Yassuo | FOUR WINS IN A ROW?!? (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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Janko Bajan
Janko Bajan Pred mesecem
4 wins in a row and tf blade jsut went to challenger with 90% win rate... i lvoe this game xDD
Nhom 12
Nhom 12 Pred mesecem
I appreciate the fact that the FF7R ost makes a game as boring as league exciting.
WeedFur Pred mesecem
OwOsies UwUsies
Luigi Melon
Luigi Melon Pred mesecem
Outro music?
QstnMrk OW
QstnMrk OW Pred mesecem
He had GeneralSniperNA on his team
Julius Bauder
Julius Bauder Pred mesecem
Where i find that outro song?
Ahmad Matar
Ahmad Matar Pred mesecem
Anyone know who the girl in the back is, (Not Bella)
warstark21 Pred mesecem
Pinoy be dropping them spicy ff7 remake osts in this video, I love it 😀
Obreten Obretenov
Obreten Obretenov Pred mesecem
Riot understands that we, yasuo mains, are chimps so they give us a banana prestige skin to grind for! Actually 200 years and 200 IQ right there!
Enes Tunçer
Enes Tunçer Pred mesecem
Watch 6.50 with 0.25 speed and volume up for god sake
그들을 태워라
그들을 태워라 Pred mesecem
The girl in 6:51 looks too young to be Bella right?
Denjays Pred mesecem
I feel like he will get masters in his next video
Kent Almond D. Talahib
Kent Almond D. Talahib Pred mesecem
2:15 cute
Rik Pred mesecem
Whats the outro music?
Adler Ferox
Adler Ferox Pred mesecem
Moe's are you still using yasou in ranked game that you will comeback in the mid lane
Bbang waang
Bbang waang Pred mesecem
For anyone wondering what the outro song is, "Under Cover of Smoke"-Nobuo Uematsu. Square Enix is pretty hard on copyright tho so its a bit hard to find it online.
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez Pred mesecem
Yassuo, u this ugly :c
GAMEOVER. Pred mesecem
When to blade is going to r*pe Moe 2:04
Plorbo Pred mesecem
damn bro moe is so nice, he gave a homeless person his twitch account and let him stream
True Danage
True Danage Pred mesecem
Moe is looking so scared of being sent back to the mental institution by Bella
ali zad
ali zad Pred mesecem
are u returning to mid after getting challenger ??
Alex Pred mesecem
You've got extra chromosomes not ptsd..
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Pred mesecem
Kha'Zix is so sleeper to watch tho bruh
Nooble Pred mesecem
Moe , please try rengar out
Atilla Basol
Atilla Basol Pred mesecem
06:53 Face REVEAL
Danzy Pred mesecem
Can I have back yasmoe?
Oliver Fink
Oliver Fink Pred mesecem
try ekko jgl
KroxerGamingWC Benjamin
KroxerGamingWC Benjamin Pred mesecem
The music is pure ebola, but nice gameplay.
Sebastián Cartes
Sebastián Cartes Pred mesecem
nidalee game was a supp diff, he doesn't realize how fragile is nida, lulu was there everytime, without her most of his plays would have gone badly, not because he missplayed or anything, but he wouldnt have done that dmg and preassure without lulu
Mirriee Pred mesecem
i only saw 3 wins tho?
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown Pred mesecem
The FF7R soundtrack is appreciated.
omar jarrah
omar jarrah Pred mesecem
This vid has to be good cuz 5 secs after clicking my little cousin walks in with wound on his forhead Went to 3 pharmacies to find him the strips
Alejandro Bermudez
Alejandro Bermudez Pred mesecem
whats going on w the music, so loud, JESUS
Wajeeh Kh
Wajeeh Kh Pred mesecem
انت بيييض لمرحلة انو نفسي اجي على امريكا بس عشان اتف في وجهك
Jacob Cass
Jacob Cass Pred mesecem
My mom told me that I look like you, by the way I'm fat :D
xD0o0Dx Pred mesecem
whats the intro music?
Heroitic Pred mesecem
I had 5 wins in row, after that I had 5 lose in a row
mario Pred mesecem
Moe has hella chest hair you can tell
Nguyen Phong
Nguyen Phong Pred mesecem
Aight that 2nd game, the nidalee one, is big jg diff BIGGGGGG
Gabriel Bansil
Gabriel Bansil Pred mesecem
moe starting to look like voyboy
0000.1km Pred mesecem
moe looking more and more like a homeless man each video
Aleksa Mirkovic
Aleksa Mirkovic Pred mesecem
hardstuck diamond lol
Oliver Pred mesecem
FOUR WINS IN A ROW?! Me doing my own jungle challenger on an 11win streak in diamond mmr. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Vetrix Pred mesecem
Bro pls Go to the barber
N M0570
N M0570 Pred mesecem
I wonder why people press the dislike button.
Kayler -
Kayler - Pred mesecem
And he never got master, year 2035~~
Dzulharith Faiz
Dzulharith Faiz Pred mesecem
Moee show the new champ gameplayyy
Edicor Pred mesecem
The fact that the video stops here means that he lost the next game XD
Kedut Pred mesecem
Jax was on a hot date it seems
Silver Amaz
Silver Amaz Pred mesecem
The stupid thing is that the mmr thing also happens in lower elo which just makes it impossible to climb and those people that can’t climb eventually start griefing everyone
Ubai Hayat
Ubai Hayat Pred mesecem
2:05 yo does moe get bullied lmao whats with that reaction
Lime Pred mesecem
Belluh looks like emiru
Michael Liu
Michael Liu Pred mesecem
Judgement Kayle. You truly don’t see that every day, or week, or month, or year.
Phillip Muhlig
Phillip Muhlig Pred mesecem
Moe can you please play a game with nocturne ^^
123 45
123 45 Pred mesecem
What's the intro song?
Retly Pred mesecem
Gotta love it when sheltered streamers talk about having PTSD over a video game. Like what ?
thwift Pred mesecem
it’s hyperbole why are you so triggered?
Ghost Afridi
Ghost Afridi Pred mesecem
Bella looks like Jonas's girlfriend from dark ... I forgot her name
ames J
ames J Pred mesecem
0:45 khaxiz has S combo like samira too now
epicest Pred mesecem
Is it just me or does Bella look like Kendall Jenner..?
Fatir Ahmed
Fatir Ahmed Pred mesecem
whats that red S on top of his champ's head after getting kills.I've seen that on tf blade's stream too.
SnowyG Pred mesecem
Fatir Ahmed maybe its just random after you kill Someone idk...
SnowyG Pred mesecem
Fatir Ahmed Not 100% sure but its when you hit 6 attacks and kill the enemy (each spell/attack must be different from the last one used) its a teaser for the new champ samira Edit: some correct me if im wrong :s
Rogelio Gabriel Castillo Pruneda
Rogelio Gabriel Castillo Pruneda Pred mesecem
he is a gnome xd 6:55
Vendetta XZ
Vendetta XZ Pred mesecem
Hey buddies ^^ anyone knows the music in the outro 9:58 ?
Nhom 12
Nhom 12 Pred mesecem
@Vendetta XZ Ignition Flame
Vendetta XZ
Vendetta XZ Pred mesecem
@Legacy thank you so much 🙏
Legacy Pred mesecem
FFVII Remake song OST Cant give name cause it's in like Japanese but I shazamed it.
Mah Elbad
Mah Elbad Pred mesecem
We need three wins in a row ( spoiler alert ) we all know whats gonna happen.
yazan rimawi
yazan rimawi Pred mesecem
man stop with the music please pinnoy be creative ive been hating the videos lately look at tricks editor do something instead of music
Sankeeth Ganeswaran
Sankeeth Ganeswaran Pred mesecem
pinoy will never listen to you because you're irrelevant
Theo Sampaleanu
Theo Sampaleanu Pred mesecem
its spoiled now though because ik he didn't win those 3 games otherwise Pinoy woulda called this video "SEVEN WINS IN A ROW?!?!?!?"
CC Pred mesecem
anyone else see samira's thing above his head at 3:16????
Jan Stankovic
Jan Stankovic Pred mesecem
she cute moe and the best part is that i first sawa her on ym btirthday
xGambit -
xGambit - Pred mesecem
yo belle face reveal? 6:52
Jay Pred mesecem
such a fkn jg diff wp moe
N1CK YM3RA1 Pred mesecem
He’s actually doing the camera movement that he wanted copy from faker, well done Moe🥰
Challenge to get 10,000 subs with no vids
Challenge to get 10,000 subs with no vids Pred mesecem
ok No lie i was drinking my water bottle and then this happened 5:20 and i literally spilled my water all over my computer. This a new pc btw. Fk you moe youre too good
ISpeed Hack
ISpeed Hack Pred mesecem
*Karthus will always out farm you* laughs in Rhaasts voice
Ranvir Chauhan
Ranvir Chauhan Pred mesecem
moe: OMG 4 WINS IN A ROW ratirl: .........
Nissi Gonzales
Nissi Gonzales Pred mesecem
Hey yassuo watch moyax tv
Andrew Huang
Andrew Huang Pred mesecem
0:45 is that samira's passive mark
AzurothRising Pred mesecem
I was wondering that too. Is that an emote or a bug?
xSoulEateer Pred mesecem
Who's the girl behind Moe ? Bella or one of Bella's friend ?
Dylan Marfori
Dylan Marfori Pred mesecem
The Bella screen-times are the highlight of your video's Moe.
Dylan Marfori
Dylan Marfori Pred mesecem
No cap but Bella needs more screen time.
Dylan Marfori
Dylan Marfori Pred mesecem
Moe's beard starting to connect to his chest hair.
Dylan Marfori
Dylan Marfori Pred mesecem
Everyday Moe keeps on looking like a homeless 1 trick Yasuo
Please help me get 200 subs with random videos
Please help me get 200 subs with random videos Pred mesecem
6:53 if you've never seen bell's face Thank me later
Relic Pred mesecem
Is four wins in a row in ranked impressive?
Cxmbined Pred mesecem
I miss NY Moe :(
yuvraj bhasha
yuvraj bhasha Pred mesecem
lol moe had Nuguri on his team
kareem nader
kareem nader Pred mesecem
Bro what is that S that appeared on top of u at 0:45
Peris Hernandez
Peris Hernandez Pred mesecem
have you been living under a rock for the last week?
Yes Yes
Yes Yes Pred mesecem
Why do you say "u" like yassuo is gonna answer you LMAO
なにwoke Pred mesecem
The S stands for Samira, the new champion
Nemanja Mirkovic
Nemanja Mirkovic Pred mesecem
4:18 script?
Aldrin Banigan
Aldrin Banigan Pred mesecem
6:52 its my first time seeing Bella's face. Aight, i can now sleep properly.
Luís Ribeiro
Luís Ribeiro Pred mesecem
Well you Can't cuz thats her sister
Ne07n Pred mesecem
Bella face reveal at 7min
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Pred mesecem
6:52 when the teacher gives the special ed kid candy
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Pred mesecem
2:03 When Tyler proposes to Moe
XxihewixX Pred mesecem
Clickbait title = downvote
Moein Alizadeh
Moein Alizadeh Pred mesecem
Just want to know how bell feels that time yasuo makes sound like authism kids :D
Alex T
Alex T Pred mesecem
7:07 who is the person behind moe?????
Muhamed ahmed322
Muhamed ahmed322 Pred mesecem
what is the music at the end ?
Pjerog Pred mesecem
It's *yo-ne*
Alberto Martin
Alberto Martin Pred mesecem
mom: play with the neighbors kids the neighbors kids: 6:01
Syke Linzers
Syke Linzers Pred mesecem
5:09 dodgin team ashe ult
K1ceps Pred mesecem
Im pretty sure you ll be ae to play jg in ur hair soon
Haster Pred mesecem
NA ppl just can't dodge nidalee spear its sad
Fisted Jerry
Fisted Jerry Pred mesecem
0:19 me when I’m trying to talk to a girl
Sukie Lor
Sukie Lor Pred mesecem
I feel you man..
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