Yassuo | BAN OR NO BAN?!

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Estiven Pred 3 dnevi
Yassuo could you teach us how to build Yasuo?
Dennis Zhu
Dennis Zhu Pred 3 dnevi
Hey, maybe a video idea : 5 challengers vs 5 grand masters BUT the challengers are not allowed to communicate
Dalintk Oppo
Dalintk Oppo Pred 4 dnevi
Yazan Abumakho
Yazan Abumakho Pred 4 dnevi
You should apologize to Hashinshen...
A dog with a wig
A dog with a wig Pred 5 dnevi
Is moe wearing another shirt or is that just his chest hair? No cap
Mark Lawrence Lucas
Mark Lawrence Lucas Pred 5 dnevi
Are u a filipino or something cuz the intro tho
Complex Pred 5 dnevi
Make a series of this!!!!
The Shadow Gamer
The Shadow Gamer Pred 5 dnevi
when are u gonna apologize to hashinshin?
Aethelwind Pred 5 dnevi
muck foe
JaeG3rM3iSt3RFna Pred 6 dnevi
are you good bro?
Justice and honor
Justice and honor Pred 6 dnevi
Did he get corona or something?
Wind Pred 6 dnevi
how can i get unbaned :(?
hiccupeater LoL
hiccupeater LoL Pred 6 dnevi
For everyone in the comments wondering where moe is, he’s in Mexico and should be back tomorrow. He just took a little vacation he ain’t dead😂😂😂
I Love Lolis
I Love Lolis Pred 6 dnevi
El Moe was doing his business
cosum Pred 6 dnevi
Thanks lol, been wondering why he hasn’t been showering up on my SLpost page
1g88 Pred 7 dnevi
I feel like Moe should play more games, maybe even single player games, would be so fun to watch
c c
c c Pred 7 dnevi
where has this guy been??
Ruven Pred 7 dnevi
You've changed.
Ahayes Pred 7 dnevi
moe died :(
Morellonomicon Pred 7 dnevi
Yassuo is dead
Fade Pred 8 dnevi
you need to wash your dog
FriedSquid Gaming
FriedSquid Gaming Pred 8 dnevi
Lol,i remember when you got beaten by ll stylish on his yasuo Can we 1v1? Add this if you want Pentakilljinx28 Server:Philipines
Allen Pred 4 dnevi
your literally iron
I Love Lolis
I Love Lolis Pred 6 dnevi
@Samael sama right? Imagine trying to 1v1 him. ( chocking noise ) A multi challenger PLAYER!!! ( Another chocking noise ) Get out of here. Man’s sucking
Samael sama
Samael sama Pred 7 dnevi
Stfu bronze. Dont even try to 1v1 Moe. Imagine
Johnclark Diño
Johnclark Diño Pred 8 dnevi
Pls upload your vids
Avatar Yasuo
Avatar Yasuo Pred 8 dnevi
Moe come back twitch and SLpost is so dry
Jie Zheng
Jie Zheng Pred 8 dnevi
What happened to him when is he gonna repost yt vids again?
Tan dcstro
Tan dcstro Pred 8 dnevi
can u speak tagalog
MOISÉS DIEGO Pred 8 dnevi
Sorry moe😭
Rotmg Legend
Rotmg Legend Pred 8 dnevi
Who else is excited for this years charity stream?
hiccupeater LoL
hiccupeater LoL Pred 6 dnevi
It already happened
Ah8sh0 Pred 8 dnevi
i think he is dead............Rip moe
Wilson Guo
Wilson Guo Pred 8 dnevi
sir are you dead
Prime Paradox
Prime Paradox Pred 8 dnevi
It's been one week without an upload
Genji Pred 9 dnevi
DarkShadow Pred 9 dnevi
eh is everything okay pinoy ? it's been a week...
Makeen Labat
Makeen Labat Pred 9 dnevi
Moe hasn't uploaded in a week, is he dead?
shinedachi Pred 7 dnevi
If u check his Twitter he took a break and went to Mexico I think, he should be back tomorrow tho
Aaron Pred 10 dnevi
yoinking ludwigs content
Jesse Orava
Jesse Orava Pred 10 dnevi
man 1 week moe i need my daily videos back
OnlyREgret Pred 10 dnevi
Stop playing league man upload other games like rouge company
Mazedur Rahman
Mazedur Rahman Pred 10 dnevi
Yooo where are the uploads
SubZi Pred 10 dnevi
Just sitting here waiting for your apologize video to hashinshin.
SubZi Pred 9 dnevi
@I Love Lolis He turns out to be innocent while everybody thought that he is quilty.
I Love Lolis
I Love Lolis Pred 9 dnevi
@Morellonomicon ok
Morellonomicon Pred 9 dnevi
@I Love Lolis why don't you do some research on why everybody wants him to apologize? I can't right now.
I Love Lolis
I Love Lolis Pred 9 dnevi
@Morellonomicon but he’s still a predator though? What’s is there to apologize?
Morellonomicon Pred 9 dnevi
@I Love Lolis iirc he accused hash of being a child predator, along with many others in the league community. It recently came out that much of the "evidence" was spoofed and that he was for the most part innocent.
skiyu Pred 10 dnevi
moe died
kah ming
kah ming Pred 10 dnevi
where is moe?
kah ming
kah ming Pred 10 dnevi
no idea..
I Love Lolis
I Love Lolis Pred 10 dnevi
Have he stream?
Fernando Duka
Fernando Duka Pred 10 dnevi
Why isn’t he posting ?
Tuddy Pred 10 dnevi
5:29 can someone tell me.. if you Q and R with Lb on a target, it will get double marked?
Tuddy Pred 10 dnevi
@Argoll ty
Argoll Pred 10 dnevi
It does the q damage twice allowing you to do a lot of burst to a single target. Q R W is a pretty simple way to one-shot someone
I Love Lolis
I Love Lolis Pred 10 dnevi
FireBurnsU Pred 10 dnevi
where did he go ?
Game Account
Game Account Pred 10 dnevi
Moe are you alive? its been 6 days from this post, theres no new update on youtube. RIP moe dont die by conono wairus.
Tobitax 01
Tobitax 01 Pred 11 dnevi
Dude, cleans the puppy's eyes, he's going to have an infection, stupid
I Love Lolis
I Love Lolis Pred 10 dnevi
kyle moncal
kyle moncal Pred 11 dnevi
that chesthair though
Mez Pred 11 dnevi
Anyone know the outro song
FIRELYNX 1 Pred 11 dnevi
0:22 Nugber comment in chat had me Dead😂😂💀
yes man
yes man Pred 12 dnevi
So are you not going to apologize for publicly bashing hashinshin even though he has been cleared for the allegations, or is that just me wondering that.
Morkminster Pred 12 dnevi
why are you so skinny today
VIKAS KOHLI Pred 12 dnevi
It’s been 5 days and I’m still waiting for your new video to come out. Love from India.
John efoma
John efoma Pred 11 dnevi
He’s on vacation
hanzoxdva Pred 12 dnevi
Most content we've had in a long time, shame the viewers have to provide it for him though lmao
Christopher Meija
Christopher Meija Pred 13 dnevi
why don't you play ios wildrift moe
Christopher Meija
Christopher Meija Pred 13 dnevi
Plss notice thiss comment
XxWallzxX Pred 13 dnevi
I have a document that is about rnm. It doesn't have all the details as other ones too. But this one is good as it states multiple targets getting hit simultaneously. It says that it will send signals through the nervous system and control as desired. But it says European, U.S, Japan, etc. It is actually every country. Also says that it can hit multiple people simultaneously. So there you go. Hitting everyone at the same time and doing your thing. I also have the other thing that states of torture and more. Also from experience. Most of the torture is from suffocation. So done. But hitting multiple people at the same time is a good find. I already knew that. But it is great to see it too.
Tenshi Pred 13 dnevi
Bro you are not yassuo you are GOOD🥰
Yasuo Main31
Yasuo Main31 Pred 13 dnevi
im Pinoy haha
Yasuo Main31
Yasuo Main31 Pred 13 dnevi
Hi filipino fan here!
RazorUzumaki Pred 13 dnevi
Make this a series pls
Qualms Pred 13 dnevi
Ya ever gonna apologize to Hash?
Enzo Peralta
Enzo Peralta Pred 13 dnevi
Outro songgg?
Drylith Pred 14 dnevi
Bro you are earning lot of money. Pls buy a good table if those exists in USA. (Don't really sure cause your houses are instable too?) Everytime you're moving your arm, your whole setup is moving ... :(
그들을 태워라
그들을 태워라 Pred 14 dnevi
He has a hair shirt under his shirt
Remmy Pred 14 dnevi
someone's been watching Ludwig
Ivailo Ivanov
Ivailo Ivanov Pred 15 dnevi
Damn the channel views are kinda dying... low 200k compared to 350-600k in 2018-2019
Rey rey
Rey rey Pred 15 dnevi
Lol literally copied Asmongold's unban appeal series
Rey rey
Rey rey Pred 11 dnevi
@John efoma He is a wow streamer. He has very interesting content even if you dont play wow, i reccomend you check him out :)
John efoma
John efoma Pred 12 dnevi
Too bad nobody knows who that is
Yehya Hj
Yehya Hj Pred 15 dnevi
Man your videos are so funny just make them longer habibi😁
BliZZard _
BliZZard _ Pred 15 dnevi
Finally some content
Arian Pred 15 dnevi
Apologize to hashinshin
STM Pred 15 dnevi
i remember when mellow didnt look like a depressed 14 yr old
Bryant Sanchez
Bryant Sanchez Pred 15 dnevi
Justice for my boy Hashinshin
Kaze Jhin
Kaze Jhin Pred 15 dnevi
Sup ape moneyhunger
Poop Solo spoon
Poop Solo spoon Pred 15 dnevi
Moe ban and unban so funny more plaase
BEATSBYDNVN Pred 15 dnevi
Why am I banned in his chat I never watch the stream
YIKES Pred 15 dnevi
clean dudes eyes :/
Francisco Pancho
Francisco Pancho Pred 15 dnevi
Dusk Pred 15 dnevi
*music plays* *waits for drop* BOIS!.. Today, we've got something new! Unban forms! It's either a yes, or a nomeggies. Welcome to court.
Purple Beast
Purple Beast Pred 15 dnevi
Yo high-key would watch a full hour of unban or ban
Rafael Jamas
Rafael Jamas Pred 15 dnevi
Someone tell the FBI this twitter detective is right and they're wrong.
Tazx3 Pred 15 dnevi
Maybe some apology to Hashinshin? At least say something bro...
Akash Pred 15 dnevi
free my man wesley he aint do nun
Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki Pred 16 dnevi
I'm only here because of Mello
Doping Made
Doping Made Pred 16 dnevi
more ban or unban :D
Dorraij Pred 16 dnevi
i was so confused when the gameplay started because i was so into the ban or unban segment
Joey Santos
Joey Santos Pred 16 dnevi
best video ive ever watched
Marcelo Pedro
Marcelo Pedro Pred 16 dnevi
Cool, but when you will apologize for Hashinshin's accusations?
Rafael Jamas
Rafael Jamas Pred 15 dnevi
Who would've guessed a twitter detective would be wrong :o I guess spreading false accusations and hate towards other on twitter with no proof whatsoever is not a very mature thing to do. I don't think there is any forgiving to this. And I don't think such an immature, spoiled brat like Moe would ever apologize to something like that. I mean it was on twitter right, how could he know
Kyuizard May
Kyuizard May Pred 16 dnevi
Using the good ludwig content
Hoai Le
Hoai Le Pred 16 dnevi
Yah ban hashinshin
yuvraj bhasha
yuvraj bhasha Pred 16 dnevi
wait did moe quit jgl chalenege or what?
Nathanael Dimasacat
Nathanael Dimasacat Pred 16 dnevi
What happened to Bella and Moe? Can someone answer me?
Evan Luo
Evan Luo Pred 16 dnevi
ban/unban is amazingly funny, pls do more!
Flamethrower426 Pred 16 dnevi
My dog is a cuter version of mellow, no cap, mellow got hella boogies
Thicker Shows
Thicker Shows Pred 16 dnevi
wow, yassuo copying ludwig stream
Alexander Fam
Alexander Fam Pred 16 dnevi
2:12 was the funniest part for me
ZaaL The Great
ZaaL The Great Pred 16 dnevi
Ah yes 2019 of April 1:58
Sandler Dynamo
Sandler Dynamo Pred 16 dnevi
Ludwig 🤔
Brazey_ Pred 16 dnevi
i missed hearing moe laugh like that
29 choosenbytheppl!
29 choosenbytheppl! Pred 16 dnevi
Mello in his prison just waiting for something to happen xD
Feed the Fish
Feed the Fish Pred 16 dnevi
Guys what's that outro song ?
Sarius _hogh
Sarius _hogh Pred 16 dnevi
That was so funny 😂
Weed IsAllWeNeed
Weed IsAllWeNeed Pred 16 dnevi
shortest vid of my life ;(
KrackZz Pred 16 dnevi
do more please, it's hilarious!!! XD
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