 5 meseci
Ever time you almost die or die I can see you that you can still win for real
xXCrashTXx Pred 5 meseci
Allah will punish you with a severe punishment, be warned, Yassuo
Nguyên Bùi
Nguyên Bùi Pred 5 meseci
8:11 wtff
Jwoong Kaisinel
Jwoong Kaisinel Pred 5 meseci
Hey Moe, I am a recent subscriber of yours, how did you get better with yasuo how did you practice with him, I have played him for 2 months now but I am still missing my Q's like crazy how did you get better at hitting people with your Q.
seif wael
seif wael Pred 5 meseci
chipsjamess Pred 5 meseci
Didn’t know he had a girlfriend thought he just slept with others?
BroLoCo Pred 5 meseci
Stfu please
Eduardo Takaki
Eduardo Takaki Pred 5 meseci
15 bux powder add me yassuo
LemonSpatula Pred 5 meseci
hey mr. yassuo how is ur flash having only 60 seconds cooldown? check video 6:24 min, please respond to this at the earliest, pls pls pls
Tomo Tomo
Tomo Tomo Pred 4 meseci
This is URF
george stratidis
george stratidis Pred 5 meseci
Ur wasting ur life on a video game. Moneys cool but...
Anh Tri
Anh Tri Pred 5 meseci
I'm not so sure about this relationship lol. MOE IM GIVING YOU A PRE-WAKE UP CALL BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. REMEMBER MY NAME!
Muhammed Obeaid
Muhammed Obeaid Pred 5 meseci
I don't care about ur romantic video... I am here to tell u Yasuo players suck along with Yasuo ( the Champ or the SLpostr).
NutriaAmor7 Pred 5 meseci
Sad pinoy he has to watch how a friend is Commpensating bad choices in life with spending money on charity to feel a little good. Moe may Allah help you. If you dont know what to do read the koran/thora/bible they is no diffrence if you belive in the same and only god.
i love akinsoft
i love akinsoft Pred 5 meseci
Is bella your gf? I just watched your video lol
Illaoi Bo
Illaoi Bo Pred 5 meseci
What's his gf Sociales ¿ :)
Kraft Gamer
Kraft Gamer Pred 5 meseci
We all know who gets abused in the relationship now:) RIP MOE
Ink 1nTle
Ink 1nTle Pred 5 meseci
This game literally might break them idk
Naim Jr
Naim Jr Pred 5 meseci
How about hyoon?
Notorious Pred 5 meseci
watch them break up in less than 3 months, I'm calling it
ninja cat
ninja cat Pred 5 meseci
Kai Willems
Kai Willems Pred 5 meseci
You chose the perfect song
Amvi Pred 5 meseci
Man im happy for you moe really you find a perfect girl ❤️🤞🌞
Moe are you relly a filipino?
Caquiux Pred 5 meseci
He was born in usa, but his family is arabic
Abdelrhman Elgendy
Abdelrhman Elgendy Pred 5 meseci
2:06 Friendly fire is on
Meo Otaku
Meo Otaku Pred 5 meseci
Guys have u ever wondered what every letter stands for in yassuo well Y stands for simp A for simp S for simp S for simp U for simp and O for simp
Auo Pred 5 meseci
Bella is hella sassy. Moe caught a good one
Savage Gaming TV
Savage Gaming TV Pred 5 meseci
kinda cringe how she always says my boyfriend and not like moe or something 😂
Max Holdefer
Max Holdefer Pred 5 meseci
8:59 im satisifed
Federico Mutis
Federico Mutis Pred 5 meseci
I mean moe is still a ssssnake but bella kinda mean doe, feelsbadman
Pxxtoni Pred 5 meseci
Bella sounds like a baddie ngl
Malba Cv:
Malba Cv: Pred 5 meseci
bella sooooo toxic man
SealSwim 6
SealSwim 6 Pred 5 meseci
When Moe forgets what he called his imaginary girlfriend 5:05
Ammar TIHH
Ammar TIHH Pred 5 meseci
i love her accent
night seeker
night seeker Pred 5 meseci
Watch the best 1 hp comeback in league on my channel
TheSaku Pred 5 meseci
I'm so glad Pinoy didn't put in the Warwick talking in the first game. He made me cringe so hard on stream I had to click off and watch something else. Man just kept trying to talk to Bella the whole time and she seemed so uncomfortable. Actual creep. He kept asking all these questions and Moe was like "yo I'm the streamer, ask ME questions not Bella".
Feitan Pred 5 meseci
10:48 brozone
Mohamed Beticha
Mohamed Beticha Pred 5 meseci
She's so fu****g mean and rude
Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal Thoughts Pred 5 meseci
Date cuenta moe
Warden Ali
Warden Ali Pred 5 meseci
@yassuo cmonBruh Fucked cmonBruh His cmonBruh Friend's cmonBruh Girl cmonBruh
Omega R.H.V.
Omega R.H.V. Pred 5 meseci
Hey, Moe. Can you try to become #1 Yasuo on Ru.server blyat?)
Wave Function
Wave Function Pred 5 meseci
how do you people actually think anyone in this video was toxic? i would not like to see what any of your relationships are like if you actually even have any
gluegunassault2010 Pred 5 meseci
Moe with the humliation fetish
Mocan Darius
Mocan Darius Pred 5 meseci
Idk why all these people think bella is annoying and mean. Like you don't have a sense of humor, don't you? She tries to give moe content too. But in fact i know a lot of people talking and joking around like bella, including me.
Mozzarella Prepotente
Mozzarella Prepotente Pred 5 meseci
Bella passes the vibe check tho
Evan Wu
Evan Wu Pred 5 meseci
kinda starting to dislike bella
Wandering Samurai
Wandering Samurai Pred 5 meseci
Siding with moelesters
Albin Demiri
Albin Demiri Pred 5 meseci
Moe 1vs1 Bella pls
Alex Ash
Alex Ash Pred 5 meseci
I’ve always knew that Moe was a simp
Kevin Jin
Kevin Jin Pred 5 meseci
The syncing of the music at 8:59 was cleannnnnn
Irljarv BLANK
Irljarv BLANK Pred 5 meseci
when the breakup video coming bruh lmfao
AssassinXX7 Pred 5 meseci
Moe needs to breakup with this girl real quick. Shes way too toxic and the way I see it, she cares more about your money, than you.
ChessMaster Pred 4 meseci
ikr, It's literally just playful banter
Levi Norton
Levi Norton Pred 5 meseci
is this a joke? it's called having fun. If my girl dont talk to me like this I don want it.
Kiwix_ Pred 5 meseci
He got autofilled in the simp role
RaydarkX Pred 5 meseci
what happend at 4:28 ...i would have broken up with her . 0 respect in the relationship. Disgusting and have some self respect Moe, it aint banter.
RaydarkX Pred 4 meseci
@ScoobyJew Chill bro
PhRiMe Pred 4 meseci
@ScoobyJew Thats not a joke. You could cleary see it hurt him....
ScoobyJew Pred 5 meseci
its a joke you clown
Gregory Mears
Gregory Mears Pred 5 meseci
why was that malphite not building just a fuckton of MR and hp to deal with LeBlanc she has like 4/5 of the teams kills so build to counter her and the veigar can just nuke
BlowUP Pred 5 meseci
Imagine your girlfriend calling you bro 😂😭
Razo Maro
Razo Maro Pred 5 meseci
Leave that B*** she called you a dog -.-'
Nimano Pred 5 meseci
Love you Pinoy. ❤️
Markus Malm
Markus Malm Pred 5 meseci
Just another basic gamer girl. I swear, every gamer girl that knows how to somewhat play a game, is toxic as poop (Deji and Dunja for example. Her playing competitive games = toxic behavior). Conclusion: Ya'll need to play animal crossing
Daniel Shih
Daniel Shih Pred 5 meseci
an abusive relationship that goes both ways
ecnight hell
ecnight hell Pred 5 meseci
When ur gf doesn’t respect u and isn’t on ur side that’s when u really gotta break up
Little Pony
Little Pony Pred 5 meseci
I couldn't hear half of what they were saying because of the music :( please don't put music in or make it less loud in the next video
yxnxs Pred 5 meseci
imagine naming ur self wack....
M. Armbruster
M. Armbruster Pred 5 meseci
i have the feeling their relationship is either really strong or about to break
Evilion Pred 5 meseci
yassuo needs to put bella in her place, otherwise she will keep bullying my guy XD
PhRiMe Pred 4 meseci
raging Josh
raging Josh Pred 5 meseci
She’s rude to him in front of ppl for attention and to “fit in” that’s toxic asf
Poppi I Vienna :3
Poppi I Vienna :3 Pred 5 meseci
Nidal Mahieddine
Nidal Mahieddine Pred 5 meseci
What a weird couple
Nezt CS
Nezt CS Pred 5 meseci
Imagine having such simp friends 😂
SevethWinner Pred 5 meseci
The arabic video is only taking so long because pinoy has to find out what moe says 😂
Lotus Of Art
Lotus Of Art Pred 5 meseci
Imagine your girlfriend calling you a dog
PhRiMe Pred 4 meseci
Falcon punch her
Latha Guru
Latha Guru Pred 5 meseci
Has ur beard grown in 1 or 2 days
Jad Pred 5 meseci
i mean bella , moe showed and there’s proof of him hitting challenger , why don’t you just show us your account that hit masters , there’s no proof so you’re claiming it lol.
Wilap Pred 5 meseci
Yo my man moe evolved, he has a girlfriend, probably showed her the faker vid
Cjwsly Pred 5 meseci
Every 14 year olds running to the comments to brand him A SIMP
ルフィMugiwara Pred 5 meseci
imagine playing yasuo in urf lel
Bellyache Pred 5 meseci
Hes actually gonna break up over League, calling it.
Notorious Pred 5 meseci
nah hes gonna break up cause hes gonna get sick of the fact that he's the beta and shes way too dominant, kinda reflecting that shes only dating him for the money or w/e reason, you'd be delusional to think she actually likes him lal
Wave Function
Wave Function Pred 5 meseci
zer0edgy Pred 5 meseci
Great video but the music was too loud compared to how loud Moe and the others were
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