Yassuo | WE'RE ON THE BOARD BOYS! (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)

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Pinoy Pred 3 meseci
Hello! I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the lack of uploads recently, but also I have to say thank you. Over this past month I have been closing the deal on a house and it's finally happened. My main goal in life was to be a homeowner and even though it's happened I'm still in disbelief. Thanks for the support to both Moe and I through all these years. Thanks to Moe for sticking around and always having my back and thanks to my mom for putting up with my stubborn ass all these years. Once again, I apologize for the lack of uploads, but now that I'm mostly settled into the new home you can expect dailies as usual! Have a good one boys 8^)
Bavid Bang Bang
Bavid Bang Bang Pred 3 meseci
Congrats man, super proud
squidolt Pred 3 meseci
ily pinoy
Hololive Slave
Hololive Slave Pred 3 meseci
Debt is good dont let anybody tell you otherwise
Blendi Pasha
Blendi Pasha Pred 3 meseci
Way to go pal💪🏻
Chris Reyes
Chris Reyes Pred 3 meseci
yeah great time to be moving house
MemeMachine Pred 3 meseci
3:51 thats meeeeee
Alex Bugert
Alex Bugert Pred 3 meseci
Dany Pjukeny
Dany Pjukeny Pred 3 meseci
stop crying kid
Brandan Denuccio
Brandan Denuccio Pred 3 meseci
As a shyv one trick, it confuses me why people only think Ap Shyv is good and not AD. AP shyv can’t keep up with the sustain dps that AD Shyv can dish out. Also AD has lifesteal and more tanky items for durability. AP shyv literally only revolves around her E.... it’s like going AP Pantheon and only using his one spell that scales with AP....
Pinky Pred 3 meseci
watch memes at my channel
Johnathan Xu
Johnathan Xu Pred 3 meseci
i wish time travel was possible
Johnathan Xu
Johnathan Xu Pred 3 meseci
Ferdinand Foster
Ferdinand Foster Pred 3 meseci
Jenish Patel
Jenish Patel Pred 3 meseci
Lol. Expecting a silver kaisa to carry.
chad Pred 3 meseci
7:00 I cried watching that nautilus 😭
Lucas Brito
Lucas Brito Pred 3 meseci
tyler >> moe
Kanwal Chaudhry
Kanwal Chaudhry Pred 3 meseci
OlympusPro Pred 3 meseci
The reason why moe is silver and not going in high Elo fast also has to do with the fact that his champ pool is so high like the reason why jungle is such an easy role is cause if you do one champ you can easily climb like tyler1 did with ivern
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Pred 3 meseci
dw bro i thought it was kaisa too
Hendryk L.
Hendryk L. Pred 3 meseci
"Laying in bed, like a homeless man..." ಠ ل͟ ಠ
Blendi Pasha
Blendi Pasha Pred 3 meseci
Just play master yi dude till u get out of plat at least 😂🤣
Starhor_z Pred 3 meseci
what its like to not start a season in high elo from my previous lmfao
Squinjilly Pred 3 meseci
Why doesnt he try to master a few junglers he constantly switches his champ
mayank saini
mayank saini Pred 3 meseci
why so much inting
Noctis Pred 3 meseci
U have a bush on ur head
Dr. Swisha
Dr. Swisha Pred 3 meseci
Realizing Yassuo is just Tyler1 with a beard and hair
Da Package
Da Package Pred 3 meseci
6:20 got zac e but no knock Up??
Dante Hellsing
Dante Hellsing Pred 3 meseci
4:17 *Moe.exe has Stop working*
Law GT
Law GT Pred 3 meseci
9:54 thank me later boiz
Sangita Pokharel
Sangita Pokharel Pred 3 meseci
Tjanks for de ekko
Fury King21
Fury King21 Pred 3 meseci
yas sees first hand the struggle of ranking up in silver with bad teammates
Snow Titus
Snow Titus Pred 3 meseci
It's called common human 🦄 decencies ✨
Maddox Pred 3 meseci
Dude, you need to undersand that these ppl are silver and stop saying they're so bad, that is only in comparison to you, who is high elo. If you want to play with good ppl and you think you are a good enough jungler to play with high elo players instead of silvers then go to your main account and prove it.
Ryands1 _.
Ryands1 _. Pred 3 meseci
Who else was watching while the video after this was removed when he played Elise and ekko
Ryands1 _.
Ryands1 _. Pred 3 meseci
Really his new vid got deleted while I was watching it
Dazzlepuff Pred 3 meseci
Anyone else come here after Moe's new video got taken down?
Void lord
Void lord Pred 3 meseci
Why did you delete the new video?
AGuyFromAfrica Pred 3 meseci
Why TF did he deleted the video bro I was looking forward to it if ykyk
Maddox Pred 3 meseci
Yo, i love the Persona music, but doesn't Atlus take it down or something?
Keithan Walker
Keithan Walker Pred 3 meseci
When silver makes you delusional
Alucard Pred 3 meseci
Since kai'sa was useless, the next Video should be an unranked to challenger adc video ^^
Alexander Fam
Alexander Fam Pred 3 meseci
Do you guys remember the other video of moe saying "my mental is strong"
Tristan Nguyen
Tristan Nguyen Pred 3 meseci
this man really said this guy has shiv in 2K20😂
Hi Im Micku
Hi Im Micku Pred 3 meseci
Is actually having a loss streak on silver
alexis jenatzy garcia sebastian
alexis jenatzy garcia sebastian Pred 3 meseci
where´s moe crying? xD
Kristoffer Hofstedt Jepsen
Kristoffer Hofstedt Jepsen Pred 3 meseci
pinoy's going to run out of int music by the end
Annoying Vaper
Annoying Vaper Pred 3 meseci
Falco Deniz
Falco Deniz Pred 3 meseci
lars tan sa
Bandom Pred 3 meseci
Finally something interesting on youtube!
Candice bitch
Candice bitch Pred 3 meseci
if you gave kai sa all kills sure lol
Ven Pred 3 meseci
8:26 Strong mental btw
Saeed Lima
Saeed Lima Pred 3 meseci
after covid-19 ranked system fucked so hard ! many many trolls or afks. especially thanks to riot matchmaking system.
GarNon_ 43
GarNon_ 43 Pred 3 meseci
i mean, how painfull is to watch a high elo player inting that hard into a new role in silver, wtf moe, watch some guides or some KEKW
Linrich Raña
Linrich Raña Pred 3 meseci
Moe I missed you
InSpireal Pred 3 meseci
8:00 i swear thats so true
Johan Gomez
Johan Gomez Pred 3 meseci
He cannot make his team useful, just use hypercarries
Carlos Ignacio Estévez Peralta
Carlos Ignacio Estévez Peralta Pred 3 meseci
yasuo jg pls bro
Aaron Costa
Aaron Costa Pred 3 meseci
Gotta admit, you need to consider the differences in the games as a jungler. With a Jayce doing well, a fed ADC is not going to cut it. I feel like if Moe equalised topside a bit to allow Renekton to match Jayce, which admittedly it a counter match-up, and then proceeded to strengthen botside it'd been a different story. Then again, a Soraka mid isn't exactly what you want as a Jungler. It may have also been worth going for a bruiser build, due to the amount of peel and CC they have over assassin (Warrior > BC > DD > Steraks) So he could survive the bursts which got him each time. It'd also allow him to melt Zac, if he also considered a Bork or even swapping Warr to Bloodrazor. Noct is arguably one of the more versatile junglers. I've even seen people do respectable damage with pure tank/no damage items like Thornmail, Cinder etc... I won't put all the blame on Moe tho. Like, for example, a Soraka going Mobies in a losing lane (You shouldn't ever go Mobies if you're losing lane hard as a midlaner, as you'll just be a gold-farm with slow speeds on autos), Kai'sa should have went Merc Treads to avoid the Thresh CC and push her lead to some extent. Naut needed to farm more, as he hadn't even upgraded his Relic Shield by 20 minutes so he was behind and not tanky. And in the Jayce match up, although Bork is good, you're not playing for lane so it's safer to go BC over BORK so you can survive the lane and farm it out, as well as D Shield or Triple Bead to regen the poke. Effectively, Moe's team were all Cookie-cutter, no research players who had no proper idea how to utilize their champion in each match up. But, that's League in general currently isn't it. Also, with such a high pressure botside, the botside should have went Exhaust/Ignite with a HOB Kai'sa and abuse Sivir early, to the point where every time Exhaust + Ignite were off CD, they could just hard engage with an E Triple Auto W Q burst from Kai'sa and Naut using his hook to keep Sivir CCed, maybe even baiting out Sivir E with a direct walk-up engage. Regardless, for a Jungler, the mid match-up makes the game. If you don't have a midlane priority, which was given up by the pick, you don't get to play as you want, but instead have to play to match the midlane's roams especially as TF. Fortunately that's one of Noct's specialities. Furthermore, Moe should have went Blue Smite. They're all mostly Ranged, and they won't necessarily duel unless forced to. Instead, as it happened, they just burst him. The Blue Smite allows him to burst them, to slow the Ranged so they can't kite him out and so on. Jungle has many variables, but I'm nowhere near as skilled as him. I've probably watched way too many guides and videos on the kits and such though, and when to pick what. If he does end up reading it, I think he'll hit Challenger before the end of the season, but he needs to cater more towards the enemy team's champions, like he usually does in mid-lane, rather than him wanting to use the carry build. It's a similar concept to why T1 grew as a jungler. Now, if only I could be this over-analytical about myself in games. RIP PepeSad
Omar Hamdy
Omar Hamdy Pred 3 meseci
PracticallyNuts Pred 3 meseci
Another challenger doing a unranked to challenger series and people massively like these kinds of videos. Sad
siso sheri
siso sheri Pred 3 meseci
KixScope Pred 3 meseci
Impressed i am, speak english i do
Ada Pred 3 meseci
2:59 for some reason it was so funny lol
Izaya_ Pred 3 meseci
PLAY YI HELL OF BLADES BLOODRAZOR ( RED SMITE ) GUINSOOS RUINED KING win the game , ( if your team is not throwing )
SeniorANThRAx Pred 3 meseci
Snatched the kills for yourself then say you camped bot and that they are fed. KEKEKEKEK
Kirisaki Kyaru
Kirisaki Kyaru Pred 3 meseci
Moe: *ults in* His team:*what why go in without telling us*
Claudio Monello
Claudio Monello Pred 3 meseci
Open to dislike
0BLACKESTFUN0 Pred 3 meseci
when a yassuo main is able to go challi than i dont fukin know if NIGHTblue is even a normal human. It hurts my eyes to see him play with fixed cam and not paying attention on a enemy that backstab him
inversion iiréversible
inversion iiréversible Pred 3 meseci
i like how the score board went to 19-6 and just disappeared
TiboNutz Pred 3 meseci
Bruh watch the nautilus at 6:52 Like really watch it. So bad hahahah
FuryMasterPvP Pred 3 meseci
Imagine not kiting the small krug OMEGALUL
Andwuu Dy
Andwuu Dy Pred 3 meseci
Imagine flaming silver 1 Lewl
x RaSoR
x RaSoR Pred 3 meseci
why do they not fix the bug where zac looks like hes walking in the air when he uses E out of being unseen for the enemies
Bavisan Pred 3 meseci
Layer cake!
Jacob Cass
Jacob Cass Pred 3 meseci
10:16 Maybe because it's not your main account.
Kosta Mirolovic
Kosta Mirolovic Pred 3 meseci
Are we ignoring that Nautilus flash 7:01???
James L.
James L. Pred 3 meseci
ah its been a while since we had a good old fashioned int montage
Lazy Kurisu
Lazy Kurisu Pred 3 meseci
Ya Jungle is easy if you have good adc or mid
IKS Pred 3 meseci
Lol hes abusing ekko in NA silver
Dragan Miletic
Dragan Miletic Pred 3 meseci
Imagine losing in Na Silver hahaha
Frames_Janco Pred 3 meseci
Not trying to be a T1 fanboy but this really puts into perspective how difficult it is to try and learn a new role
T1BB1T Pred 3 meseci
go duo with fcking kadeem
Niko Pred 3 meseci
Picking Shyvana into Graves PepeLaugh
Jonathan Ei.
Jonathan Ei. Pred 3 meseci
I love how Pinoy cuts out all the deaths
rozokzkauflandu Pred 3 meseci
jg diff
I snort Crayola Crayons
I snort Crayola Crayons Pred 3 meseci
This series does nothing more than to prove tyler1 is a freak of nature
Joseph Babas
Joseph Babas Pred 3 meseci
silver is bad for ur mental health moe
Ram Zes
Ram Zes Pred 3 meseci
6:19 the one and only bug that stayes forever in lol zac e
The Real EriXon5T
The Real EriXon5T Pred 3 meseci
7:00 that naut cancelled 2 aas :(
Callum B-H
Callum B-H Pred 3 meseci
Wait, how was Moe gonna flame in that last game when he literally ran it?
Oscar Radcliffe
Oscar Radcliffe Pred 3 meseci
Lol yassuo blames his teamates when he Dives into a 1v5 as a squishy charachter and ecpects his team with very little cc to follow up on his plays pls just get tanks or bruiser "renekton, nautalis" to start off a play
Abraham Besa
Abraham Besa Pred 3 meseci
You know it's a struggle when Moe says "Thank God" after a win in silver xd
Nomster Sama
Nomster Sama Pred 3 meseci
u gonna play ff7? Or just the editor running its music?
JD0G246 Pred 3 meseci
is moe really this dumb that he thinks he plyaed that game well. its crazy how many mistakes he made and the adc just couldnt help him then he complained about the adc.
Dinkelberg !
Dinkelberg ! Pred 3 meseci
My man's flaming people for being bad in na silver... That's like I would flame people who can't walk because they can't run as fast as me
2150f Pred 3 meseci
Moe is starting to understand how junglers feel :)
Luis Gustavo Sierra
Luis Gustavo Sierra Pred 3 meseci
Moe and TF vids playing jg are so BADDDDD, SOOOOO BAD, if I want to watch people raging, I rather play that watch this! Instead of riot fixing the game maybe you fix your videos and produce better content hahaha
Jan D.
Jan D. Pred 3 meseci
Was this a compilation of Moe loosing?
i m
i m Pred 3 meseci
With nocturne You need to throw the q mid-air ;) to save the time for auto attacks when u are in melee range
Hoàng Thái
Hoàng Thái Pred 3 meseci
but he did play bad that nocturne game
Arnas Pred 3 meseci
try lee sin :DD
Joseph Denbo
Joseph Denbo Pred 3 meseci
Moe: Screams all game Also Moe: How is my mental so strong
Çınar Ö
Çınar Ö Pred 3 meseci
Moe is such a bad player but so fun to watch lol.
Kab Loom
Kab Loom Pred 3 meseci
No flames intended at all, but I can’t wrap this around my head. How is one of the best mid laners on the server struggling with jungle in silver? He’s not just struggling, he’s feeding, he has tons of game knowledge that they do not understand. How could this happen?
Owen Doyle
Owen Doyle Pred 3 meseci
He’s just on a continual tilt. Bad mental -> bad plays, even for a challenger in silver
Kyan Olaer
Kyan Olaer Pred 3 meseci
yassuo getting thicc
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