Yassuo | HOW DID I LOSE ON YASUO?!? (Viewer 1v1s)

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TheAbbyBerry Pred 5 meseci
Your 1v1s are low key a sausage-fest.
Onubis Pred 5 meseci
Wow nice I'm from lithuania so it's nice :D
Myron Darricarrere
Myron Darricarrere Pred 5 meseci
Monster Super League > Summoners War
Liên Minh CHINA
Liên Minh CHINA Pred 5 meseci
hi every one,do you love yasuo mains
Gabriel Riegel
Gabriel Riegel Pred 5 meseci
wo sind die deutschen die den cringe gefühlt haben als er "deutsch" gesprochen hat?
giannhs mainas
giannhs mainas Pred 5 meseci
we want rematch :D
psychocicada 006
psychocicada 006 Pred 5 meseci
noob yassuo lose for gold player
TeDDy BeaR
TeDDy BeaR Pred 5 meseci
Yassuo intentionally intend the Yasuo 1v1 -.-
The Leaf
The Leaf Pred 5 meseci
ohayooo, im now and i post only league content, i have no mic but i try my best :D come and sumbscribe if you want
Lydian Pred 5 meseci
summoners wars is a incredible game btw.
LeoPrimed Pred 5 meseci
Moe: *names himself after yasuo* Also Moe: *cant beat his fans on yasuo*
Kickology Pred 5 meseci
My guy Moe with the NYC slangs
Christopher Sabat
Christopher Sabat Pred 5 meseci
Moe looks like the red bird of angry birds lmao
RAFANADAL2014 Pred 5 meseci
10:40 Syria?
Pedro Ponce
Pedro Ponce Pred 5 meseci
What skin do i buy..¿blood moon or high noon?
Yavuz Baykiz
Yavuz Baykiz Pred 5 meseci
Last guy is insane:D
Levani Dolidze
Levani Dolidze Pred 5 meseci
Lost to g4 yasuo ... unsubbed xD
Sand in Shurima
Sand in Shurima Pred 5 meseci
Justin beiber
Gg 23
Gg 23 Pred 5 meseci
5:26 Gagamel joint the Chat
OMEGA Teodor
OMEGA Teodor Pred 5 meseci
Even ads are enjoyable with pinoy and moe
Jesper Blomqvist
Jesper Blomqvist Pred 5 meseci
moe is winning cuz he hits lvl 5 first XD
Mystic poptart
Mystic poptart Pred 5 meseci
If I have to watch one more Gillette ad I’m gonna kill myself
Ert Cz
Ert Cz Pred 5 meseci
7:13 Czech ?
Baiken NEP
Baiken NEP Pred 5 meseci
Pinoy is the reason this SLpost channel is as popular as it is.
BeeQue Pred 5 meseci
pinoy is like stan lee with these cameos
Jonne Hänninen
Jonne Hänninen Pred 5 meseci
Jonne Hänninen
Jonne Hänninen Pred 5 meseci
Murei No Kami
Murei No Kami Pred 5 meseci
That man ended yassuos whole career
ZEXion xelthia
ZEXion xelthia Pred 5 meseci
its okie moe. for me your the best YASOU
issam ahri
issam ahri Pred 5 meseci
issam ahri
issam ahri Pred 5 meseci
xddd i am win you of riven xdd ' ' )
Kaiser 417
Kaiser 417 Pred 5 meseci
after the intro i already knew he was going to lost some
RedRabbit Pred 5 meseci
Thank you to the lord and saviour Jesus Christ 🤣
Gustav Tengström
Gustav Tengström Pred 5 meseci
Where are you from? Let my guess? Sweden, sweden, sweden
master Pred 5 meseci
wait.. can you be ricardo yasuo
Λευτέρης Χάλας
Λευτέρης Χάλας Pred 5 meseci
imagine losing to moe as xerath
Kaneki ϟ
Kaneki ϟ Pred 5 meseci
I actually skipped the sponsorship but after reading all those comments I had to watch it.
Saltier Pred 5 meseci
Lithuania WH OMEGALUL ?
Vishal Selvenesan
Vishal Selvenesan Pred 5 meseci
Did u actually die to a danish guy?! LOOOL
D TSILI Pred 5 meseci
Rank 1 gkavlas se pataei
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield Pred 5 meseci
Im danish too lol
LimAK47PL Pred 5 meseci
duze suty masz
K163941 Sheheryar Pirzada
K163941 Sheheryar Pirzada Pred 5 meseci
Amen to the lord and savior jesus christ lmao xDDD
Aegis Dex
Aegis Dex Pred 5 meseci
Pinoy i know you love some Persona OSTs and i do too and maybe i just haven’t heard it yet but where’s the FFVIIR OSTs? Airbuster, High Five, Due Recompense, Midgar Expressway? i know you love the game too
[N&rd] Stefrag
[N&rd] Stefrag Pred 5 meseci
the last guy was lowkey inspirational tho
Lord Popo
Lord Popo Pred 5 meseci
Come visit Lithuania! It's next to Poland and also next to idk man
KV Redd Mancilla
KV Redd Mancilla Pred 5 meseci
You scriptin with xerath lmao
天皇 Pred 5 meseci
yo dude you look 10 years younger at the beginning
Andres Valdez
Andres Valdez Pred 5 meseci
Pinoy, the only editor that has proudly made me watch an ad
LikeAWinni Pred 5 meseci
Stefus Pred 5 meseci
Jim Drinks Bleach
Jim Drinks Bleach Pred 5 meseci
Δαρείος 😂
XxWallzxX Pred 5 meseci
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enio dervishi
enio dervishi Pred 5 meseci
i am albanian:))))))
gev or
gev or Pred 5 meseci
the title is no longer click bait, it happens sooo often...
Anti APORED Channel
Anti APORED Channel Pred 5 meseci
Na dog
Josip Kučinić
Josip Kučinić Pred 5 meseci
I agree with the rest, all because of pinoy
Miko Aragon
Miko Aragon Pred 5 meseci
Atleast it's not Raid Shadow Legend
elise khwanjai
elise khwanjai Pred 5 meseci
I love when you’re kind to ur followers
Azure Pred 5 meseci
damn he really need that rent money
Marko Jovanovski
Marko Jovanovski Pred 5 meseci
lmao that inspirational speech from that dude that won as Yasuo vs Yassuo tho.
Imagine LOL
Imagine LOL Pred 5 meseci
My boy Pinoy eating good
Rockass Pred 5 meseci
Daniel Villena
Daniel Villena Pred 5 meseci
Play on PH server
Enrico Oliveira
Enrico Oliveira Pred 5 meseci
Olha a risada do cara kkkkkkkkk amei kkkk
Weed Boi
Weed Boi Pred 5 meseci
Moe is 13
Miguel Bernardino
Miguel Bernardino Pred 5 meseci
oh wait i was in this stream PogO
Genshin Simpact
Genshin Simpact Pred 5 meseci
Yassuo you just made me download summoners war bro
Purple Thunder
Purple Thunder Pred 5 meseci
Summoners war are the new raid shadow legends
Andre Remigio
Andre Remigio Pred 5 meseci
SS Shadow
SS Shadow Pred 5 meseci
brooooooooooooooo i love that com2us is getting people to advertise it on their channel, it should be way more populated than it is, even though it still kinda is popular
Blonan LoL
Blonan LoL Pred 5 meseci
Nice vid
Bradley Hutchings
Bradley Hutchings Pred 5 meseci
That 60K ad placement, respect
SAFireDragon Clips
SAFireDragon Clips Pred 5 meseci
one day i will 1v1 yassuo on syndra, he can play syndra or yasuo it doesnt matter, ill clap him regardless not because im a better player but because my syndra is clean as hell!! ( i will tell him about this comment when i do so he can see its not luck when it happens. )
Weeday aa
Weeday aa Pred 5 meseci
9:58 im dying xD HA TOOF
nadeem salib
nadeem salib Pred 5 meseci
1:23 this is where the video startes
Rejus Zukauskas
Rejus Zukauskas Pred 5 meseci
6:54 Lithuania gang where are yall?
Jeremy lucas
Jeremy lucas Pred 5 meseci
Hey remember when he wanted us to remember that he was the goat?
Rejus Zukauskas
Rejus Zukauskas Pred 5 meseci
6:54 Lithuania gang were are yall at?
Zarret Mills
Zarret Mills Pred 5 meseci
Most enjoyable sponsor bit ever
Afonso Almeida
Afonso Almeida Pred 5 meseci
Lolollolol and he was G4 xD
OMAR A Pred 5 meseci
The last one 😂😂😂😂😂
Gustavo Fernandes
Gustavo Fernandes Pred 5 meseci
Algum Br?
Punisher Pred 5 meseci
Pinoy is actually the God of montage.
Shake It!
Shake It! Pred 5 meseci
whats the twitch channel of this guy?
Jenneng Moua
Jenneng Moua Pred 5 meseci
SELLOUT, T1 was right
Kaya just Kaya
Kaya just Kaya Pred 5 meseci
I was actually thinking. How do i say i am a foreigner german. well, had luck with delta1 guy.
The Dark Neon
The Dark Neon Pred 5 meseci
water rakshasa suxs
Callum B-H
Callum B-H Pred 5 meseci
"it's kinda brick" you mean brisk?
ACry Husky
ACry Husky Pred 5 meseci
Night Zard
Night Zard Pred 5 meseci
Amaru_Eilish Pred 5 meseci
Justin Eng
Justin Eng Pred 5 meseci
he has the fakest laugh ever no cap, he is trying to laugh it aint natural
Sauce Saint
Sauce Saint Pred 5 meseci
Good. Summoners war is taking over. Rates are bad but its way less p2w than raid
Armir Aliu
Armir Aliu Pred 5 meseci
im albanian
Makador Madar
Makador Madar Pred 5 meseci
lmao yasou laughs like my Arab mom
Khairul Azlan
Khairul Azlan Pred 5 meseci
well, not the 1st time
LucasCHG Pred 5 meseci
Dude is Summoner's War going to become the next Raid Shadow Legends? Like dude I'm seeing it sponsoring every youtuber ever LMAO!
Chris XU
Chris XU Pred 5 meseci
Im not arabic, but the first guy that kept saying habibi is so fking cringe and annoying holy fk
HxPunisher Pred 5 meseci
Moe missed every Yasuo q in that trade lmfao
Barszczu Pred 5 meseci
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