Yassuo | JUST ALT F4 IT'S OVER (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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Amaravati (Digital Devil Saga 2 OST)
Outro - Passing Hours (Persona 3 Dancing OST)
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Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi Pred 2 meseci
Bro You are the luckiest person i ever seen,Like If i write with caps lock gank me i get chatban
Shootgunaxe 7447
Shootgunaxe 7447 Pred 2 meseci
Zed Suro
Zed Suro Pred 2 meseci
Trick2g is the- ops wrong channel
Matias Rivero
Matias Rivero Pred 2 meseci
Play more shyvana it's a fun champ pls
Soaq Pred 2 meseci
8247 games on Syndra 4:31
Shazia Zaib
Shazia Zaib Pred 2 meseci
When you will stop playing leauge of legends
Jonfettsack Pred 2 meseci
pinoy is such a good editor, for real these trick2g voiceovers are so hilarious
Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares Pred 2 meseci
holy fk imagine being diamond since season 4 to season 10 with 0 improvement Na so funny
Wilczu Pred 2 meseci
Moe is a type of a person who smurfs and flames low ELO for playing like low ELO
PREAZ58 Haha
PREAZ58 Haha Pred 2 meseci
He looks like hoomanTV
8 tkfkiller1999
8 tkfkiller1999 Pred 2 meseci
Can't believe that that's na highest mastery syndra😂
Tawfik Nasr
Tawfik Nasr Pred 2 meseci
He needs to be banned
Jernej Butina
Jernej Butina Pred 2 meseci
I wanna play ekko now lol
David Meeker
David Meeker Pred 2 meseci
I forgot how cringey Moe flaming was. I've been watching too much Voy lol.
Skyflairl2p Pred 2 meseci
moe on kayn OKAYYY
Genguise Pred 3 meseci
Nah that syndra is definitely an inter, I see NA streamers smurfing in silver and the players there have more sense than that Syndra.
Daryl Fernandine
Daryl Fernandine Pred 3 meseci
Yassuo: dude are u fuccked in the head? Syndra: Bakit hnde b pwede magjanggul? 😂😂😂😂😂
Dark Haha
Dark Haha Pred 3 meseci
Moe: look at this damage boom *Moe died* Moe: what?
Yeeesh Pred 3 meseci
That trick edit had me weak 😂
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez Pred 3 meseci
Is he back with his parents home? Where is he streaming at?
Relax Pred 3 meseci
yo syndra, why are you even playing the game anymore? i bet out of addiction just like 90% of the playerbase
Rimon Pallan
Rimon Pallan Pred 3 meseci
I was always seeing your streams here, but since you flame people for not being better than you, i am going to stop subscribing to you. I know this means nothing to you.
Soda Chanh
Soda Chanh Pred 3 meseci
Wtf d3? silver here is better than that syn no cap
Daniel C
Daniel C Pred 3 meseci
Is this a collab with Rav? Lool
Creativity Pred 3 meseci
pinoy stepping it up.
Andy Kwak
Andy Kwak Pred 3 meseci
my question is how is the syndra in diamond, playing for 7 years, having no micro.
Aurel Klement
Aurel Klement Pred 3 meseci
10:20 Moe tryna show us some AP Shyvanna damage 1st try: misses 2nd try: yasuo windwalls it 3rd try: dies
Julius Rae Dago-oc
Julius Rae Dago-oc Pred 3 meseci
Why cant i watch vids in 720p? :((
Nathan Widener
Nathan Widener Pred 3 meseci
i love the use of smt music in these videos lol
quoatic Pred 3 meseci
Some time it feel like you are still in silver AHAH
Abdulqader.A Pred 3 meseci
that E at 8:58 and a double kill lol i couldn't stop laugh
SentryKJ Pred 3 meseci
The syndra prob got boosted or just sucks at the game
Hasanharun Pred 3 meseci
First time I know the ganeplay because I watched it live.. wow feels weird
Dominik Komar
Dominik Komar Pred 3 meseci
im doing the same thing, but im completely moving from mid to jungle kindred (been playing mid since season 2)
ZeMjiiLoL Pred 3 meseci
Looool Man had to whala that syndra😭😭😭
Gereksizz Pred 3 meseci
is this a reupload? im pretty sure i saw this video before...
SilverMain36 Pred 3 meseci
Where’s the Yone video ?
GameSpace69 Pred 3 meseci
Yasuo, u fibally found ur lane
RiVa Kenpachi
RiVa Kenpachi Pred 3 meseci
He looks like reckful in the thumbnail 😔
vhgik Pred 3 meseci
moe heck you i got a trick2g recommended video
Houssam Bouich
Houssam Bouich Pred 3 meseci
I think syndra his brother is playing in his account
Matt Lan37X
Matt Lan37X Pred 3 meseci
Chill out with the voiceover edits, they’re not bad, but the vid would be better without them
MMSrenekton Pred 3 meseci
who edited this? cause it wasnt pinoy
Kimeosu Heldens
Kimeosu Heldens Pred 3 meseci
Sub in spain :3
InkAsh Pred 3 meseci
I thinked Moe changed, he didnt he is just the same... wishing cancer to some random player because he plays bad...
LILKAP Pred 3 meseci
Ok but is that pinoy
Jaki Natsumi
Jaki Natsumi Pred 3 meseci
The niddalee is Vietnamese 😂
Gabriël Yousef
Gabriël Yousef Pred 3 meseci
My gabibi needs a haircut
pi li
pi li Pred 3 meseci
That nidalee wasn't Chinese!Chinese people don't name like that.that guy disgust me.
Nathan Amiri
Nathan Amiri Pred 3 meseci
Yeah Moe I wanna see that damage :/
Mj Madayag
Mj Madayag Pred 3 meseci
Waiting for this one guy that will name himself YONNE
Cruize Beacom
Cruize Beacom Pred 3 meseci
Omg it’s Arabsmai
joseph carestio
joseph carestio Pred 3 meseci
yo that kayn was so sick
Michael De Vera
Michael De Vera Pred 3 meseci
I wanna see moe play a game with pinoy
ZezeOrCrooks Pred 3 meseci
At this point ur number 1 Ekko and Yassuo
Jordan Pred 3 meseci
LMFAOOOOOOOOOO he doesn't deserve a break because he aint even giving himself one xD
Ogi Pred 3 meseci
This is more like Ekko to challenger
Watash1 Pred 3 meseci
MrCredo Pred 3 meseci
What’s up Graggas
And Vlogs
And Vlogs Pred 3 meseci
Finaly Moe learned more champs =)) but that kayn plays holy..
Sam Gledhill
Sam Gledhill Pred 3 meseci
This edit was tight. I laughed alot :')
ghebs Pred 3 meseci
Can’t wait to see Moe getting destroyed by a low diamond Yone
Fig Figgins
Fig Figgins Pred 3 meseci
The edit on this video was really annoying, specially the music... sorry thats a dislike from me 👎
Mejito Pred 3 meseci
To be fair Ashe was going to die either way after chasing, might as well have gone for the kill.
Arnold Schäfer
Arnold Schäfer Pred 3 meseci
Honestly flame deserved. When she walked back into that galio taunt, I thought I was watching my elo
Jonesy AKA The GOAT
Jonesy AKA The GOAT Pred 3 meseci
Roman Andres
Roman Andres Pred 3 meseci
The only thing I love in this yt channel is the black cat running away from MOE 😂😂
Moon Pred 3 meseci
at 10:18 a huge dragon is chasing a huge cat's a$$
Ahmed Tag
Ahmed Tag Pred 3 meseci
man tricks voice is such a blessing
CloudBelserion Pred 3 meseci
The editor made his best to make this video funnier XDDDDD
Hades Plays
Hades Plays Pred 3 meseci
jg diff jg diff jg diff jg diff
Uranium Pred 3 meseci
cant wait for the reddit circlejerk about how toxic moe is xD
Dempa Pred 3 meseci
Pinoy really out here with some sick editing
HeqrTheShqdows [] Arsen
HeqrTheShqdows [] Arsen Pred 3 meseci
4:04 I've seen better syndras and I'm eune gold... EUNE... GOLD... delete the region?!?!?!? xD
HMI Voices
HMI Voices Pred 3 meseci
New editing style. Very noice
Etienne Poplimont
Etienne Poplimont Pred 3 meseci
call me arabsmai
never give up
never give up Pred 3 meseci
Flash 0:04 mind blown when u have E
Kanseba ¿
Kanseba ¿ Pred 3 meseci
why wont u cast q during e animation on ekko godi cant watch
Xuvatei Pred 3 meseci
Arab Karasmai, good one Moe :D
nawaf almatruk
nawaf almatruk Pred 3 meseci
4:45 he was gonna say for 87 years xD
TGC Defu
TGC Defu Pred 3 meseci
Pinoy deserves a huge raise lmao
Rudy Menel
Rudy Menel Pred 3 meseci
wtf is that new editing
Huge Pred 3 meseci
I’m still not seeing this damage
gang gang shit
gang gang shit Pred 3 meseci
Who clipped the keyboard spill rage
TheSneakySlothh Pred 3 meseci
love your streams and videos! Also Pinoy's editing is amazing lol.
Ionut Wicked
Ionut Wicked Pred 3 meseci
that syndra was scary
Fadil Force
Fadil Force Pred 3 meseci
Toxic as usual, people have bad times man!
mrpahinga Pred 3 meseci
yessir the editing is improving good job
reflexti0n Pred 3 meseci
Legends say that chat is still waiting to see that damage
adam teoh
adam teoh Pred 3 meseci
6:15 "next champ" "fast!" lmao
MrAchsas Pred 3 meseci
shyv seems really balanced holy
Federico Bellati
Federico Bellati Pred 3 meseci
Ngl. That play at around min 6:30 was clean
Chillingdude Pred 3 meseci
Kayn is more broken than ekko.
B Kemp
B Kemp Pred 3 meseci
Its sad that AP shyv is the only shyv now
ShaGGy Pred 3 meseci
whts that new edit ? I like it.
Stefan Marinov
Stefan Marinov Pred 3 meseci
I am pretty sure Syndra panicked cus he is a human after all.
Comic Muffin
Comic Muffin Pred 3 meseci
How do you one trick a champ that long without getting bored wtf
oliver kauffmann
oliver kauffmann Pred 3 meseci
the play at 6:25 was fkn nuts
Mxster_DeDe Pred 3 meseci
That Syndra has 5 and a half MILLION mastery points
Николай Илиев
Николай Илиев Pred 3 meseci
Isn’t this an old game
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