Yassuo | I'M FINALLY 21!!!

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Music (in order of appearance) -
Intro - What's Going On? (Persona 5 OST)
Joy (Persona 3 OST)
A Sky Full of Stars (Persona 4 Golden OST)
Discussion -PERJURY- (Danganronpa V3 OST)
Gym Leader Battle (Pokemon SwSh OST)
Battle! Bede (Pokemon SwSh OST)
Outro - Afternoon Break (Persona 3 OST)
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Thien Truong
Thien Truong Pred mesecem
You’re barely 21? You look like 25.
TilapiaTheHero Pred mesecem
i love the weeabo songs at the background, as a weeabo i repec :p (love nami)
killua. Pred 2 meseci
Lol i thought moe is 30
Ay, It's Alex
Ay, It's Alex Pred 2 meseci
Y'all wait till 21 to drink?
ÒvÓ! ŊŎvŏ
ÒvÓ! ŊŎvŏ Pred 2 meseci
بتهزر انت بقي عندك ٢١ سنة ونا مفكر إن عندك ٢٥ أو ٢٦ دا انت طلعت ادي 😂😂
Dark Angel Gaming
Dark Angel Gaming Pred 2 meseci
21 k likes !
Retrex Pred 3 meseci
Always miss Q
Karl Vincent Remolano
Karl Vincent Remolano Pred 3 meseci
happy birthday moe and love all your vids tho :)
crist li
crist li Pred 3 meseci
Ur kidding me. U r not 21 🙃
Ahmed Tag
Ahmed Tag Pred 3 meseci
wait yassuo actually has a Girlfriend i thought she was a Joke made up by twitch chat
lilsqueeze4202 Pred 3 meseci
Wow he only 2 years older then me
Trisha Pred 3 meseci
Happy Birthday man
Quick Edits CC
Quick Edits CC Pred 4 meseci
Bro I’m turning 21 in 8 days
Candice bitch
Candice bitch Pred 4 meseci
Your jungle skills are like your body Washed up, happy birthday btw
Gabriel Requena Gamez
Gabriel Requena Gamez Pred 4 meseci
I’m tryna figure out where she got those candles for his cake lol
Douchebag Dan
Douchebag Dan Pred 4 meseci
Bruh I'm 26 I feel old af.
Varios Pred 4 meseci
he is only one year older than me but he looks like 10 yeas older than me. sadge
Big_Brain_Kai’sa_Main Pred 4 meseci
Tfw im older than this boi
Dzenis Alickovic
Dzenis Alickovic Pred 4 meseci
Is this a joke? Your only 21? I'm 30 and you look older than me 😂
Kaya just Kaya
Kaya just Kaya Pred 4 meseci
I am also 21 (older then him) But imo, he looks older then me. And i am saying this as an turk who also grows beard like noones business :^) Yey imma trying to say " a beard makes you older the you are but i am jelouse "
imalexlmfao Pred 4 meseci
Bro I didn't watch him in a while, he now got a girlfriend ? 😳😳😳
Sjodiek Pred 4 meseci
Wtf, im older? Lmao child
Jacob Holden
Jacob Holden Pred 4 meseci
wait i am older then moe what
Naser Almawed
Naser Almawed Pred 4 meseci
Make sense u only got 1 honor, bc people HATE yasuo
Chris Norman
Chris Norman Pred 4 meseci
Such an annoying voice. Laugh. Ego. Whatcha gonna do when you hit 30?
Hazeeq Wahid
Hazeeq Wahid Pred 4 meseci
Now im just shocked af bcs yassuo is younger than i thought . *Ugly reality crying*
Keniyo Official
Keniyo Official Pred 4 meseci
Blated happy birthday cancer
Thomas Cerf
Thomas Cerf Pred 4 meseci
What annoys me is that I'm 23 and he has more beard than I do. Anyway, Happy Birthday!
Petar Kokanović
Petar Kokanović Pred 4 meseci
Happy b-day beach I hope u get to challenger. :D
Medo Hisham
Medo Hisham Pred 4 meseci
Skip to 8:30 to watch the gamplay
Xamxar Pred 4 meseci
Dude called nightblue a good jungler hehehe
idol ko si insection talaga
idol ko si insection talaga Pred 4 meseci
Happy birthay moe
KooHawkz Pred 4 meseci
I litterally thought that Moe was way older than that but he is actually only one year older than me XD. Anyway... Happy Birthday Moe!
StokedVibes Pred 4 meseci
dafuq 21
iKELL Pred 4 meseci
Wait.... he's younger than me wtf? I thought he was like 28 lmao
jacques oosthuizen
jacques oosthuizen Pred 4 meseci
wow dude happy bday my bday is 26 june gonna be 29
ElectroStatic Pred 4 meseci
What a kid
Rafael Massa
Rafael Massa Pred 4 meseci
What's nine plus ten?
Muhamad Aiman
Muhamad Aiman Pred 4 meseci
Whoaa i tot you are 24+
Nightbringer Pred 4 meseci
Hey Moe My birthday is also June 15th thats pretty cool
Gage Hughes
Gage Hughes Pred 4 meseci
daniel svedman
daniel svedman Pred 4 meseci
Whats 9+10? BIG GZ
Cold Dino
Cold Dino Pred 4 meseci
today is my birthday can i see bella :) ps : its a joke relax
Scott R
Scott R Pred 4 meseci
Congrats bruh
Lichu Pred 4 meseci
A big HUG for Pinoy... Your editing skills are awesome... You literally bring out the best in moe... Also, Moe's great too... xD
maccajoe Pred 4 meseci
21 looks 31
Spoks Pred 4 meseci
Old honor system was way better
N12 Lunatic
N12 Lunatic Pred 4 meseci
TDFXX Pred 4 meseci
I was always wondering why none of these league streamers are flexing with their cars but I just realized how young they all are
Kore wa nan desu ka?
Kore wa nan desu ka? Pred 4 meseci
Wait i actuelly watch this guy for 3 years? Lmao thats so sad... at least i know why im so retardet
Charlie Pred 4 meseci
"Is every birthday after this just meaningless now?" Mostly. Your auto insurance drops at 23-25, and you get senior discounts at buffets when you're like 55. That's what you have to look forward to. 10% off your insurance and a pity discount. LOL
Ye11owMech Pred 4 meseci
Tintin Penaojas
Tintin Penaojas Pred 4 meseci
Wow youre 21 and u look like 21 dude
Jayden Sul
Jayden Sul Pred 4 meseci
im 5 days older than you but im 14
Carson Poh
Carson Poh Pred 4 meseci
she fully tryna turn you into an international student lmao
Name #MuremZaVCR
Name #MuremZaVCR Pred 4 meseci
I have birthday in the same date like you :) Happy Birthday!
caleb ioane futi
caleb ioane futi Pred 4 meseci
moes sniffing the cake before he eats it
iHoba G4mer
iHoba G4mer Pred 4 meseci
Happy birthday moe
Cristian K.Cristian
Cristian K.Cristian Pred 4 meseci
Hbd to you....... no
Carson Brinkman
Carson Brinkman Pred 4 meseci
Wait, he’s my age? Wtf I thought he was like 26
Frost Fire Gamingz
Frost Fire Gamingz Pred 4 meseci
no one: moe: Oh..? moya 4:27
Andres Aguiar
Andres Aguiar Pred 4 meseci
This guy is my age? The looks like hes about to hit 30 lol. But then again I could probably trick people that don't know me that im underage.
Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes Pred 4 meseci
I'm way younger than moe and i can drink for months kekw
Simon B.
Simon B. Pred 4 meseci
Why is the dog still peeing inside, shouldnt he be house trained by now.
Cooper Werklund
Cooper Werklund Pred 4 meseci
Moe my birth day was on the sixteenth I’m now 15 and you inspired me to 1 trick yasuo and also happy belated birth day🙂
Edward Ortega
Edward Ortega Pred 4 meseci
My birthday was the 16th 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
ꮬSHΞIKΛHꮬ Pred 4 meseci
Race Car
Race Car Pred 4 meseci
Notice how he didn’t say tarzaned as one of the best na jungler
efaes fefse
efaes fefse Pred 4 meseci
15:12 They were probably duos and honored each other.
Sentinel Pred 4 meseci
13:45 ayaya we made it
StevieGee Pred 4 meseci
nice intro song pinoy
煜沐 Pred 4 meseci
kato` Pred 4 meseci
Wow moe is 2 weeks older than me. Damn
Lee Adam
Lee Adam Pred 4 meseci
1 honor...happy birthday moe!
Bacon Club Club
Bacon Club Club Pred 4 meseci
Happy birthday yassuo
godssons 69
godssons 69 Pred 4 meseci
Yeah it’s official Bella is def a keeper moe she puts up with a dirty yas main and loves you anyway you gotta stay now
Sasuke Simp
Sasuke Simp Pred 4 meseci
👏👏Happy Birthday to the dog! 👏👏
Ryan Treat
Ryan Treat Pred 4 meseci
Wait you're only 21? This makes so much sense now lol
B. N
B. N Pred 4 meseci
Nooo, Eau Sauvage is so strong. Too strong. You are going to be smelling like a High school locker room fillled with deodorant and sweat ;-;
Looking forFireRAPS
Looking forFireRAPS Pred 4 meseci
bruh his bday is same as tay k
Ursu Dan
Ursu Dan Pred 4 meseci
I thought it was a zed montage
ღGrαψ Ταηღ
ღGrαψ Ταηღ Pred 4 meseci
Never thought moe was 21 :x
Gagali boi Boi
Gagali boi Boi Pred 4 meseci
Do yo celebrste Yasuo's birthday Moe?
Jahfari Coumarbatch
Jahfari Coumarbatch Pred 4 meseci
Twitch said leveling up🤣
Utkarsh Sharma
Utkarsh Sharma Pred 4 meseci
Hey I am older😂😂
Isaac Cho
Isaac Cho Pred 4 meseci
June 15 is the same birthday as me lol.
Clever Anonym
Clever Anonym Pred 4 meseci
I thought he was at least 24.. guess I'm older than you haha... By one and a half month xd.
Med Slk
Med Slk Pred 4 meseci
I thought moe is older than me cus he looks older i am 22 btw lol
Ichael Pred 4 meseci
wait what moe just turned 21? thought he was older
Rinme Ryou
Rinme Ryou Pred 4 meseci
Wait, Moe, youre my age????
ZeusThe GodOfGod
ZeusThe GodOfGod Pred 4 meseci
Wait hes 21 ? Lol thought he was like 24
Aaron Pred 4 meseci
i havent laughed at ur vids in a while but when you said top junglers and said nb3 i lost it
BroMcSkillz Pred 4 meseci
I love yassuos laugh
Kristijan Pred 4 meseci
She bought him stuff with his money lmao
Dyliaus - Samet
Dyliaus - Samet Pred 4 meseci
Yassuo is feeder xd
Baho647 Pred 4 meseci
Im 2 years 11 months and ablut 2 weeks younger than you and still was able to drink alcohol legal before dou could pffft
Holo Pred 4 meseci
Wait hes only 21??? Thought hes older XD (that cake was a pog tho)
Hyper Bender
Hyper Bender Pred 4 meseci
Yassuo hey man,huge fan and i just wanted to ask any tips for becoming a streamer and youtuber??
Henry Zhang
Henry Zhang Pred 4 meseci
happy birthday moe. best yasuo world
Halotic Pred 4 meseci
Wow i that cake was lit....the gifts alright too but legit u better keep that chick man. Gurls like that are too hard to find.
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