Yassuo | SCRIMS VS TFBLADE & LOHPALLY! (Twitch Rivals)

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Pred mesecem

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Vaske Pred 28 dnevi
3:39 "niceninice" reminds me of "MINE MINE MINE MINE"
Pavle Brankovic
Pavle Brankovic Pred 29 dnevi
Last game i was 6/16, but i didn't int, my team just couldn't understand my tactics...
Yoone Pred 29 dnevi
yasuo kinda loking bad on other champs than yas
Alpine Skilift
Alpine Skilift Pred 29 dnevi
Weird seeing moe as the weakest link in a team. Usually he is the main carry, atleast in past teitch rivals
Qurt Eh
Qurt Eh Pred 29 dnevi
Pvpu Pred mesecem
Value247 is actually top 3 best player in the tournament
Benny Pred mesecem
Oh I see using the Voyboy fleet footwork Sylas tech ;)
Richard Gilman
Richard Gilman Pred mesecem
You see Moe’s team and then you look at T1s team. I think T1 might win this lmaoooo
Wavez101 Pred mesecem
Moe always streams when i sleep :( still a sub tho love the content
toxinGP Pred mesecem
be carefull with warmachine, he got caught ghosting NB3 yesterday in solo que so he might do it to you guys aswell during official games.
Daniel Rizal
Daniel Rizal Pred mesecem
No wonder he choosing decent player in the draft becaust he knows he's gonna int anyways. Moe u are bad and stop claiming ur playing good
Meap1234 MR
Meap1234 MR Pred mesecem
Why is no one punishing tf trynd pick??? Pick syndra and it’s a free win wtf
Denielle de guzman
Denielle de guzman Pred mesecem
you look like gold with these guys your lucky you have a nice team
Irish Memer
Irish Memer Pred mesecem
Maybe after TR, riot will realize that tryndamere is in no way a fun champ to play against for pros and low elo players alike.
This was practice or twitch rivals
Adam Krivatsy
Adam Krivatsy Pred mesecem
This video my friend was hard to watch
Glizzi Pred mesecem
Bruh Jax is hella broken. Chimp coulda won that if he finessed tf blade by banning jax lol.
Nathan Amiri
Nathan Amiri Pred mesecem
They should ban naut vs that team tbh
Kyle Kim
Kyle Kim Pred mesecem
Lucas Svejdal
Lucas Svejdal Pred mesecem
does anyone know when the twitch rival is
Bruh Killem
Bruh Killem Pred mesecem
2:36 senna stun nutty af
stoepkrijt revolutie
stoepkrijt revolutie Pred mesecem
seems like a pretty chill group
Arbi Berrafa
Arbi Berrafa Pred mesecem
Yo brother i know some youtubers ,they start after you and they are in 7m plus today , they focus famous games as pubg mobil ,fortnite ,try to do that and you be succesful fastly ,love you bruh
Orionas Agou
Orionas Agou Pred mesecem
Moes KD ratio through 4 games was 0.9 . And still thinks hes the best Midlaner in there
Ataberk Yalçın
Ataberk Yalçın Pred mesecem
Just press w moe WTF this sylas play
Distorres Pred mesecem
Biggest tryhard and weakest link = moe
Jelmer van Boven
Jelmer van Boven Pred mesecem
16:23 : They have no tp's 16:30 : Dies to tp
Jelmer van Boven
Jelmer van Boven Pred mesecem
You were nervous or smt? missed the yellow card on a minion and ultied at the same spot lol
Robert Posarić
Robert Posarić Pred mesecem
Ekko looking good in Moes hands.
aka abaka
aka abaka Pred mesecem
Wanna see some yasuo action
abdelkrim belmokhtar
abdelkrim belmokhtar Pred mesecem
Small champion is the highlight of this video
baol Pred mesecem
Did no one SEE the Flash against sejuani in the end of the first game?
Xazaxs s
Xazaxs s Pred mesecem
taht sylas hurts
calvin Pred mesecem
Jed Del Rosario
Jed Del Rosario Pred mesecem
One thing I liked about this team is after twitch rivals even if they win or not Moe is gonna be a much better player
ramin jahani
ramin jahani Pred mesecem
He played quean into trynd and still lose what a garbage top liner
ANIME MASTER Pred mesecem
Moe why everyone ignore u😓😓
RsKnZ Pred mesecem
in draft moe said very confident: ppl like stylish and yami dont get picked cause their one tricks and they can only play few champs on high lvl, and now he takes this as an excuse the other way around for playing bad and says "i dont play my main mids, try to learn new champs, of course i am bad with them" yo i like moe but thats just insane stupid
Spoderman Spoderman
Spoderman Spoderman Pred mesecem
I don't understand why people are flaming Moe lmao. He knows he's not the best player and the fact that he changes his playstyle to cater to his better teammates allows them to actually reach their full potential.
Pürr Pred mesecem
People are dumb and toxic. Imo he played well. They had good strategy. People don't understand that League is not all about mechanics. Mostly it's about map control and putting pressure, especially when you are behind. And that Sylas game he really managed to put pressure on them and make them use stuff on him and secure that W for the team.
Mandy Many
Mandy Many Pred mesecem
that's what a leader does, respect.
Valexity Pred mesecem
"welcome to the yeungle" Yes indeed
【T】【o】【x】【i】【c】 Pred mesecem
Yasuo 14:25,if you want to jump over that wall you stand in front of blue mushrooms
Ari Ari
Ari Ari Pred mesecem
value is smurfing so hard
Jermaine Ituralde
Jermaine Ituralde Pred mesecem
The contrast between T1's toxic loud but entertaining team, and T1's quiet tryhard team is amazing
Lachie Pred mesecem
thats cool but I prefer the T1's medium, halftry team
Jakub Seitz
Jakub Seitz Pred mesecem
Yassuo could never admit this to himself but he plays like grandmaster on anything but yas...😕
Raphael Osorio
Raphael Osorio Pred mesecem
a scrim against t1's toddlers would be cool
Matt Snikyar
Matt Snikyar Pred 29 dnevi
midlane might be too gapped
Juan Reynoso
Juan Reynoso Pred mesecem
Isn't mid supposed to be the best player on the team? Moe literally looks like bronze compared to his teammates wtf. Usually he's hard carrying.
Mandy Many
Mandy Many Pred mesecem
yep a silver player here, found one!
Twotimer Pred mesecem
These comments just show why most people are stuck in silver. Moe played awesome. Obviously he wasn’t fed, but he still did dmg, did smart plays, and applied great map pressure.
Mandy Many
Mandy Many Pred mesecem
you can clearly see the silvers in the comments 😆
Master JAX
Master JAX Pred mesecem
Good flanks especially twisted fate and perfect respond for the team
Master JAX
Master JAX Pred mesecem
The enemy team skills were wasted Bec of Moe. That's the play people didn't saw
Bryant Lim
Bryant Lim Pred mesecem
"TF's team is abusable by bans", well you can lick your words moe HAHAHA
Leonardoo Fetahu
Leonardoo Fetahu Pred mesecem
So bad xd
Andy Zhuang
Andy Zhuang Pred mesecem
Mike really said "Welcome to the Yeungle"
Surge Pred mesecem
19 minutes of Moe just running it down
mohamed branki Regani
mohamed branki Regani Pred mesecem
watching this literrally after wathcing t1 s team , what a big diff (tarazaned is a big issue )
DaElementalPanda Pred mesecem
He was playing champs he doesnt usually play so he does have that excuse and its valid but that jungler and adc kinda smurfed...
mexicansuperman Pred mesecem
Resident sleeper
Saruman Pred mesecem
The definition of “i feed, but then i win”
Julzkiezowskie YT.
Julzkiezowskie YT. Pred mesecem
"Don't worry, it's a small champion." He flamed Moe using a silencer so insane.
Dollar B1ll
Dollar B1ll Pred mesecem
3:40 that was a lot of nice
Chuckie Kills
Chuckie Kills Pred mesecem
coming here from Tyler1 Scrims video this feels like holydays xD they are all so nice xD
Slyzzle Pred mesecem
moe you gotta step it up bro you were picked up off your broken feet and hauled to the finish line of these scrims
njaveks Pred mesecem
boosted animal
Dimitris Vogolis
Dimitris Vogolis Pred mesecem
Man that was a sad video
Dimitris Vogolis
Dimitris Vogolis Pred 22 dnevi
@Owen Stevens Chile man im with you, im a huge Moe fan, but those were some sad and unlucky games i gotta be honest
Owen Stevens
Owen Stevens Pred mesecem
why... if being consistently gapped by challenger players is sad then what does that make hard-stuck inting silver players? Besides he did a great job cutting his losses and didn't grief his team to much.
hehexd Pred mesecem
its fun to see moe as the weak link and its always fun to watch moe int
Owen Stevens
Owen Stevens Pred mesecem
I thought so too. Especially because he is humble enough to realize it.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Pred mesecem
who are these noname streamers
ImMalik Pred mesecem
Moe : they have no tp Ennemy team : 2 tp
asdf Pred mesecem
hahahah moe is acually bad
Jordan Ng
Jordan Ng Pred mesecem
at least it's pretty obvious who moe should bench from his team
Crew Pred mesecem
Gg wp... TF was a great pick...👌👌👌
zubora gabora
zubora gabora Pred mesecem
nice nice nice nice nice
Brainerd Pred mesecem
Without Trick and Sanch. Yassuo team is not funny at all..
FrostFire Pred mesecem
Twitch rivals changed majority of its players such that now I only know its captains, yassuo, boxbox, tf blade ,tyler. The rest of the players I dont even know or heard their names before... considering I havent watch any pro plays in the last few years and have not went to see new good players in league...
WanderinTaco Pred mesecem
May be too much to ask, but for vids like these is there any chance we could get subtitles for who's who? Cause these comms are hella clean i just dont know whos callin.
William Chen
William Chen Pred mesecem
@Tayfunakyol Oh I forgot for a sec. But then again, you saw how Pinoy was chillin in bed lookin all tired, I doubt hed want to do that.
Tayfunakyol Pred mesecem
@William Chen moe doesnt edit his videos, his editor does. So it depends on Pinoy (the editor)
William Chen
William Chen Pred mesecem
That would be very nice, don't think he cares tho. Moe's kinda lazy.
Tayfunakyol Pred mesecem
Has to be mikeyeung because: 1. He's the jungler 2. Used to play professional 3. Was the shotcaller for TSM when he played there
lpek Pred mesecem
Yes :(
Braumstar - Wild Rift
Braumstar - Wild Rift Pred mesecem
Moe playing for team pog
Battossaii Pred mesecem
I really need to know what headset does moe use ?
Battossaii Pred mesecem
Crissik83 thank you
Crissik83 Pred mesecem
Steel series
Hello Pred mesecem
he still max q on sylas my god
milk Pred mesecem
value man he's so good
死人Nékir Pred mesecem
but how bad r u
Roberto Quiroz
Roberto Quiroz Pred mesecem
The atmosphere between this team and Tyler's is insane lol
Zoinks Pred mesecem
Morellonomicon tarzaned isn’t a child he’s just a literal psychopath
Morellonomicon Pred mesecem
@Keiton Vardy Tarzaned is an actual child, it's crazy. It's not like Tyler was mature either, but it blew my mind listening to Tarzaned whine and complain through scrims
Keiton Vardy
Keiton Vardy Pred mesecem
Tyler's team is 3 players that have either been banned or should be banned from toxicity all together on one team
Rayane Pred mesecem
All I have to say after watching these scrims is Thank god Moe Is a good drafter...
Master JAX
Master JAX Pred mesecem
He picked all the beasts so yeah
yuuna chan
yuuna chan Pred mesecem
I know what moe feels like playing with higher gameplay than you .. ofcourse you dont want to drag down your team cause youre not that great .. this kind of scenario happens to me im a silver support and sometimes i get 2-3 smurfs .. even i die its fine atleast i try to prolonged their life and its also a good experience for me learning something from them too
salman mahdi
salman mahdi Pred mesecem
Yeah silver you knowsssss
Hello Bye
Hello Bye Pred mesecem
Silver support 💀💀💀💀
MitobeGuy Pred mesecem
Moe: I have a champion *OCEAN* Also Moe: The only mid they need to bad for me is Yasuo
Ludabeat Pred mesecem
Simba G.
Simba G. Pred mesecem
KillTheJack Pred mesecem
“they have no tp” syndra teleports
Ambar Grigorian
Ambar Grigorian Pred mesecem
Never thought that tf blade could lose a game
Dream BiG
Dream BiG Pred mesecem
he got carried every game and thats kinda cringe, no hate
Mr. Cereal VEVO
Mr. Cereal VEVO Pred mesecem
wdym he provided alot of utility it doesnt even matter if you lose lane.
con_artist Pred mesecem
Tbh he wasn't playing well but not that bad either. However he kinda smurfed that last ekko dragon fight
Loc Royal
Loc Royal Pred mesecem
Chris Ho i think he was pretty nervous playing with this team tbh
yasuo arima
yasuo arima Pred mesecem
Pretty sure chat is memeing alot aswell becaus yassuo has a tendencie to flame people alot when they int
con_artist Pred mesecem
@William Chen true
William Chen
William Chen Pred mesecem
@con_artist He's kinda like a second support. And people make mistakes all the time. Chris probably just used to youtubers clipping their best moments in a game and making it look like they are all perfect.
con_artist Pred mesecem
@Chris Ho brah a couple mistakes don't make a game bad. I mean he had a good impact on the game with tf except the misplay with the ult. In the ekko game he wasn't that good but as I said he played that dragon fight excellently and it was at a point in the game that really gave them the game winning lead. His sylas game aside from his kda which indeed doesn't always matter he didn't have any impact on the game and misplaced constantly. Overall I think he was pretty decent after having to play mid lane for a long time and as you said playing Champions that he is not as comfortable playing.
wesam ozbaldoo
wesam ozbaldoo Pred mesecem
We can look they have no tps 2 seconds later*syndra tp*
Hoodie Pred mesecem
4 guys on his team who have been in top tier NA and/or Collegiate, including a bot lane that plays for the same college, what a smurf draft.
TheSuper3Kings Pred 27 dnevi
Hoodie lol
talabi ilyasss
talabi ilyasss Pred mesecem
moe bro u should buy another graphic card i think
KyruHecho Pred mesecem
His teammates are too nice
%??? Pred mesecem
Chode Pred mesecem
value will carry moe to a win
cher lee
cher lee Pred mesecem
Value247 is a beast
Marios K.
Marios K. Pred mesecem
LL stYlisH iS a OnETRicK Go back to yasuo bro
Nais Kalabic
Nais Kalabic Pred mesecem
But how good is moes team btw
Master JAX
Master JAX Pred mesecem
@R1pYOu me too lmao
R1pYOu Pred mesecem
@Master JAX I wish my mates would carry me as hard as moe's mates carry him
Master JAX
Master JAX Pred mesecem
He has value247 and mikeyeung so he can mess with the champs he never plays cuz they carry lmao
Matic Kolarec
Matic Kolarec Pred mesecem
Akali mains where you at or i'm alone?😍
iTz iBraHimM
iTz iBraHimM Pred mesecem
Your alone
Zeid Haddadin
Zeid Haddadin Pred mesecem
The most depressing “what is up everyone, how are you all doing”
Quickfingers Pred mesecem
Welcome to the Yeungle!
Mundo Sports Network
Mundo Sports Network Pred mesecem
he was smurfing honestly lol.
Mouslim Abd alhadi
Mouslim Abd alhadi Pred mesecem
Ekko Lenser
Ekko Lenser Pred mesecem
Famous last words of a bad Ekko player: "I'm gonna use W just to slow Syndra
Mystery Loves Company
Mystery Loves Company Pred mesecem
Let mike and value shotcall for sure. Shake off the rust and you'll be fine in mid.
Andreas Andersen
Andreas Andersen Pred mesecem
love to see moe back playing midlane and actually tryharding
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