Yassuo | THIS IS SO SAD!!! (Viewer 1v1s)

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the patato army
the patato army Pred 5 meseci
Mellow looks at him like the fk u say
Özcan Konu
Özcan Konu Pred 5 meseci
Sa ysouuuuuu😂
Angel Cruz
Angel Cruz Pred 5 meseci
When you see your dono 8 secs in :)
Dex Pred 5 meseci
how to 1v1 this guy?
Hanson Pred 5 meseci
Q for Q moe instantly W Es🥱
Danijel Barišić
Danijel Barišić Pred 5 meseci
Moe: I can’t play on EUW u f degenerates Azzapp: hold my beer... Azzapp is from EU and he gets Challenger on NA every season with 150+ ping
DefinitelyCultured Pred 5 meseci
ngl but i tried to play with 115 pings and i almost destroyed my keyboard
Excelia Pred 5 meseci
2:49 Moe when he tries to convince himself as he looks down his pants.
Samuel Rios Montoya
Samuel Rios Montoya Pred 5 meseci
Yassuo creo que hoy nos acabamos de jugar una partida de urf y su es así wp, jugaste bien y si no es así igual jaja eres muy bueno jugando
KenDrei Pred 5 meseci
The first guy can go to the middle east and scare the enemy by saying he defeated yassuo in 1v1
AL_A3ZEB ZI Pred 5 meseci
I'm from Iraq and i love you but why did you insult Iraq and how did speak Arabic
Iceley Pred 5 meseci
wahahahaha meanwhile im playing league NA on 230 ping
superthommie 13
superthommie 13 Pred 5 meseci
2:36 el truco
never give up
never give up Pred 5 meseci
What will yt do if i report u for hate speech?
john yumul
john yumul Pred 5 meseci
So good to YASUO I’m fan
Shrek Fanboy
Shrek Fanboy Pred 5 meseci
Ciekawe ile polaków to ogląda
Gtg 9
Gtg 9 Pred 5 meseci
Sad it's mean a lot
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Pred 5 meseci
Omg yassuo u suck so much. I am so much better
Anonymous Pred 5 meseci
I feel you man, NA ping is absolutely terrifying
saleh M
saleh M Pred 5 meseci
Why I never see you playing Annie 😭
Westy1308 Pred 5 meseci
Playing against eh xerath, says "q for q, no w or e" proceeds to use w and e and also bush cheese, smh
Cooper Cunningham
Cooper Cunningham Pred 5 meseci
You need banned
태또삐 Pred 5 meseci
Eugene Nañez
Eugene Nañez Pred 5 meseci
but i don't have money
Eugene Nañez
Eugene Nañez Pred 5 meseci
I wanna try 1v1 with you :^
Alkadias Pred 5 meseci
Moe : "You all Eu idiots I can't play on 175 ping. I can't move. There's 8 sec delay " Continues to 1v1 Eu players 4 videos in a row
Flavius Pred 5 meseci
Are you moe lester?
Braooooo Pred 5 meseci
5:27 Moe: I'm nasty with the champion Me: Instant remember the play against Anivia
Swaggy Bagy
Swaggy Bagy Pred 5 meseci
Acetune 00
Acetune 00 Pred 5 meseci
its insane that he actually laughs about how nighblue3 is looking but like like a crackjunky himself... and its funny that he makes fun of nightblue3 being hardstuck D1 and is literally D1 himself lmaooooo
RohanX Pred 5 meseci
Yassou what did u do to make you channel get views man?
Shane Slovyan
Shane Slovyan Pred 5 meseci
No flame, can you stop talking so much and start the gameplay earlier. :)
Diamonds HH
Diamonds HH Pred 5 meseci
1v1 everyone? That’s is the capest thing I’ve ever Heard
REDAN KASEM Pred 5 meseci
Lool tfo alek🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i just started to watch your vids dude you have great editor tho 🤣🤣🤣
ExoTic VerQ
ExoTic VerQ Pred 5 meseci
Pls dont play with EU players when you cry
Pavel Vurbanov
Pavel Vurbanov Pred 5 meseci
Play 1v1 on PBE and your your ping will be the same
domen matoh
domen matoh Pred 5 meseci
Why dont you just cancel 1v1 request points until you do all the ones you got left and then continue with it?
Zeshaan Mahmood
Zeshaan Mahmood Pred 5 meseci
We need more mellow
Arii Sakura
Arii Sakura Pred 5 meseci
Someone's needs to tell Moe to use vpn
ANS1997 Pred 5 meseci
You cant play with a 175ms? I play every day with 237ms, boy
Nick Naval
Nick Naval Pred 5 meseci
his ping goes up from 66 to 67 and he calls it lag lmfao
Λ ɾ Ҝ α ໓ α † αㄚ α 丂 υ ㄖ
Λ ɾ Ҝ α ໓ α † αㄚ α 丂 υ ㄖ Pred 5 meseci
Im sad too and broken
gansterkof17 Pred 5 meseci
all I want to see b4 I die is moe vs the blitzcrank kid again
Marvelous Jester
Marvelous Jester Pred 5 meseci
Moe : meet me in mid lane Also Moe : Playing ARAM
Jae Cea
Jae Cea Pred 5 meseci
whats up with him flaming NB3 with his twitch title "stuck on Nightbluelo" ? anyone?
Nick Naval
Nick Naval Pred 5 meseci
nigtblue cringe trash
Burgerboi1212 Pred 5 meseci
His arm is getting smaller ever since he got a girlfriend...
kalo jim
kalo jim Pred 5 meseci
He forgot his trainings
aw xuanwen
aw xuanwen Pred 5 meseci
Moe's in debt of 1v1s.
One Error
One Error Pred 5 meseci
I have 200k channel points but work to much XD
CarKeyNosGR Pred 5 meseci
6:15 Actually nb3 its pretty much okay... You are like a koala
Egzegiac Pred 5 meseci
why u gotta do nd3 like that 😭
Mahogany_Cancio Pred 5 meseci
1v1 chimp boiiiuiii
Skolly Pred 5 meseci
yasuo hipmotizes his viewers into being toxic with his ego'
Aerrihn Pred 5 meseci
yassuo is just a 1v1 stream now
i _cvvx
i _cvvx Pred 5 meseci
Visit shongxbong channel and see your bro
Jin Arguelles
Jin Arguelles Pred 5 meseci
Shockblade zed is really the best skin because of his pajama skins
Kevin Li
Kevin Li Pred 5 meseci
1v1 me yasuo pls
poop poop
poop poop Pred 5 meseci
lol i could beat yassuo hes so easy
Protgx 76
Protgx 76 Pred 5 meseci
shockblade zed is the skin all the OG zed mains use lol
Brian X.
Brian X. Pred 5 meseci
"You guys know that I lie a lot" Didn't you once say that the two things that you don't tolerate are (i forgot) and lying or something
BballStarr3 Pred 5 meseci
5:15 what did he say?
Aroaoa oaoar
Aroaoa oaoar Pred 5 meseci
When you watch the stream way before he actually uploads the videos
Acguy Pred 5 meseci
Plonske 77
Plonske 77 Pred 5 meseci
Love the naruto shirt 🤪
Kyrin Pred 5 meseci
lol moe's fans sound just like him i've played w/ people who imitate him too "dog" "insecure" ahhh these kids x)
Christian Powell
Christian Powell Pred 5 meseci
11:32 cat be like
Sir Vere
Sir Vere Pred 5 meseci
pounds? HA!
Gage Hughes
Gage Hughes Pred 5 meseci
Hahah I faced that xearth in ranked hes actually so cringe not too terrible a player actually but man dont disrespect the man, myth and legend
cittycat cat
cittycat cat Pred 5 meseci
My name is Xxmellow_xX
cittycat cat
cittycat cat Pred 5 meseci
Unban me ffs
Sq-Evil Pred 5 meseci
rip mellow
cittycat cat
cittycat cat Pred 5 meseci
Ultima Nightburner
Ultima Nightburner Pred 5 meseci
Moe: No losses guys, no losses. Me at the beginning of the vid: *What was that then huh?????* Also imagine lying to your viewers about how you demoted right after talking about the skill of the person and whatnot :')
Freddiex111 Pred 5 meseci
the intro song is just rossboomsocks vibes. love it
joe friedman
joe friedman Pred 5 meseci
lmfao the dude you 1v1d on yasuo was the dude who asked himself on his own stream if he smoked weed
StrejjxZ Pred 5 meseci
What is that RP logo above the champion? At 3:24
sedike mohamed
sedike mohamed Pred 5 meseci
bi rabi nchlh this is moe now go type in youtube mananuk bi rabi nchlh
Fantastic Gamer
Fantastic Gamer Pred 5 meseci
On syndra 1v1 he was like I lagged but his ping didn't move from 66 and his GPS didn't drop from 138
Zap Pred 5 meseci
dude he was being sarcastic lmao
Kima Pred 5 meseci
MAGMANIK Pred 5 meseci
Better lose moe than mellow
fammy dumb
fammy dumb Pred 5 meseci
outro song is fire
Shades Pred 5 meseci
How come Pinoy just has the best taste in music and games?!
ALB Beast
ALB Beast Pred 5 meseci
White boy winning : LeTs gO BoYz
Senpaifriendzonedme Pred 5 meseci
Hi Moe
TheSlayer Pred 5 meseci
Be honest. You came here to watch moe lose 1v1
Melikino Pred 5 meseci
Hi yassou is 2:20
Sawyer fan
Sawyer fan Pred 5 meseci
4:38 4:45 can someone explain the damage diff? 4:38 74 damage 4:45 87 damage
Mart_Killer07 Pred 5 meseci
@Sawyer fan Runes. Would have to look at both pages to know exactly whats causing it.
Sawyer fan
Sawyer fan Pred 5 meseci
@blyatiful niggachu look at the Q DAMAGE NOT THE DAMAGE OF THE WHOLE FIGHT (which is also a different number) and moe dodged comet your explanation makes literally no sense if you compare the clips
Sawyer fan
Sawyer fan Pred 5 meseci
@blyatiful niggachu dude did you even watch the clip?
blyatiful niggachu
blyatiful niggachu Pred 5 meseci
Comet damage
Mateo Kamberi
Mateo Kamberi Pred 5 meseci
STOP 1V1'ing ffs
JSpin Pred 5 meseci
Gimme that danganropa music
Marta Mendes
Marta Mendes Pred 5 meseci
"THIS IS SO SAD!!!" *starts video with "Cry Me a River "*
WarmMafura Pred 5 meseci
Probably need to change 1v1 to something else
MmmmTortillas Pred 5 meseci
2:32 What do you think the non-pro gamers who you clown on are always playing at?
Shrimpanzee Pred 5 meseci
Yeah I play on 200 play ping
Gael Galvez
Gael Galvez Pred 5 meseci
9:55 What's with his legs lol
Mart_Killer07 Pred 5 meseci
He skipped leg day...
Robo Pred 5 meseci
GipsyAim Pred 5 meseci
I love you Tayler , u are my fav youtuber . Love ur vids
Mello-Edits Pred 5 meseci
Blobster 6129
Blobster 6129 Pred 5 meseci
alexGabriel16 tayler?
Ned Pred 5 meseci
Hes not hardstuck d1, he was 500lp challenger before valorant lmao
Samy Hussein
Samy Hussein Pred 5 meseci
Not that hard
Mullan Loyens
Mullan Loyens Pred 5 meseci
Moe rlly be the one to do 0 1v1s and still lose 10 times
Aratros 27
Aratros 27 Pred 5 meseci
1:50 : will you press the button ? u win two 1v1s against 100T Yassuo BUT u become gay
Dušan Pred 5 meseci
You know what is sad ? Your excuses lol
angel liarmas
angel liarmas Pred 5 meseci
7:43 did anybody see the flip that yasuo did there? Wtf
Chrono Pred 5 meseci
True damage yasuo has a different animation
HΛKΞRΛV Pred 5 meseci
True Damage homeguard animations. Akali jumping Yasuo spinnin etc.
AlphaZero Pred 5 meseci
It's the skin... True damage yasuo always does that when he leaves base
Mr Quotidian
Mr Quotidian Pred 5 meseci
i havent watches moe in a while but im loving the new sht!!! 5:09 👌👌👌🤭
Beni Pred 5 meseci
I really like the 1vs1 videos!
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